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PRINTING ERROR I SUPPOSE My copy of the Constitution entirely omits mention of the "Wait!...We've Got a Dying Wish Here" exception to a president's power to fill Supreme Court vacancies..

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They aren’t using my words, they are using the actions that I highlighted. I believe conspiracy theories emerge when people feel patronized - people feel lied to. It’s a sad offshoot of the situation, one I don’t endorse. But I’m just the messenger here, this is on Biden/Cooper.

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Gamergate started a conversation about how harassment is bad, GamerGhazi should be THANKING us.

This made me venture to Ghazi to see what they think of Cuties. Sadly I'm not shocked they're big fans. This is the top article on their subreddit: https://archive.is/bWBMh

What if the controversy over Netflix's Cuties was premeditated by the American right-wingers' xenophobia?


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I spent the next year and a half interviewing more than a hundred 10- and 11-year-old girls across the city.


And that's why I made "Cuties": to start a debate about the sexualization of children in society today

Imagine if Trump released a video of him beating Melania and saying "I beat my wife to start a debate about domestic violence in society today so that maybe — just maybe — politicians, artists, parents and educators could work together to make a change that will benefit women for generations to come"

It's my sincerest hope that this conversation doesn't become so difficult that it too gets caught up in today's "cancel culture."

I hope she experiences the same "cancel culture" as Epstein.

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tl;dr version of her editorial: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/1306376339818188801

it was a ruse

4d chess

i wanted you to all hate it, actually

i made an 11 year old girl bend over in booty shorts and touch herself as a troll

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Kinda underselling it in the headline, OP. This wasn't just some FNC panelist, Newt was SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE

From Da Wik:

A co-author and architect of the "Contract with America", Gingrich was a major leader in the Republican victory in the 1994 congressional election. In 1995, Time named him "Man of the Year" for "his role in ending the four-decades-long Democratic majority in the House"

He wasn't just some panelist, and the 1st people to go after him wasn't that woman in the glasses whose a token Fox Dem. It was Melissa Francis who hosts 2 Fox shows and regularly appears on Tucker & other shows. Shameful.

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Brad Parscale, the former Trump campaign manager who is now a senior advisor on the campaign, shared a version of the video on Tuesday night that was dubbed with the Pixies song "Where is My Mind?" That version of the video had not been labeled as manipulated by Twitter by Wednesday morning — highlighting another issue with Twitter's enforcement.

NOT ENOUGH MEME POLICE. Curious CNN doesn't complain Twitter's censors aren't diverse enough to match demographics. Why so bigoted, CNN?

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If a group of people in MAGA hats surrounded a house flying a Biden flag and conducted themselves like this even ONE time, there would be mass arrests. It would be an international news story. Congress would call an emergency session about “right wing terrorism”.

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No, she never said it was a "stage name" and your screenshot doesn't say so. I remember her saying her family changed it, she didn't change her own name. Similar situation as Trump/Drumpf.

Simonsen also isn't Jewish, it's Danish. She's also never claimed to speak for any race.

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LOL Lauren didn't change her name, her family changed their surname when they moved to the New World as many others, like the Drumpfs and my family.

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You used a 2014 Deadspin op-ed as a source for the "right-wingness" of gamergate.

Why didn't you use this year's peer-reviewed academic paper showing it's not so right-wing?

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Many anti-GGers are praising Cuties...because they're raging pedophiles.

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You’re a joke.

I hold degrees in engineering and medicine and I stopped reading you when I was 16 because of your leftist bias.

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