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Yes because the traditionally patriarchal Western Christian culture somehow came up with feminism and not the traditionally matriarchal jewish culture right?

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Meanwhile jews are 2% of the population yet make up 56% of famous feminists https://archive.md/XvX6i

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no one likes you.

As i said to the other guy. You JIDF are the minority here

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i mention jews when there's a jew involved in the story but you just don't like to hear it.

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Spamming would be doing want Imp did and posting like 10 posts a day and infinite thread long arguments all the time that people aren't interested in. Just because i talk about the same topic all the time that you happen to not like (but others on this board are perfectly fine with) doesn't mean i'm spamming. And its only obnoxious to you because you don't like people saying anything about your chosen tribe

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At the rate we're going it's just going to turn into another conpro community filled with spergs posting about Israel and jews constantly even though it's supposed to be a gaming community.

I'd get rid of the spergers and NPCs

now you are showing your true reasons for wanting the mod position

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most of what you call "sperging" is people stating too many facts you don't like you hear

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fuck off jew, you are the minority here.

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i mean if you really want to go back even further , you could start at the French revolution. Curiously France was the first country in Europe to give jews full citizenship rights right after the French royal family was murdered

by Telia
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Meanwhile Leftists with the "i have a black friend so i can't be racist " energy but instead its : "I have a Japanese friend that agrees with me that its ok to vandalize a Japanese history and culture so therefore im not racist against Japanese people "

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his family had to escape from the italian fascists.... hmmm i wonder why that is....

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that's hilarious. telling me that i don't want to see outside my box or that i cling to something and don't want to see beyond that. I've been on literally every corner of the political spectrum, one time or another in my life and yet i ended up where i am here now. And it was leftists that radicalized me to the right.

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Oy Vey Shut It Down

Why do you have to be such a stereotypical JIDF?

And Graphenium isn't me you handshake JIDF retard.

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i bet these faggots are paid to do this, just so people end up supporting Israel as a knee jerk reaction

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i swear there was only 2.7k likes on that tweet 5 minutes ago and now its 14.6k likes. There's serious botting problems on twitter

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Commies are civilization destroyers. They hate things that build civilization . It has nothing to do with "respecting aboriginals" and everything to do with wanting to destroy the race that built civilization. The races they hate are the ones that build civilization

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It is better to have anti whatever out in the open to be rebutted than grow simmering in the darkness.

Big talk coming from Elon considering he got rid off "The Noticing" hashtag that was trending a year ago. (the noticing hashtag that was trending on twitter a year ago was a hash tag of people posting certain truths that jews didnt like in case people dont know)

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You either enable the Zionists to equate being pro-Palistine with White Nationalism (which they would love)

No i don't think zionists would love that actually. Did you know Hitler supported Palestine? And do you know what happens when you tell Pro Palestinian people that Hitler supported Palestine? It confuses leftists that support Palestine because it humanizes Hitler and it also makes muslims more likely to support Hitler and understand the White nationalist world view better. it also makes it so that they realize White nationalists are not cartoon villains that can't have any sympathy for others at all.

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