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You want running water and a functional electrical grid? How about 10 million muslim men instead? -

female politicians

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UK government: “we want to protect women”

Same government:


(IGNORED a 10 year old girl who was raped. Because the rapist was muslim. Despite a foetus which proved he raped her.)

Oh please tell me how you want to keep women safe. While importing millions of men from the most barbaric and misogynistic cultures.

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say they abused you.

I know women create false accusations when

They regret sex

Their boyfriend leaves them

Their boyfriend has another woman

The taxi driver complains at her

But to cover up slutty behavior! Thats a new one!

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This is what happens if you live in a country without free speech.

Anything outside of the official narrative gets shut down as “offensive”. (completely ignoring how this foul woman was mocking male suicide. Male suicide is a forbidden topic in our feminist controlled society)

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That men who are "creeps" or give the "ick" are perceived as sexist.

😂 Feminists claim that?

I once saw a comedy sketch of two men treating women identically. They reported the average looking man to HR for harassment while adoring the chad.

Thing by herg
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This is why boycotts are so successful-

conservatives control the spending in this country.

the woke only control the allowed speech

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I love it. It diminishes the holiest story of the woke bible.

And its like Jesus himself saying it!

This man has balls - its like burning their quran

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It would be nice if he were competent at implementing his policies and hiring people…

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If you let the UK government control what journalists we are allowed to listen to then we might as well invite prince andrew over here to fuck little girls on epstein’s island and avoid prosecution.

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According to the UK’s top religious figure - the punishment for adultery is death -


The no punishment for dating a 16 year old woman when you are 30. (the prophet himself was 51 when he married a 6 year old)

Russell Brand didn’t commit adultery. You know who did? The UK MP organizing the witch hunt against Russell Brand (Caroline Dinenage)

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In Europe- 10 million men had to die in WW1 for the right to vote.

Within a decade women got the right to vote from merely complaining and bitching.

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USD and other currencies are GUARANTEED to deflate your purchasing value over time.

Your choice is to invest in something which is volatile and may go up or down.

Or keep it in USD which is stolen from you via inflation

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This woman sounds like Russell Brand’s mother :


“If you ever get trial by television or guilt by accusation, that day freedom dies.”

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