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As always the left needs their ideals enforced. If they believed in their diversity is strength then the market would have corrected itself. But they only seem to succeed if they keep others down, in other words communism.

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You are lucky. I rarely found conservatives to be in to D&D or boardgames. I do not mind it as much until someone randomly starts holding a monologue about why immigration is a human right.

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Unfortunately I agree with you. I've been thinkin about it for a long time and as an adult that likes computer games and board games I can't say it has had any positive impact on my life.

I've even came to the conclusion that the woke SJW crowd hurting the hobbies I liked has had a net-positive impact on my life. 

I look at neighbors that I admire, not one plays computer games, they have hobbies like starting small businesses, repairing a vintage car, hunting or camping and fishing.
The idea of sitting around a table and playing pretend with a bit of math is ridiculous by comparison.

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Props for the last one.

Unfortunately DnD is full of people like this. I honestly think it is time some non-political or even conservative RPG groups were made.

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I'm on the same boat, to each their own but this type of obnoxious trans do make it hard to like them. Strangely I thought that MTF were worse but I guess FTM are a different type of cunts.

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Kind of looks like a manlet so I think he is really a she. The FTM do pass better then MTF, they just look like a short man that is not specifically manly. Is hard to spot the difference between a short soy man and a FTM.

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Worth a watch then, thank you. I'm not expecting much and that is good :) And I do love a bit of nostalgia.

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This is a good thing for Republicans to run on, protecting children from trans ideology is a good thing. Even democrat parents have started to question why so many are suddenly LGBT2SPIAPQ+ and if it is good for the kids.

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Can someone do a review of it? I watched the trailer and it made this reference to the chippendales or what ever the name was of the male stripers and that put me a bit off, not something you expect in a kids movie.

That was the only red flag I could see.

However the movie itself looks a bit boring, the trailer itself is bad, jokes are meh at best and the plot fails to get me interested. It looks like they were going for a Roger Rabbit movie but they failed in capturing the heart of that movie.

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I know about Iran but as far as I know Palestine does not hold to the same believes

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He is not wrong but he is to powerless to do anything about it. What chance does the small country of Hungary against globalists? Even if Poland was to stand by Hungary globalists can crush their economies and then put "progressive" women in power.

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Not so long ago there was a "trans for palestine" movement

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I don't care, it can even be good but I do not plan to watch a show named Obi-Wan that focuses on some diversity hire

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People running a marathon train for it, dehydration on its on should not be a factor and I have very much doubts of heat exhaustion. If you run on a regular bases you know what to expect.

I also have this gut feeling that those who do lots of cardio like runners or soccer players are more at risk from the vaccine then the rest of us.

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If this is real it means the series will be more about the black chick then Obi-Wan and it will be, as expected, fan fiction junk writing.

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Only one died and 16 are in the hospital, the comments were saying that those in the hospital would have been dead if it was not for the vaccine.

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