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Is that the name of the 6 year old banged by Mohammed?

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Let's assume that I am even though I'm clearly not by my post history

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RIP. His twitter account was sharp.

Was he the first case of juries letting a black man walk because of their anti-white racism?

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Its really the bottom 5% who do 55% of the crime.

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I hope TheImp1 is reading this article from his banned grave.

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This is the problem with trying to police wealth.

The value of these coins (if illiquid) can easily be inflated and unknown.

But the retards who run our country in congress didn’t think for one second…

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Who is the pedo transgender that demanded his child grooming be censored and started all this?

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There is ONLY one kind of systemic racism in America. And it is the kind that denies White kids the same job opportunities as their lazy/unqualified minority kids.

There is only one group in America that suffers actual racism on the streets (as defined by the interracial crime stats)

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Thats why this stuff needs to be taken to a jury. Even reddit leftists find it obnoxious

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We haven’t seen these “journalists” and studios mock Mohammad yet?

Does “mythology belong to all” or not?

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Has eggs? = Female

Has sperm? = Male

(we also include people who are too old/had their balls removed in a boating accident/had their testicles removed due to reddit grooming? Still male)

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Exponential decays mean that they won’t go extinct. But they will decline.

100 years ago they were having 10 kids each.

It is due to overwork and lack of decent housing that has changed.

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B is the dumbest possible choice. Throughout history it has always led to the genocide and mass murder of the natives.

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If hitler’s grandparents had been the victim pf a holocaust - nobody would be able to criticize him…

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The ADLs/SPLCs always seem to target people who are easily blackmailed.

Like a mafia shakedown, they want 95%of their victims to pay up with only threats.

(So my bet is that Tucker is immune - he will never apologize)

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“far right” is anyone who complains about being beheaded in the street by a known terrorist that the politicians let in for votes?

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Kitty really does seem to have an agenda :


When the Irish Times and Kitty Holland published a claim in January that people had attacked a migrant camp in Ashtown, Dublin, the piece noted in para three that all the alleged attackers - no arrests have ever been made - were "Irish men".

Why was that information relevant?

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I guess it serves as a prison shaving mirror for the white male identity to watch itself, as it gets raped. If it's to serve as anything else then I think an .onion address or at the least a rules discussion sticky are warranted.

Is there a .onion version of this site?

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We need to have media hired off merit before we listen to them again.

She’s clearly only doing that “journalism” to push her own anti-male agenda :


Kitty Holland says misogyny is the real problem, but she wouldn't place any restrictions on men who've grown up for 2, 3 or 4 decades in cultures that bear no resemblance to our own. I can't take feminists who ignore this seriously. Nobody should.

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If a migrant accidentally dies near a white man then it will have wall to wall coverage 100x that of George Floyd.

Before the week is out there will be documentaries out about how the criminal migrant was destined for a Nobel prize.

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