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If they removed the NYC in office aspect, the required covid-19 vaccination (Unless exempt!) and LGBTQI++ vector from their application they might get someone decent who is willing to put their neck on the line for them.

But, as it is, they might as well be advertising as "Cheap Muppets Take Manhattan gig requires Kermy fetishist to be fallxuy" as the only people going for it stand no chance in the real world with the package they are offering.

I foresee many Shubs and Zulls looking forward to a roast in the depths of a Sloar, I can tell you.

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I think we could be onto a new viral meme with this thing :)

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Black guy rapes other black guys - white supremacists to blame.

New at eleven!

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And the cheek it takes to send am emissary that they can't pronounce too!

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Well his name isn't James Wight.

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They'll claim it was all bots pushing it and that they would never be so gullible.

Because we all know that it was bots who created HermanCainAwards and LeopardsAtMyFace and SelfAwareWolves, filled them with content, upvoted and shared them and stopped any critical thinkers by shadow banning them.

All bots, totally not idiots thinking that their baying for blood wasn't exactly like racism, sexism or any other hatred.

Interactions on that platform have fallen faster than anywhere else on the web since they went public with their stock.

Back onto Pfizer, it's cheaper for them to settle all the little cases than it is to take the knock for what they actually did. We need an all in class action lawsuit from everyone force to take their 'medicine'.

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Good games sell, bad games don't.

Once the glitz and glam of the allure is gone only solid memories will live on.

There is a lot of junk and the racketeering of what gets talked about and why people should spend their time and money on certain things is what Gamergate is all about.

The best example I can think of is Sunset, a solid abstract concept about the daily life of a maid working for a dictator during a civil war. It's a bit out there, certainly not made to carter to those who would need the high-end specs required to play it at the time of release and failing terribly on user interface, story and playability. This tried to get sold as a AAA game and was promoted by all the usual journos who didn't have to shell out their own money and anyone with valid criticisms were labelled as white supremacists or misogynists or whatever other labels had power at the time as derisions towards potential customers.

Now jounos and the pundits working the grift at the time were well known to be attacking potential customers, that was nothing new. But when the game developers let it be known that they hated their potential customers the lid blew off on the panhandling going on across the industry. People who can't make games shouldn't be praised as game makers. it a top of the line rig is required to play a glitchy game which isn't enjoyable then whoever approve the initial funding for the game didn't do their homework on what their product was. Blaming potential customers for not wanting dross is what poisoned the watering hold for other indie developers at the time and instead of reflecting and evolving the fashion of the day was to double down on those who could buy products and berating them.

Thankfully things like Among Us and Cats and the Other Lives still managed to be made and let the world know that straying a little from the popular path can still lead to having fun and enjoying yourself - in all it's weirdness and variety.

Once those trying to gatekeep finally see that they are only destroying creativity at an intrinsic level for their own personal gain we can finally move onto seeing more works which are worth engaging with. But until then it's a case of good games sell, bad ones don't.

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It's just some people going for a walk in Scotland. The fact that the campaign funders are making sure that they say that they are are black Scots is the iffy part.

Take the same model but apply it to supporting Celtic or Rangers and see how successful this good idea gets.

Those walking poles are hilarious though.

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I don't know who Fuentes is but if Trump just goes "Fuck it, I'm out. I don't need this!" it will be nice to see all these armchair powerhouses pick up the pieces and reclaim America.

Because banking on one man to undo everything which has been allowed to happen for decades, a man who made changes against the harshest opposition and has had to fight for just the chance to get back into a thankless ring and start taking that beating again needs someone like Nick at the seats ringside booing him and telling him how much he sucks.

Nick is the reason we have Biden and I think everyone should say "Thank you" to him for that.

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The Brandon's name

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Dark name



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Did a security firm tell them that they are open to attack on a formal bass and that there is nothing they can do should it be formally accepted and organised by the volunteered reciprocate?

Because that's basic employee understanding 1-0-1 and reflects really poorly on the employers (And that's a good thing!).

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Anyone want to check if the organ donors had their Fauci ouchie?

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Journalists notice that someone is exploiting a system and it isn't them and so make an article to try and trash that process.

Meanwhile the same journalists don't give a fudge about other journalists exploiting the same system they use to hamstring customers into buying what they promote.

Is Al Capone perhaps noticing that training Saul Alinsky under him maybe wasn't a good idea?

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Won't help its reputation.

When standing on the shoulders of giants means you have to knock down all the buildings with doors not big enough instead of erecting new edifices you have to question who it is that are on the shoulders.

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Is Syrian girl still trying to get her boobs into all YouTube relies to popular videos or was that the girl that shot up their offices in San Francisco?

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Next up Doctor Cox gets retcon removed from all episodes of Scrubs.

Pride, don't cha just love us!

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Racist bastards!

America is for everyone and the Democrats are there for all.

As Biden is well known as saying "They ain't black!".

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Plot twist: All quarter of the staff axed are white.

Take one for the team comrades, this time we are doing it properly (Honest!).

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To a figurehead of a community well known for raping and pillaging white Europe is somehow offensive to an African American woman who claims to be an educator.

And the solution is to put up some descendants of Genghis Khan and other marauders from other dominant tribes across the globe to appease her.

Is she a rape apologist or does she not allow for the celebration of Nordic identity?

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The whole "Not all women" argument can go and sit next to my "Nazi, homophobic, racist, misogynist, whatever else it is these days it is" ass and accept that there's no changing it.

Here's one example of an asshole who fits into one category and so, by default, everyone else in that category is as accountable for their actions by also fitting into that category (Whether they like it or not).

That last dude really was just trying to get home with his shopping, well mannered and everything.

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