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None were working for me AoV but I turned Cloudflare off and they are all active now.

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The No-kay Coral of where socks and bots go to die.

See ya later Reddit, enjoy Facebook or whatever shit you think of trying to tango with next

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Looks like they were on the left side of history.


( •_•)>⌐■-■



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How can us dead gamers, who were never their audience, manage to outlive all these publications even though they are better than us in every conceivable way?

Is it possible that having no ethical practice came back to bite them on their mortgages?

Ah well, that early access to a game nobody bought because of who was promoting it at least got them enough ramen and Jack to fuck each other over for a coupe of years.

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Yeah, racists hate getting caught out.

I feel sorry for all the minority people near Google HQ this coming week. They'll have to bring balance to it all and I don't fancy a lynching from an Antifa Google employee making it look like they are equally bigoted.

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Too long for my tastes, but funny nonetheless.

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You've gotta love adults calling other adults virgins as if it is an insult.

Nothing says I graduated (Honest!) like playground bully banter from those chasing and trying to tie down the girls who weren't cool, and weren't library smart, before they buy their cats.

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Let me get this straight. This person categorises people based on assumptions then prejudges how they will act in any hypothetical context and allies themselves with groups made up of certain components of these categorisations and labels others outside of these groups as offensive types, probably law-breaking in their behaviours?

And they are a white woman comfortable in their own gender?

She's not German is she?

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Bring up eating and see how they respond

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I'm all for it.

As long as those suggesting it, and their off-spring, are the first to be eaten.

However I strong suspect there are clauses in their argument as to why they are important to society and therefore exempt from such measures.

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Thanks for making the compound interest explanation for those who don't know.

Perhaps I missed out the part where I get an additional 60 million each year also.

So while the original 60 million would become 120 million, there's another 540 million (Plus its accrued compound interest) to add into the mix.

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About 12 years go my favourite (And only) fanfic writer was deleted from FanFiction.net for no discerning reason. I wrote my only fan fiction in memory of him 11 years ago:

Making of a sadly

One day a blow up at fanfiction made a making of a reading no more.

Oh no! say m0r1arty and made a making of account. We no let you write!! say fanfiction, you have two day to harvest first – HAHAHA.

m0r1arty danubed over to Google and made a searching of the internet. Oh no! scream all of fandom over the world who will make a typing of the stories? The moon and the sun making of a peace and god made agreed. We need a policing of the fanfiction boomed god and sent angel police who danubed through the windows a make a shooting of the servers.

Suddenly the stories make a real. The demons made a goings of this say Sherlock as he use riding crop on aliens. It not lupis say House as he step out of house so I am a biking with Wilson now bye bye. Rose made a chomping on Doctor hand Yum, yum I am a raptoring she say before Predator say hunting time for hunting and laser her with shoulder laser. The carebears kill predator with love rainbows from the bodies. John Lennon made of a crying and tears ressurected predator and Rose. Liverpol say the Beatles and Abba agree and hive five everybody. Suddenly the gravity danubed away and lifted the reality curtain. Oh no says Pip I am making of an observation sadly no more nature goggles. We all are imaginings yell Stephen Hawking which upset god. I should have been a goodly say devil as he vanish into nothing. MissingNo sighed as Sweden said goodly bye to the last bromine. A pirate makes a teardrop.

Suddenly all of fandom held their breath and made a not knowing of future…

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These guys have been shilling tirelessly this past two months.

I appreciate the hard work but their content is boring, to my ear at least.

The amount of it, and its being suggested, have had them be one of the few channels that I don't want suggested to me (And also the reason I found out that was a feature!).

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A new Internet would spawn. In fact it's probably time that a new one actually should spawn, and look a lot like the one that happened for 2008.

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is it possible to learn this power?

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There will be no trouble, I can assure you.

My colleague Sebastian Moran is peeking at you as we speak. And I'm sure that were you to check for your .455 cartridges you thought were loaded into your pistol you'd notice a street urchin helped relieve you of them as you entered.

Now, the shipments of wool I asked you to come see me about...

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Pretty funny if you ask me.

That's all that data is worth?

If I put 60 million in a good returns account and built on that as an income over 10 years without ever taking any out that's almost a billion dollars.

Clearly this unknown AI company is looking to make more that 1 billion back in 10 years otherwise they'd just keep that money in an account themselves.

So either they want 10 years worth of data for a return worth more than 1 billion dollars or they only want a year or two's data and then have their AI model work within that timeframe and then ditch the need for more data.

The content on Reddit is also available to the public and via search. So why pay for it unless it's particular to the individual users, their I.P. addresses, email accounts and mobile app data?

Again, once snatched there's no need to continue paying for something you've already got. And investors all remember the bubble burst of the web 1.0, so keep those sails in tight until we've made good headway.

With the election coming up this year I expect Reddit to go the way of Digg and something unknown to become the Leviathan in these troubled waters of trust from big tech.

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Based as in there are characters who are smart and share names from with the lexicon of Holmes. But that's about it. Think of knock-off t-shirts that have a band you like's name on them but nothing to do with the actual band or their art being the name.

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I think it's just Japanese silliness personally.

Like when Detective Conan/Case Closed came into being with a high school student detective gets drugged to be murdered but instead becomes an elementary kid with the same mental acuity as his older self who then gets adopted by his best friend's (A girl) detective father and continues to solves crimes loosely aligned with the Doyle stories.

Massively popular throughout Eastern Asia with children but pap in relation to the actual canon.

Same goes for The Great Mouse Detective, Bravestarr and the spin-off Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century, Young Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, modern BBC Sherlock and a whole slew of other small screen and silver screen productions and has been going on for a long time in radio and books too.

And then of course there are all the video games.

I take it as being a soft entry into the proper canon and lore, but there are the odd stories (Like The Seven-Per-Cent Solution or others involving Lupin or Raffles, etc.) which play nicely with the whole thing.

The core canon is the canon, but sometimes there are reasonably decent fan fictions which are liked, but will never be more than associated through talent and never accepted as central to the true crucible of the creation.

It's all just fun really, even weird Japanese stuff!

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