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I think it's a decent start to bridging the gap between the very outdated Reddit interface (which is clearly superior to the newer interface) and modern design. I don't feel that's a mobile design blown up to desktop size.

Here's my own comparison, in which we're clearly a whole lot closer to the old Reddit interface than the newer one:

It's true that the recent separation of the sorting bar (hot/new/etc) from the top navbar has made our interface feel a lot more like the newer Reddit interface, and that's regrettable, but also necessary.

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That sounds about right, we improved our communication around 6-9 months ago, although I still wouldn't expect PMs to get read.

We've actually been particularly bad about communication in the last month or so, which is kind of intentional. c/Meta was out of control, because everyone knew we would read and respond to everything.

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We're pretty responsive... particularly in c/Meta.

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Beyond the limited page width, there aren't too many similarities to Reddit's new interface. We don't auto-expand content by default, for example.

You can set the page back to full-width from the profile menu in the top right.

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Rules would be here:

Wiki is a bit more complicated, we need to update the flow (though, same with the rules).

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That warning has happened a couple of times in the past on different Win sites.

It could be spammers (Google doesn't really account for user-generated content) or it could be false flags.

Nothing is showing up yet on Google Search Console for us. Once it does, we'll be able to see what the cause is (and appeal it).

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Client side rendering is a big one. That's possibly why the site seems slower, although it's not a complaint which we have heard a lot.

Rendering the site on the client side (consuming the API) rather than serving up the complete HTML for every pageload is way better for us.

There's really a million different benefits to the newer stack.

Is the slowness that you're referring to when browsing on a desktop device or mobile? I do agree that the site is slow on mobile, but we have our mobile site for that.

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We've had three outages in the past day, (two being partial) all of them are unrelated to eachother.

One of them was because of a change that we made. Any community which had not updated its settings in the past month or so was unable to accept new posts.

The main outage was due to a network issue which was not in our control.

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I don't see this problem. Also not sure why this is posted in this community.

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Only MGTOW and NNN are running the new version currently.

Hmm... thanks for the info on slowness. Will look into this.

With regards to the white screens - we're working on this. Deploying a fix for the most common cause shortly.

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Ugly I could understand, but slow doesn't seem to make sense. NNN is running a more recent version of the Win software, while most other communities are still on older versions.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing so we can verify whether what you're seeing is what's intended?