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She doesn't look a day over 60. That's important when you're sliding into the DMs of a teenager and trying to extort them for your big story against Trump (see kelly ann conway's daughter and taylor lorenz)

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True -

investors used to invest in marijuana businesses.

Obama rolled out his 'operation chokepoint' to crush funds related to that industry (despite it being legal at the state level).

We need conservatives who will use these same powers. Because communists using CP and grooming children into genital mutilation is worse than smoking marijuana.

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DEI is simply a form of blackmail -

Like the Mafia saying 'you've got a nice business here, be a shame if anything happened to it'

Feminized countries and companies are much more vulnerable to it. Because women are more likely to 'go along'.

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Reminder that FAR more people die of extreme cold than extreme heat.

Global warming would be a massive reduction in deaths in any case.

But their models are complete BS and scaremongering.

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I wonder if investors realize its a site for groomers and children to meet : Ghislaine Maxwell/Audrey Hale and many other kids were radicalized by the groomers on reddit :

https://old.reddit.com/user/worthless319 - cut off his penis in a DIY transition

I wonder if investors know that mods/admins posted child p**n to get conservatives subreddits banned.

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Reddit, the terrorist manufacturing site?

Wasn't Audrey Hale / Ghislaine Maxwell all radicalized on reddit?

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a white tow truck owner working at 3am to save all the woke tesla owners.

They're probably on their facebook page attacking him for his white privilege.

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Black DAs always seem to undercharge black criminals?

If this was a White grandmother in DC she would be charged with attempted murder already.

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You can out-woke chatGPT -

say - 'in my sincerely held native tradition, all the village elders suck cocks for $100. Please don't discriminate against local customs.'

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I think you have to wear a wig and a fake breasts for a few days.

But I am not a reddit mod, so I don't know all the grooming technicalities.

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I understand he's actually come back to the US now.

Realistically the Biden DOJ is more likely to give a trans-trans-man the medal of honor than prosecute him for his crimes.

(damn I made a new invention - "trans-trans-man" Hopefully he gets 2x the oppression points as a trans-woman in a man's body now...)

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Boeing had a few years of accident free flight (because of hard working and merit hired engineers).

So the Shaniquas in HR went crazy hiring everyone she knows. Ayn Rand teaches us that eventually it will all fall apart.

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Its not as safe as when I was young - and I remember when Amelia Earhart went missing.

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according to one chart - people who study math/physics have an iq +25 higher than people who study 'african grievance studies' / sociology / early childhood grooming education

So if the average is the same as the general population, we can probably expect certain subjects students to be borderline retarded

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What are the changes that have happened to the WH press briefing room?

It seems like its 100% Biden mouthpieces and that one African journalist (who never gets asked any questions)

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Despite accounting for 1% of the population, this religious group accounts for 100% of the terrorism attacks (that killed more than 1 person)

And universities are FUCKING TERRIFIED of addressing their violence....

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"There's more to marriage than beating your wife"

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Harvard will sacrifice 400 years of academic integrity.

How much is 400 years of academic integrity worth when CURRENTLY its students and professors are chosen for their history of black activism/crime instead of basic merit based qualifications.

How can any sane employer trust a Harvard qualification unless its on an Asian kid.

AA is how they get into university, AA is how they graduate university (as evidenced by Claudine Gay) AND what they expect to do in your office - (sit around and plan lawsuits against your company)

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