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Yes, they are different. For example, if you asked women in Hungary what the gender wage gap is most of them would have no idea what you are talking about. Modern, third wave and onwards feminism has not taken root in Hungary so far to any major extent.

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You think about how things are in a non-western (second world) country with a western mindset. Women are different in a country like that.

Also, I can disagree with the "never be free" part, whilst also acknowledging that a lot of men are indeed lonely without a woman.

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I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Almost no wokeness. The titular character is a badass and the smartest of the bunch. They are actually investigating things slowly uncovering what is happening. Good characters, good actors.

As minor nitpicks it would have better flow if it was an episode shorter and that money went into more action instead (it did have quite a bit of that, but it still felt it could have been a little more). Sometimes otherwise smart characters made stupid mistakes, but this is pretty much all I have on it.

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Good, will buy it at some point. Good that you got coverage. Maybe worth sending a superchat on a Nerdrotic or Ethan van Sciver stream, would help in getting the word out even more.

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But why do they accelerate then? Sounds more like they are behind. Admittedly I have not checked this content as I am on the phone.

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Isn't LiS popular? I liked the first game despite the woke, but skipped the second and the new one too.

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The only thing these days that helps straight men in dating is chloroform.

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This type of shit is happening everywhere. One of the largest telecom companies you definitely have heard of is doing shit like this with whitelist, blacklist, master, slave, and so on.

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If nothing else more reeeeing could be coming, which is always good.

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He still made a movie centered around a badass male protag. This is not enough for me to skip the movie. If it is pozzed someone will post here for sure.

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Nothing is safe, friend. Nothing.

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I think part of his endorsements are simply people who will most likely win anyway, so that he can appear to be a kingmaker. Don't know enough about US politics to be sure, but this is both beneficial from a political perspective, and fits in with being a populist.

I would assume he is vindictive enough to not endorse someone he is personally angry with for some reason.

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You put my thoughts into letters pretty well. I think a lot of Trump not doing something well or well enough was him being cockblocked. Him not having experience in politics probably also added to them, which he has now.

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Imp got canned again? Feels like he is banned more, than he is not, these days.

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