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Kotaku hates it, and hates that people like it.

There is a web site devoted to doxxing streamers who live stream while playing it.

The woke pod people are really screaming about this game.

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If you ever have a friend or acquaintance say something this fucking stupid, you need to eject that person with a quickness. They are borderline too stupid to even breathe on their own.

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I'd not expose kids to anything from after 2005 or so, modern entertainment is mind rot,

Oh, and they would not have smart phones, or a computer in their room of any sort. They can use a computer in the dining room, out in front of everyone.

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It was the cradle of civilization, until the fucking muslims conquered it by the sword, as they have done since their inception.

If the entire middle east was glassed with nukes, only the oil would be missed. Nothing else of lasting value comes from there any more.

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I watch Cleetus, sometimes, but am not subscribed. I'm not huge a straight line fan, I prefer closed wheel road courses. IMSA from back in the day was my thing, also Trans Am.

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Who I'm subscribed to (curated list of 102 total subscribed channels:)



Rocket Lab




vehcor - rebuilds wrecked cars to sell, very unique sense of humor. Cuts off bent unibody panels, welds on straight ones, very high build quality, even though he doesn't clean anything (watch the videos, you will see what I mean)

Gingium - builds custom cars, he built a mid engine Eclipse that he was going to give away, but it caught fire.

Junkyard Dave - he is building a Dodge Charger station wagon. No, Dodge never offered one, he grafted on the wagon part of a Dodge Magnum to a Charger. Yes, it looks outstanding, yes Dodge should make one OEM, because who wouldn't want a 720hp Dodge Charger wagon?

Sara -n- Tuned - former Air Force chick who also has an oddball sense of humor

Mighty Car Mods - who doesn't watch these guys if they like cars?

B is for Build - Portland guy who also builds one off and custom stuff. I started watching when he was rebuilding a wrecked Lotus Elise

Lite Brite - off road stuff, the blond chick is smokin hot

StanceWorks - because he had the balls to Honda swap a Ferrari 308b, and then take it to SEMA this year.

RRC Restoration - full on frame off restorations, British. We're talking replating hardware level restorations.

Bad Obsession Motorsports - Project Binky, cramming the 4 wheel drive running gear from a Toyota Celica into a Mini shell. Way overdue for an episode, build has been going for more than five years.

Ronald Finger - shoestring budget rebuilds, also has a weird sense of humor. I watched him fully rebuild a 1984 Pontiac Fiero. He's currently working on a Trans Am, circa 1981, but with a Wieland blown big block.


Mike Patey - if you know what Draco was (he crashed it), this is the guy who built it.

Rebuild Rescue - rebuilds airplanes, just got a Cessna 401 twin engine for free that sat for more than 20 years, is doing a wings off full restoration

I sub to a whole bunch more, on a whole range of topics, but you get my drift. I don't watch political stuff on YT any more, I go elsewhere for that.

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Marshawn Lynch, thug that he is, had a good policy when dealing with the media: he made it the clown show he thought it was. While he was at Seattle he was constantly doing crazy stuff at his mandatory (yes, the NFL mandates interviews) press interactions. Example

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The PoA is to the republic, not the government. My enlistment oath was to the Constitution, not the presently constituted government. There is a distinct difference between the two, something this dipshit refuses to acknowledge.

Furthermore, this dweeb hasn't seen a real insurrection, because in a real insurrection, his dumb ass would have just as big of a target on it as a local government official would. Why?

Because Clinton rules are in effect. What are those?

In 1998, when NATO went to war against Serbia, Clinton decided that Serbian regime supporters were valid targets under the Rules of Engagement. That means reporters, writers, professors, think tank members, financiers, and the like were all valid targets, and could get a Hellfire missile through the window any time we wanted to.

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What occurred to me is something that GamerGate was saying in 2015 about game journalists, which is that sports reporters are just like game journalists in that they would really rather be writing for the NYT, but sportswriter was the only gig could get.

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And you see now why the "It's OK to be white" poster triggers the NPC left so hard.

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You can try to argue with me until you are blue in the face. I don't care. My understanding of this issue is satisfied.

I suggest you don't use idpol Christian with me, because I will look you dead in the eye and say, "Yup."

Society is not better off because porn of all types is widely available. On this issue I am NOT a free speech absolutist.

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"Communism" used to be the Right's watch word back in the day until the same strategies were applied, and the very idea that communism has ever existed in the US is considered utterly laughable.

Commies and their fellow travelers in the US gay opped all of us with McCarthy. How? They controlled all the institutions that informed the public. Using those same institutions they managed to inculcate social shame into naming the communists among us. What do you get now when you call a commie a commie? Eye rolls. Even after access to the KGB archives and the declassification of the Verona intercepts proved every bit of what McCarthy was saying was, in fact, true, people still use his name to describe a witch hunt.

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James Lindsey calls it communist, and since he's read all the source material, I believe him.

Communist works for me, since woke ideology is derived from communist theory rebranded by actual communists from the Frankfurt school.

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It would be impossible to keep something like that a secret, and once word gets out, I and many, many others start actioning local accountability plans. Those fuckers will be so busy guarding local county Democrat party operatives from sudden lead injection they won't have time to go rounding up people.

You do know who your local county DNC president is, right? VP? Treasurer? Local college women studies professor? Local university Office of Diversity & Inclusion vice president? Local media mouthpiece? Local activist who gets their name in the local paper a lot?

You get my drift. It is a question of numbers, they don't have them.

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Do blacks have a motive to randomly assault people on the street? No, but they do it all the time anyway.

More than likely there wasn't one here other than "there is a white guy, I'm gonna kill him"

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His own party stood in his way.

Trump may have ran under the Republican label, but it was in no way, shape, or form his party.

Which was the point I was making, that things will eventually get so bad that a real, firebreathing, populist figure will appear from the right, and he really will be everything the left in particular, and the establishment in general, fears.

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This guy assumes that there will be no populist from the right that also seeks to demolish the "liberal world order" as it stands now, and isn't afraid of using every tool at his disposal to do so.

Someone as liked as Trump was in 2016, but who had a large cadre of supporters not beholden to the current political machines that he can install into political appointed positions.

Imagine a Trump from 2016 who actually did all the things the left feared he would. Build the wall, deport everyone, throw everyone in the professional Democratic left in prison, hire a huge swath of the most rabid right wingers you can think of to staff as much of the federal government as they can while they are in office, and exile the civil service who won't do what he wants to some remote, wind swept outpost in Alaska.

Imagine, if you will, a American Pinochet, only more ruthless, and far more willing to bend or break the rules to destroy the left.

The treatment of Trump guarantees this person will emerge, it is now only a matter of time. The abuse of the working class by the professional class can't go on forever.

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She is pretty based about the small hats, but she's Muslim, so that in and of itself is worthy of kicking her off.

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Amazing how blank slate theory of human development drives so much of SJW ideology, isn't it?

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I'm not going to rely on the USSC to keep me free from the WHO, if they decide to get uppity rule .308 applies.

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I worked with dozens of people like that, who claimed 0 deductions on their W-4 (back when you could do that) so they could get a big refund check at tax time.

I went the other way: I claimed 8 (still do, in fact), kept more of my money every month, and owed money at tax time.

I would yawn when my ship went in to tax free Persian Gulf, because yippee, I got to keep an extra $44 a month.

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