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Gee, I wonder why

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Reminder that Kavanaugh nor that female judge were part of the list of potential SCOTUS judges that Trump presented to his voters as a candidate. They were a gift to the swamp and liberal feminists.

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I find the dems lack of concern for violent crime, but their concern for gun crime, to be hilarious. It shows just how much they don't care about crime, only gun control.

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I know that people will have varying opinions on Sweden, and its politics - certainly, I'm not a fan of a lot of it, but... It's definitely quite different to Aus, so there's that.

It's all relative. I'd say go for it.

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LoL and not even considering there was a 41% chance for each tranny.

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Both marxism and capitalism require you to work, which is why black liberation has yet to happen.

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I hope whatever advisor pushed that

Advisor.... right....

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I've always found it comical how communists are criticized as nazis, considering everything we've ever known about the nazis was taught by communists, and everything we hate is done by communists.

When will normies learn that the communists they hate are not nazis and that nazis weren't the bad guys they were brought up to believe.

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Politics, the good ol shitshow to give people the illusion that they have a say in what goes on.

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I'm not going to endorse a caliphate to spite the woke. Send them all back.

You're not doing shit but taking it up the ass from both sides. Stop pretending you're doing anything but sitting on your chair and virtue-signaling.

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First tweet (they deleted it):

Second tweet (still up and getting called out in the comments):

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Yeah, I'll definitely go to the theaters to watch it, too.

Elon has suggested that they should host it on Twitter, as well.

While that would be cool, I think it's important to vote with our wallets and show that there's a market for movies that appeal to RWers.

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I voted for jannies to lose their job (aka blackout indefinitely)

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Why would you trust the government to appropriately decide who you're allowed to marry?

We didn't have public display for support of pedophiles prior to this.

It was a slippery slope to allow gay marriage and nobody voted for it (in fact, it was voted AGAINST even in states like California). Society hasn't been the same since then.

Government should only involve itself to protect people/property and mediate aggrievances.

We used to have that government, but that was a long time ago.

We lost it because we were sold lies about culture not having an impact on on our day-to-day lives. It turns out, the type of people who were molded by that counter-culture don't care about limiting government and despise everything about America.

And our Constitution wasn't designed for half of the people who currently occupy America

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

You are arguing to give the government power in interpersonal relationships. I just cannot agree with that.

That's fine, that's what forums are about.

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