Season 2's new antagonist has revealed herself as turbo Hitler, as expected, but it's really the subtext that is so pernicious.

Stormfront (yup...) complains about "the other races" overwhelming and destroying "us", an obvious strawman of anyone who dares question the overt and deliberate demographic reform enacted within majority-white countries by liberal Western governments over the last half century.

No other peoples would see their concerns over such treatment dismissed so casually as hate speech and bigotry. I can only assume as much, of course, because no non-white cultures are being systematically targeted in this fashion. Strange, right?

I tolerated the show to this point because it was reasonably subtle with it's messaging and even occasionally mocked the empty virtue signaling of corporations and media. Most of the human characters have become increasingly unlikeable, but the corrupt supers are genuinely interesting. This episode shattered all that. I'm out.