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Well, it was replaced by a statue of the woman who got photographed stood on the empty plinth, anyway. There's certainly nothing in the article claiming she's the one who organised the event or who did the actual pulling down.

And not officially, it's just something an artist did and isn't any kind of official replacement.

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The funny thing is, there's plenty of motivation from within the party and it's various factions to explain everything that went down during the Corbyn Era without needing to bring international groups into this.

The right of the party wanted Corbyn stopped at any cost, so they set out to make him deliberately as unelectable as they could despite his grass roots support.

The left of the party who he was forced to rely on wanted Brexit stopped at any cost, and by doing so they made him actually unelectable.

You hear precious little about either aspect in the news, because neither aspect of that sordid mess fits anyone's current agenda.

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After doing pretty well in the previous snap general election.

The difference being that in the more recent one, he was out-manouvered by the left of his own party and forced to allow Labour to take an explicitly anti-brexit position.

Opposing brexit and doing badly at the last election go hand in hand. Even the smears and accusations of anti-semitism were a non-issue in comparison, honestly.

Tellingly, I've heard basically no-one in British Politics admitting this. The topic has simply quietly gone away.

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Beside the point, but the original was a great strip and False Knees is a quiet little gem.

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The pm's in question seemingly state that the user finds it mildly funny and that they're far too busy with some work related thing.

Honestly at this point, I think it's one of those things where it's best to take a step back and just see what the evidence looks like in a week or two.

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Even if all the claims the 4chan OP claims to have found are true, it's still all just circumstantial evidence. It's important not to get carried away about such things.

But it's an interesting theory.

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That doesn't sound like a great reason, tbh.

I'm reminded of a quote from Jim Cornette (which I will now completely butcher from memory);

"How do you become a millionaire by starting a wrestling promotion? Begin as a billionaire."

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Given all the problems associated with juicing, I don't think its just a minority concern. Its a real problem, with real effects that should not be promoted no matter how it looks.

Ah, sorry. My bad on the phrasing.

I meant that all-natural bodybuilding itself is a very small niche, that lacks even the exposure and support of bodybuilding more generally (which has itself falling significantly since the golden age).

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I can respect the effort, but that is a woman more juiced than an orange. Still a lot of work was put in, but she would be nothing compared to what she is without drugs.

That's bodybuilding in general, and a fair point. I do rather like the idea of natural only body building, but it's beyond a minority concern in the grand scheme of things.

And unlike a straight up body builder, she's apparently maintained a high level of functional sporting ability. I can respect that, even with the entirely fair caveats.

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Double so because it is one of the examples of them altering the design from the model in ways that are incredibly questionable, in this case Abby's model still looks far more female then her.

If nothing else, I really can respect the amount of work that Colleen Fotsch has clearly put into her physique. She's achieved some impressive results, and by the sound of it with the crossfit background, she's apparently quite the athlete.

TLOU2 still sounds miserable enough even ignoring any aesthetic/world building criticisms that I wouldn't touch it with somebody else's ten foot pole though.

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Not everyone is like this, which again, I understand. But at the same time being taxed out of my arse to pay for services nowhere near as good as they are claimed to be is just laughable.

The funny thing about the US vs Europe healthcare debate is, depending on what figures you look at, it's argued that the US system actually costs the government more per capita than the alternative. I think that was particularly the case for comparing the US to the UK, at any rate.

I'd hardly say I was an expert, but iirc, that's the core tragedy of the American system. It costs them similar amounts in tax, and then there was still the potential for paying huge amounts of money for the actual service afterwards (as well as potentially getting into fights with the insurance agencies over what they will and won't actually pay out for).

The Amercian system essentially, as far as I understood it last time I tried to get to grips with it, had all the failings of the alternatives but none of the actual benefits you'd expect for regular people using the system or the government in general. Both ends effectively get squeezed to make the middle men fabulously wealthy.

Personally, I take that as support for a UK style NHS type path, but I did get into a very discussion with someone over at the Reddit on the topic. You'll forgive my shitty memory, but I think it might have been Gizortnik and he had a very different solution to the same situation that boiled down to forcing the insurance companies to really fight for people's business so as to naturally push down the ridiculously inflated prices of everything, (though I wouldn't attempt to really explain in any detail because I do not remember anywhere near clearly enough).

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Honestly not sure I've ever seen someone wearing either. Not even ironically.

Pinkie Extension? Well, maybe. Sometimes you've just got to be classier, you know? :)

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I like to think I have ritual significance.

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Interesting thought experiment.

I can't help but pick at it though, being the contrarian that I sometimes tend to be.

If I lived in the American South in the 1800's, in what sense would I be me? I am a product of my genetics but also a product of the society I was born into and the people who raised me. I don't know the first thing about who this hypothetical alternate Dixie Fool would have been, so it's hard to meaningfully make any judgements about them.

The closest I could really state is that, if I imagine someone kind of like me on a very vague level, born into the south in that time in remotely comparable circumstances to mine, then I would not be surprised to find that such a person would have little real opinion on the matter at all and very much not be in a position to develop one to any meaningful degree. The question would not be particularly relevant to that person, I think.

Either way though, it wouldn't be me.

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The major cause of police (in the uk in particular) targetting social media and rudeness is a mix of having targets to hit, in order to justify funding, and not having the funds to do any serious, difficult policing. So they run speed cameras and go around telling people off for being rude on social media a lot more than they otherwise would.

Some of that is motivated by politics perhaps, but mostly it's just box ticking to hide how much the system is on fire.

This looks to have been a major multinational initiative, so there's significantly more funding available for the effort and a lot more organisational will to allow real police work to get done. Add in the fact that the operation boils down to the french got lucky and everyone else really just needed to sweep in and do the arresting and you've got that most rare of things.

A heartwarming police story that bends organised crime over a barrel and goes in dry.

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FWIW, halfKiA.win is still working for me.

Back up on my end as well, at this point.

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Let me guess, "crime" in this case means people posting non-communist things on social media.

From what information is out there, not so much.

The appears to be a proper police action, targeting legitimately organised crime.

Wil van Gemert, deputy executive director of Europol, told a press conference in the Hague that the hacking of the network had allowed the "disruption of criminal activities including violent attacks, corruption, attempted murders and large-scale drug transports".

For once, we seem to have the police doing their actual job.

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Further info in the rest of the tweet chain. Interesting turn of events, today.

EDIT - Beeb article

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It was up last night, and on the reddit they were still talking as if it was up as of a couple of hours ago.

But yeah, I've been getting gateway errors today myself, and only for KIA, not for any of the other win communities.

Not the foggiest what's going on with that.

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Taking steroids to enhance your sporting performance will absolutely cause physical changes and make women develop some secondary male sexual traits as part and parcel of you injecting male hormones. That's true. It's absolutely been a problem in sport with places like East Germany, as well as female body building and likely in several other fields.

But that's very little to do with Transsexualism, with Gender Dysphoria or anything of the sort.

You're misusing terms at best, here. We get enough of that from the woke lot, frankly.

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More murderers are male - I hate this one. Single mothers' badly raised kids should count as women murderers.

When someone grows up to be a murderer, it is absolutely to a degree a failure of those who raised them.

But your murders are still just and only that. Yours. I can't agree with any push to make other people directly responsible for the crimes of others. And I'm not convinced you really do here either.

The correct counter balance to the more murderers are male thing would be that more murder victims are male, at least iirc.

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Possibly as others are suggesting.

Also possible they just barely skim read it, saw a few unpleasant looking lines and nuked the comment without so much as understanding what they saw.

There's usually a degree of both of those kinds of motivations when it comes to admin removals, in my experience.

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I think Adam is just more of a honest/heart on sleeve type person. He feels like he's voting for Trump so he says it.

Honestly, from the few clips I've seen, I'd say Adam is also fundamentally a happier and more positive person than good old Doom Pool.

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