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It really is sad to see the media run 'interference' for entertainment under the guise of journalism.


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Stop looking at American statistics, they are all wrong.

Look to Italy. They determined 97% of all the COVID deaths that occurred in the country were actually not COVID.

So about 3% of all COVID deaths listed worldwide are accurate. THAT is the actual figure.

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You seriously think Cruz cares about the 'old' money in Texas?

He's changing his tune because of all the 'new' money flooding in, the companies fleeing California and the rich assholes fleeing California into Texas.

He's naive as hell to believe that he can appeal to both, hope his career crashes and burns by trying to suck the dicks of the new money showing up in TX.

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Kristof has already raised an impressive amount of money, and has positioned himself as a centrist who has spent decades studying governance from an outsider’s perspective.

Hahahaha as an Oregonian the idea that a centrist would win anything here is absurd.

If he isn't batshit far left crazy he'll lose his largest voting bloc and all the money from it. I hope he goes to all this trouble then gets jacked up because he refuses to budge his positions and ends up realizing how far to shit his party has gone.

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Don't get too excited they will just drag their feet and claim that is impossible for them to do, so they will have to go through another round of lawsuits.

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When you see a number like 75 percent that's a huge red flag that the methodology behind the study is likely shit.

When it ends up a nice round number like that usually the sample size is dogshit, probably tested 20 people they hand picked .

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No, they are just counting on these people now breaking the law and faking vaccine cards so they have added excuses to continue pushing fascist laws.

This is an exercise in how to create conflict and use that conflict to further their own agenda.

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I agree with you on Canada and New Zealand, France and Italy is at least fighting back against their Government and the complete idiocy.

After WW2 the Europeans treated Germans as lepers, and Germany was the better for it. Sucks but sometimes the only way to get through to an NPC is to make them aware that they will be treated based on their Governments actions.

Hopefully it will be short term but once Australians feel pressured in their daily lives they will make changes, nobody wants to be ostracized by the public because of their birthplace.

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I hope they deport him and this entire thing blows up and tennis stars refuse to go to the Australian Open in the future.

Fuck Australia and Fuck Australians. Those Kangaroo fuckers really are allowing this to happen.

It has reached the point where the only way to make progress on fixing this is to just treat Australian people like dirt, and tell them that until they fix their country they deserve it.

Harsh but fuck these passive assholes sitting around doing nothing.

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Make no mistake, incel communities are bound together by an ideology which preaches hatred of women, and has inspired deadly real-world attacks.


Oh wow, a Muslim guy has the balls to really say that?

Peak clown world.

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Imagine doing excellent work, being near the top of your field, producing a product that works exactly as intended....and he'll probably be branded a 'racist' for the rest of his life because his work produced results too good.

That's why we are heading towards Idiocracy. The stupid sacrifice the smart to stay in their positions.

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Just wait, she'll be given the lightest slap on the wrist known to man and she'll have a sob story movie made within 5 years about her as a hero.

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Police are still investigating who fired the bullet and if the officer was the intended target

If he was the intended target? It is 6am in NYC...

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This is already being smeared across Reddit as an 'anti-vaccine protest' and people are reacting exactly how you'd expect.

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This is just avoiding expensive settlements.

Why pay Millions a year years down the line when you can trick people into only getting $20,000 and giving up their rights to litigation later?

Australia realized that they are going to get bent over so this is a last ditch effort to avoid bankrupting themselves and claim they are 'helping people.'

Scumbag Kangaroo fuckers, all of them.

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They'll put in a 'trans daily double' that only trans people are allowed to use.

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Funny how we see news stories about this 'news' where we don't hear a single peep about the grandchild of the president admitting he sexually abused her as a child.

What a world.

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