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Meh, I'm not convinced America is insane enough or the Dems competent enough in their corruption for Trump to lose this one, at this point.

But if Biden does somehow pull one out of the bag, I still don't think this nails what happens next.

I think it's simpler and more foreshadowed.

Biden disappears for a month or two, keeping his head down, reading presidential sounding speeches via a Teleprompter (and preferably pre-recorded) and once a tasteful interval has passed, they announce he's begun to decline in health and sadly enact the exact procedure Pelosi dragged through the media news-cycle the other week for no immediately obvious reason.

If they're on the ball, they might even pretend they haven't pre-selected a new VP before they even finish coronating Harris.

The media will play the dutiful son, so to speak. They'll talk solemnly about Biden's years of service and the sad turn of events and they'll smear and attack anyone crass enough to point out it was obvious he was medically unfit months ago.

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Long term lung damage was one of the early things they talked about when people outside of China started really looking into the thing, as I recall. As a talking point, it kind of came and went, but it's one of those topics that sticks in my mind, personally, whereas the media basically seemed to lose interest in the idea within a week or so of the 24 hour news cycle churning.

It popped up a few times, usually as a side-comment or something when you had actual medical experts on talking about stuff. The media was always much more interested in more lurid ideas like the potential of catastrophic mass deaths or whether or not the week's developments could be spun for political ends.

I've rarely heard much concrete information on it though. I mean, partly because I don't seek out any of this stuff, I hear enough about covid already without actively seeking the topic out. But also because it's hard to get concrete information about a disease that has only really been around since it escaped from a Chinese lab around or under a year ago.

I spent a lot of the first half of the year taking extra pinches of salt whenever anyone in the media talked about the symptoms or risks associated, because they always seemed to be about two weeks behind the internet in terms of figuring that shit out.

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I've only discovered the channel this week and I'm a sucker for doing things in order, so I've not even got half way yet. Of the ones I've watched, there's really none I wouldn't recommend, different as they've been so far.

You basically can't miss. Pick out the cultures you're interested in, or slowly go through episode by episode like I'm doing. :)

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I wish it accompanied this discussion with an analysis of attributes which correlate to failing civilizations and attempted to find civilizations that had some/all of those attributes but managed to not fail.

The risk with that kind of search is that people tend to find what they set out to find, and it's very hard to eliminate that kind of bias and pattern seeking altogether.

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Different design philosophies, I guess. Fitting, given that was literally what separated the two projects back on the nes, during development, given the weird way Nintendo actually developed things.

I've not yet played either, I may yet try both. I absolutely love the odyssey song Jump Up Superstar though, so that's a Mario win either way.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a bit of Jazz.

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Weird, but checks out. Two thoughts; First, Got to love a bit of Ra Ra Rasputin, but I prefer the Boney M Version on account of no-one is actually on fire.

Secondly, the version I saw on twitter with the footage above synched to the Hello My Baby thing, complete with top hat and cane was much funnier, I think. :)

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Ignoring all the specific plot nonsense, because honestly who gives a shit at this point, but I do have a point to make.

Look at how clear and sharp the image for the new films are. The vibrancy of the image, the crystal clarity. Look at it. Look at how fuzzy and inexact the small image from the old films looks.

Is it just me, or does it look infinitely better despite or because of that?

People scoff at traditional media. Tarantino is treated like an eccentric for going to the extent of having an entire film simply as a love letter to analogue media (Hateful 8), but look at those pictures and tell me that the clearer picture looks better.

Go on, do it. lie to me.

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Pretty sure they have already put out articles about how babies are racist

Babies and Children below a certain age are generally pretty racist. Past a certain age, a child develops an idea of what they and theirs looks like, and starts reacting differently to the other.

The idea that people should be treated equally is not an innate human one, it's a decision we took as a civilization. It needs to be tought to and learned by our younger generations, if the dream of genuine equality is to be pursued. That is, funnily enough, exactly what the woke seem most dedicated to preventing, as they have spent significant effort and organisational power to oppose and teach against.

There are a lot of things that are true for people when they are babies that we don't approve of in adults. Babies are cute, but they are also psychopathic racists with no idea of decorum or personal hygiene. As their elders, we absolutely know better and it's our duty to teach them how to be their best selves.

Preaching separation and the superiority or inferiority of particular races is not the best way to go about that.

Admittedly, neither is punching babies. How dare Trump do that. The monster!

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The Asian immigrants aren't the problem (outside the CCP loyalists), it's the African migrants/"refugees".

Are you sure it's even that? Trudeau doesn't look very African.

I wonder if Canada's problem might not be Canada's historical strength; They were always the nice and mild America.

Being nice, positive, open can be a strength. But it can be a weakness too, and make you incredibly vulnerable to abuse.

Perhaps there was a point in Canada's historical past, in which they should not in fact have said sorry. In which they should have unapologetically stood up for what they believe in, what they valued about being Canadian.

I can't say I was paying enough attention to guess when that point might have been. Like the quiet kid at school, or the neighbour who didn't seem to be an issue, Canada always just kind of kept itself to itself.

Then you wake up one day and the Prime Minister is openly barring hostile journalistic organisations from covering his events, and no one really seems to know how we got here.

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I have no idea how Treudeau gets away with half of what he does, but I remain convinced that history will judge him significantly differently to how his contemporary domestic news industry does.

It'll be a fascinating topic one day, if I live long enough for the topic to escape it's current level of open fuckery.

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When it comes to Mario though, they are becoming quite boring. I did not enjoy Mario Odyssey very much.

I don't mind Mario. I've played all manner of them over the years, since my childhood. They've often got the occasional absolute classic of a tune in, in particular. Very ripe for remixing and reimagining. But in comparison to the Legend of Zelda Franchise? Eh, I don't think they compare that well, tbh, as a games franchise. Not in terms of world building, art or game design. Could just be personal subjective taste, of course.

In terms of general purpose mascot design and mythology, there's basically no brand more successful over a comparable time period as the Mario games, though. Not that I can think of.

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Honestly, as much as I'm gaming more now than I have in ages, we're in something of a dry period. With that in mind, the indie gaming industry in general is something of an oasis and when it comes to triple A, Nintendo are supposedly one of the few to really be endearing themselves.

That's two major arguments for the switch above the rest of the industry, right there, as it's the only place for Nintendo primary games, but they've also been rather famously good for the indies in the last few years, compared to the other consoles to varying degrees.

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I would also argue that these same soyboys and SJWs have had such a stunted development that they actually haven't necessarily learned all the basic emotional and psychological lessons towards growing up and socialization that childhood cartoons and figures are primarily designed for.

To be fair, it's important not to underestimate the degree to which the soy contingent simply overlaps with general purpose hipsters as well, congregating to Nintendo simply because of it's cultural relevance and perceived ease of access.

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You'll have to excuse the random, off topic linksharing. History-posting on tenuous justification has been a fine (well, not that fine) tradition of KiA2 since it's early days, so I thought I'd share my discovery of the week.

It's a youtube channel featuring video-versions of a series of podcasts themed around the topic of the end of various grand civilizations, with the focus being on how the civiizations got where they were, what might have caused the fall and what it must have been to be a citizen at such a time and witness the fall of your known world.

I could claim that there are potential lessons for our culture here, common themes that could be witnessed amongst the rubble. I could pretend that one or more of those collapses have warnings for us hidden in there.

The truth is, I wouldn't be smart enough to spot them if they are there. But I've encountered all manner of smart people on KiA2 since the start, and a lot of people with wildly differing views but a lot of whom had a keen interest in history.

Personally, I think these videos are fascinating, provide intriguing glimpses into history and are generally top draw stuff. It's possible that there are warnings or lessons in some of these stories for where we are, but it's certain that these are videos that I personally would strongly recommend, despite only being a handful of episodes in so far.

Make of this what you will, and feel free to rant about the fall of our civilizations in the comments here. I don't mind, as I don't use .win nearly as much right now as it deserves.

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Well, it was replaced by a statue of the woman who got photographed stood on the empty plinth, anyway. There's certainly nothing in the article claiming she's the one who organised the event or who did the actual pulling down.

And not officially, it's just something an artist did and isn't any kind of official replacement.

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The funny thing is, there's plenty of motivation from within the party and it's various factions to explain everything that went down during the Corbyn Era without needing to bring international groups into this.

The right of the party wanted Corbyn stopped at any cost, so they set out to make him deliberately as unelectable as they could despite his grass roots support.

The left of the party who he was forced to rely on wanted Brexit stopped at any cost, and by doing so they made him actually unelectable.

You hear precious little about either aspect in the news, because neither aspect of that sordid mess fits anyone's current agenda.

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After doing pretty well in the previous snap general election.

The difference being that in the more recent one, he was out-manouvered by the left of his own party and forced to allow Labour to take an explicitly anti-brexit position.

Opposing brexit and doing badly at the last election go hand in hand. Even the smears and accusations of anti-semitism were a non-issue in comparison, honestly.

Tellingly, I've heard basically no-one in British Politics admitting this. The topic has simply quietly gone away.

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Beside the point, but the original was a great strip and False Knees is a quiet little gem.

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The pm's in question seemingly state that the user finds it mildly funny and that they're far too busy with some work related thing.

Honestly at this point, I think it's one of those things where it's best to take a step back and just see what the evidence looks like in a week or two.

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Even if all the claims the 4chan OP claims to have found are true, it's still all just circumstantial evidence. It's important not to get carried away about such things.

But it's an interesting theory.

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That doesn't sound like a great reason, tbh.

I'm reminded of a quote from Jim Cornette (which I will now completely butcher from memory);

"How do you become a millionaire by starting a wrestling promotion? Begin as a billionaire."

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Given all the problems associated with juicing, I don't think its just a minority concern. Its a real problem, with real effects that should not be promoted no matter how it looks.

Ah, sorry. My bad on the phrasing.

I meant that all-natural bodybuilding itself is a very small niche, that lacks even the exposure and support of bodybuilding more generally (which has itself falling significantly since the golden age).

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I can respect the effort, but that is a woman more juiced than an orange. Still a lot of work was put in, but she would be nothing compared to what she is without drugs.

That's bodybuilding in general, and a fair point. I do rather like the idea of natural only body building, but it's beyond a minority concern in the grand scheme of things.

And unlike a straight up body builder, she's apparently maintained a high level of functional sporting ability. I can respect that, even with the entirely fair caveats.

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Double so because it is one of the examples of them altering the design from the model in ways that are incredibly questionable, in this case Abby's model still looks far more female then her.

If nothing else, I really can respect the amount of work that Colleen Fotsch has clearly put into her physique. She's achieved some impressive results, and by the sound of it with the crossfit background, she's apparently quite the athlete.

TLOU2 still sounds miserable enough even ignoring any aesthetic/world building criticisms that I wouldn't touch it with somebody else's ten foot pole though.

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