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I don't think I've ever seen a doctor wear that coat like a robe before, it's such a small difference but it freaks me out

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Rhetoric is about words and language it has nothing to do with apperances. It's why no one cares when some starlet gives her opinion even if she's hot as balls.

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Sorry if conscience was the wrong word. She might have voted the home team or stuck to her jurisprudence argument.

I'm aware she wanted the law codified not eradicated.

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Sure thing, just post your picture so we can judge if your appearance is above mockery. If not we have no reason to listen to or entertain your argument.

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But she very publicly did not support Roe. She might have stuck to "her team" but maybe she would have voted her conscience

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The emperors kept the senate around to give the plebs their traditions.

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People who speak out will be put in warehouses

Awww warehouses are used for storing goods there's nothing good about your ilk

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Come on dude learn a little bit of lore before commenting. /s

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I didn't watch Rebels so I wasn't aware how much was cribbed from it. There's a Ninth Sister in FO as well. So there has to be a 4-8 as well to make sense. I think the Reva character had a lot of potential but really screwed the pooch with her.

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Because they don't believe in the inherent value of life, more importantly human life.

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I'm not racist I'm just using the N-word to prove a point

That's funny, racist use the word to prove a point as well

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It wasn't me, and even if it was how is that relevant? I said her claims are baseless without needing to attack her appearance. You said I was disagreeing with you and everyone else, but I wasn't. I pointed out your very next point because you told someone facts are all that matters, but you lose credibility when you threw those away four minutes ago woth your, "she doesn't count because she is ugly comment."

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What am I disagreeing about? In your other post you said only facts/logic matter but you are countering your own argument by saying this woman's opinion is invalid because of her looks.

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I kinda like Fallen Order. I'm curious what you find atrocious. I don't think it's a masterpiece in either story or gameplay but I think both are average

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Attacking their apperance makes it look like we can't counter their absurd claims on equal footing. Who cares what she looks like her claims are absurd.

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In Wisconsin an 18 year old took 4 of your guys out of the fight and turned himself in. I don't know how many people you might have but 4-1 is not great odds

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