You got upset because I stated facts. You banned me because I stated uncomfortable, but well-documented truths about the behavior of muslims.


Muslims aren't a "race". Nor are they an ethnic identity; they're a cartel of politically-connected international criminals that commit theft, drug trafficking, slave trading, terrorism and murder because their religious teachings glorifies the exploitation of "heathens". It's brazen to the point local government authorities have PSAs warning people not to go to muslim countries "because they were offered a high-paying job" because those muslims do indeed seize people's passports, then force their victims into indentured servitude.




Your moral failing is that you refuse to acknowledge reality.

Your criticism of Islam has to focus on Islam, rather than Muslims particularly, especially how you worded it as an inherent moral failing among Muslims, rather than claims of over-representation.

Has to? HAS TO? Hahahahahahaha, I'll judge muslims by the content of their character.

After all, the invasive, criminal and exploitative behavior of muslims aligns with the instructions of their warmongering cult-leader. They don't see it as a 'moral failing'.

Thats how they have always been.

They continue to carry out their criminal, subversive and exploitative activities even in the modern day, with the blessing of their state powers and their religion.

And I can prove everything I said.


"The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise."

It's in their 'holy book' and the laws of their religion - which muslims have always used to justify what they do. Stating such is not an 'identity attack'.


This banditry, invasion, enslavement and even mass murder is what the muslims have been doing in the middle east - first to any other native peoples in the region, then outwards to other vulnerable peoples and nations over the centuries. It is part of their religion. And that has been a staple of their existence since then, and is - even now.















And as it has been said before, the sole purpose of these vile actions muslims commit has always been to propagate their violent religion, by either force, blackmail or simply ethnic cleansing if their victims refuse to submit.

Secondly, muslims are not above using narcotics, blackmail and sex trafficking to break their targets and poison the communities they infest, either. Then, and even now.







They're not above destroying their own children when it comes to sating their perverse lusts either. They don't even care to maintain the next generation in the nations they have conquered either.



After all, their religion mandates the conquest and enslavement from those they deem 'unbelievers'. This world, and the consequences of their vile actions and depraved ways does not matter to them - their religion has blinded them with lurid tales of an 'afterlife' that pander to their every perverse whim.

The fact that you had to label these facts I spoke of as 'claims' makes you no better than those criminals. You know what that makes you? At best, an ignorant idiot too frightened of offending those savage, slave-dependent mass murderers. At worst, an islamic apologist actively covering up their crimes because deceiving 'unbelievers' is part of your wretched religion.

Muslims and their pet apologists use every iota of their connections and position to label those facts I stated as "identity attacks", "claims" or "islamophobia" or whatever the fuck buzzword you lot cling on to silence all criticism of your so-called religion.

Which brings me to my second point: You tried to divert attention from the behavior of muslims by demanding that I criticize their so-called religion. You demanded that I take part in the lie of seperating islam from the muslims when their own "religious" doctrines specifically exhorts upon them to exploit, extort, enslave and exterminate anyone they deem 'infidels', which they have been doing for centuries.

To your duplicitous demand to "focus my criticism of islam rather than muslims" I say: I don't negotiate with terrorists.

I will never obey your decree to "taqqiya"-fy my criticism of muslims and their vile crimes. I will never take part in the insidious lie of seperating islam from the muslims because the muslims are following their religion, and see no problem with exploiting, enslaving and then exterminating anyone who does not submit to them.

Because without the criticism of muslims and their horrific actions, the criticism of islam simply allows muslim apologists to go "BUT THATS NOT TRUE COMMUNI-uh ISLAM!" and nothing changes. Criticizing the actions of muslims, analyzing their behaviors in enabling slave trading and exploitation of nations at the behest of their "religious" leaders, and the steps that must be taken to ending the global terror of islamic invasion is made clear.

PS: Also, stop using chatGPT. I didn't say anything about "overrepresentation".

PSS: If you're that determined to ban all criticism of your mohammedan leash-holders, then make it a clear law. At least then people will know who truly owns you.


I started seeing redditors mentioning this "Project 2025" as the harbinger of doom for trans people and anyone with brown skin. They've started mentioning pre emptive assassinations and civil war in preparation for Trump and this shadowy project. I decided to look into it more and not only has Trump said he has nothing to do with it, but it appears to be the most milquetoast PAC website ever with some generic repub talking points. I can never get over how the people who can't wait to tell you about how democrat voters have higher educational attainment and shriek about mis and disinformation slurp down approved astroturf like it's candy.


The old manosphere was great for comparing notes on what was going on. But the old red pill sites are mostly gone and have been replaced by a great deal of astro turf. Lately, I have noticed people aren't very friendly in public anymore. Asked around to some of the locals and they have told me no one goes out. Have to search to find people.

Also, I was talking with a younger dude who spends his summers going up to Alaska to work. I have known guys who have done that but didn't realize there was an extensive network of guys who do it. From what I gather a good chunk of these guys don't have wives or girlfriends, most are in their twenties but not all. The guy in question is tall, good looking, a very hard worker and a very nice guy. He made it sound like he didn't expect to get a girlfriend anytime soon, and didn't really expect to meet one. I have also known military guys who basically just dropped out of society and traveled. Also nice dudes. And then there was all the gym bros who dropped out after the Tiktok gals started harassing people at the local gyms.

How many young guys have just dropped out of society? I mean, all the dudes I cited are fit, good looking dudes. Just gone. It's hard to tell with the red pill videos as a good chunk of those guys are salesman selling their product, but how bad is it really now? Especially post covid. How many men just dropped out altogether? I'm getting the impression from this anecdotal evidence that it's getting worse, as there is always guys who drop out... But the majority didn't used to be dudes in their prime who were fit and good looking.



Obligatory archive link, I mean that's what Gateway Pundit is saying he's saying but the actual audio of him is terrible, he can barely form complete sentences. It looks like the elites are finally making moves to replace him because he's looking that bad now and Biden is completely flailing about in the interview because he knows he's done.

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