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Apparently I'm not as gullible as some of you.

The Palestinians are a nomadic desert people who already have well systems. They aren't going to run out of drinking water. They prepared for this exact thing to happen, re-starting the water is just a publicity stunt.

However you immediately agreed with the left wing propaganda being spread by the Democrats to appear pro-Hamas and appease their base.

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Isn't Biden claiming credit for 'pressuring the Israeli Government' to turn the water back on for Gaza?

Doesn't look so Pro Israel to me.

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So it looks like every piece of shit global leader has now come out in support of Hamas.

The real question: why is anyone joining their side?

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As the Daily Mail reported Saturday, 60-year-old Wilmington resident Kevin Macdonald went to the town’s Select Board meeting to complain about the impact the vaccines are having on the insurance of the local firemen. He also reportedly made various other complaints about the COVID shot.

Seems pretty reasonable.

Things got extremely heated once he came face-to-face with Town Councillor Lilia Maselli.

Ah, a woman in a liberal city. Surely she won't abuse her position?

Macdonald accused Maselli of having a conflict of interest working for a company that he claims is a risk to the fire department for “gas leaks.” The Daily Mail captured video of the encounter.

Maselli: I’am not at the conflict of interest..,

MacDonald: Really? You represent the town…

Maselli: I don’t represent analogue to the town.

MaCDonald: You represent the firefighters…

Maselli: I do not represent the job that pays my family’s food, house…

MacDonald: You have a nice night (gets up to leave). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Masselli: It’s a good thing nobody in this town likes you or listens to anything you say.

MacDonald: Why don’t you go get some ice cream?

Maselli: Yeah, why don’t you go fuck yourself! (loudly slams papers on her desk). Go get the police here so he does not attack any of us. If he is going to be here, I am not. I am done with this shit and him! (continues slamming papers in the background).

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Considine made the outrageous claim by insisting that his college-age “granddaughter” voiced this quip to him during a recent conversation the two had.

“And my granddaughter who is playing college sports, I asked her about this when we had this two years ago, and she said you know what, if a trans woman was competing against me in the sport then that just means if that person is better than me, I need to work harder,” the Democrat said.

Amazing how it is always someone else making the argument and the politician just shares the story.

Considine blasted parents who might be upset that their biological daughters might lose a scholarship to boys identifying as girls.

“Boy, that doesn’t sound like community, that sounds like selfishness,” he said during the debate. “I’m sorry to label it that way but that sounds like what it is to me. I’m only worried about myself, I’m not worried about building the team and having my school have a powerful team.”

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Muslims can't fight us

Right now no. But if they keep having a dozen kids and white people have 0-1 you do the math.

Is that really a difficult concept?

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Pit Bulls have a dozen kids each and teach every single one of them to hate White People?

That's a terrible comparison.

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Actually the writers caved because they were told to.

The problem with unions is you have no say in what they do as a member. They do whatever is best for the leaders of the union.

Nobody needs writers, but they needed the AI and streaming payment situations dealt with. That was all they cared about.

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The nerve of you writing that Palestinians only live in Israel because every other country drove them out lol. Would that be as many as 104 countries?

They are too savage to ever attempt and leave the Middle East. So yes, every country they have access to has driven them out except Israel.

The Palestinians are more savage and have less restraint than Jews.

No shit? They are nomadic gypsies. They have no home or anything to protect and they force their women to have as many kids as possible.

But it's a sad commentary that you're more concerned with quibbling over the definition of "Semitic"

I did not bring that up, merely corrected the person who didn't have the proper education or understanding to realize the terms they were using.

Want to try again? Because this was weak.

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Banned by who?

Their own people and Government will attack and kill anyone who works with the Israelis.

Israel begged them to set up their own infrastructure so they could essentially fuck off out of the area and leave them alone. To do that you need educated people and the Palestinians look at education as the devil.

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You are correct that semitic has come to be mainly used to refer to Hebrews and in turn Jews over time even though it means a broader group.

I honestly don't know how that happened but I have a hard time blaming anyone for it. Considering how often they are changing definitions nowadays I see this as a lesser issue but to each his own.

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the worst anti-Semitic massacre in 78 years would've been the last time Israel bombed Palestine a few years ago.

What? Does everyone in here have so little knowledge of the Middle East that they believe this to be accurate?

Neither of you are correct...

Palestinians themselves are Semitic

This is a gross misuse of the term. Nomads are nomadic, they pick up bits and pieces from the lands they travel through. The Palestinians are nomads who are hiding in Israel because every other country drove them out.

THAT was the worst "Anti-semitic massacre" by your definition. Israel had nothing to do with it. Turns out every other country in the area didn't want shitty nomadic criminals living with them. Something tells me you wouldn't either.

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He is partly correct. It is generally used when people voluntarily enter a war torn area, so it is seen as a cost of their choice.

This was not the choice of the people in Israel, it was a surprise attack. In those rare situations when Americans are trapped without any advanced knowledge the cost is waived.

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Well they tried to educate them and teach them how to build their own but the government they democratically elected tore everything down and punished the people who learned from the 'occupiers'.

So they were forced to provide them power and infrastructure at their own cost or risk the wrath of the UN and globalist assholes who seem to care about what happens to shitty people in shitty places they've never been.

But sure, Israel is the asshole here. The landlord forced to pay for the tenant who sets the rental unit on fire out of his own pocket despite it being his property. He's the asshole, not the POS tenant.

If isn't a prison if the people inside can leave whenever they like.

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You cut off the best part.

"There are “so many issues happening in the world.”"

She is the FOREIGN MINISTER. That's literally part of her job.

I wish I could be so publicly shit at my job and know that they can't fire me.

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You do understand that Israel pays for all that infrastructure right?

If I let my neighbor use my electricity and I decide to cut him off that isn't exactly a war crime.

But hey who needs facts and context?

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We can send billions to Ukraine but our own citizens trapped in a war zone? Nope, fuck you, give us an IOU or we won't help you.

We understand there is high demand from U.S. citizens wishing to depart and the flight options are reduced. In the coming days we hope to assist U.S. citizens with transportation options to depart Israel. Due to the large numbers of U.S. citizens indicating interest in departure assistance, we will plan to offer transit over several days. If you choose to take this departure assistance, transportation may be by air or sea and will be to a nearby safe location and not to the United States. Travelers should be prepared to arrange their own lodging at the safe location and pay for their own onward travel from the third country to their chosen destination. Departure assistance is provided via a loan from the U.S. government which requires travelers to sign a promissory note (an agreement to repay) prior to departure.

Don't forget this isn't the first time!

According to the report by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, up to 9,000 Americans were left behind in Afghanistan to fend for themselves against the Taliban in 2022.

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He started out good. George Washington and Pineapple Express are both good movies, although I can't stand Seth Rogen so that ruins PE for me.

I also liked Joe a lot. The problem is for every good film he makes five shit ones. Overall he doesn't seem to give a shit anymore though.

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David Gordon Green either makes excellent films or terrible films. There is no in between for him.

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Just in case anyone forgot about this one:

Russell initially told police she was forced into an 18-wheeler truck where she was taken to a residence and told to undress.

She then told police that the man and woman had taken nude photos of her.

Internet searches revealed Carlee Russell was likely lying to investigators.

“Investigators, with assistance from Secret Service, analyzed Russell’s cellphone for the days leading up to her disappearance. Officials did say that before she vanished, she made internet searches about paying for Amber Alerts, how to take money from a register without getting caught and the movie “Taken.”” NBC News reported.

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Personally I'd recommend either Audition or if you really want to fuck with people you can do Irreversible.

Those films genuinely scare the shit out of me. Not as fun to watch but at least they are actually scary.

For comedy - horror I'd highly recommend Mandibles.


It is very strange, very surreal and very funny in a 'dumb and dumber' kind of way. Really enjoyable and not many people have seen it.

A classic 'horror' film would be The Fog. Just a fun old horror movie. Could even do the modern 'The Mist' in black and white which is also dope.

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