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Don't know yet. Only one episode has aired so far.

Could be completely innocent. Could be another Zombie Land Saga.

But I felt it was notable in the culture war.

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Magical-girl franchise that's been running since Current Year Minus 19. Just started a new season a few days ago.

They punch and kick a lot instead of shoot. Actually sounds pretty awesome.

But now there's...this.

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There technically was one before, Cure Infini from Hugtto Precure, but he only showed up near the end.

Also, Hugtto Precure premiered in Current Year Minus 5.

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I have seen ANIME that use those teeth.

On Japanese people.

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"Dude" and "bro?"

Well, Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo are well known to be douchebags...

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Oh really? I didn't get a chance to see that.

The publicist statement was about a year before that documentary came out.

Good for Jordan. Another reason he's still the greatest.

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There are some really, really loud people who would call me a race-traitor for the "miscegenation." That it would put an end to my genetic line. That any children would never be able to get organ or bone-marrow transplants.

I'm in my 40s. I have no children. I've made a ton of mistakes in my life, learning my lessons far too late. Much of the time I spend here is to attempt to prevent others from repeating my own mistakes.

It may be too late for me.

But if I find myself a loving, loyal, devoted woman with an IQ around my own, I'm not going to reject her just because she's black.

Perfect is the enemy of good. There's a lesson we all should learn.

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I used to read Cracked SO much.

It hurts me to see what's happened to that site.

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I would gladly date a black woman if she was smart enough.

That makes some people mad. Some here.

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Like they attacked Michael Jordan for saying republicans buy sneakers too and that he didn’t “speak out”.

His publicist denies he ever said this, and I can't find any evidence he said it, either.

Which is a shame, as it's a damn good line.

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"Rather than a long-term cure to restore their society's self-purification and renewal, they chose a strong medicine that gave quick relief..."

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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This is that bulldyke who admitted to bullying that shooter until he snapped.

"We need more bullying."

Yet we criminalize fighting back.

Victims never learn to properly respond to mistreatment.

Victims never get the rage out of their system.

Bullies never learn there are consequences for their actions.

We are creating castrated gimps incapable of rebellion.

Legalize fighting back.

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"Did you build the pyramids?"

"Only the one in Las Vegas."

3rd Rock From The Sun, series finale

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And people still think Steven Foster was a good director because of that one show.

He got blacklisted by the entire business because he DID NOT CARE about his work--he was the laziest director imaginable, rarely doing retakes unless forced to by an unsalvageable take.

In his later work, you can hear the actors' performances suffer, because the actors just stopped caring--they wanted to spend as little time around Foster as possible.

He ruined so many dubs he worked on, such as Penguindrum.

It eventually came to a head in a show called Guin Saga, where the actors just decided "fuck it, he's not listening anyway" and started doing their lines in silly ways--and they were right, as those takes made it into the show.

Fuck Steven Foster.

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I did copy-paste it, because it was so good that I wanted to keep it around for future reference.

I didn't copy who originally wrote it, though. Should I credit the original writer from this point on?

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A bad director can get bad performances out of great actors.

A great director can get good performances out of weak actors.

Do an Alex Von David dub, such as Madoka Magica and Kill la Kill, and get back to me.

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How is she terrible? She's been great in everything I've heard her in, including Nanoha and Vivy.

Speaking solely in terms of performance here--she may well agree with these fools.

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