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60 years? im pretty sure final fantasy 15 from a few years ago didn't have blacks either. In fact i'd say most games didnt randomly shove blacks in to everything until maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Leftists sure love to exaggerate everything.

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See what i mean? the whole anti loli crusade bullshit has been used to ban cute or beautiful female characters altogether, the end goal has always been to make all female characters ugly, like they always wanted. i foresaw this was going to happen from the beginning

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They're not anime fans. They are tourists(or invaders) that only came in during the time of the pandemic. A lot of this drama around anime started around the time of the pandemic

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On top of that some dubs some really stupid and ruin the original character Like listen to what the character in purple sounds like in the English version verses the Japanese version



Its night and day and the English dub sounds stupid. He sounds cool in the Japanese version but i couldnt take the English dub seriously. Actually the entirety of Yugioh Arc V dub was kinda a mess

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I dont know about Nintendo but for Square Enix it was definitely because Kotaku kept calling them racist because ff16 didnt have blacks

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They love to ignore the tens of millions that communism killed world wide

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They are abandoning the mediocre single player flavour of the month game? lol. oh noos. Lol even if it were true, Jk rolling already got the money anyways.

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People like you diluting the meaning of the word "pedo" is why now a days when someone says "pedo" i dont know if its because an actual child got hurt or whether its just someone whining about anime again.

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i do understand how you feel. And a lot of these same people pay more attention to bitching about loli than about actual issues. I think someone put it best. They treat fictional characters like real people and real people like fictional characters

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twitter is a place where liking anime characters is worse than being an actual sex offender https://postimg.cc/YGGGqLCq

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Of course if Megan Fausti is in charge of writing for the next Metroid game it wouldnt bode well. But the fact of the matter is the original creators say that Samus isn't trans

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So you think some random American nobody that got hired by the American studio Retro Studios 3 years ago somehow has more say in it (she ended up deleting her tweet about it too btw) than the actual co creator of Samus , Yoshio Sakamoto saying that she isn't trans?

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They dont. They just want to convince YOU that she's trans, and they want to convince the company that its popular to make her trans so that they make her trans.

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Of course not. they are basing this off of the fact that some background designer called her a "newhalf" (actually just referring to her being Human - Chozo hybrid)

The actual co creator of Samus , Yoshio Sakamoto shot down any suggestions of Samus being trans, he said that the likelyhood of Samus being trans is as likely as her being on PlayStation 2 (aka never)

Twittertards keep calling characters trans or gay or nonbinary (when they are obviously not) because they want to convince people that its popular to make the character that way and try to convince the company to make the character that way.

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Have you played the previous Kingdom hearts games? if you haven't i'd understand why you might like kingdom hearts 3 but if you are a kingdom hearts veteran (like me i played almost every kingdom hearts game in the series lol) that played the previous games you wouldn't like Kingdom Hearts 3 .

The previous games Kingdom hearts games were superior , Kh3 made the gameplay more shallow and the story was just bad. If you played the previous Kingdom hearts games you'd know what i mean.

Kingdom hearts 3's main story is a continuation of the previous games and it was supposed to be the end of the Xehanort era and they didn't do a good job wrapping up all the story points.

If you think Kingdom Hearts 3 is good i highly recommend you try out the previous Kingdom hearts games in the order that the games were released in . (including and especially the "spin offs". The spin offs are actually essential to the story).

Also the main story of the Kingdom Hearts series is not simple at all lol. Its actually extremely convoluted lol .

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One is real and the other isn't (also the whole anti loli crusade was started by feminists who just wanted to get rid off cute female characters in anime. It's why you dont hear so much about shota). . And there is literally zero pro loli protests. What shit are they making up?

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Its good to see Japanese noticing it. We really need to let Japanese know we feel the same way. Unfortunately the wokesters in the West are so loud that Japanese might not be hearing the anti woke voices in the West. There's even cases of mangaka getting DMs on twitter from foreigners whining about why their manga doesn't have black characters cause "Europe had blacks" . Which is bullshit. The mangaka in question answered with "The setting is not Europe. its a made up place.(so no need to add blacks)" lol.

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you know how leftists like to call everyone "nazi"? its not just because they are throwing insults around, they actually truly do believe that even normie right wingers are nazis that are just hiding their true nazi thoughts.

I wish. lol.

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