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Don't remember but they keep it bellow 1% to keep it legal. Is not that much of an issue to be honest. The major issue comes from how they hire and how they promote.

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Unfortunately only those on the right are seeing this stuff. Most on the left still believe that Trump endorsed neo-nazis and a good chunk of them think Rittenhouse hunted down 3 black dudes.

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Is this a product of female influence in science?

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Mass immigration will lead to the destruction of western countries and I think we deserve it.

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any white person trying to get a job or a government contract will learn the true meaning of systemic racism

Or working in any large IT company.

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That was what I was thinking. Hardcore conservatives are not in to anime. What fentanyl cut glue are this guys sniffing?

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This dude makes much better skits than anything on TV, no wonder cable is dying

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It is usually used to challenge someone's perception of themselves. Would you kill your friend if it would save the world scenarios. But here it is world ending event vs minor inconvenience to some mentally ill individual.

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who se is doesn't matter. What she does doesn't matter. We know you just wanna see titties

That seems a problem with this dude rather then the game. If you can't see past her boobs then why is that my problem?

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What does it say if the only way to save Caitlyn Jenner's life is to misgender? Is misgendering worse then death?

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Somewhat related, why is this such a big deal? It was obvious google was anti-white long before this. All you had to do was search for happy white people happy black people.
How come normies are noticing stuff now?

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1 Doodle changes nothing, strange they did it. I've not seen their doodles in a long time, all I remember was some women or poc women that if you searched for 2 seconds you would have found out that they were no where near as important as the doodle made them seem.

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He seems way to chill considering some developers got payed for his work.

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There are 38-40 year-old women who do have kids, but if you are a man starting a family you probably want 2-3 kids and a wife that has energy to put up with them. Lets also take in to account that it takes about 2 years of dating + marriage until the first kid. Having a kid but no energy is a pain, is no fun, having kids and a ton of energy is a lot of fun.

Case in point, I want another child but my wife does not have energy for it and she is younger then this woman.

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I try to imagine ancient Roman times a sculptor making a marble statue depicting a goddess and some dude coming in and sayin he is such a virgin.

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I've notice they try to gaslight us in to thinking that only "white" people had gender roles or acknowledge that there are men, women and mentally ill men and mentally ill women.

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Strange that it only happens to white people.

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Except the propaganda will portray it as not-enough diversity or is because they left the EU or other bullshit. I've not checked but it wouldn't surprise me if UK is higher on the happiness index then Poland or Hungary.

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I find it interesting that the government being against the population is an accepted fact now.

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Definitely not white, or at least not non-trans white guys.

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Woke stuff in them have killed any excitement, the fatigue everyone mentions is just that. Going to see a super-hero movie today is like eating a Big Mac.

In mu opinion, super-hero movies need to take a break for a few years and then return with something different and fresh.

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I like how she never once stops to think anything from the guys perspective. She is just admitting she is a spoiled child that can't make any real connection outside total servitude. That she would hate anyway.

At this point her best chance at happiness is 35 baby panic where she will take a half-decent guy with a ton of issues just so he would put a child in her.
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