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I'm just here for the ethical journalism jelly donuts.

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Best look at that male rapists in women's prisons first and extrapolate from there PC Plumb.

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I remember in 2007 Amazon erased 1984 from Kindles due to a publisher pretending to have the rights to it.

Piracy is the only way to maintain purchased copies of content from here on out.

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Going to the guys toilets in Germany is even harder if you speak English jive talk.

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I'm pretty sure that spitting on someone is considered assault in the legal sense.

Self defence as recourse would nip this in the bud.

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(Upcoming pun intended)

Reddit now and she sure doesn't hold back any punches.


Continues to rant. I love her use of faggot in all its delights.

Seems that her Reddit account has been permabanned.

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Makes quite a bit of sense there Imp.

I'd say some women though, rather than throw them all under the bus.

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If somebody could control A the NFO and post it here that, that would be swell!

Eyes aren't working on the phone right now.

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Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café with the cast of The Expendables should kick ass!

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Dunno how I feel about this one.

Technically it is just. Legally it is sound. Ethically it is proper.

But I don't know, it somehow seems like tearing down statues and rewriting history

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But in Hebrew, Jehovah begins with an i

I don't know about the rest but INRI is pretty commonly known and easily searchable for those who don't know what it means.

Based on that lack of research I'd have to question the rest of George's supposition.

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It's knife crime in China. Regular citizens don't have legal access to guns.

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First time I've heard him mention Black Rifle Coffee since he dropped their sponsorship without a given reason (I know what it is though and they can go and clean their butts with steel wool).

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It really is something, isn't it? I'm guessing the MSG might actually be better for some people than salt.

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Not yet, is it worth it?

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Hard to believe that the technology was dropped 15 years ago after a huge initial uptake of it (Mostly by paid journalists).

I've never tried a VR headset but they look more fun.

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If nothing else at least she was a diverse employee at Google.

Man, can she eat a lot and stay slim.

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