I've created a list of rules as below, they will likely change later, but they are here for the purposes of establishing a base level of social order:

ONE: Do not post Illegal Activity. Also, do not post any manifesto's done by terrorists, active shooters, serial felons rationalizing such things, or promoting such things, even if your content does not endorse the message.

TWO: Do not engage in speech that promotes, advocates, glorifies, or endorses violence.

THREE: Do not threaten, harass, or bully users; and do not encourage others to do so on or off-line; nor make per se defamatory states at users.

FOUR: Do not post ISM. Involuntary Salacious Material means NSFW material of a manner that was not intentionally made public. This is the "upskirt", "revenge porn", and "private intimate photos" rule.

FIVE: Do not post Porn

SIX: Content that contains nudity, pornography, or profanity, which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as in a workplace should be tagged as NSFW. Any material of a titillating nature must be marked NSFW.

SEVEN: Do not post Facebook accounts, individuals who's twitters are less than 500 followers, private/personal information that is not publicly available, addresses, or participate, encourage, or engage in any doxxing campaign.

EIGHT: Do not intentionally deceive others by impersonating another. This does not apply to satire.

NINE: No person shall use communities.win sites (including kotakuinaction2.win) to solicit, facilitate any transaction, or gift including: ... ATF defined firearms or ammo as defined by the ATF, Bump-stock type devices, Explosives, 3D printing files to produce the aforementioned, controlled substances, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Stolen goods, Paid services involving physical sexual contact, Personal Information, Falsified Official Documents, Falsified Currency, Fraudulent Services, Pharmaceuticals

TEN: No vote manipulation. Do not break communities.win's features.

ELEVEN: Do not post spam. If you are self-advertising, you must have sufficiently engaged in the sub prior to your post, and you must engage with the users when they comment in your post. Spam will also include repeated messages and comments that are done with no effort to add to the conversation.

TWELVE: Do not post intentional falsehoods or hoaxes. Yes, the Elders of Zion and other such intentionally fabricated documents fall into this. If your POST is arguably false by the user-base, it may be marked as either misleading or unfounded based on it's factual assertions, particularly in the title.

THIRTEEN: If you have reposted something, it will be removed

FOURTEEN: Do not post more than 5 posts a day to this sub.

FIFTEEN: Do not direct particularly egregious identity based slurs at users. A list will be provided

SIXTEEN: Do not attack entire identity groups as inferior, subhuman, inherently morally deficient, biologically/evolutionary mongrel, or participating in a vast conspiracy to take over the world, ala ZOG-NWO / The Patriarchy.


Recently, we have been targeted by SJW dimwits. [A further elaboration is on the Reddit, and I can send it to any trusted user who asks, but since this is publicly viewable, I'm not stating it here.] As a response, I have made KiA2 private for the time being. It's become a bit too dangerous to be up right now.

If you are a good user, or you can show me a comment prior to the privating that shows you being hostile to Social Justice, you will of course be granted access.

Now, I do consider it quite likely that this action will kill the sub, in that our traffic will decline to being a blip. But it's still less likely than our possibility of being banned, which should tell you everything about the current situation. Since I created this sub, I view it as my responsibility to do whatever it takes that the people who put their trust in me and others, to ensure the survival of the community.

I take full responsibility for this action, whether it results in good or bad. Indeed, if they are really out for blood, which is quite likely actually, this may hasten our demise. They may take the privat'ing as an excuse to ban us straight away, alleging (without us being able to disprove it) that we are now using it to violate the rules of Reddit. I think that is less likely, because we are probably too small to be on the rader of the big guns.

I hope this results in many more people moving over to this place, where we are free from the restraints that Reddit imposes on us.

And of course, if you are upset with what has happened, you have every right to be. Dissenters still are not banned.


Anyone else think this might be it for WoW?

Shadowlands just isn't doing it for me. I look at my characters, in full kit warfront armor, and I look at the factions and the Shadowlands armors and dungeons, and all I feel is "Nah."

I played my Velf warlock up to 60 and I just can't be bothered to do it again. It's just not fun, there's several hours of unskippable narration if you add up all the quests. The story and setting are a mess, they've succeeded in making the afterlife look like the FUCKING DMV.

The Kyrian zone irritated me more than anything else. I'm supposed to motivate some whiny wuss acolyte and I'm thinking where's the option where I say "Do you know who I am? See this scythe? I'm gonna ram it up the jailer's ass and rip his spine out like a zipper." Genuinely pleased when the place went to hell and I'm like "now we're talking" and start summoning kamikaze demons.


This should be self-evident from the title, but I'm curious if the community would like to create an award listing and maybe some categories for games that we believe should be recognized and praised.

Considering that game journos are all Leftist pinko trash who should be helicoptered to the nearest volcano as the enemies of the people, and are at the very best: best a bunch of worthless bio-lenninst failures who's only goal in life is to be nothing more than corporate cock-sleeves using access-journalism to gatekeep themselves into positions of narcissistic self-importance within a giant incestuous harem of degeneracy and corporate cuckoldry, of which, even the light & majesty of God can not re-moralize. Given all that, we should probably just rely on our own experiences to disseminate the valuable human capital of what is, and is not, a shitty game.

Given that there is not much in the way of anti-Leftist gaming institutions, and given that any institution that is not explicitly anti-Leftist is destined to be subverted by Leftism, I was thinking that we could serve as an anti-Leftist platform that could give praise and attention to game developers as an anti-parallel institution to Leftists.

If you want, I can offer up some categories and an electoral process that I think would work and would prevent fraud, corruption, and brigading. I'll leave my ideas in the comments, but I'd like your input on if we should undergo such an award system.

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First off happy Thanksgiving KIA2. If anyone is bothering watching the Macy's Day parade they might notice something peculiar. Mostly that you would be hard pressed to find a white male anywhere outside of masked background actors and of course the NYFD. The past hour alone was 80-90% purely black and 'mixed' people. Were reaching Black Panther levels of diversity everywhere.


So, a story on this is here, and the full opinions are here. There's been a long-running series of lawsuits coming out of NY (and probably other places too, I'm just more focused on NY cause I live there) over the fact that Cuomo decided to limit the number of people who could attend religious services due to the virus. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court shut down the rule yesterday.

But, the reason I'm posting this here is not so much the ruling itself (though I think its a huge win for freedom overall), but because of the rationales. I can't help but think that only one of them is actually caring about the law.

For the majority opinion, written by Gorsech, had the following opening and closing lines.

Government is not free to disregard the First Amendment in times of crisis.... It is time—past time—to make plain that, while the pandemic poses many grave challenges, there is no world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques

From Breyer's minority opinion

The Nation is now experiencing a second surge of infections....The nature of the epidemic, the spikes, the uncertainties, and the need for quick action, taken together, mean that the State has countervailing arguments based upon health, safety, and administrative considerations that must be balanced against the applicants’ First Amendment challenges.

I'm sorry, what? Since when does the Supreme Court rule on health arguments? The text is very clear, "Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." It doesn't say "Congress shall make no law unless there's a virus which has a <2% fatality rate across the whole population." This is an attempt at an insane new level of judicial activism. This isn't twisting the law to fit, this is saying "well, the law is nice and all but doesn't matter here"


What is your opinion on it? i am very split on the issue. in the past i used to think that people who were against it were stupid but now i become more and more split on the issue . Seeing all the shit the elites and globalists have been doing there is no way they have our best interests at heart, so i can understand how people could not trust anything that they try to push on to us especially injected. Yet i dont know if there's any evidence for it being anything outside of it being "a lesser form of the virus that would help build up your immune system against the real thing". It definitely should not be forced on people but in terms of personal opinion over it i'm torn.



Pedo elites trying to scapegoat drawings "cause loli" meanwhile they create the movie "Cuties". Its always projection and trying to attack Japan. .

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