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It's not porn to begin with . And maybe you can tell the real teen girls that wear less than this in public that you think they are child porn then

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actually Js are the one trying to make every female character in video games ugly

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wanting accurate translations is "conservative" now is it?

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Its unfortunate. but yes i was aware of that. The woke elements that are already in there is why i thought this satire might have been possible in the first place.

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Dude you made me panic like hell. I thought this was for real when i first read it.

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There were legitimate reasons to call him a predator over many of the past things that he has done and said. But people completely ignored all that and only started trying to massively cancel him because the rights of fictional anime characters are more important to them than anything real

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People trying to call it CP or trying to call lolicons "pedo" have diluted the words so much and its the reason why i no longer know what people are talking about when they use the words, and whether they are talking about a bunch of anime characters or whether its actually about real children.

And Vaush has said and done way worse things in the past and the only time he gets massively cancelled is when people want to defend the rights of fictional cartoons characters of course. Though Vaush is also a gigantic hypocrite considering he attacked people over anime characters in the past himself as well

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I've tried remake but not rebirth . Is the gameplay the same as remake or is it different?

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But he isn't the main character.(still bad that he's even there though)

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Because they are all just puppets to the actual ruling elites

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Funny how the video game series about William Adams was made by Japanese themselves. Whilst all the nigger Yasuke media is made by woke Westerners.

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I love that "street shitters" comment though lmao, i guess we aren't the only ones who noticed the 3rd worlders like to shit on the street

Japanese media is controlled opposition though. Especially NHK. NHK is very woke and anti Japanese and i've heard that they hire foreigners to write their news stories,

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Lol there was a video that just surfaced recently of Brittany Venti flirting with an underaged boy. Reset the clock

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there were some shooters that shot up a mosque in New Zealand not that long ago

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Trannies cancelling the book originally, may have created a Streisand effect in Japan.

I hope the book gets successfully published, from what im hearing things have been getting bad pretty fast in Japan especially after the "lgbt understanding law" passed

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Western Europe had to deal with winters making the entire place infertile for a quarter of a year every year. Africans never had to deal with this this why are you trying to defend africans

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i meant "fertile"

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this is only the case if you think Nazis are the pure evil caricature that globalists and leftists claim them to be. Which i do not agree with

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If Africa is so great then why do Africans keep trying to move everywhere else that isn't Africa? though the land itself is perfectly fine and futile, the people obviously cannot create functioning first world societies

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you can tell who is a real anime/manga fan and who is a tourist based on whether they are fine with being called weeb or not. A tourist hates to be called weeb but a real fan is fine with or proud to be called weeb.

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i dont get why conservatives keep using the "Trudeau invited a nazi" as a line of attack. Even IF nazis were the pure evil caricature villains the mainstream narrative tries to claim they are, are we supposed to completely ruin the lives of every single person associated with the nazis for the rest of their lives by ostracizing them from society for the rest of their lives? i thought we are supposed to be against this sort of cancel culture.

This is what i mean by conservatives dont act on principal but rather they follow the popular trends that were set by the left.

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