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Not sure, as far as I know it is just speculation. I think Hammerfell fits since the BLM riots just happened and the western world went crazy for black people. I may be wrong though.

Maybe they will pull a "for modern audiences" and bretons are now of all shades of skin color. Who knows at this point.

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I have not watched the last one just because they added another 007 that was a black woman, I will double not watch one where James Bond is a black woman.

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Does it even matter if KK gets fired? She has already did the harm, she is already rich and famous, who cares at this point. If anything I hope they keep her around as much as possible.

Extremely rich Disney goes bankrupt because of a woman that takes 0 responsibility for her actions and denies reality is a great representation of modern society.

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When you apply online when it asks for gender chose "rather not say". I've noticed I got a ton of interviews once I started doing that.

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I was interested in the RE 4 remake and the System Shock one but both are out already. Can't say I was excited about them but I was interested.

Space Marine 2 is on my list but not sure of the release date.

I'm still waiting for BG3 but is more of a last chance of getting a good crpg, I've been already disappointed in the demo, you can find obvious feminist talking points as well as pro-immigration, the gameplay is fun and there are at least one white male companion that is also charismatic but I fully expect they cuck him somehow. I also don't like 5'th edition and how you can fight monsters like hags or ogre-magi at level 3 or 4.

Not 2023 but I'm looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls game, it is said to be set in Hammerfell and I'm hoping they stay away from woke messages since they are already black and would give them the opportunity to showcase their culture. I am worried that despite being set in an area full of black people they will find a way to blame everything on white people and then get some BLM messaging in there while the main NPCs are all women. There seems to be a fascination with black women of late.

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NGLCC said in the press release. “We appreciate the brand’s ongoing efforts to bolster our Communities of Color Initiative that empowers and supports both minority LGBTQ+ business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as the vital roles they play in communities across the United States.”

Funny how "Communities of Color" and LGBTQ+ are lumped together despite a lot of those "communities of color" not being gay friendly.

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Is this one of those things that women support for some shallow stupid reasons? I can't understand it, it is horrible to watch all that fat jiggle around and her voice is not great, I like the original but what is this crap? The only conclusion is that women support it to feel better about themselves and virtue signal how progressive they are?

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I know all that. I still think whites are not doing enough to train their kids. It should be a competitive field but sadly is not.

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2 things I got from that.
People do not understand that the average IQ of Indians in US is not the same as the IQ of Indians in India and that leftist turn to "go back to your country" when it suits them. Very funny.

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Man are white people low on that chart. 10-12 IQ points between white and chinese/japanes/koreans is huge.

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Chinese and Japanese/Koreans dating white people are dating down.

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I know there are "asians" who never went to their "home" country, do not speak the language but identify as "asians". I assume a lot of mexicans are like that.

When being a "minority" is a virtue worthy of praise and privilege why would anyone not identify as one.

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Maybe I'm just black pilled but that tells me nothing. It provides no solution and serves no point, I see no good outcome for me or my children without watching out for themselves. As long as discrimination and demonization of white people continues my kids need to be prepared. It was manageable when white people where 90% but that time is long passed and there is no going back.

More then that the new generation of white kids should be taught that they have not caused this division and they are not responsible to fixing it, they need to watch out for themselves in a hostile environment.

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How long until Iran needs 100 billion dollars and everyone on twitter googles what the flag of Iran is?

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then I ask you: why haven't you just looked for a place like that & moved there?

I've actually considered that greatly. I know not what place I could move that would not be at most just a delay.

As for the capitalist purchase it was intentional to explain that choosing "poverty" in the context you thought yourself above double digit IQ is in fact a choice of what you do with your money hence capitalism and not communism.

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Is what you want to do with your money. Lets say I get to cut 20% of my income to stop having kids being exposed to gay stuff or another 20% or even 30% to stop mass immigration so that my kids don't grow up hated for their skin color, being discriminated against and being made ashamed of their culture and heritage.

I would do that in a second. So I'm fine with "being poor on purpose" as long as the reason of my "poorness" goes towards the things that matter to me.

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Why is the communist not on the side of Ukraine and pride stuff? Leftists are all for Ukraine.

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Is not very woke, definitely not by todays standards. Part of it was the companions. Except for the bard all women were girl bosses while the men were pathetic, there is a guy that joins later but it still in your face gender role swap. Early on you will notice that you go and rescue the companions and all the men need rescuing while the women all handled it themselves.

And while it does explain it in game to a satisfactory degree you have I think 3 out of 5 women companions having a backstory of I'm a girl and that is bad and patriarchy or feminist ideals of beauty keeping me from being my true self - also better then all men because reasons.

Then the fact that does not matter that you play as a guy you will have dudes just hit on you for no reason in normal conversation, no one talks like that in real life but I'm to assume that medieval fantasy has that?

In fact most characters have been incredibly unlikable to the point I gave up on them and hired mercenaries.

Also is hard to notice that despite giving scenarios of women being oppressed, ok written in the context. is hard to believe them in a world where more then half of people in charge are women.

And while not woke, the dialogue was very modern for a fantasy game, not sure when it was decided is ok for a fantasy dialogue to be modern day California. I know the last one has become the norm but it used to be that fantasy at least tried to portray a more medieval dialect.

I also did not care about anything in the world, nothing was interesting or immersive for me.

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Is a term that technically just means computer role playing games but it is used for RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights (I recommend playing NWN2 Mask of the Betrayer - is one of the best stories in a game), KOTOR, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: Original Sin and unfortunately Pathfinder: Kingmaker - nice game but the modern day dialogue, bugs and woke themes ruined it for me.

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Enderal would be like a different game, on Steam at least it shows as a different game since is a total conversion. It should not mess with the main game. It only has one option for a girl romance but it is done well compared to modern games, you get to actually form a connection and is very consequential to the story while not being mandatory at the same time. Unlike in Kingmaker where you save a married couple from slavers, they were in a cage and then both of them, individually, want to sleep with you if you talk to them twice while their spouse is in the party. Or in Pillars of eternity 2 where you have about 50% chance that when ever you travel with the ship that a companion wants to butt fuck you.

Sorry for the rant :) I'm a fan of CRPGs and I was very disappointed in those games

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Drop a post if it gets released I would love to play it. In the meantime did you get to play the Enderal mod ? I think I asked this before, I recommend it but it is on the more depressive side in terms of story.

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