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And apparently some people were still upset even after the English version was changed because they were upset it was kept in the Japanese version

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I saw it as trying to erase Japanese identity. Trying to claim "Japanese can be Black" when in reality they simply cannot be by definition. Those people they refer to is because they are mixed with something NOT Japanese.

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Then you can say half Black, half White. But you dont call them "Black White" its not a thing, just like "Black Japanese' is not a thing

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Nope, calling it "Black Japanese" would be like calling Obama "Black White" its not a thing.

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Btw those pageant winners were a controversial thing in Japan, as it should be, because why were 99.99% of the actual Japanese participants skipped over to have a black person win a Japanese pageant? Both that and the so called "black japanese"(factually theres no such thing as "black japanese" ) singers are both very clearly pushed by international finance.

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their birthrate drop is literally because of feminism and forced gender equality laws that was imposed on them after ww2. https://ibb.co/rssVdY5

edit: i wanted to add i just found out the reason for their second drop after 1970's. The first drop is cause of gender equality laws but the second drop is actually around the time they started using "Stevia" for sweeteners which is literally a sterilant and this seems to have been scrubbed from public consciousness

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so earlier twitter tried to cancel him for saying he was against will smith's irl violence by complaining that he made a violent game (and of course some other obligatory complaints as well about racist characters or racist staff cause it wouldnt be twitter if they werent calling someone racist) . cause apparently if you make violent games you cant be against irl life violence according to twitter. This was the tweet they tried to cancel him for. https://twitter.com/kazkodaka/status/1508623571127762944

by yoisi
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yes but you see, if you write fictional violence that must mean you cant be against real violence according to twitter

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The article brings up that female professional wrestler's(Hana Kimura) suicide, because netizens dogged on her, but what wasn't said was that she herself was not innocent and it was because she kept bullying another guy on TV for a small issue, even whilst he kept apologizing.

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I think this another move by china to keep their kids from being exposed to the current western values. The "progressive" stuff.

Except they didn't say they were stopping them from being online. They said they were stopping online games. I dont think being online is restricted

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leftists tend to be really emotionally weak people....yeah "slaves seeking a master" is probably correct.

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They are wanting survival and freedom from an invading occupying force. People are sometimes more focused on the "muslim" part whilst forgetting they are a race with its own history, culture and heritage and being genocided

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Uyghurs have their own history and culture and they are scared of being genocided. This applies to non muslim Uyghurs as well.

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Very good question to ponder. They cry about the land owner but never go after the banks.

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I’m providing a view from outside

lmao you act as if we have never heard leftists talking points before as if we weren't bombarded with them all the time.. And in case you forgot .win exists because reddit had to enforce their own echo chamber through censorship and banning of any subreddit that isnt part of the woke NPC cult.

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Yes a certain kind of white that thinks they are God's chosen ones .

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And OP gets super offended if you mention a certain demographic and their disproportionate representation in certain areas.

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fucking shit. honestly id give up anime and manga and just keep it all in Japan if it could save them . And apple and google wanting to destroy entertainment competition of course. Globalism is so shit , why is everyone even using google and apple for communication? literally a global monopoly.

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im pretty sure the point of no return was when the federal reserve was created in 1913

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.The Olympics is a disaster. People getting cancelled left and right and replaced with worse people.

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Notice how these things work btw? Oh these Black players are as British as any other actual British (also you can race swap historical people in films ) but they don't have to take on British guilt for being "colonizers" . Oh no that's when they are NOT British and are actually the victims of British.

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