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It seems to me like you are the 'based centrists' here, trying to accuse him of being a fed because he is further right than you or not an optics cuck individual like yourself.

The funny thing is it's usually the "based centrists" and optics cucks who out themselves as feds.

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That's the problem with appealing to conservatism in only the most literal sense, why should we conserve feminism in it's current metastasized state as a tradition?

Tradthots want to do that because they're barely disguised feminists. Notice the term "subjugation of women". That's not a term that anti-feminists use. These whores are just the female equivalent of Matt Walsh and company.

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There's so much wrong with this, but I suppose that's par for the course when it comes to tradthots. Andrew Tate (I'm guessing that's where the Muslim accusation comes from) isn't the entirety of the red pill, not by a longshot. It existed long before anyone knew who he was and it will continue to exist long after the feminists find a new boogeyman.

The red pill and the Manosphere in general are the result of the evils that Western women commit, especially against non-Chads. It's not Manosphere guys who are voting for unchecked immigration. Western whores are the ones doing that. Tradthots hate the Manosphere because it rightly calls them out for being thinly disgustedly feminists just like the tradcucks. How long until this thot's history on OF is revealed?

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You can identify as anything you want these days. Might as well cash in on those sweet oppression points.

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If Matt wants to be a house nigger he needs to play the part. Part being being controlled opposition means letting the guy you're pretending to oppose call the shots.

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Women brought this on themselves.

That pretty much sums it up. When they smugly tell men "You're not entitled to sex, no one owes you a relationship" our response should be "You're not entitled to a bodyguard, no one owes you protection". This is the world they wanted. This is what they fought for. Let them experience it in the fullest.

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I wonder if the next generations will even be interested. My mom got my niece a board game and she made a nasty comment about it. It's hard to compete the screens they've been exposed to since before they could walk.

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Not even then. The social contract has broken down and we don't owe women jack shit anymore. Maybe one of those Strong Independent Women can help her.

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Any time someone tells you that a "real man" would do X (this is just a variation of the real man shit) they're trying to shame you into doing something that's against your best interest, and there's nothing alpha about allowing them to do that.

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I mean we should charge him with murder and manslaughter since he makes himself responsible for the murders they commit when he protects them. I'm also well aware that there isn't snowball's chance in Hell that he'll be charged for anything.

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Can't we charge this retard prosecutor for that? It's surely justified based on the murders the animals he's fighting for commit.

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Not to mention you know our enemies are doing the same. My mom was on a jury trying some sheboon for shit like robbery and burglary. She was guilty as sin of course, but the one nigger bitch that the defense managed to install wasn't going to convict no matter what the evidence. Every one else on the jury pandered to her, saying they respect her opinion and shit like that, but it was deadlocked and they had to declare a mistrial. But thanks to my mom and some of the other jurors they avoided another OJ situation and were able to retry her.

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It's a little more than that, but only a little. He genuinely disagrees with the lunatics on his side about certain issues. Islam is a notable example. Frankly his views on Islam are closer to ours than the DNC's. He also said some pretty based things about women 20 years ago, but I doubt he has the balls to repeat them now.

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Maher's mistake is assuming that the left opposes pedophilia at all. Quiet on Set is just an opportunity for them to virtue signal because Nickelodeon hasn't openly allied with them in pushing pedo shit on kids. It doesn't help that a lot of the sexualization in the Nickelodeon shows in question was aimed at straight audiences, which is a huge no-no for them.

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I'm pretty sure Benjamin Franklin got unpersoned for being a hated straight white male who helped invent the patriarchy.

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Allowing Winnie the Pooh to be our creditor doesn't benefit us either. I'm more concerned about the effect this will have on less hostile countries' willingness to buy our bonds.

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Prison rape is more common in women's prisons than men's. They use mop handles and shit like that. Hopefully this bitch gets that treatment.

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Mentally ill dude who was tricked by glowniggers into giving the regime a pretext to target Trump supporters.

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There's no such thing as a moderate Democrat. Manchin is the closest approximation of one, and he rubber stamps the agenda 95% of the time instead of 100%. The fact is they would be siding with the Republicans to rein in the lunatics in their camp if their "centrism" and "moderation" were anything more than an act to con gullible retards.

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As someone who's done security for homeless shelters,the only solution that will work is a rule 2 violation. The organizations that claim to help just perpetuate the problem, and the homeless themselves are evil. Every time one of them dies from an OD or a bum fight the world becomes a better place. If we're going to waste ungodly amounts of money either way I'd rather "hide the problem" as he puts it. They can drug themselves to death and productive people can have a higher quality of life.

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As we suspected this was a DNC false flag operation to create a pretext to go after Trump supporters. He was probably identified as an easy mark for an FBI glownigger when he was a staffer.

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