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He loves the idea of Dulcinea more than the woman he imprints as her. After all he only claims he loves her because great knights fight for their true love. It's not like he really loves the women he claims is Dulcinea and created the character around her, he simply makes a woman the piece he needs.

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That's what makes it weird. I don't mean weird as a pejorative just that comparatively speaking it's quite different from most languages. I don't think it really has a singular base language like most on Earth.

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Looking like and being one is not a fine line, so unless she grows ears and a tail than it is not beastality. As far as shit no buddy that stuff is gross

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It's not just blacks. Some lady sued an airline a few years ago because they laughed at her daughters name Abcde, pronounced Ab-sid-e. English is a weird language and us Americans made it much much weirder

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I too would "associate" with Amber Heard. I'd also "associate" with Alyssia Milano and "associate" to AOC. I wouldn't vote like them or listen to them but "associate" with them absolutely

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I so desperately wanted to bring up that commercial but I thought maybe I was being too sensitive. There's also a KFC with a black dad, surprising I know, forgets dinner but the commercial says don't worry mom remembered. And then they show a lesbian couple.

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I'm told he's a white supremacist

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So is it for children of gays and lesbians or for, God forgive me for saying this, children who are supposedly gay?

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Africa did, the entire continent? What a dumb generalization that will never get called out

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One commenter said that religious propaganda isn't the way to go but his @name is Russiaisevil.

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They made their little intersectionality hierarchies and oppressed groups now they are below where they previous were, they caused this....enjoy the show cunts

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If you fuck a trans woman you aren't a heterosexual. That first poster is a fucking liar. I love how he talks about the media stereotyping females while grouping every man but himself as immature, fuck you faggot

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I think he's confused someone probably told him a huge dick would win and half the country would disapprove.

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Remember they are a repressed minority though.

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They say in the article it's a reference to the movie Arthur. Is referring to breast bad unless you are talking about cutting them off? Last week we had the Canadian shop teacher with his huge fake tits that everyone rushed to defend, this week this guy says he fondles breast and he loses his job. I don't understand who he offended here.

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