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Kind of surprised that you would think I'm not operating from a place of honesty, really.

It seemed like a ridiculous question. Why not just ban an entire topic of discussion while I make an attempt to preserve our universally threatened rights to speak freely? Should be obvious.

First of all, hide your power level. Getting fired serves no purpose, unless you're simply ready for a change of employment. You aren't going to change things on an individual level.

Welcome to the Culture War. You should always be prepared to be fired. In fact, you should always go before you get fired. You should make the savings to prepare for that.

I don't agree that you can't change things on an individual level. In fact, individual actions are the only way you can change anything at all. Hell, what do you think I've done to KiA2 besides individual actions? Each institution must be built by hand, not abstraction.

So despite what you say, noticing or 13/50 is precisely what you believe to be grooming. I prefer the term deprogramming, but that's semantics. The goal is the same. Creating receptiveness to ideas that would normally trigger cognitive dissonance.

That's my point, I don't think it is because the end result is different. You deprogram people with conditioning. You can only deprogram people through experience to break any previous conditioning, and most importantly, it has to be an act of independent thought. Conditioned responses to trigger words is the opposite of that, and it's done for an ideological purpose.

All that you'd be doing is trading one ideological possession for another.

While you're correct that this triggers a lot of the discord we're seeing, there are easily obtained facts that show exactly why blacks are disproportionately killed in police encounters. Namely, they're responsible for 44% of attacks on cops, which is what, in turn, leads to death of offenders.

Because Disparity is not Discrimination. There's an underlying factor of behavior, culture, education, competence, family, tradition, and a thousand other things related to that. White cops and White judges don't mean Whites are using power to dominate blacks. The Racial Theory of History isn't valid.

The influence is there and disproportionate for anyone willing to see it.

Disparity is not Discrimination.

Your community is fighting against degeneracy in our culture, and it has a disproportionate source.

I am but a humble janny. "The community" is an abstraction formed by it's changing individual members. What it chooses to fight for, is what they themselves chose to fight for.

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A) because they were probably releasing footage of the Hunter Biden tapes & emails

B) "hurr durr conspiracy website"

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That's not really how that rule works.

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Oh, and feel free to let Zero Hedge know because they probably weren't told.

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Should we prematurely ban him?

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I suppose it's a good thing that it happened to Evilplushie first, who is a moderator. That way, he could find out relatively quickly compared to a user.

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Wait wait wait.

If the Putus Templars aren't a playable faction, why would the True Kin start out as one?

join the fash faction, of course just asking for something like that isn't a ban, mostly being an asshole xD

Somehow, I don't think that Sseth is the asshole here.

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Because some people comment in both places, and it shows just how bad the situation in Reddit continues to get.

Also Redditors that haven't migrated yet get to see the difference.

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I think you're being sarcastic and deceitful, but it's still a valid question.

Yes, it's obviously far off base. Obviously 13-50, 12-56, and 6-56 are not forms of grooming. Disparities do not equate to discrimination because equality is never the norm.

It's the way in which the racialists, both left and right, behave to get their point across, mostly by 'hiding their power-level' from normies instead of being honest about their actual positions.

Instead of arguing from the racial theory of history, and approaching that on it's points, the point is to goad a normie into accepting the racial theory of history by intentionally skewing someone's experiential knowledge by using conditioning and affirmation.

Because racialists use mental conditioning tactics to harp on the assertion. Normalcy of this conditioning through institutions promotes this perspective. Then, you add virtue signaling in social groups through affirmation. They key is to trigger the person with a cue each time they hear a story. Then, go further down this path by rationalizing the affirmation and conditioning you've basically programmed into someone through both shared experience and an 'intellectual' class that can create a theory or hypothesis for you. Eventually, you get to the point of conditioning people into simply accepting things like the racial theory of history, and they've gone through so much conditioning that saying that it might not be true is absolutely ludicrous to them. Why? Because their experiential knowledge matches what their rationalization is, because they've been effectively back-rationalized for years to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.

Why do black people think that cops want to kill them when they walk outside?

Because literally everyone they know talks about racist cops, racist cops, racist cops. White people hate you. White people want to kill you. Cops will shoot you. Cops don't shoot white people. Racist cops. That's the only reason they'd pull you over. Racist cops. That's why you're in trouble. They'd let a white person go. Racist cops The anti-white rhetoric is so institutionalized that it's simply accepted as unquestioned fact. No one would ever disagree.

Most of these people are already at the final stage, but the kids growing up are always taught to look for where a white person was being racist to you, because he has to be racist to you eventually. Every time they speak to a white person: "What does he mean by that?", "What is he thinking?", "Why is he acting that way?", "Did he say it because I'm black?". Then a white guy uses the word "boy" and it acts as a trigger. It doesn't matter what it was about, doesn't matter why he used it, doesn't matter if the explicit context of the conversation was about boys & girls, that word acts as a trigger to prove that you're dealing with a racist. That's the conditioning and affirmation.

Didn't you see what the man on TV? It's those racist cops again. They shot another black man down. They can't help themselves. Was the cop white? Yes. Of course he was. No? Doesn't matter. He was serving whites. The whites always benefit. Doesn't that make you mad? Good. You should talk about it.

Then you've got to share those experiences with others. Everybody gets to tell their story about those racist fucking crackers being racist. Everyone has a story because everyone's experienced it. If you haven't then you weren't paying close enough attention. Go back and get affirmation again. Interacted with a white person and you didn't feel like he was racist? Maybe it's you. Maybe you got the white devil in you? Maybe your a coon? Don't you realize that they hate you. Look what they've turned you into. You're just their pet. Get with the rest of us. Recognize that they hate you. Find the confirmation bias. Get the affirmation.

Good, now you've got the affirmation. Everyone agrees. We're all onboard together. We're not like the whites. Why are the whites like this, we didn't do anything to them! Why are they so obsessed with being racist? Why do they hate us so much? Oh, well, you didn't know this but the whites aren't even human, they were made by a mad scientist named Yakub. Didn't you know? The whites don't act like normal humans, remember all that conditioning I had you do? Of course you do. The whites don't act like humans because they aren't humans. They hate you because of how powerful you are. We was kangs and shit. You're much smarter than them. You know their secret. There are plenty of black people who don't even know this. You're in an exclusive and self-affirming club of Top MInds who understand the Caucasoid and his motivations.

Just remember, that cop out there, he hates you. You're everything he can't be. Smart, strong, powerful. He's jealous of you. He's an agent of what keeps you down! He's the embodiment of a thousand years of mayos that hate you and wish they were you! He can't stand to look at you. Did a black man get shot? Of course he did! Was it by a white man? Of course it was! Why? Because that's who white people are in their very souls! Uhuru!

Okay, but so how does the alt-right do the same thing?

Early Life. Early Life. Early Life. Check his name. Check her name. Look again. Find it. Find it. Find it. Find the Jew. Find the Jew. Every time. Every time. Every time. Look again. Every time. Early Life. Every time. Check Nose. Check Name. That's a Jewish name, right? No? Did she change her name? She's probably just a secular Jew. Married in. Look again. She's employed by a Jew. There you go. They always benefit. What is it this time? Bet you he's a Jew. Early Life. Every Time. Every Time.

You saw it was a Jew right? Pol was right again. See, I told you. Every Time. Oy Vey. The Goyim know! Every Time. Early life, every time. Check nose. Don't agree? What, are you a fucking Jew too? What's your name? Post nose. Shut up. You hate whites. You're still brainwashed by their conditioning. We're not like that. We know about their tricks. We know what they do and how they work.

Why do they act like this? Why can't they not subvert everything? Why don't they act like humans? They don't act like humans because they aren't humans. They hate you because they know how powerful we are when we stand together. We're much smarter than them. We know their secrets. We're the Top Minds against the JIDF. We were kings and shit.


And so on and so forth. It follows the same pattern because the truth is, the followers of racialism are always getting played like this. That slow, methodical, corruption via conditioning is the grooming. It's the psychological control and manipulation.

The dark truth is that the reason the Left are so terrified of simple /pol memes is because they know that, if it's done right, it works. How the hell else would they have gotten to where they are if they didn't manipulate people's language and interrupt people's thought patterns with psychological conditioning?

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