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they also now have free reign to just insert the full text of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto into every game's readme.txt

It saddens me that I cannot tell if you're joking or if someone actually did this.

Anyway, fun fact: Woolsey did not do the US release of Final Fantasy 4. He was hired BECAUSE of that game's bad English translation, which gave us one infamous funny line and that's about it.

Credit to him for working around those cartridge limitations, though.

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They always point to Ted Woolsey, too.

Ted Woolsey had no agenda. His localizations worked in their era.

Ted Woolsey's approach would not work today. We have the Internet. We can easily look up what the Japanese line was.

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Sadist psychopaths generally start by abusing animals before moving up to humans, so I agree.

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I love it when a revelatory tweet is just


Usually with the period. Funnier that way somehow.

Pain in the ass to search for, though.

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I always get psychopaths and sociopaths mixed up--even after looking up the definitions of both.

Azula was fucking NUTS. And that's okay for a character to be.

As Iroh said, "No, she's crazy, and she needs to go down."

Seeing her finally become Fire Lord, at the very instant it becomes a worthless figurehead position, was so fucking satisfying. One of the many reasons I adore those 61 episodes as much as I do.

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I think this is about that Ohio girl from a few years ago, who was supposedly raped and somehow got pregnant from it.

As usual for leftoids, they turned a rational argument into an emotional one, giving us the sob story about how she would die if she wasn't allowed to rip her child limb from limb.

I was skeptical this young girl was pregnant at all, or if she even existed.

Supposedly she went out of state for the dismemberment, but again, we have zero proof this is what really happened.

She was nothing more than a prop for their goals.

SJWs always lie.

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The only good thing Vice made anymore was Dark Side Of The Ring--and the upcoming season is its last.

So, bye.

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Tumblr's fall is a huge reason I continue to say that trying to ban porn is a losing battle.

Tumblr fell apart the instant they banned it.

I get the sentiment, I really do. But like Prohibition a century ago, the ban did more harm than good.

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Wow, thanks.

Maybe it's just because I think the idea of a stretchy shapeshifter girl is awesome, but I'm sure I could write at least one comic issue better than whoever's really in charge.

I tried to show the bad side of Islam while also making the rest of the family look good--I especially wanted her father Yusuf to come out not really understanding what's going on with her, but still loving his daughter as family.

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looks through the screenshots again

...holy crap, I didn't notice. God, I must be low-T in my old age.

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"And now you're a boy."

"I am today."

Actual dialogue.

...And before anyone says, no, I don't have links or an archive. This screencap is years old, and the tweets are gone.

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Odd because it started as Korean--it was a manhwa, their version of manga--and South Korea is so feminist that their birthrate is below 1.

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Regarding number 7, I assume that means it's okay if the character was already black to begin with, such as Blade (of course) and Luke Cage.

Luke Cage had some really cool moments in the comics, but I'd never trust them to do him well in a movie or series today.

Actor Nicolas Coppola was a big fan, to the point of changing his surname to honor him...

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I still maintain that Kamala Khan had a ton of potential in the idea, had they not been so afraid to make her look weak.

Imagine if her more-devout brother tried to honor-kill in her sleep for disgracing Allah by showing too much skin, she wakes up just before he strikes, a scuffle ensues, her noise wakes up their father, the brother gets one good stab in, and the dad barges in, seeing Kamala having tied herself into actual knots to restrain him, her wound is seen closing up, and that's how her secret comes out to the family.

...My brain goes to dark places sometimes. But doesn't that sound neat?

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I think it's overrated.

But overrated does not mean bad.

You can be the greatest of all time and still be overrated.

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It was apolitical until Disney bought them around 2014.

The MCU was mostly fuckin' great until then, and even then the downswing was very shallow until Brie Larson was cast.

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I hate seeing "bae." People are really so lazy they can't pronounce the second B in babe?

Yes, that in turn is short for "baby," but at least saying babe would avoid confusion with actual infants.

And for those into Vtubers, no, I don't like "Bae" as a nickname of Hakos Baelz, either. And I like her.

I also hate seeing internet abbreviations used in in-person dialogue.

Hell, I hate seeing them HERE (and I admit to being lazy on this as well). I get it when you have strict character limits, like on Twitter, but here you have fifteen thousand characters per comment to work with!

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No, Mackey (no capital K) got arrested and convicted for sharing a meme he claims to have gotten off 4chan, which told people to "vote from home" by texting a number, and nowhere on the meme did it say it was parody.

According to court documents, almost 5,000 people fell for this.

There were multiple memes, but here's one I managed to save. The date was correct.

The arrest was bullshit, I agree. They were looking for a reason to take him down. I remember him from Twitter, @Ricky_Vaughn99 or something like that.

Tucker Carlson interviewed him before he had to report to jail. Check it out if you haven't already.

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I seriously feel bad for lesbians who became such due to traumatic events, such as her father's abuse and/or being raped.

But if she was just brainwashed by ideology, that's another story.

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