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No, because you're a JIDF cuck.

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you answered me.....10 days later? And then you call me the fed? LMAO. Get out of here 80 day account. You're practically a handshake account.

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Im pretty sure thats the intention. To destroy the relationship between men and women.

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A normal woman isnt infertile by choice. A tranny is infertile because they fucked themselves over by their own choice.

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So because muslims support something that means we ban free speech ? Banning BDS is against free speech. And FYI muslims are not the only ones that would like to boycott israel .

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Banning the boycott of israel is pushed by muslims?

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Jews arent White. And we all know the real reason its banned, so dont try to pretend.

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This is from the Jerusalem post


US Air Force Third Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Richard Clark.

Washington and Israel have signed an agreement which would see the US come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war and, according to Haimovitch, “I am sure once the order comes we will find here US troops on the ground to be part of our deployment and team to defend the State of Israel.” And those US troops who would be deployed to Israel, are prepared to die for the Jewish state, Clark said.

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Speaking of BDS i wonder why its banned in so many states? Can boycott any other country , but cant boycott the Chosen ones now can we?

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Feels like everyone can openly say or do what they want.

hahaahahaha oh wait you're serious. Where have you been the last few years exactly?

Also "quiet" means they have always been doing this but had never openly admitted it

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Not saying that doesnt happen a lot but she's not White. You think that ugly thing is White? Her surname is Indian. She dyes her hair blonde cause she's jealous of both Whites and East Asians.

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where did they get that 110 out of 144 from? Let me guess the "gender pay gap", when men are doing most of the work and women dont? Japan is gynocentric as fuck. Women control the finances in the family and get all sorts of privileges and reality is there is rampant feminism .

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Considering their government has taken a complete shit turn after Shinzo Abe left, that's not going to happen. Ive sort of just accepted that its just gonna get worse, unless America itself is saved.

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As much as the post-war constitution is pozzed it still has the freedom of expression clause and im pretty God damn sure this violates that clause.

Japanese Constitution’s Chapter III, Article 21: Freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression are guaranteed. No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.

(Of course this clause is a double edged sword obviously originally meant to allow commies to do shit behind the scenes after the war since Imperial Japan used to jail commies, but the point still stands.)

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Well at least back then it was nationalist authoritarianism, and not controlled by internationalist forces and finance. (Also they were ruled by the military before not the Emperor. the Emperor worship was more cause he was considered a symbol of the country and connected to religion) but now the military have lost their power and the country has become a vassal state and vulnerable to international forces and finance.

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LDP is "supposed " to be their conservative party. ( whilst CDP are progressives) .

But honestly some of the things they have done make me question that.

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It shouldn't be called a rainbow. The actual rainbow has seven colours. The gay satanic flag has six.

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No. I just dont like the reactionary kneejerk behaviour of calling anyone that does anything a glowie, and people are not realizing that whether or not PF are glowies, them getting arrested is not a good thing, because the only thing it does is set a precedence that any White group that organizes can be arrested even though they have done nothing illegal.

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Thats your own assumption. And you want to set a precedent where anytime White groups organize, they get called glowie or they get arrested even though they did nothing illegal

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They didnt break any laws, and its only your own assumption that they were glowies and you have no proof of it .. All this does is set the precedence for any future White group that might want to organize, to be shut down or arrested whilst doing nothing wrong. .

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Not sure how it supports your point. If they were doing something illegal or more drastic you'd be calling them glowie even more. They did nothing illegal and still got arrested....That doesnt sound glowie.

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