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The retarded nigger responding has the first part wrong, because of course she does. There was never any race or sex requirement to hold office. Just an age, citizenship, and residency requirement.

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As someone who largely sees eye to eye with you on the Trump/DeSantis contest I really think you should take a break from posting on this topic for a while. I don't think you're a shill or anything like that but you're making it easier for people to paint you that way. It's not helping the cause.

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Yeah, reading it again I realize that I mentally detached the first sentence from the more specific stuff, so it felt more like a value statement that could have been left out. I don't take issue with the specific requirements that require actions or omissions on the part of the troon, and now I'm realizing that those requirements were just making the first sentence more specific, which is fine. Religious people are free to disassociate themselves from people who shit all over their beliefs out of spite as their tranny daughter was surely doing.

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He couldn't even manage that. The dog's name appears a bit after that redaction.

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The contract itself is total cringe

It looks like the contract addresses specific behaviors that she was engaging in that made the household a toxic hellhole. As another poster said when you're dealing with a tranny you can't just give vague expectations because they'll lawyer the hell out of them and find any way they possibly can to be an insufferable asshole. Trannies poison everything. It's in their nature. The parents are being too generous for their own good. The easy and sane thing would be the kick the tranny to the curb and only allow her back if she decides to act like a human.

Edit: Removed something that was based on a misreading.

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If the cultist sibling is using the term brother then it's a female. Unless it's a blue hellhole the parents should be able to stop the nonsense if she's still a minor, so there wouldn't be any need for the contract unless she was 18 or older.

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That actually is pretty silly. But still as you said it's their house and their rules.

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I'm pretty sure that the tranny is a she. The sibling used the term "brother" and is obviously part of the cult.

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And we have convoluted the debate ever since until it became “social roles” so they wouldn’t have to base it in any actual fact.

They won't even hold themselves to that retarded standard. Cue the fags on r/menslib fighting for the right to engage in cross-dressing without having their masculinity questioned. They'll grasp at anything to avoid talking about female hypergamy or the corrupt family courts.

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P is the frontrunner for the next addition. N will have to fight with Z to decide what gets added after P.

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Allow posthumous changes and we'll end up with "vicarious transition" in the style of what LDS does for baptisms.

Don't give these degenerates any ideas. Knowing this cult they'll dig up corpses and mutilate them.

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It was never female. You don't have to go along with this shit to go after women with it.

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I like when pro gun groups go to gun buyback programs and set up a competing program that pays more. It's a win win. The person giving up the gun gets paid more and the gun gets a new owner instead of being destroyed by the state. Of course it allows for niggers to dispose of murder weapons no questions asked, but that's the fault of the retards implementing the buyback programs and it would have happened anyway.

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Manchin can shove his complaints up his ass. He spent 2 years enabling this agenda when he had the unilateral power to block it. The state government in West Virginia should grow a set and put an end to the fraud that keeps this weasel in office.

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He was a "trans influencer". He was grooming others into his sick lifestyle. He's not the innocent victim you make him out to be. And FFS it's a dude. I know you hate women and see troons as allies against them but using their pronouns just enables the lies they use to prey on children.

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A bat in Hell gained just gained his wings, and yes the bat is male. Not even in the afterlife will this pervert's twisted fantasies come true.

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They don't save because a) they blow their money on useless shit and b) they make up the difference by robbing their exes blind in divorce court.

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These are the clowns that are coordinating with the Secret Service to deal with the circus that will surround the inevitable Trump indictment.

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Most of the men dying at 25 are, shall we say, not exactly marriage material.

A man who isn't "marriage material" is drowning in pussy, and if for some reason he wanted marriage he could have it. Women only go looking for "marriage material" men when they can't get the violent drug dealer who gives them the tingles to commit. Still, for the guy who isn't "marriage material", marriage is there for the taking if he wants it. Most don't do it, but the few who do can skew things. Averages are very sensitive to outliers, so it doesn't take many outliers to change the average quite drastically.

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You can get it on PC, yes. You need really good specs though. I think it's a great game but it is pretty slow paced, which may or may not be your cup of tea.

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I always suggest Bill Williamson from Red Dead Redemption 2. It's pretty heavily implied that he's gay, although they don't straight out say it.

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I'm pretty skeptical of the therapy aspect of all this. No doubt leftism fucks people up in the head but we can't laugh at the "men should go to therapy" crap and then lap this up uncritically because it validates our beliefs. You don't need a bunch of convoluted theories some shrink (who's most likely a feminist) pulled out of their ass to know that validating delusional retards is bad both for the delusional retards themselves and society at large.

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