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But please, keep getting upset over drawings

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It's quite the temptation to resist, yeah.

Definitely not something you should eat every single day, even if Super Size Me was completely fraudulent.

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The fool just kept on going about this. "Oh, the bigots are mad. Good." That sort of thing.

I really hope that's another bot.

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You are free to not eat there.

Besides, haven't you ever had a rough day and you went "damn it, I want something NOW"?

You are free to do that too.

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The line in question was a crooked cop saying "Never trust a (racial slur, six letters, hard R)." Another guy tells him "He could've been white," and the first guy responds "Never trust anybody."

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It's effective rhetoric. You don't care what the censors think of the word, and it contains many very strong consonants for added invective effect.

So much anger boiled down to two words. Great job.

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I know of one who got IP-banned from there because he had at least 20 alts, switching which he posted with every day, and upvoting himself with them.

So you're probably right.

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We want the trannies to realize the error of their ways, which they can't do if they're dead.

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Were you the one who made all those lists of bad people with each getting a spiel that ended in "Get fucked."?

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Ah, Sealab 2021, the original Abridged Series. Still one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

A shame it went so downhill after the death of Harry Goz, voice of Captain Murphy, after season 2.

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When the new Clone High has a "twerking over Fred's mother's corpse" moment, then they will be comparable.

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I never saw it when it was new, but from the clips I've seen, the original was pretty damn funny!

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India ruins everything.

They demanded Smite change Kali because she was depicted too accurately.

And of course they fucking caved.

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I still remember the Australian PM I think at one point was trying to claim that women with no breasts aren't fully developed women and I was all WTF lol.

I don't know if this is true, but apparently, an Australian court ruling ordered that all porn actresses be at least a C cup--because any smaller would make them APPEAR to be underage, thus fuel for pedophiles, regardless of how old the actress actually was.

Seeing what the Land Down Under has become since lockdowns started, I believe it.

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There is a pro wrestler named Shoko Nakajima.

Her nickname is "The 147cm Kaiju."

147 centimeters is 4'10".

I bet they say the same about her.

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He was banned for 12 days. The next one will likely be permanent.

It's a shame. Any good points he occasionally makes are lost in his fanaticism.

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The law says employers cannot discriminate by age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

It says nothing about political affiliation.

Do you support Donald Trump?



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