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I mean Trump never actually had Biden removed


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Totally wasn't because of Trump's appointees.


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This nitpicking is why we lose.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

"We went from losing 4,000 babies a day to losing 10 a day! WHY ARE WE CELEBRATING?!?!"

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The artist, Tatsuya Ishida, has been surprisingly based lately.

Perhaps he's finally seen the light? I was a leftist once too...

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"Stairs-muffin?" Google fails me.

It takes me to a quote-tweet of a banned account, though.

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Is this the same Ken Penders that fucked over the Sonic comics AND the great SatAM show?

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I don't follow. Is this a Gamergate thing?

I know about that one tweet tying it to this, but I thought that wasn't being serious.

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This reminds me.

The Left says vasectomies are always reversible, while our side says they're not.

How often are they really reversible? I've heard it's as low as 22%.

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Market a show based on a male character, only to have that show be all about a much more capable female.

See also how they've cut Jane Foster from all the advertising for Thor: Love and Thunder, even though she's taking a man's job.

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That was a line in Love and Thunder? Or the comics?

Either way, they are scum.

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It's on DVDs of the old Looney Tunes shorts.

I also couldn't find a sharper one, I looked.

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I admit it sounded fair at the time.

But in hindsight, they are never satisfied. Ever.

So fuck 'em.

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See also: Netflix, TV/movie studios, etc.

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While what happened to Hana Kimura was a tragedy, this is going way too far.

And I say that as a wrestling fan.

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"What are you gonna do, translate the whole game yourself?"


Shmup fans point their phone at the screen to translate what's on menus and such.

Who says that can't be done with an RPG?

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Speaking as someone who was diagnosed autistic in the mid '90s:

Fuck that noise. It's a DISORDER. If they won't say it, I will. DISORDER.

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