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That activist who was terminated, reports The Verge, declined to be publicly identified, claiming that they fear "online harassment." This activist, who is reportedly "[b]lack and currently pregnant," had encouraged employees to "walk out of work in protest" of Chappelle, and of Netflix for running the comedy.

First of all that is bullshit that they refuse to release the identity, this isn't a fucking whistleblower it is an ex-employee that broke the rules.

Second, this person has reached maximum victimization status. Imagine adding 'currently pregnant' like it matters outside of trying to paint her as a victim.

God help the poor sucker who is going to have to pay 18 years of child support.

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Hold on, it is NOT a traditional vaccine. They ADVERTISE it as a 'traditional' vaccine because of only one shot, but it is actually far more dangerous then the others, which is why it is banned in many states and countries around the world.

It uses a different, also untested technology that differs from mRNA but is actually even less researched.

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After 14 years of service, that’s how it all ends.”

Fucks sake, this is going to be one of the biggest intelligence drains on companies in decades if it actually goes forwards.

The smartest people are the ones questioning the narrative, and they are the ones being forced out.

We're going to reach a point where the dumbest people are flying your planes, making your food, producing your entertainment and creating your news.

Idiocracy is going to hit within our lifetime at this rate.

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I agree, however look at it from the companies perspective.

It is an easy out for both sides, and doesn't put them in a shitty position of having to choose.

I'd say if you are in a relatively small company right around 100 people it would be difficult to make them choose, if you work for a major Fortune 500 company then fuck em they can stick it up there ass.

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Go for the religious exemption, that is going to be a win/win for companies as a temporary way to 'skirt' the rule without paying the fine until this gets challenged in court.

Any reason why you wouldn't want to?

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Minocqua Brewing Company's

In case you want to know what beer to stop buying...but these guys are small local crap.

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Protect itself against Rocks?

Damn you guys really need to learn what is actually happening in the Middle East if you want to speak on it.

Palestinians throw rocks sometimes, which are used in massive slingshots that can kill or maim anyone indiscriminately...and they also use rockets which can kill or maim anyone indiscriminately.

My point is you are focusing on the wrong reasons, Gruden was attacked because he was shown to criticize the Democrats and that is enough reason for them to go after him. Has nothing to do with owners, religion, etc.

You call Obama a pussy you get fired. Welcome to America.

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You are looking at the wrong angle here.

Gruden talked shit about Biden, he talked shit about Obama and he made a 'racist' remark.

If you attack the Democrats you'll get targeted. The others didn't.

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...you mean the kind of evidence an autopsy can provide?

Or can we magically determine it now?

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Because the people who speak English and love America would go to the media and tell them the truth about the withdrawal, whereas these savages will just create new headlines that allow media to move on from the botched withdrawal quickly.

This was planned.

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Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration refused to release data pertaining to the true number of deaths tied to the virus for months, until a state judge forced the DOH to release statistics.

Cuomo’s former top aide then admitted they “froze” and were worried about retribution from the Trump administration if they released the data.

Amazing how they can find ways to blame Trump for their own inadequacies.

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I thought Chapelle was far too polite when discussing all that trans stuff, if that is 'offensive' then holy shit do they lack understanding of comedy.

He should have been way harsher, since they were going to cry about him no matter what.

He should have said fuck it and gone full Andrew Dice Clay.

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And when you’re creating a reboot, different is very good.


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Watched the American remake of "The Guilty" a really solid Danish film from a few years ago, and they made it a nearly exact remake...except adding in a ridiculously random sideplot regarding his ex wife as well as adding a random female character who had something like 5 lines, including this bizarre line at the end that made absolutely no sense in the context of the film.

They also made the female character not as shitty in the remake....overall it was like someone at Netflix said "hey this is a great movie to remake, but it needs more women. Just jam a few in, and make sure the main female character doesn't look quite as bad."

Made the entire film worse for NO REASON.

Basically: see the original, it is awesome.

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Three affirmative action hires who were handed grants and promotions because of their gender and skin color want to talk about having the Government 'step in' to change peoples minds?

Send them into Chicago for a week and see if they can change one mind before they get shot at.

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I saw it because Critical Drinker recommended it.

It was pretty bad. Had a lot of potential and just got ruined by all sorts of annoying issues.

They should have cut out the entire romance plot, that shit was preachy and annoying as well as distracting, took a ton of screen time away that could have been used better.

Also the characters were shit, especially a lot of the 'streamers' and they butchered a ton of technical things.

Good concept terrible execution.

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His name is fucking Xan?

That is bizarre.

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Consider it a 'dry run' to measure response from their constituents.

They'll play it off like satire but they are keeping a careful eye on how many are behind it, because that is the only way for them to determine just how far left they've pushed their base.

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What happens if the 'anti-vaxxer' is black?

Do they just....refuse to publish it?

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Not only insurrectionists but admitted illegal aliens as well....

Amazing how they can be openly felonious without consequence. I seriously doubt many other crimes allow this.

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How did that fat fuck even get in power?

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This is just the emergency request, however the fact that this cunt didn't jump in unfortunately gives the 'go ahead' to a lot of other states.

How come COVID couldn't whipe out the shitty old people instead?

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Think of it as "Experimental Test Group 1" but the shitty part is when everyone sues the State Government they will pay the settlements with tax money.

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This is beyond illegal.

None of these will survive a single court case, hell even the threat of a lawsuit will derail this policy.

It is a great way to show the truly sick people in the USA though.

Here is a list of their board members if you decide to voice your displeasure:


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