Season 2's new antagonist has revealed herself as turbo Hitler, as expected, but it's really the subtext that is so pernicious.

Stormfront (yup...) complains about "the other races" overwhelming and destroying "us", an obvious strawman of anyone who dares question the overt and deliberate demographic reform enacted within majority-white countries by liberal Western governments over the last half century.

No other peoples would see their concerns over such treatment dismissed so casually as hate speech and bigotry. I can only assume as much, of course, because no non-white cultures are being systematically targeted in this fashion. Strange, right?

I tolerated the show to this point because it was reasonably subtle with it's messaging and even occasionally mocked the empty virtue signaling of corporations and media. Most of the human characters have become increasingly unlikeable, but the corrupt supers are genuinely interesting. This episode shattered all that. I'm out.


Highlights (lowlights?) from here: https://www.thegreatblight.com/post/all-the-changes-coming-to-the-wheel-of-time-television-series-so-far

"If my job is protect the spine and the heart of what's there, sometimes that is changing things, because sometimes if you did them exactly as they were, a new audience to it wouldn't actually understand the heart of what's there because a lot of it's expressed inside someone's head or it's expressed by a character that gets a POV chapter in a way that we can't really do on television. "

Fairly reasonable...

"Anyone “new” is inspired by characters in the books or a number of characters combined. "

Ah oh...

"Let’s just say I’m much more interested in polyamory than polygamy."

Gay Rand confirmed.

"I’m a feminist and it’s very important to me that the show is feminist in today’s context. So a lot of those thins will be changing"


"I think that gender is such a key theme of the books, and discussing gender without a full representation of LGBTQ+ people would be a disservice to that discussion. Rest assured, their will be pillow friends out the wazoo."

Fuck me.


NYT Trump tax article Sept. 27, 2020 - https://web.archive.org/web/20200927214602/https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/27/us/trump-taxes-takeaways.html

Ilhan Omar vote fraud - https://www.projectveritas.com/news/ilhan-omar-connected-cash-for-ballots-voter-fraud-scheme-corrupts-elections/

And I probably don't need to link to DJT's supreme court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett yesterday.

Both sides armed to the teeth with weapons of mass media.


"Ghettoes" would become livable areas of civilized land again. Third-world areas in first-world countries would become a thing of the past.

Besides, the first world's supposedly overcrowded right? Why would they want to live in countries founded by people with so-called "racist skin"? (we all know why but evicting them would solve a lot of problems peacefully)


So in case you didn't know, there was a huge drama some time ago in the animeme subreddit, when the mods banned the word "trap" without consulting the community and there was a big revolt, until many many users left (because the mods were also very badly behaved against the community as well) and left to goodanimeme subreddit as replacement that is founded on free speech.

So i found a person on the goodanimeme subreddit and it was on a page with a meme that was joking about the different stages of being a weeb and one such stage mentioned loli or shota characters and their opinions on them(being not ok with them then later realizing its just drawings).And a person commented "don't joke about sexualizing minors even if drawn because its bad and don't normalize "

Knowing those sjw always get offended by lolis (yet not the actual thing) i had a bit of suspicion , so i checked his comments and it turns out he was one of those who is very sjw and political and that supported the animeme subreddit's mods ban on the word "trap" and also wanted to ban the words "loli" and "shota", and was extremely rude to everyone calling us transphobic, chuds, bigots, incels, neckbeards for not supporting the ban on the word "trap" and telling us there is "no sjw trying to worm their way in to our nerd fandoms and its just legitimate fans wanting a safe space"

(lol what a liar).

And the next thing we know, this person is on goodanimemes trying to worm his way in , he was suspiciously a lot more polite on goodanimeme subreddit whilst still trying to police and censor us at the same time.

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