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Whether you like it or not the "failed" political ideology from 80 years ago is the only known ideology that successfully overthrew the degeneracy that is Weimar (the same degeneracy that we are facing today) and successfully removed the communists in their country. The only thing they "failed" at was losing the war

Gee, I wonder why that was?

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He's said this as early as 2016/2017 when he first rose to fame. You can probably find this whole blurb from that time actually.

He's also 100% correct. Depraved society-destroying people on the left have rejected every reasonable overture by the right wing. What happens when the right says they've had enough?

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Was the debate an honest test for Biden or was it a hit job because they knew exactly what would happen if they let him out after dark?

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That last bit I think should be a wake up call for all the Lefties (but we know it won't). He spent over half a century being a good little bitch for them, but one fuck up and they are already writing the history books to make him into a clown who meant nothing.

One? More like a hundred lol

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People always talk about the Christian symbolism in Evangelion, but most of the heavy imagery comes from kabbalism, which is a school of Jewish mysticism.

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This is every political debate ever, except they usually spew feelgood statistics nobody ever heard of instead of talking about murder victims of illegal aliens

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Scarborough is the biggest cheesedick on cable news, and that's really saying something

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All of you are correct that these people never stop subverting. However, when the environment is made to be explicitly oppressive to them, many will self-terminate. You have to remember the circumstances that allowed them to infiltrate in the first place - complacent conservatives who didn't see any harm in doing "just a little more" because "it just made sense." We are not in that era any more. If they are made to feel unwelcome and their careers stagnate, they will see the writing on the wall.

I'm impressed that Tractor Supply not only announced rollbacks to pride and DEI, but also to climate change. If they were just going for lip service, they didn't need to do that.

As far as I know, this is the only public corporate mea culpa to date.

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You're right, there's a lot of topless panels and accidental groping is a stock joke. I guess I've been Overton Window'd by trannies getting banged in Playstation games.

It does make me think about how much sexuality is age-appropriate, as Ranma's fanbase had a ton of kids in it, including myself. On one hand you have cute girls, occasionally topless, and on the other hand there are no allusions to intercourse. In my mind it hit the right tone.

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Subversion and corruption thrive on benefit of the doubt and uncertainty. They never get punched in the face for being manipulative pieces of shit because everyone's so busy handwringing over the miniscule chance it's a coincidence or a misunderstanding and each individual insult is small, they achieve their desired effect by repeating it thousands of times at zero cost.

Yeah exactly this. Why would anyone give open liars the benefit of the doubt?

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I don't think a lot of people have read/watched this here. At one time the anime was a popular runner up to Cowboy Bebop/Evangelion/Trigun etc, although the manga is a lot funnier actually. If you haven't read it yet it's online (not familiar with the colorization). For me it's one of the funniest mangas I've read, more relatable to normal people than stuff that depends on meta humor.

Point A, everyone including Ranma knows he's a dude. Nobody ever gets confused except for strangers and psycho gag characters. Once people know about the transformation, they instantly accept his actual identity. It's called a curse, he hates it, and half the plotlines are about trying to get rid of it.

American fans sometimes described the series as a "transgender sex comedy," but in hindsight that was wishful thinking by weird people that would later become groomers (if they weren't already). There is no existential pondering over male and female experiences, nor is there any sex, or even the hint of sex.

Point B, the clear majority of trooners are girls trying to become men, not the other way around.

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Are you talking about Disney? I was talking about this cartoon, whatever this is

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The sheer amount of nepotism has torn down ANY kind of meritocracy that THIS will be the best you get.

I don't think you can blame nepotism for this. At least, not the Hollywood nepotism structure. This is just good old fashioned amateur hour, as in "how hard could it be to make a cartoon?"

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Evidence is in the ex-employee's ramblings. He mentions lawyers and lawsuits multiple times and he's now publicly walking back his very, very clear allegation.

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More context: the former employee was trying to launch what appears to be a standup comedy (music?) career and promised to drop some dirt if a show sold out. The accusation was that Dr. Disrespect was banned off Twitch (reason heretofore unknown) for attempting to meet up with an underage girl at Twitchcon or something.

I don't know for sure if the Doc actually let the lawyers go, but that's because nobody can tell what the heck this Cody guy wrote. I have never seen word salad this elaborate.

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Reading Kienan's summary, his friends were a bunch of commies, some of them probably brown and/or Muslim. I'm sure they froze him out of the local cafe circle afterwards. But hey, there's always reddit!

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