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The JP devs are partly to blame for listening and even changing the JP version. But shit always seems to start with america who then like to push shit on to the rest of the world.

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I enjoyed rune factory 4 but i dont think i'll get rune factory 5, the english localization team XSEED pushed to add gay marriage in the game that wasn't in the original release, . . Normally i wouldn't care if the choice was just incidental , but the fact that some woketards pushed for it and was successful , makes me not want to buy it. Japanese Twitter is pretty angry about the changes too that was done to pander to woketards and was pushed by woketards in the west and is messing with the characters and literally rewriting who the characters are and also changing the JP version

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Hitler people were fighting against communists and Hitler explicitly said he hated Marxism and the """certain people""" who pushed it. China is still worshipping Marx and teaching about him in schools and Universities and is still banning religions and destroying historical and cultural things. They are still commie to a large degree.

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Spy on everyone's financial transactions to make sure no one is spreading "hate and bigotry"----such as suggesting that a jewish lobby is spying on everyone's financial transactions.

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Just when ADL started a partnership with Paypal to "combat hate and extremism" so now ADL will be granted access to PayPal’s transaction history and then share information with financial industry, policymakers and law enforcement.

They are working overdrive on this.

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Of course the guy is on the WEF.....Anyway I sent an email to Yamada and tweeted about it , tweeted at the new CEO too .

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If they make loses its cause of a competitor which they will then try to hijack or destroy using either the govt or a corporate monopoly

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And? does that mean they should be colonized forever and their culture and people be colonized and destroyed? tell me

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wE dOnT kNoW 100%

Lmao. ok . Now you are just purposely trying to play stupid at this point. Get lost troll

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am i ? they like her in so far as she can win stuff but do they see her as one of them? doubt it . And do you think Japan would have accepted her at all before they were defeated in ww2 and became a colony?

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He does. Japan would never ever accept multiculturalism in any way shape or form if they were completely left to their own devices and weren't a colony

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Well its her fault if she loses and im pretty sure the original conversation was whether Japanese like her or not.

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No its not. Jewish women have about 3 kids on average. And even the muslim countries birth rates are dropping but not Israel's

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This progressivism/socialism (especially like this) is not natural. Its artificially pushed.

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So he mentioned Japanese fans of American comics "Amekomi" fans are these PC type of people , but even those against PC(political correctness) are getting the wrong information about comicsgate... Though the behavior of shutting down debate or disagreement and calling it "harassments" is what made me skeptical of who the person who wrote the article itself. But regardless it would seem it would be up to english speaking japanese people like the guy you posted to find out and to correct them.

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You've not talked to Uyghurs but i have as someone who has hanged around pro democracy circles against CCP. . And if you think invading a country and systemic genociding their whole race is ok, that is extremely terrible .

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As i told you Uyghurs is getting cracked down on and genocided by CCP and its based on race not religion. The problem is you are only seeing them as "muslims" and not as "Uyghur" the race/ethnicity. They have their own culture, language, history and people . That has nothing to do with religion. . They are a race that got invaded and are now being genocided. Right now for most of them they are scared for their ethnicity and race and religion is secondary . ive talked to their dissidents that ran away , and not all of them are muslims but all of them hate CCP and are scared of their race being genocided

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Christian and atheist Uyghurs get cracked down on as well . They are persecuted and genocided by CCP as a race . Its based on race/ethnicity much more than religion. Han chinese muslims aren't treated so bad.

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"morale is at an all time low" cause they just realized they can't bite the hand of their overlords.

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ADL . Mad when they get back what they give out

And the IDF have admitted on camera they are fine with killing kids.

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"free palestine" isnt an anti jewish statement. But whatever the golem comes back to bite them.

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Nahhhh. Go shove yourself in the sink and cry more

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