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Those look to be about eunuchs and not trans. I think we can finally agree on one thing on the trans issue, "trans women" are eunuchs - castrated men.

Although those article pictures do not mention if it is something do to a mental illness or regular eunuchs - men being castrated to serve some purposes sometimes watching over women, sometimes keeping taxes - not sure why that was a thing, sometimes just slaves.

Either way I do not care, I'll drink to finding middle ground. Cheers.

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Have you considered that the response video took clips from like 10 hours worth of streaming? It is called a hit piece for a reason.
Is clearly not a personal irk but rather one that was fed to you, I doubt you have a high IQ either if you can't tell the difference.

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As I mentioned before, it is still Dead Space with nicer graphics and weapon balance, is way better then almost all modern games. Woke stuff exists but is mostly fluff. Imagine being a kid that only played movie and Ubisoft style game and then you come across Dead Space. I would like the woke remake to fail but it will not.

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If the handholding is annoying 99% of the time and that 1% of the time is marginally useful. as it would take you 5 mins to solve it does not mean the dude was stupid. He is on stream and that messes with your head. It happens to me sometimes if I'm tiered or, in his case, a bit drunk. It seems very extreme to jump to he is stupid. It sounds more like something that pretentious retarded leftist mauler would use.

How come you watched his stream if you think the dude is stupid? That seems off to me.

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It is consistent with lesbian abuse rates. There was that statistic about a child being raised by 2 moms and it had something like 23% abuse rate. Unfortunately it did not brake it down further between if the child was a boy or a girl. I have a strong suspicion that the percentage of boys abused by lesbian is a lot higher.

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“I don’t think anyone knows just how white the staff is,”

Because being white is bad?

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It was extremely cheap on Steam but I would not be surprised if they either delist it or put a high price on it just to make people buy the remake. I noticed it on Skyrim, where the older versions would not show up when you searched for it and ME 3 was at a full price for a long time after the remake.

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That is the problem, it has all the flaws but at the end of the day is still Dead Space with shiny graphics and weapon balance. Honestly, if it was not for all the woke changes I would have been willing to overlook its other flaws (except sound design, that is so freaking bad)

I would add something to the list of things I do not like. The engineering suit being so shiny, it is way to distracting, I hate it.

The worse is that average consoomer did not play the original in the last 10 years or at all, so they are not going to realize most of the changes even happened.

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Witch video was retarded? If it is about his GOW review, he made very good points on Ragnarok, to much walking and stupid puzzles, story was some marvel level shit but it is being praised as a masterpiece, feminist angle, forced diversity, Odin being meh, Kratos being a beta and Atreus getting way to much spotlight considering how annoying he is.

He did get some points wrong with motivation and some events.

The video was a mixed bag, he clearly rushed it and he has no one to QA his videos.

The game is definitely no masterpiece but it may be just me hating movie games.

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Is not that they no longer care about diversity. They will further discriminate against white and asian men, as always. Lets not forget that discrimination was in full power even before DIE, it was done via HR.

The difference is that the DIE will not pester people with propaganda. That is not even good, the more people were exposed to DIE the more they were getting red pilled.

There is a reason why company loyalty is in the shitter and it is good.

Now we can go back at burring ourselves in work, pretend everything is fine while the industry still hates us.

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syntheticman - he is a youtuber that reviews games and game related movies/ series

He is a bit of a doomer and he criticizes everything. He calls out woke stuff even in games that he likes and he does not care about dislikes. He enjoys older games, horror and platformers are his favorite.

He recently had Mauler do a hit piece on him, 2 and a half ours, because Synth did not like GOW: Ragnarok

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He believes he is a woman and he believes that he is a talented skater, it may not be real but it is clown world real.

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Why would they assume that the couples would be unhappy? Are those some famous couples?

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They will keep pushing and keep making degenerate ideas normalized, and they are doing this through every facet of societal interaction in Western culture.

I'm just pointing out they are succeeding.

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They did change a lot of things for ideological reasons, to adapt for modern audiences. Does it mean this is woke? Not sure.

Someone mentioned that a lot of logs (the ones I never read) mention gay relationships. Like most of them. But at this point in time, with 23% of young people identifying as alphabet people, is this woke or just reality? I may not like the way clown world is changing but it is no denying it is changing.

Having gender ideology in the future also looks like a certainty at this point.

Even having diversity in everything and F capitalism messages, isn't that just the norm for large companies? How many anti-capitalists are posting from their iPhone while working for Google or Amazon. When was the last time white people are put in posters. If anything there are to many white people.

The fact that we are not sure just means that the overtone window has shifted considerably to the left. At this point, what is woke anymore? Would 2 hairy drag queen fucking be considered woke anymore? And if it is, for how long?

Black pill moment for me, the culture is forever changed to the left.

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3 things I found interested about the article:

  1. Synth man is mentioned - this is cool since he is the only youtuber that calls out woke in games without sugarcoating it or apologizing it. Even called out The Critical Drinker about having black people in Norse mythology. The Drinker basically said it is fantasy so why not.

  2. RayGun is still relevant apparently? and now a lefty? How long until he no longer considers himself white but latinx?

  3. Woke is used with a negative connotation by leftists. It means that "being woke" is considered a negative even by the readers of the trash media.

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Isn't it already a charity write off? I honestly did not even know it was that expensive, I thought it was a routine procedure especially for old people.

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But there is a consensus on the use of snowflake, sort of as people misuse snowflake but is in fact as a reference to actual snowflake. As in you are like a snowflake. I do not see this applying here

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"Language evolves" is just a commi tactic to assert power. Language changes when there is a consensus around the change. Clearly this case is highly contested and most likely just a minority would not oppose it.

It is just a power move from your favorite monsters

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ThatsAlright is a real life tranni loving communist, or at least anti-capitalist. Hence his pov

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It added a few animations and changed mechanics a bit and added some things from dead space 2

It is a bit of an improvement from everything I've seen but not sure it is worth playing it. Definitely not worth buying it for the woke changes alone, I'm not going to give my money to people that hate me.

I'm on the fence. I'll wait to see Synth's review on it, he seems like an expert on dead space to begin with and he said he will do a side by side between the original and remake.

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Indians did take a lot of work but they have not been very efficient. I've known European customers that refused products just because the support was in India.

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You could probably frame it more like, "original game mod" - making the game to look closer to the original.

As long as it does not become popular it should be fine.

The Nexus is annoying and we need an alternative, they have no problem with sex dungeons or killing kids but if you remove a pride flag it is going to far.

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