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The real damage of this legislation is by putting it in writing now criminals know with 100% certainty they won't be stopped.

It will almost certainly increase the amount of shoplifting across the state, it removes one of the main threats of retaliation against the criminals.

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Women who become famous because of their sexuality (Madonna, Megan Fox, Jane Fonda, etc.) inevitably are the absolute worst.

Once their looks begin to go they truly lose their minds.

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So we are retroactively going to do this to every former president I assume?

Time to go after Obama, Bush, Clinton, Biden...literally every president is guilty of this. Hell Obama is still refusing to release tons of classified documents he put in his own 'Library' and denies all access to.

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SB 553, introduced by Silicon Valley’s State Sen. Dave Cortese (D-Cupertino), is described as a bill to prevent and monitor “workplace violence.” But it also includes a provision that “every employer shall establish, implement, and maintain, at all times in all of the employer’s facilities, a workplace violence prevention plan for purposes of protecting employees and other personnel from aggressive and violent behavior at the workplace” that “shall include … [p]rovisions prohibiting the employer from maintaining policies that require employees to confront active shooters or suspected shoplifters.”

Want to steal? Move to CA.

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I'm a mom who flies in business class while my family stays in economy. We see it as a lesson on feminism.

Considering this byline includes a selfie taken of herself sitting in business class this is just narcissism. This 'journalist' gets off on it.

So much of this shit is just weird personal fetishes being exposed publicly. I don't understand why leftists do this shit.

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Don't write to the bad actors, they won't even read it.

Write to the SPONSORS. The individual sponsors, the people funding the extremism. If they see too much risk they'll pull the funding.

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I have a feeling he realized that nobody at CNN cared about profit or journalism. He probably went into it assuming that there was a few good people working there, but nope. You bought a dying propaganda outlet.

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If Disney supports changing a product without proper acknowledgement I see no reason why I can't change a line in Disney's TOS.

Oh you don't like people editing your content? Don't return the favor.

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Ding ding ding! This is the answer.

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And is anyone even keeping an eye out on these junkies, trying to treat them or determine what's happening to them?

If NYC is anything like Portland then no. The Feds are flooding the state with funding to pay people to do it but nobody wants the jobs, so they just ignore it and keep the funds.

Portugal actually does it right, but every state that has legalized drugs is just creating more problems.

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According to the US Attorney’s Office, in September 2018, Oregon State Police and the FBI went to a home previously owned by Gregory Lee Rodvelt, 71.

Rodvelt had boobytrapped the home after learning that someone had been chosen to sell it, according to court documents.

When bomb technicians arrived to the property, they discovered a minivan blocking the entrance with steel animal traps mounted to a gate post and beneath the vehicle’s hood.

They also discovered that the gate was constructed such that when it was opened, a hot tub would roll toward the person who had unlocked it.

The house had been barricaded from the inside, with security doors at the front and back entrances and visible bullet holes in the front door.

The technicians said they discovered a rat trap adapted to discharge a shotgun shell and set to go off when the garage door opened in the house’s garage.

Agents used an explosive charge to breach the front door, and when they entered, they discovered a wheelchair in the center of the foyer.

When the wheelchair was bumped, a handmade shotgun fired, striking one of the technicians in the leg.

Best part is he is found guilty because the FBI 'specialist' was so irresponsible and decided to push a wheelchair in the middle of a clearly booby-trapped property.

Their mistakes = your conviction.

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The CIA is too busy to release a new version of crack. I figured they'd have created some sort of fentanyl crack by now but I guess COVID filled that need.

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Yeah the editing on Breitbart and TGP are both sub-par, and each has some bullshit Tabloid stories scattered about occasionally.

One of the downsides of not getting funded under the table by the Government and society vilifying people who work for right wing media.

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I like how he just fucks with people now.

It is pretty shitty what a lot of the companies who worked with him are trying to do legally to negate their contracts with him, more power to his lawyers.

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There's actually a lot of good information here, not only about the ERIC system but how NPR abused laughably poor sources to attack TGP and prop ERIC up.

They are clearly getting paid for this shit, this is a great example to show people who still read NPR and claim it is 'unbiased' which nowadays is such an absurd statement to make.

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You are missing the point. Certain positions require public neutrality in order to stay employed. Editor is one of them.

This isn't about free speech, it is about professionalism. Editors can publicly say whatever they want however if what they publicly say threatens the publics belief in the neutrality of their employer that is a fireable offense.

Think of a Judge publicly saying on social media that he's going to be 'incredibly hard on thieves.' A defense attorney can use that as evidence that he's biased and have his judgements thrown out.

It just comes with the position.

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I got a good chuckle when the goalie chucked it to a defender who promptly gave it up in the box for no discernible reason. Don't see that too often.

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I'm guessing this is for Ryan Reynold's / Mac from IASIP reality show about them buying Wrexham, although I seriously doubt they will humiliate the US Women's Team further then they already did.

It was an abridged match, 40 minutes, and lots of retired players apparently were involved on the Wrexham side. I won't ruin the score but it is amusing to watch.

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“There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms,” he added.

“We can take that $4.2 billion — $4.3 maybe now — that we anticipate we have to spend and we can put it back in the pockets of everyday, everyday houses of worship instead of putting it in the pockets of corporations,” he said. “We should be recycling our own dollars.”

Is this guy fucking insane? $4.3 BILLION to house a few illegals being sent to NYC?

This might be the new grift for Democrats. "I need billions to house these illegals sent to me from Texas."

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Manzano elaborated, “If they fall off a cliff, they want a checkpoint at the top of the cliff; if an enemy shoots a bullet and they do absolutely nothing to avoid the bullet, they complain about the difficulty; If they have to repeat a level because they died due to playing without any caution or care, they exclaim ‘Do I have to repeat everything now!?'”

“Basically, these players don’t want a video game, they want a simulation of a video game, something that SEEMS to offer a challenge, but is actually a perfectly balanced system so that no one ever feels frustrated while at the same time no one takes any risks and there is no penalty for playing poorly,” he continued to deride that type of players.

Well he ain't wrong.

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he's stated his social media profile is for that purpose

It is part of the job he took. Very few jobs require you to be publicly neutral but a Journalist or Editor falls under that.

There's a big reason that until recently you never saw the editors of major publications take public stances, it would permanently taint the publication. That's part of his job.

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not their personal social media profiles.

See that is the problem, once you take up a position as editor you are now publicly an unbiased figure. Any public stances you take puts your position at jeopardy.

He chose to be an editor so he's responsible for his public statements. In this case he was irresponsible so he was rightly removed.

Certain sacrifices have to be made for impartiality and he refused to.

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Attorney Phil Kline said, “130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election were shipped from Bethpage, NY, to Lancaster, PA, where those ballots and the trailer in which they were shipped disappeared.”

The Gateway Pundit later discovered that rather than investigate this massive alleged crime, US Attorney General Bill Barr called up investigator Tony Shaffer and KILLED the investigation! He never lifted a finger to investigate this enormous act of election fraud!

In June 2022 The Gateway Pundit reported that the United States Postal Service investigated the allegations by the truck drivers – but they would NOT release their report.

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