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Let that think in. Us is more "progressive" then Sweden. But we are definitely moderate, I've been told by the all knowing reddit comment section that the US would be considered on the right in Europe.

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Lets be honest, that picture for Dungeon Builder would sell millions of copies. It is getting old, their main critique of misogyny is that guys like boobs and sexy girls and are willing to pay for it?

I know that the idea of universal beauty is being thrown under the buss lately but can you honestly tell me that there is a straight guy out there who does not like that art? Is there anything done by rabid feminists that would be even remotely on the same level of appreciation?

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She is like the bad rash that keeps coming back. On the positive side her appearances are a good indication of a game being bad, remember when she visited BioWare?

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I honestly do not think it is a pro-China move, it was an obvious bonus for the left but it was more along the lines of Bad Orange Hitler says evil racist thing.

This is why the insist now that the anti-asian hate is do to Trump and not something that has been happening for a long time and it spiked do to the lack of legal  consequences for black crimes.

While I think we should keep pointing the hypocrisy, most on the left do not care as long as they get their way. Communism after all is the ideology of the ends justify the means.

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I'm not ready to celebrate. It is a difference between 103 and 110 million, is not that big of a deal.

This will work in their favor, they have good numbers and they can claim they did not reach their target so less bonusses and less pay raises for the employees.

I've seen this being done at every place I've worked, sometimes at ridiculous levels.

Is just normal greed, the left used to care about corporate greed but now they are woke and on their side so it does not matter anymore.

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That is exactly how I am reading it. It is not illegal or wrong but it causes psychological "harm", the harm of course is neither proven or measured in anyway.

You can say that about immigration, crimes done by immigrants, all gender related issue, everything is going to be labeled as wrong.

And any theory about globalists or government abuse will of course be labeled as misinformation.

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"adverse psychological impact” is a very relative term, so it can be applied as someone wished. What they are proposing is twitter level of censoring at a national level.

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They do realize they are turning the UK in to China? We used to criticize how China does not allow free speech and censors online content, now UK is using it as a model? WTF time line are we in?

The standards for illegal speech are: "misinformation" and “adverse psychological impact” with a third party to manage it. Who decides what "adverse psychological impact" is or misinformation for that matter? Both of this things can be applied selectively.

So basically if a muslim says death to the west and kill all whites it will be ok but all life maters will get the wrong sites banned.

And for extra fun, "journalists" are protected against this law.

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Congratulations, this is terrific news. I wish all the best to you and the kids. My dad died of cancer and my mom had breast cancer, this is one fucked up dieses to go thru that I wish on no one.

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I understand that, I do not understand why they get immigrants from Pakistan or India when you can get immigrants from Brazil, Christians that speak the freaking same language.

Is the equivalent of Brits moving to US.

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Why though? Why in the world is Portugal so keen on immigration? Is this a trend of the ruling class?

For the life of me I can't understand why you would not bring immigrants from Brazil or other parts of Europe. Portugal is relatively small, how big can the demand for immigration be over there?

Is bizarre that having so many countries with similar religion and culture (I assume here that a lot of South American culture has similarities with Spain and Portugal) you would bring in people from countries with a total different culture, history, language and religion. I can only assume malice as no other logical reason is to be found.

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How quintessential Portuguese.

How big an issue is this though, a search tells me that there are 0.4% Muslims in Portugal. Looking at other countries I can see that Romania is at 0.65%, Hungary 0.50% and Germany is 5.7% (which is insane considering the population of Germany - is almost the entire population of Ireland, New Zeeland or Croatia).

Or are this more feverous Muslims? I assume central or eastern Europe has mostly Turks.

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Why in the world would you do that? Best case pirate it or just play the originals.

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Got to get them young, you can't wait a few years or they start to notice all the differences between boys and girls or haven forbid start to critically think.

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"suitable job" is the key word here. How do you define it? I expect minimum pay is not considered suitable, to many working hours, maybe the conditions are not nice.

You can throw in something like, the employer does not actively support BLM or something as not suitable.

That is as vague as the woke can make it and also congratulate themselves over Biden being a moderate.

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You first have to define "**suitable **job"

Is not the guy with a wife and children that does not want to go back to work, is the pot head doing entry level stuff, suitable for them would be a lot of money for little to no work. Either entry level is going to become more expensive to attract them or they keep staying on the government pay.

The end result will be more taxes and inflation either way so now it remains to see how bad it gets.

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Do not worry, the Harris administration will make sure to reunite the children with the abusive parents that abandoned them. All rainbows and sun shine.

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The "ton of ongoing projects" means she got canned and made up the most generic and overused excuse. She is on the left so she must be fired with dignity.

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"Fun" fact, my current employer keeps women empowerment sessions despite being mostly women. Only place it is not dominated by women is the IT department where I work, we of course have a non-official but mandatory requirement to accept every woman that applies.

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Most people, including most vegans, just want to live their lives, put only what they want in their mouths, and just generally do their own thing and not be judged, the same as most people here.

Maybe, except you never see this people. Most vegans are those who lecture everyone on how they are killing the planet and you are a monster for eating Bambi or something.

The reason people do not like vegans is that they act like assholes. As for the soy thing, soy men look kind of bad, the skinny with men boobs look is just not a good look. That and it does contain estrogen, is obviously not as potent as hormones produced by the body but men boobs + estrogen makes for a good laugh.

How many times have you seen a conversation where only people who eat meat are talking about how much they hate vegans, for all the judging that vegans do

This is totally fine in my book, if vegans act like assholes then we should be able to talk about how they are assholes or hypocrites.

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It was an obvious conclusion and no one will care.

CRT is a cudgel used to be socially accepted racist against white people. Those who are pushing for it do not care about anything else.

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The company also terminated its “entertainment and culture teams” in Canada, the UK and Austria and canceled most of their planned events as it found that employees on these teams were “most vocal about racial justice matters” and were trying to force the company to adopt leftist politics.

Unfortunately for them I do not drink energy drinks anymore.

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What was the term leftist "journalists" actually use? Birthing person or persons with uterus?

It is becoming increasingly funny to watch it happen to others. I can't wait for some trans-racial discussions. I do think we are almost there with internalized whitenes and crap like that. Is going to be so much fun.

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