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They tried to regulate the official government record of parliament openly applauding a Nazi with a standing ovation in their chambers last week.

Now they want to stop their citizens sharing their thoughts on such an event?

Sounds like a clear cut case of fascism to me. The UN should get some Peacekeepers involved lest they be known as Nazi sympathisers by proxy for allowing it.

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Hopefully the right eyes will read the data and how constitutional rights are being abused and clamp down on Big Tech and its sphere of influence against democracy.

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Ah, the old "It's not just Pakistani Muslims that do it!" defence.

Oddly the entire LGBTBlahBlahBlah use that as a defence anytime you catch one of their number at it.

Rape, gang or otherwise, is illegal and there's no more to be said about it outside of the justice system when it does its job properly.

Doesn't matter what group you claim to be in, the law doesn't care (Or shouldn't!)

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It by "Trans" they mean "Transmigrants" then sure, I suppose you could push that term onto the Jewish culture of travelling to other countries when it wasn't as fashionable as it is now.

But if they're talking about a dude in a dress they are talking shit.

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I think I might like it as the Netflix show was certainly a decent change to what they normally have but 1000 episodes is a bit much!

It would have to be really good for that to happen.

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I'd never heard of it before but enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to picking at the other 9 over the next few weeks.

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Lofi Girl/Chilled Cow/Music to do Homework by aren't political and their YouTube chat is the sweetest thing to read.

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I accept that the core focus of #LetWomenSpeak is human females. That is the one thing they are focusing on and end goal.

I posit that any gains or wins for them will influence the balance of power across all representation, including men.

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Real, lasting consequences and complete destruction of feminism. That's all I'm willing to accept.

That's unattainable Imp, but hold onto it if you think that the compromise can be pulled further in that direction if you want. The other side already hold onto their grip on that tug-of-war rope in that sense.

Maybe after that we can attempt to rebuild gender relations, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Something has to give as future generations will just want to get on with some semblance of life and to withhold that from those who had no choice into when they came into this world is not fair on them.

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I'll grant you that this situation is indeed a direct consequence of earlier decisions made by militant feminists rubbing some men's faces in what they perceived as victories.

They suck and should be ashamed of what they've done.

The current situation though is that plenty have sat and allowed this to happen and are now taking action, be it baby steps or soft approaches, to try to remedy this situation.

You are right that once they've achieved their goal they will forget about hanging around to help any further, but it's documenting that entire process and using it for evidence that it exists which gives as all a place to argue from.

You don't have to look far to see all of these opinionated militant feminists shitting themselves because they ended up with sons, which they love, and realise that their futures are fucked because of what their mothers took part in.

It's not all carnage, well not all the way down anyway, but hopefully we can all get through this and leave it better than we found it.

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Hey Imp, I'm pretty sure that the #LetWomenSpeak group are solely focused on adult human females and are expanding into younger human females at this stage in their growth.

They'll hopefully coordinate with groups who can assist other specific communities of need and share best practice with them as they evolve.

Them helping young women isn't them forgetting about young men. Some help is better than no help.

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Dude can sneak into Hong Kong and steal away a top criminal accountant via a Korean L-100 Hercules and a bungee cord.

AND he doesn't believe in using guns!

That's not right.

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Apparently you can't say mankini any more, it's themkini.

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It's visa on arrival is all I know. I'm guessing the only people with enough money to head to Ghana are those looking to exploit any opportunities there or are rich enough to retire there and sustain the economic communities there through buying/hiring locally.

A person just has to be black, in the traditional African ethnicity sense, and from outside of the Continent to be approved for citizenship visa status.

I saw in on BBC World News about a year ago by chance, but there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing success and/or scammed stories depending on how they are told.

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Ghana has an open visa policy just now open to anyone who is descended from traditional African ethnicity, outside of the continent of Africa, to become a citizen.

This keeps the electricity on and the water pumping, problems found daily in most of the countries across central and Southern Africa.

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It's got a Wikipedia page dating it back as far as 2012 which says it was featured on an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about Astroturfing dating back to 2018 so more legit than not.

I don't know how effective it is or anything though.

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I can see it breaking concentration during a game, but it's on a par with USA! USA! USA! regarding the lyrical content and doesn't have to be labelled Nazi or anything of that ilk by its nature.

Predates Hitler by a good while too, just like the swastika.

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I'm pretty sure that the entire continent of Africa is fed up with the "No trickle down effect" of elected officials in their own governments withholding aid and infrastructure from them based solely on the same greed exuded by Governor Jay Inslee here.

This has nothing to do with racism or capitalism for the everyday citizen and everything to do with consoling monies and attacking law abiding citizens from within the confines of a protected government class.

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I just read "Not yet available corrected revised document" and put it down to more bullshit from London ever getting around to getting it revised.

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But the International migrants to the Ukraine for fighting to bring a more equal and modern representation of Europe is still nonsense for trolling folks - right?

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