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Contact me when admitted pedos are afraid of even walking the streets, for fear for their lives.

That guy, for example, doesn't even have to try to hide his urges.

That needs to change. It MUST change, for the sake of our children.

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Did you understand the implications?

A civilization built that wall, and it was buried in one of the major cyclical extinction events. An event we are due for.

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I haven't seen commercials in a long time, near on 8 years now, but even when I did the anti-white and anti-male plots were all over the place.

It isn't just commercials, either, most TV shows weave anti-male and anti-white characters into their plots.

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Nevermind that the entire concept of mermaids as depicted is a European thing; African "mermaids" were spirits, not a hot chick with a flipper for feet.

Totally not a blackwash, no sir... -barf-

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Funny how Google won't touch the suspicions0bservers YT channel, despite his outright contempt for the climate change conspiracy theory. When you can cite dozens and dozens of peer reviewed papers that show what an utter fraud the entire movement is, and what really is driving weather (hint: the sun. always has been, and always will be), YT leaves you alone. They don't even put the bullshit wikipedia warning on his videos.

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Unfortunately for him, he drew the attention of Joseph Camp.

Said shithead is now the subject of a criminal investigation, and will likely be going to prison.

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And this can't explain why per capita spending on health care is so much higher in the US than elsewhere, with outcomes that are not better.

It doesn't explain all of it, but it does explain part of it.

The other part of it is collusion to fix prices between health insurance providers and hospitals, anti-consumer pricing and billing practices by health care providers everywhere, at every level, and price fixing by pharmaceutical companies.

All of this is illegal under the Sherman and Hatch acts, but no one, at any level, from any party, charges anyone in the medical industry for obvious and widespread lawlessness.

Medicare spending has risen on average 8% annually since the early 1980s. This is insane, unaffordable, and highly inflationary, but no one even looks at it, at all.

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I wouldn't want to wear a skirt and heels either. When I fly it is in basketball shorts and a tee shirt made out of some sort of wicking synthetic material. I have a hard enough time flying as a big and tall person on passenger jets designed for little people, no point in making myself any more uncomfortable than I need to be.

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None of those feral joggers will be alive in 5 years. Someone just like them will kill them over absolutely nothing, and if every one of them dropped dead right this second, nothing of any consequence will be lost.

At all.

The only real question for society is how much collateral damage they will do between that day on the video, and the day they die.

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Hard to believe he could still be that naive, though, after what woke entryism did to Twitter.

Re: the open source protocol point by Dorsey, Gab used the open source model when they standardized on Mastadon, but they have since then forked it, and gone their own way with it.

Gab posts their source code on Gitlab, btw.

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How much smaller could jails and prisons be if the black criminality rate was indistinguishable from white? How much smaller could urban police departments be? How much more property tax revenue would be collected because property values were not depressed due to high crime?

I didn't say anything about store prices.

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Poster child feral dindu, one each.

Too bad that cop didn't kill him, would have saved society a lot of time, money, and aggravation, not to mention the future lives that feral animal will ruin until he gets wacked by another feral dindu just like him.

Forceful deportation to Somalia sounds fitting, just kick that shit head out the door at the airport and leave him there.

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Shall we talk about the black tax that no one wants to discuss, which is all the added policing and confinement costs associated with a large criminal black demographic residing in the city?

Nah, no one wants to talk about that.

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How could Cenk know what conservatives think, or believe? People like him are so awful to any known conservatives in their social circles they drive them out, or shame them into silence.

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And nothing of value was lost.

Rest in piss, bitch. Enjoy servicing Satan in hell for all eternity.

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If they didn't think that they were relentless victms of a Jewish plot, everywhere, all the time, that explains everything, the ConPro types might actually have a point.

In that way they are like blacks, who similarly blame relentless racism, everywhere, all the time, that explains everything, for their own failure to thrive here.

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Your programming needs updating, NPC.

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I'm fine with him and his wife celebrating tying his tubes after having all the kids they want, so long as they don't criticize husbands and wives who want more than 2.

Not everyone wants a larger family, but some do. Elon Musk has had 10 kids so far, IIRC.

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I have the entire series, and I bailed out about season 7, if memory serves.

Not the only show I've just stopped watching, either. I bailed out on The Flash about season 6, and the recent SWAT at the end of season 3 when the "gurl power!" got too obnoxious.

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I'm tired of hearing from shocked commentators that YT banned their ass.

Of course they did.

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Yea, I agree. I found it interesting, in a "that's bloody genius" kind of way, but experience tells me otherwise.

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