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If you want the short answer, it’s women. Positivity and fake enthusiasm is the selling drive for the sahm and cat ladies and has been for decades (for example Oprah and all her copycats). Women drive 80% of consumer purchases and account for 78% of US social media accounts, they’re also far more likely to engage with brands on social media than men, so it’s not hard to see why companies and “personalities” all pander to the female demographic.

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They believe not being able to systematically murder their own children is tyranny.

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Reminds me of the female ghostbusters fallout. If you don’t consume your shit and ask for seconds you’re the problem.

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I’m shit talking a movie that flopped its own projections.

It’s worth noting that Disney’s Star Wars profits have not yet covered the cost of buying Lucasfilm, as reported by a 2024 article. The article states that Disney’s Star Wars box office profits have fallen short of covering the $4 billion purchase price by $2.8 billion.

The truth is that Star Wars is starting to flounder, sure you’ll get “merch sales” but this only lasts until something better comes along. The user reviews are showing the reality, quality has tanked and it’s being noticed, the profitability has drastically declined, they were expecting to make the full purchase of Lucasfilms back with the new trilogy. Retard Johnson and Kennedy made sure that this will likely not happen for another decade.

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It’s like 5%, the “30%” number is from gen z retards who identify as “queer” despite being straight, it’s a social construct like the entire LGBT movement.

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Well considering what gay men consider sex, it should have been the first colors.

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I guess the way me and my friends played flag isn’t probably the same way the “league” players do. Flag football is still more fun when it’s basically rugby with a caveat of having to pull the belt while you’re tackling.

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Imagine having to play a contact sport with a bunch of hiv positive degenerates. I’m sure this will end well.

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It’s a new beginning in the sense it’s the carcass of what was the most profitable ip in cinema history. Now we get to see its death shits as the parasites eat it out from the inside.

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Fans gave Rise of Skywalker somewhat of a cold shoulder with a B+, the lowest CinemaScore ever for a Star Wars live-action movie, and that showed in the downturn of grosses for this finale, with the $376.1 million global opening off 17% from Last Jedi‘s $450.8M and off close to 30% from Force Awakens’ $528.96M. Final domestic on Rise of Skywalker was $515.2M compared with Last Jedi‘s $620.1M and Force Awakens’ $936.6M (still the highest-grossing movie of all time at the domestic box office). On the upside, Rise of Skywalker still made more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, ranking behind Last Jedi ($1.3B) and Force Awakens ($2.06B).

Die hard fans were willing to eat shit in hopes it got better, the last movie did half of the shitty force awakens movie because the shit turned into more shit.

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Remember when leftists used to trash the Yuppie Nuremberg defense (thank you for smoking)? It’s amazing how easily conditioned these troglodytes are where they now are literally defending shitty people they trashed 20 years ago because they now pay their mortgage.

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Fat “acceptance” is just another women and accountability meme. Holding yourself accountable keeps you at a healthy weight, women despise accountability, women make up the majority of obesity.

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Because illegals getting imported into the kids leagues to pretend a 15 year old Hispanic with a mustache was 12 didn’t happen way before college football made up classes to pass retards? Also that was the average of the FBS which is 134 teams versus 30 mlb teams and college versus professional. You couldn’t even get ten million viewers for the 2023 World Series, in fact it was the lowest watched in history with the second lowest being 2020.

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Not a grill mark on the burger, probably gristle from the lesbians not cleaning their grill properly. Check the size of the hot dog grill marks and the size of the grates. It’s clear the marks on the burger are burnt gristle/ grill ash.

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Not his grill, his daughters, the cheese on raw burger was extremely “fellow humans”

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That’s basically where I’ve been at. Women demand male spaces be “unisex” then women also get their independent spaces. Trannies are just the natural reaction to women being petty tyrants.

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Attendance in college football outdoes professional baseball. We’re talking a 41% favorite compared to a ~9% favorite.

Average Attendance: The average attendance across all MLB teams in 2023 was 26,927, marking the best results through the end of April since 2017, and a 0.9% increase from the previous season.

The average attendance for the 2023 FBS season was around 36,376, with some teams averaging over 100,000 fans per game.

Now the mlb play a vastly larger schedule so you can argue total attendance is higher, but per game it’s not even comparable.

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I’m calling it now, more athletics, especially minor leagues are going to go the WWE route and be performative drama pieces so they can have “inclusion” and try to reach a female audience. What’s hilarious is the civil lawsuits from Vegas is probably the only thing that would prevent that. Sports betting is too lucrative for most sports to risk that income for DEI.

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What did anyone expect? We’ve seen diversity hiring in all Professional leagues. The NFL even has hilariously slow female referees now, not to mention “coaches”. We had a female golfer play with the men until it didn’t pan out a decade ago, now baseball is taking a stab because their numbers are dying.

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New Line got folded into Warner bros too. They all got bought out by globohomo.

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It was literally women pissed off men weren’t providing enough for them and putting up with their bullshit. Men had PTSD from the civil war, women used this to justify why they should get “rights”, just not the responsibilities of the same men they disparaged. This also fueled the movement of men west to escape the harpies. Just like most biker gangs were Vietnam vets with PTSD. Thats why right after WW1 ended women got the right to vote. A massive amount of men traumatized, and socialist faggots taking advantage of women’s nature.

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Trust not a woman when she weeps, for it is her nature to weep when she wants her will.

2400 years later and its still their primary weapon

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Oh it wasn’t just that. They offered massive advancement opportunities for any women willing to be infantry officers. The problem was the physical requirements and risks required women to actually do something. They cancelled the program after no women signed up.

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Thank the left. The anti nuclear lefties who screamed 3 mile island and bogus medical studies had heavy investments in oil. They intentionally pushed rolling blackouts by policy in cities to sell that oil at a premium.

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