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I was certain they would have lower standards all the way rather then just admission. How did they think this was going to work?

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I assume that is some type of meme? I find it hard to believe Iranians would fly with a woman pilot.

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They get a few snarky comments from reddit or imgur and then they repeat those.

Got really heated on SW, they were so used of the online consensus that all who dislike the Disney trilogy are bigots that it just made me lose my cool. You can tell they did not like it, not really but they have to like it or they are evil.

edit: And they don't care about SW at all. Not once did they look in to the EU or any lore outside the movies they've seen once and not even sure if they've seen all of them.

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I can already see my leftist friends that consider themselves "geeks" suddenly pretending they know about KOTOR and educating me on why the show is good and I'm just a bigot.

They're the types that buy all the new merch. They went thru little groot phase and they seem still stuck in baby yoda at the moment.

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I admit that would be epic, unproductive but epic. It would also get him the black votes.

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This should not deter Christians.

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you."

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Expected but still sad.

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They will issue an arrest warrant and 124 ICC signatory states have no obligation to enforce it.

Basically allows countries to pick and chose on political reasons.

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To be honest I would have liked to see the theory Theimpossible1 has about this. I assume having 3 women prosecutors is a statistical anomaly but my schizo brain does not seem to process the reason.

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He hates that MAGA people are the one flying the American Flag? Why?

No one is stopping leftists from flying the U.S. flag, the only reason you associate the flag with MAGA is because the left hates the country so they would rather fly the pride flag, Palestinian flag or Ukrainian flag then the stars and stripes.

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What I found to be interesting is that all 3 prosecutors are women from corrupt countries:

Iulia Motoc of Romania

Mexican judge Maria del Socorro Flores Liera

Reine Alapini-Gansou of Benin

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Is there an US or Israel puppet ready to take his place or is it just to weaken them?

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What? what does 1 twin having to be gay and one twin being straight have to do with anything? being a twin doesn't make you a 1 to 1 copy.

I can't understand how you function some time. You seem so low IQ is incredible. They are identical twins, meaning they have the same DNA.

also, alot of kids, especially girls, get molested. and turn out hetero

Girls getting molested by guys does not make one gay, ofc. That is stupid. I've claimed that boys being molested by men does. Even you must see how that is different.

I've also never claimed it is the only factor. Being gay is not hardcoded but there are genes that make you predisposed to being gay. I also mentioned that you have little choice, if it is environmental combined with genetics you have no choice in either.

So... what do you want from gay people dude? by your own admission, they at best, have no control, nor were they molested. so... And you never really go over why being specifically gay is self-destructive? and couldn't someone who's not gay live such a self-destructive lifestyle aswell?

You are correct. You can be self-destructive in a number of ways. You seem to be under the impression that the bible focuses specifically on gays when it does not. 

Galean. i'm 100% certain. that if you become an atheist, your life will change for the better! OH! you were already a non-believer? and what?! you didn't like it? well that shouldn't be? well, have you tried again? but try harder? i bet if you actually tried again, and do it again but right. you can properly, deconvert from your religion and be happy. but in order for it to work... you must actually* try. you can't half ass it. you can't be wishy washy, you have to try with all of your might to be an atheist. it's for you own good. and if you truly wanna be better. you have to try earnestly. and be genuine, otherwise it's not gonna work. so are we clear Mr. Galean?

Wrong parallel. Being atheist requires nothing from you. There is nothing to try except abandoning your faith if you had it in the first place. Better parallel would be try Islam or Hinduism.

taking your personal, anecdotal story. and using it to make your religion a 1 size fits all solution.

Lets say you would believe with all your heart about the path to eternal happiness. What kind of horrible person would I be if I didn't at least attempt to share that? I do believe is a 1 size fits all solution. Is the only solution, the only path to eternal happiness.

and for someone claiming to "learn" you know very little about people. their quirks, attitudes, preferences, and personal space. everything must be christ like, because all things through him are possible. fuck everyone else and their opinions. fuck their personal taste and ideas. and fuck everyone else who isn't me.

Putting any of yourself ahead of God and God's plan it's absurd. I understand were you are coming from but in the end it is just no worth it. Nothing is worth keeping from quirks and opinions and all of that.

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How come Nigeria is so low? I guess basketball made me think all black nations are tall.

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sexuality is kinda hardwired.

This is wrong. Even the ancient Greeks realized that sexually abusing boys makes a large part of them gay. Studies have shown identical twins where one was gay the other not, so you are not born that way. Different behaviors as a child can make you gay or straight. You also see it in society now. Also porn affects you.

Being gay is not a self-destructive lifestyle. it's something your born as

Also wrong. You are not born gay and it is very much self-destructive in several ways. Gay lifesyle is a degenerated molestation factory that causes incredible harm to themselves. Is very much self-destructive. There are gays that are not part of the gay lifestyle, that is correct as well and they usually turn better. Is still not good for them as you are a genetical dead-end. They would also be happier if they were not gay.

Not to mention how you suppose being a gay person who deconverts from their... lifestyle, will be happier. you truly are a fucking idiot you know that?

You will have to trust me on this one, I'm 100% certain to be correct. Although it looks to be much more successful for them to change once they turn 30.

I really don't like you man. that's your fucking excuse? this? and are you dumb? christians call out this shit too! it's not just "atheistic assumptions" it's calling you dickheads out. you cherry-pick to suite the need. that's it

I honestly don't. I try to understand and I change my life accordingly. I do make mistakes and I have a lot to learn.

I've been around alot of atheists as of late. and i've heard nothing but good things from these atheists. that after leaving religion... they felt free.

Basically Satan, he is the one that wants you free of all the rules of God, there is no happiness at the end of that road except misery and pain. I was an agnostic for most of my life and I can attest to that from personal experience

In your case. you think all of life's problems. will be solved if everyone becomes christians

No, God tests us and wants us to learn. We will have to face obstacles in order to learn.

Bullshit. tell me. how much did you actually, have to sacrifice because the bible told you so?

A lot. My entire lifestyle. I don't want to go in to details with a stranger but I have sacrificed a great deal.

and how many convenient laws, passages, and so on, that so happen to align with your own ideology, did you have to follow?

Most have been against how I was and I had to change. I'm not following this laws out of convinience

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pedophilia has been confirmed to be a legit mental disorder. and outside of right wing christian institutions... homosexuality is not

I don't care if it is a mental disorder or not, people seem to be split on that but it is irrelevant. I was responding to your argument not making a secular argument against homosexuality. Keep on point.

Being gay is not a self-destructive lifestyle. it's something your born as.

Also wrong by the way. There is no gay gene so there are other factors including molestation. There are genes that make it more likely to become gay yes. At most you can make the argument that it was not under your control. Also The rest is just silly non-answers to my argument. You are making a secular, poorly made argument on why homosexuality should be acceptable and I make the argument that a homosexual would be happier if he embraced religion as long as it comes from his heart rather then forced upon him by society.

So... you just brushed off my opinion.

Yes, in a way. I can't talk for God nor am I an expert on the Bible, all I can say is that, for me, being a Christian means learning each day from my life and from scripture. "Cherry-picking" for most atheists means that there are instances we go against a scripture because we either don't know or we didn't understand it.

"your opinion doesn't matter in the eyes of the bible"

Also correct. Neither your opinion nor mine, nor the opinion of pickers of cherries.

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This just has to be someone from The Guardian trolling The Guardian.

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#1 why should someone who's gay take what the bible says seriously?

Because it's the truth

#2 why would god make gay people?

I can't speak for God but from my point of view it is to test us. Different people have different obstacles to overcome, we learn from them. Sociopaths or pedophiles are also expected to control their urges. Average guy needs to not lust over women. You control yourself and then you realize that it is good to do so.

The prodigal son, in my opinion, is very much about this. Lets say you are gay, are in to the gay lifestyle and then abandon it. It is hard but you realize that you are much happier then before and God is there to welcome you back. 

#3 a gay person could cherry pick the bible

They are free to do as they please. The beauty of truth is that it is there for you to learn, your opinion of it is inconsequential.

cherry pick the bible it's alright or you don't do it. when others you don't like do it they're not real christians.

I don't claim to be a "real Christian", I've turned my back to God for a long time, it is just for a few years I've returned. I'm not a "real Christian", I'm just a guy who believes in Jesus Christ and tries his best to learn what that implies.

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I dislike how disingenuous leftists are, I grew up liking a lot of black actors but now you are racist if you think Cleopatra should not be played by a black actress.

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It's a videogame, not a documentary.

You expect things to be good and immersive not trash and racist. You find them to your liking cause you yourself are corrupt. Either way, this small forum has no influence if the game fails or is a success, so it is irrelevant.

If the game is a success then congrats, if the game fails maybe we can finally see good games again.

And for your knowledge, a lot of people here would play an African inspired game and no one would expect to be represented in that.

I find it humorous, in a dark way, that you have to steal other peoples culture to feel validated. You are such a walking stereotype of failure.

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