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According to them, you must forever seek atonement for crimes you committed just by existing, but you can never actually achieve it.

It's complete psychological warfare designed to keep people a prisoner of their own minds.

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Sorry about that. I need to repost because the title wasn't right.

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Source: Homeworld 3 article in latest issue of PC Gamer.

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I know. I responded to the handshake bot, not Blue.

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I got tingles listening to that again. The music was so grand in Bungie's Halo games.

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Mass Effect wasn't nearly as big as Halo. While it did fall in spectacular fashion, Halo was a franchise that sold consoles with each release.

It was a phenomenon. Nothing was bigger than Halo.

Now, nobody cares.

I go back and watch that Crowbcat video from time to time. Never fails to make me sad.

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I'll never forget the time the players tossed tomatoes at the screen because of that crap.