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Protagonist is not deaf. Her entire family is deaf. She is torn between being their translator/helping with family business and her passion... music.

She's really good, but her family doesn't and can't understand.

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Pretty much every time the entire world goes to shit, it's immediately preceded by man's hubris reaching a critical mass.

We're there, by the way.

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Yeah it was a sad day when I realized most of the original ideas had dried up.

Everything is a reboot, refit, relaunch, remaster, spin-off, or sequel. There have been some fantastic movies in that time, but good luck catching them in theaters. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO was fantastic 5ish years ago as was Coda last year.

That last one really surprised me -- with it being AppleTV and winning best picture and all -- but it's true. Maybe it's just because an original idea is so refreshing... but I really enjoyed CODA

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...then what else was the point of that eulogy???

Seriously, who else is dying suddenly?

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Why? Easy.

  1. Peer pressure. I'm sure they had family in their ear, like most of us do. Most of us are surrounded by people who got it without even thinking and think we should have, too. If these were close family members, I could see that being pretty heavy pressure.

  2. They were in risk categories -- older (50 in 2020) and overweight. Even if we did this whole thing right (assuming we couldn't stop the initial research + lab leak) and followed the Great Barrington Declaration, D&S would have both been recommended to get the shots. It's easy to forget that 18 months ago Dr. McCullough was still supporting vaccinating older folks -- now that we have that important data he is calling for human rights tribunals iirc.

  3. Trump pushing it. This is, admittedly, kind of a weak reason.

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They are. That hasn't changed.

I don't think this is in relation to the clotshot at all, if I'm being honest. It's the same shitty leftist policies regarding crime/bail and repeat offenders.

I am kind of convinced at this point that the powers that be really did go kind of all-in on the shots, and even they didn't quite believe how bad it could be.

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If you are a disaffected young male in the West, go ahead and read 10 Rules -- it will probably benefit you and your life.

The man, however, will leave a lot to be desired. Never meet your heroes, and all that.

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If we ever actually get to that point we would actually be screwed. You only rebuild to that extent after everything is razed to the ground... and there would likely be a lot more things "peacefully" razed in the process.

Just be careful what you wish for on that front. I 100% agree that academia is one of the leading sources of cultural and societal rot, but I do also think that most leftist institutions would crumble if any sort of oversight or enforcement came in.

Think about it: specifically over the last 20 years how much has tuition gone up? How much of that has been reinvested into actual education (better facilities, top-notch faculty, and research budgets)? It is nearly all tied up in administration and bullshit.

Shine a light on it and the roaches will scatter. It will be like Twitter - they will all bitch and moan about how fascism or nazism has arrived and how the institution is dead and then suddenly academia will function better when 50-75% of the admin is gone.

It isn't perfect or finished in that scenario, but you probably wouldn't be as pessimistic.

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Yeah but I am clearly not talking about that.

Take out the marxists, the critical theory, and Foucault and all this bullshit goes away.

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No one will do anything until its too late and then the backlash will be just as bad.

Sigmund Freud ruined psychology, but because everyone was on his dick for so long the entire field focused on boring fucking Behavioralism for a generation because they were so afraid of veering into unfalsifiable concepts like Psychoanalysis.

The same thing will happen on a larger scale. English, Philosophy, Art, and more will essentially disappear for most of our lives --- and to our detriment!

The fact that these fields are full of smug midwits with axes to grind doesn't change the fact that they are valuable things to ponder and study in a vacuum.

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That's the fucked up part.

The left has slid so far into crazy land that the Radical Feminists start to sound rational.

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Chances are this girl is such a narcissist she doesn't know how to participate in something that isn't 100% about her -- even brutal shaming.

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Not only is it a loaded word - the blame is in the wrong direction!

Basic skepticism, internet savvy, and googling ability are tools most people should have at this point.

Bullshit will always exist, but this is the first time in history when the idiots who believe it aren't being held responsible for their gullibility.

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There is something so seriously wrong with this.

Okay, the lunatics had their little experiment to test their hypothesis. It was a resounding failure (serious head injury, a "male" goalie needing time for their fragile fee fees, mutiple delays, obvious biological differences). This should be the point where all involved take a step back, re-evaluate what they are seeing and doing, and make new conclusions.

But no one gets the opportunity because all that bad shit gets pushed under the rug. No one ever has to confront consequences or failure or wrestle with cognitive dissonance, so nothing changes.

This is why society is driving off a cliff - how do we fix it?

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Way too fuckin' much.

I suspect (again, suspect) that the cognitive dissonance became too much for him. He had all the data, all the context, and all the experience, but he could never make the conclusion that liberalism is a disease.

He tried to say obvious things while still being in the system and it broke him.

At least that's the theory I am going with.

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And somehow it all goes back to the postmodern idea that nothing is absolute, nothing is innate, everything should be deconstructed and perverted and subverted.

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Of course -- you and I know that as plain as day.

My point is that there is a significant chunk of blue voters who either don't know what is happening or don't want to believe it.

I have family members who fall into this category (and several old friends) and it is quite literally that meme with Patrick Star and his wallet.

It usually goes something like this:

"If a person came to you and said they want to cut off an arm to alleviate their body dyphoria, would you affirm that dysphoria and cut it off?"

"No, of course not."

"What about a person who wanted to blind themselves for the same purpose?" (Which has actually happened and was the subject of a Dr. Phil episode)

"No, of course not."

"So why don't you have the same reaction to someone who wants to cut off or remove their sexual organs?"

They never have an answer... or a satisfactory one at the very least.

There is no thought behind it. Tolerance is the virtue and being okay with genital mutilation is tolerant. The messaging is so pervasive that it never even reaches the point of cognitive dissonance.

I would bet a large sum of money that a significant plurality (if not outright majority) of blue voters would act very much like red voters if this shit affected them personally.

But then again... that's why the groomers in schools want kids to be disconnected from their parents until its too late and they have ensnared the kid.

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Please note I'm not discounting these studies out of hand, because data are data

The first article is basically citing a survey done by someone named Debby Herbenick who seems to be the same kind of pseudo-academic media slut we've seen all throughout the Plandemic.

Also, the way she speaks about her research raises an eyebrow:

"People who study adolescence and adulthood, many of us have seen an overall delay, right?” she says. “Like teenagers are taking longer now to get their first driver's license. So it's not even just about sex. Like there's not as much drinking alcohol."

Far be it for me to criticize the way someone speaks, but this is not the way I would speak about my own research and it is not the way I want other researchers talking about their research. It sounds unprofessional and flimsy.

My last big criticism is that she doesn't seem to care much about the implications. This is consistent with my hypothesis that academics are completely blind to Western Civilization hurtling off a cliff.

Second article... oh, it's this lady again with the same data. Not really a second source.

Honestly these data could suggest that Hypergamy is actually out of control, not the opposite. Instead of low-status males getting left out in the cold (incels), now you're seeing low-status and medium-low status males as well as low-status females.

IMO, the problems we see with boys and men are merely the canary in the coal mine. Feminist/Leftist policies are disastrous for everyone eventually.

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Funny -- it's been a decade but yet I believe that was the same conclusion I reached as a 2nd year graduate student in Sociology -- I resigned and left academia, convinced that the esoteric bullshit would take a little bit longer to take root.

This ideology is a one way trip over the precipice - and nothing has changed my mind.

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The tolerant left still exists.

They're completely and willfully ignorant of the direction of the modern left, or rationalize it away because in their brains "Blue > Red" and that supersedes.

You know who I'm talking about -- the hippie/woodstock traditional 2nd wave feminist types. They're tolerant themselves, but will vote for people who want to put you in camps.

...but they still exist.

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I mostly just don't care about her. What feeling I do have is basically just pity. I strongly suspect that she is deeply unhappy with herself.

It is a shame, because she does have talent. In a different timeline she could have been a hell of an artist. Too bad she is basically a pawn for the "fat acceptance" crowd and plays down to the lowest common denominator.

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The best pawns never know they are being used.

Example: current press sec compared to raggedy ann psaki

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I am a big fan of stand up comedy -- I especially love going to little clubs where I can find them and trying to find some good up and commers.

I always root for the women, but far too often its the old "I am so slutty" or "here's my vagina" -- its disappointing and unfunny.

There have been a few gems over the years though... no one famous, unfortunately

Edit: if anyone is curious - I found this video of a lady I saw on a cruise ship once: a legitimately funny woman who doesn't resort to sex stuff. But don't expect dave chappelle level laughs: https://youtu.be/TKGHurGhuJA

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Agree insofar as black people are getting played. By your username I suspect we differ a lot, though.

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