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I am happy to see men make dating transactional; women have been doing it for thousands of years. Women are long overdue for accountability.

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Look at who owns the NYT company. Since 1896.

There is your answer.

As for the NYT pushing propaganda, well, they have a very long and distinguished history of that. They still haven't returned Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer yet.

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Reminder again that everything we think we know about Putin was told to us by people we know with 100% certainty lie to us, over and over again, and have for many years.

And, to add to that, we know that same media has been in bed with intel agencies since the Obama administration, if not before. So, with that last bit in mind, one has to wonder who is constructing this cartoon caricature of evil, dictator Putin, and why.

I have seen it said that one explanation to consider is this is all an attempt to keep Russian natural resources, which they have in abundance, away from German manufacturing.

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There are varying degrees of red pilled. Hunt down his most recent appearance on Joe Rogan, and you can see that Dr. Phil is at least partially aware now.

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I wouldn't expect the language model systems everyone is calling AI these days would be useful for any sorts of programming tasks other than extremely basic and repetitive things like stubbing out a new class with getters and setters from variables you tell it to work with.

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Yea, well, I was thinking about that.

Odysee is able to distribute files, I get certain 3d printer files from them on the regular. It seems to me that a mod author could use that as a platform to distribute mod files.

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Dr Phil had a red pill suppository shoved up his ass by the COVID response, and now sees the real world.

Unlike any of those vapid twits on The View.

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I guarantee that the motherfuckers saying this shit don't apply it in their own lives. Ask them if they want any idiot off the street to perform surgery on them if they get sick, and they will undoubtedly say hell no. Ask them if want any idiot off the street to fly their jet when they fly somewhere, and they will also say no.

Skill and talent go hand in hand to make today's modern world work. You cannot divorce one from the other, it all falls apart if you do.

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As a current seeker of employment I can speak to this a bit.

One thing I have encountered is that many places use similar IT based HR software as part of their application process. The one I have been dealing with is workday dot com. Every single time I have had to use that site to apply for a position I have to make a new account.




The question in the OP likely originates from within this sort of HR service. It was offered to the employer as part of their package, and they used it.

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Not just a far left lunatic, the turd was Antifa adjacent.

You will never see the military do a stand down for violent left wing extremism, though.

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Blah blah blah, look at how moral I am.

It is all so tiring.

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They will leave on their own if you make it impossible for them to stay.

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His first mistake was trying to talk to them in the first place.

They lie, this is long established fact. There is absolutely no point in talking to them, for anything, at all. "I don't talk to proven liars" should be the only comment any reporter gets.

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I cannot comment on the fickle nature of who gets funds from crowdsourcing sites. I can comment on the crossly political nature of Gofundme.

Gofundme has blatantly been political on who are allowed to crowdfund there. Never, ever forget that Kyle Rittenhouse had his defense funding campaign nearly instantly killed by them.

Givesendgo functions exactly the same way, and doesn't delete crowdfunding campaigns for dissident people.

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Meathead continues to be Meathead 50 years later.

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That is very old twitter etiquette. From what I understand it prevents the mention from being flagged as a reply, and won't raise the comment flag for the replied to user.

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I wonder what that chart would look like if you set the X axis date to start earlier than 2007. Federal Reserve started many of the games they play today in the fall out of the 2007 real estate bubble crash.

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In a way. Who believes them?

Less and less every day.

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I remember when websites used frames with rows and columns to carefully align images to create web sites. PlanetQuake did that, I tried to copy that sort of web design back in that day. see here

Media statements in the CSS were definitely not a thing back then, and nobody used mobile to browse, as those devices didn't exist yet.

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How to say that trans spaces are morally superior to women only spaces without outright saying they are.

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Hundreds of thousands of years of history say otherwise.

What is missing today are the cultural and familial boundaries that made this work, all of which were removed in the name of "progress."

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