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The Western journalists in Israel are notorious for sitting around in their hotel rooms waiting for press releases from terrorist organizations, and the corporations are notorious for hiring the terrorists' public relations officers as their stringers. Then there are the Pallywood demonstrations that all of the journalists take seriously despite having hours of video footage showing that it is all faked. Their editors seem to insist on them skewing the narrative this way.

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it looks like a few years back he had no money and was trying to find services, lack of family support, then soon after he starts posting air force stuff. So he joins up to avoid being poor. It starts positive then seems to fade out entirely before this stuff starts.

It sounds like he got it from the Air Force.

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No idea. It's been broken for at least a month.

Infogalactic's GG page is also throwing errors.

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whether by organizations for political purposes

There are very large organizations with very evil political purposes abusing these reporting systems and getting themselves hired on as the contractors to enforce them from the inside.

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Unfortunately, they are not incompetent. They are very effective at targeting political opponents.

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Faxanadu (NES). It played like a better Zelda 2 with much better graphics and story. None of my friends had heard of it or cared to play it. It turns out that it's part of the Dragon Slayer series of good games that never got good marketing in North America. The ones that made it across the ocean were marketed as independent games and not as part of a series. They might have gotten a mention in Nintendo Power but they never captured mindshare and you never heard about them again.

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That sounds similar to how Something Awful was taken over by Biting Beaver and the Catlady Brigade who banned everyone to the right of Mao. It makes me wonder if they had anyone in government leaning on Lowtax.

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The other thing happened, Islam appropriated LGBT by funding those gay groups that were Russian fronts and therefore pro-PLO

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So to get this straight on the enemy connect the dots, the US is funding this shit but it's Canada actually writing ALL the shit woke crap that's ruined most of western media?

The Americans think it's coming from Canada, the Canadians think it's coming from San Francisco, nobody knows what the fuck is happening but the lunatics took over everything. The most likely scenario is: A new faction, Islamists, have taken over the Capitalist Meta-Infrastructure that Socially Engineered The West.

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The Jews didnt bring Palestinians to Judea.

The British did. They invited mass immigration from the Arab world to counteract the mass Jewish immigration from Europe. Many "Palestinians" still have surnames like al-Misri or al-Yemeni that tell you where their families came from in the 1920s/1930s. And they were not "Palestinian" until the KGB started calling them that in the 1960s.

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Russia won the war on the first day. Since then the question has been how much material, money, and lives NATO will waste to keep it going.

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The FBI investigation was opened before the #GamerGate hashtag. They were going after everybody who had ever criticized Sarkeesian back to when she first burst onto the scene as a professional idiot who could somehow get people banned from the entire Internet for disagreeing with her. 8chan dug into who this bitch is and she is a terrorist with Code Pink's Block the Boat which is rumored to be Iranian/Russian. The latest digs say Qatari.

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We had bigger problems than "looking bad". There was an open FBI investigation into #Gamergate as a "harassment campaign" and they were using the full resources of American and British intelligence to search for any reason to arrest anybody who had ever used the hashtag. They seriously set Five Eyes, DHS, the Global Engagement Center, CENTCOM, and Britain's 77th Brigade against us and made up some shit about national security to justify it. So if anybody went Leeroy Jenkins and started harassing people, they would have been arrested and that would have justified using more resources to go after us.

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Yep, I screwed it up. Thanks.

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CAA and Pinault are both Swamp so this is going from bad to bad, not an improvement in any sense.

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Just judging by the fandom, she is the most popular Star Wars character to be introduced since the original movie. So they embellish her, put her in more stories to attract the fans, and make her more powerful to satisfy them. I heard that she took on Darth Vader and died a Disney death in the battle with the building falling on her but no body was recovered, so she should be canonically dead with an opening for the writers to bring her back if they want to.

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Please post some links to how "we now know Australia silenced 4,000 people for questioning actions like this."

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