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E;R is untouchable period, like the ubermensch of video essayists. Nobody even dares to challenge him

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Lol as if you have any empathy for people outside your ingroup

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Can somebody other than SupremeReader explain why Eastern Europe has the highest number of paramilitary outfits in the world and why I should care about this one?

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The NY Post also roasted Johnny Depp's performance on the witness stand. That was another winner with the public lol

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The idea that NATO was about to roll tanks up to moscow through ukraine is an insane russian propaganda story and I am empathically embarrassed for you for repeating it.

It doesn't matter what scenario you have in mind, letting NATO expand closer to your border is stupid on the part of Russia. People like you keep trying to say NATO is irrelevant to Russia's security posture when that's just not the case. If Ukraine is irrelevant to Russia then NATO would not be looking to add it. Please spare me the notion this is altruistic on the part of Western countries and we just want to protect poor widdle Ukraine.

NATO does not conscript countries by force. Russia does. On the regular.

No, we just prefer to use softer power like assassinating leaders we don't like, staging coups, or supporting fascist guerrillas like we did in South America generally, Nicaragua, Iran, and Ukraine itself.

Or we just invade the country like Russia. Did you even read the point about Iraq?

Biden is corrupt and stupid, Putin just kills people.

As if the system backing a figurehead like Biden hasn't killed Americans before. What do you think Killary means? Who do you think killed JFK?

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You would actually have to be some kind of genius to successfully adapt One Piece into a live action TV show. The strong points of the story depend on a pace and set of tropes unique to manga and anime. Most faithful adaptations of Luffy to live action would result in a character that acts like a retard. Stuff like the river flowing upward would land in the uncanny valley of CG if it isn't done perfect. The villains are highly tendentious and their posturing and unique laughs would be extremely cheesy. How is Zoro supposed to fight with 3 swords and not look horrible? How do you even do Luffy's rubber powers and not make a visual abomination?

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Trump lost both of his debates with Biden. Pathetic display.

Lol this makes all of your judgments suspect

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Yeah but Terminal List was a similar project: Amazon-distributed with Chris Pratt at the helm, and it rocked.

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One can only imagine Tolkien fans, the most well-adjusted and successful fantasy fandom, hacking this guy's Paypal and sending him poop in the mail in between driving their kids to school and leisurely fireside reads of the Silmarillion.

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If this was 30 years ago that might happen

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There's no way this isn't illegal. It's illegal in the UK to call people faggots online.

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A, it's not insanity

B, it's not a disgrace, it's exactly what he's done for the past six years. I didn't care then and I don't care now.

DeSantis can speak in acceptable boardroom tones and that's all well and good. But I find it amusing that you can't stand Trump for the same reason all our Republican upper-middle class buffoons can't stand him: he doesn't talk all edumacated! it's beneath the office!!

Poor results are the only thing that's beneath the office and the only thing that gives me pause about Trump is his position on vaccines and Disney.

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Trump is just trolling social media again, the only difference it's that it's working on you this time. We saw what he looked like at the CNN presser. He's fine.

Remember, this is the guy that called Ben Carson a homicidal basket case and implied he was a pedophile. Ben had incredibly thick skin and went on to accept a Cabinet post, but it's the same Trump.

edit: the context for the tweet: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/948355557022420992

Trump is calling back to this and saying that Kim Jong Un is going to be buddies with him again when he's running foreign policy.

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Yeah exactly. If people are actually "harassing" Target employees, then great. And I hope they harass Ben Collins as well. Inshallah groomers shall be driven out.

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I am willing to vote for Trump if he unfortunately becomes the nominee even though at this point I absolutely despise the psychotic mess that Trump has turned into.

Lol are you doing the Trump is insane routine libs loved to do when he was president?

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Show me. And show me that whatever 'evidence' you have in any way justifies the sweeping generalization that you made.

Jewish academic and founder of non-denomination education institute Barbara Spectre plainly states that Jews are leading Europe into a "multicultural transformation" and "will be resented for that role"

A People That Shall Dwell Alone, pg. 217

These findings indicate major attempts within traditional Jewish communities as well as contemporary Orthodox and Hasidic communities to socialize children to the group. However, these efforts are also apparent in much less traditional Jewish groups. In Chapter 4, it was noted that Judaism in contemporary American society may be viewed as a civil religion. Perhaps because of the lessening prevalence of many of the traditional segregating mechanisms that have facilitated group cohesion over the centuries, the civil religion goes to great lengths to prevent group defection, especially by attempts to strengthen Jewish education. Those who do defect are simply written off, and group continuity and integrity are maintained by a central core of highly committed individuals. Because of the assimilatory pressures from the surrounding society, great importance is placed on "the recognition of Jewish education as the most vital element in the preservation of the Jewish people" (Woocher 1986, 34). Similarly, Elazar (1980) notes that the drive for more intensive Jewish education, including an increasing emphasis on Jewish day schools, was motivated by "the clearly pressing problems of assimilation" (p. 211).

Jewish identification is also actively facilitated by encouraging trips to Israel by high school and college students, and, indeed, Elazar refers to Israel as "the central focus of American Jewish educational effort" (p. 291). Woocher (1986,150) notes that the trips to Israel are often overlaid with "mythic" overtones from Jewish history (p.150) (e.g., visits to holocaust memorials) and have as their goal increased commitment to a Jewish identification on the part of the visitors. The retreats function as a sort of religious experience, which attempts to effect attitude change by removing participants from their normal lives; by emphasizing group-oriented activities and a sense of community, nostalgia, and "specialness"; and by renewing commitment to group identification and group goals (pp. 151-52). Woocher (1986) also stresses the importance of the General Assembly of the Council of Jewish Federations as a major civil religious event that functions to foster Jewish identification and a strong sense of community.

The Culture of Critique, pg. xxxii

Jews are at the extreme of this Middle Eastern tendency toward hypercollectivism and hyper-ethnocentrism—a phenomenon that goes a long way toward explaining the chronic hostilities in the area. I give many examples of Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism in my trilogy and have suggested in several places that Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism is biologically based (MacDonald 1994, Ch. 8; 1998a, Ch. 1). It was noted above that individualist European cultures tend to be more open to strangers than collectivist cultures such as Judaism. In this regard, it is interesting that developmental psychologists have found unusually intense fear reactions among Israeli infants in response to strangers, while the opposite pattern is found for infants from North Germany.14 The Israeli infants were much more likely to become “inconsolably upset” in reaction to strangers, whereas the North German infants had relatively minor reactions to strangers. The Israeli babies therefore tended to have an unusual degree of stranger anxiety, while the North German babies were the opposite—findings that fit with the hypothesis that Europeans and Jews are on opposite ends of scales of xenophobia and ethnocentrism.

Jewish magazine promoting Kanye's CIA handler/personal trainer simply because he's Jewish

Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried all share the same Jewish man. And they’re on the record about their ardor for him.

I grew up in a typical Ashkenazi household. My bubbe actually lived with us. She’d make us the traditional colorless, beige, heavy foods: chicken soup, kreplach, gefilte fish, tzimmes. She would make stuffed peppers, kishke and cabbage rolls. She’d also cook flanken soup with marrow bones. I was told if I ate what was inside the bones, it would put hair on my chest. Now we know it’s just an artery blocker.

The same paper evaluating the Jewish ethnocentrism of a guy managing DeSantis' presidential announcement

Sacks, 50, who was born into a Jewish family, hosted a fundraiser for DeSantis in San Francisco in 2021. Here are some more things to know about him.

He defended Musk last week when the Twitter CEO took heat for comparing Jewish billionaire George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, to the comic book supervillain Magneto. The Anti-Defamation League deemed the comparison antisemitic and has long warned that conspiracy theories about Soros are steeped in anti-Jewish bigotry.

He affected a high-pitched voice to describe the “Jewish mother panic” he confronted after leaving his consulting firm for the tech sector. “Oh, my God, you’re quitting your job and joining a startup!” he said on the Panic With Friends podcast in 2021.

Hardly, you could have made the same video for white people.

You could not make that video for white people. There are no meaningful white organizations left, and none of them would ever say "the Irish were some of the biggest proponents of homosexuality in history"

Like who?

Asians, who have a higher IQ than Jews. Or Episcopalians, another quasi-religious, highly ethnic group (WASPs).

Well, it's not an invention. But mostly that you were talking about 'movements that were invented'. Movements aren't invented, they are started. Doesn't even matter, I just thought it was off.

This is pointless. Karl Marx is widely acknowledged as the founder of Marxism and Communism, Boaz respectively with anthropology, and Freud with psychoanalysis. Use whatever word you want, they are responsible for those disciplines, economic philosophies, schools of thought.

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I guess I would ask why you insist on singling Italians out among white people?

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"U don't even know about <insert crazy stuff> is the same. I don't for a second believe that you have hard proof that "Jews tend to network heavily with other Jews and promote globohomo" (I assume in order to promote). So that is pretty crazy.

The ethnic networking is well-documented in Culture of Critique and decades of reporting on Hollywood, as well as Jewish magazines that simply facilitate that outright. The globohomo is likewise admitted by public statements like the tweet in this thread, as well as decades of polling data.

These realities can also be independently deduced by Jewish overrepresentation in every major industry, whereas groups of similar IQs are not overrepresented. IQ is not a sufficient explanation for Jewish overrepresentation.

Strange use of the word, but not worth more than a passing remark.

What does this even mean? Psychoanalysis was created by Freud, do you dispute this? Is there a reason you feel "invented" is inappropriate?

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Absolutely, the vital forces in art have been diluted several times at this point and it doesn't help when younger generations only know the ripoffs instead of the inspirations

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I'm 'unaware' of all sorts of crazy things.

"U r krazy" is a pointless response

Are movements invented? It's funny how people insist on blaming Jews for everything.

The disciplines of anthropology and psychoanalysis were absolutely invented

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Not sure if this is what you mean but blockbusters have definitely gotten dumber to appeal to the global audience, and that's definitely affected the franchise.

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Torretto isn't a common Italian name. It's also found in Spain and it's mostly found in South America

This is severely autistic, the only question is whether you realize it

Spaniards are white btw

Leon (Italian looking guy)


Vince < white guy who betrayed the team

No, he didn't.

Brian O'connor < white guy sent to infiltrate and betray the team/'family'

So?? It's a movie

Jesse < white guy, timid, weak

I see a pattern here.

So white characters have to be strong or something?

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