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Most of the time this results because they let the black staff or the mostly black kids choose the meals for black history month.

They choose stuff like this, the menu gets publicized and a bunch of white people get mad.

It's all so tiresome.

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At a global level, pre-vaccination IFR may have been as low as 0.03% and 0.07% for 0–59 and 0–69 year old people, respectively.

INSANE that they don't break that up further, because as soon as you remove the 40 - 60 age range it becomes so tiny it isn't even worth mentioning.

And that includes the rampant over-reporting of Covid as cause of death worldwide...so the reality is even lower.

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Masayoshi Arai, an economic official who joined Kishida’s administration last fall, said people would leave the country if same sex-marriage was allowed, adding that he wouldn’t want to live next to a gay or lesbian couple or even look at them, local new outlets reported.

Damn he did not hold back.

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The fact there could be actual evidence to prove that Pfizer and BioNTech engaged in fraud by fabricating critical data would have major ramifications. For instance, their indemnity status (protection from any legal liability resulting from deaths or injuries caused by their product) which was written into their purchasing contracts and signed by many countries, would cease to apply.

That'd be nice if any lawyers had the balls to press it, which they won't.

Damning details in both reports exposed how key regulators such as the EMA, FDA, Health Canada and the MHRA were fully aware of the significant drop in RNA integrity (which is a critical quality attribute) to ~55% in the commercial batches (Process 2: large scale production) of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine compared to ~78% in the clinical batches (Process 1: small scale production).

Ouch they performed even worse than advertised...by a significant margin.

Another anonymous scientific expert, known as Jikkyleaks commented on the BioNTech/Pfizer Western blot scandal, stating: “They are never used as a definitive experiment in a lab situation. They are merely computer representations of electropherograms and not Westerns. So even if they are not fake, they are not a verification of any experiment. It’s like putting out a photo of a Picasso and saying that is proof that you have the original Picasso. Who would believe that?”

That boils it down well.

In Part 2, I investigate the scandal known as #Humpgate, taking a further look at the truncated mRNA species; the aberrant proteins (shortened peptides- not the full-length spike protein) being expressed in vitro because of them; the probable causes and the wider implications of all of this concerning the safety of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

For fucks sakes...

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Good for them.

Asia ironically are the ones seeing the light about this bullshit and pressing forwards, Europe and the US are totally fucked and Oceania...even worse.

If Thailand and Japan both band together to fuck over Pfizer and embarrass China that'd be awesome.

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"Corrupt people excited for new batch of corrupt people to hire so they can be corrupt together."

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Want to know about Black / Jewish relations?

Check out the 1991 Crown Heights Riots. Hard to find actual information about them nowadays, most of what you read is bullshit fanfiction of the events, so you have to dig around for it.

Trying to pretend none of that existed is hilarious, and seeing black filmmakers make Jews straight up stereotypes is going to elicit a response for sure.

I'm watching both groups get a little taste of their own medicine for crying censorship and now it is hitting them....oh the irony.

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He hits the nail on the head as far as Portland, but he left out the fourth kind. I guess technically they aren't homeless but they pretend to be.

'Local grifters.' Minority housewife takes her two young kids and drives to a rich suburb to hold up a sign and pretend to be homeless to milk the dumb rich liberals in the suburbs before going home each day.

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This is the part people keep missing on.

Not only do they not want to look like idiots for recommending and giving the shot, they know people will go after them instead of big pharma because that is much more realistic for them to get a result.

Doctors have a TON to lose if it is proven that the shot is unsafe...and they are slow walking anyone looking into the safety so it will be a decade or more before we finally get 'proof' from the 'official' sources.

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I was wondering which leaders actually took the real stuff. Most clearly got saline but I guess the third world governments didn't get the 'memo' and took the real shit.

Oooh boy this will be a tough one for Pfizer to ignore, the question is can they shovel enough money into the country to keep this quiet?

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They turned her into a dyke?

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This isn't a video of 'breaking in'

This is a video of him breaking the window. This was put up without context, so it is useless.

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I wonder what would happen if you intentionally darken your skin for the photo.

Would they not allow you to participate when you show up? How would they handle that?

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If you can't destroy it, can't gift it, can't tell anyone and you can't have it in 30 days just convert it into fine art and bury it.

An underground bunker full of priceless art will only increase in value and since it is buried underground you aren't in possession of it.

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You should see the NFL subreddit spamming this story nonstop and complaining that they can't mock him.

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Amid the report Masters and Weprin claim that future Marvel films will not feature any Chinese villains, but that “the talent will be well-schooled to watch their words.”


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Hahahaha holy shit I wasn't expecting 'Mindy Kaling is a Nazi' to be the cope of choice.

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Even after decades of producing films in Hollywood and working on demanding projects by John Cassavetes, Michael Mann, and her husband John Carpenter, Sandy King Carpenter faced one of her biggest career challenges when trying to break into the comic book space.

Holy shit, I can't stand when they pretend Producers do anything.

Producer means you shovel money in and do everything you can to keep costs down, it is literally the easiest fucking job on Earth.

It involves handing money to people and checking in on them occasionally. Producers are about as useful as a fucking checkbook.

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Can I give the Indians dysentery?

Or trade them blankets covered in diseases for huge plots of land?

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She gives the example of an image of Tate surrounded by flashy cars, while smoking a cigar - Ms Carson and fellow teachers find it a "joke", almost a "cartoon" of "pathetic insecurity" - but some of her pupils want to defend everything he stands for.

What exactly is insecure about smoking a cigar and showing off your cars?

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The people with real money (billions / trillions) demanded it, the millionaires followed suit in order to 'fit in' with the real money (same as climate change BS / female empowerment / etc.) and the politicians immediately after.

Money trickles down, when the people with access to incredible amounts decide on an agenda they can basically force it down the line and we are powerless to stop it. Doctors are just a link in the chain, beholden to the pharmaceutical lobbyists and medical "community" for their continued access to money.

The opioid epidemic exposed all Doctors as grifting assholes. Nothing has changed, in fact it is worse now since they know they can get away with it.

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