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c/averageredditor does exist, not super active tho. I recreated c/churchofcurrentthing to "laugh at all the retardation of clown world" and i'm trying to keep it more active.

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If cutting kids dicks off and defending pedos didn't wake people up something comparatively benign like this isn't going to.

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I have yet to hear one of them explain why "identifying" as a woman is different than "identifying" as literally anything else in existence, which is correctly seen as absurd.

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Reddit is undeniably a pozzed shithole. Maintaining any sub that is even slightly off Narrative is simply living on borrowed time.

That said, I still visit for two reasons:

  1. Direct people over here

  2. .win is still missing an active shitposting forum. While some amount is tolerated in KIA2, generally it's a little more serious. ChurchOfCurrentThing carried the torch of it's banned forbearers, albeit briefly.

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Canceled prime. Was already considering it, but this seemed like a good time to send a message.

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or b) snaps back.

I was promised Right Wing Deathsquads and goddamnit I wanna see deathsquads!

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Not even sure what, if any, point this comic is trying to make

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>be me, genderless polyamorphic parental unit #1

>earned an extra social credit point for reporting a straight wh*the male to the police

>spend point to get five minutes to use the communal telescope with my trans-femme, non-binary, mollusk presenting child unit of non-gender

>gaze in awe at the 800 foot tall statue of an obese black tranny twerking it on the moon.

> in this moment of euphoria, I take my state mandated SSRI-opioid combo pill.

What a time to be alive

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How young and naive we were thinking Sam was joking.

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Watch what happens when things get hard.

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Suicide? Just replace "degenerate alphabet retards" and WAHMEN, with clowns or Chihuahuas and it's about the same joke.

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Must have been wearing one of those astronaut helmets and nobody could tell.

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He should have asked them real questions, like "name all 18 gorillion genders".

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