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Client side rendering is a big one. That's possibly why the site seems slower, although it's not a complaint which we have heard a lot.

Rendering the site on the client side (consuming the API) rather than serving up the complete HTML for every pageload is way better for us.

There's really a million different benefits to the newer stack.

Is the slowness that you're referring to when browsing on a desktop device or mobile? I do agree that the site is slow on mobile, but we have our mobile site for that.

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We've had three outages in the past day, (two being partial) all of them are unrelated to eachother.

One of them was because of a change that we made. Any community which had not updated its settings in the past month or so was unable to accept new posts.

The main outage was due to a network issue which was not in our control.

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I don't see this problem. Also not sure why this is posted in this community.

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Only MGTOW and NNN are running the new version currently.

Hmm... thanks for the info on slowness. Will look into this.

With regards to the white screens - we're working on this. Deploying a fix for the most common cause shortly.

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Ugly I could understand, but slow doesn't seem to make sense. NNN is running a more recent version of the Win software, while most other communities are still on older versions.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing so we can verify whether what you're seeing is what's intended?