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All three people who still watch CNN are thrilled with the news. The rest of the planet says, "CNN who?"

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I'm supposed to care, why, exactly?

Life choices have consequences. They choose poorly. Oh well, reap the rewards.

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Pedos go to where the children are. Church, school, day care, doesn't matter.

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Anyone who believed that obvious bullshit is already beyond help. Just asking Que Bueno was enough to discredit the "Russia did it!" Narrative™.

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I've had to do this several times to get security clearances, so I know the struggle.

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In the US all a company will do is confirm dates of employment. They are terrified of doing anything else, and in many cases, are legally prohibited from doing anything else.

In a way, this is bad, because destructive employees who destroy everything they touch at work are able to go from company to company and no one knows about their past history of destruction until they destroy yet another office.

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CNN news anchor calls #WhatIsAWoman an "anti-trans documentary" that could be "potentially harmful content."

No one cares what fake news says.

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Almost as if Russia had a point in invading.

Funny how the narrative always fails to obscure the truth.

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US public school employees who sexually abuse children are typically moved to different schools three times before they are finally arrested, preying on as many as 73 victims before they are eventually punished, according to a new report by a conservative think tank.

Home school or die.

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To the best of my knowledge, this platform does the least censorship

Gab enters the chat....

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Target intel is a thing. He only stopped because his dozer fell into a basement he didnt know was there, and couldn't get out of.

If you remember, in 1995 an army Vet stole an M-60 out of a NG armory in San Diego and took it on a rampage, and that only stopped when he got it high centered on a K rail, and couldn't get off.

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"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. - George Orwell, 1984

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The clown world overlords are turning the entire world against us in doing this. People all over the world are tired of the US led neoliberal clown world empire, and are starting to exit. BRICS is just one manifestation of this.

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The public school system is working exactly as designed. The people who set up compulsory education in the US expressly wanted this. They thought most of the US population was fit to do nothing but work in factories, so they implemented Prussian education system designed to do exactly that.

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Studies show that pre and post operative trannies have similar suicide stats. Literally nothing changes by using "supportive" care. The only thing that works is treatment for whatever mental illness is driving this.

This means trannies don't have the right to demand our participation in their mental delusion.

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making women look dumb

No one has to make them do anything, they look dumb because they are dumb. That is the point of the podcast, to show the world how vapid and entitled modern western women are.

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The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress - Heinlein

Freehold - Michael Z. Williamson

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The days of forced expatriation to Africa comes ever closer.

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