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MTF. Neither Post Millennial nor Reduxx mention how he got it, but I would guess a surrogate mother could be involved, or he stayed intact and knocked someone up himself.

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I admit that I have abused a family pet. In my case, I became self-conscious years after she died (apparently due to bad meat from something she caught, but I blame myself for possibly fueling aggression).
I have moderately improved my rage problem, and I feel I'm on the right path to being an overall good person.
But I don't think I will ever be able to trust myself to not lash out in some inappropriate way in the future. That violent streak may exist for life.

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if Biden’s support for Israel might end up screwing him in the general election as a result.

Do you think they would risk letting a conservative win? I don't. As far as I know, the leading candidates all support Israel anyways.

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Nature-rights laws empower radical greens to go to court to stop any use of the natural world with which they disapprove. “Ecocide” would make large mining and energy-extraction development a heinous crime.

This is the main point, really.
Does nature include the plants and animals involved in farming? Weeds? Invasive species? Pets? Pests? Non-maintained forests (aka fire hazards)? Oils found underground? What do you think for water?
Every thing that exists affects something else. How do we live without manipulating or consuming anything?
Why not just go out and say you want to dictate every facet of human existence? Roughly half of all westerners will fall in line automatically anyways. They will ultimately achieve our destruction.

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The vast money difference can be for several reasons, but the biggest is probably just the sheer number (or wealth) of people reached by the respective fundraisers.

runs some mini workout instagram page.

That would help.

Why does anyone feel compelled to help these people?

Consider the types of people looking at Instagram. Lowered impulse control. Pay methods probably immediately available. An outrageous story affecting this totally great content creator who I know slightly less about than my IRL friends (or perhaps with simps, a bit too much knowledge).
You may also consider the "associates" of the boyfriend, like if he was good friends with someone higher up the chain.
Contrast with an honest story of a man taking a risky bike trip and hurting himself. It is tragic that he won't walk the same way again, but it doesn't impact much anything else around him, and it isn't an outrageously unfair outcome.

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In media, boys older than about 10 are sometimes (often) depicted as horndogs, wanting to get the goods (sex, drugs, thrills), but obviously not at an age to pursue them.
Throwing the boys a bone with flashing is a pretty brief, easy way to signal a woman's confidence in herself and willingness to share the goods.
Young girls are depicted liking pretty boys, or muscular men later on. There's not much a man can "flash" besides valuable objects to portray his ability to share (provide) what a girl wants.

Still, there is an issue of appropriateness. Does flashing signal sexual interest? Is it harmful to the recipient? The Hollywood consensus says it's fine, so that's that.
And for men? ... *cue "FBI open up" soundbite*

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For 4, they're supposedly still looking into that, and pending toxicology results. It sounds like the latest from the police was that it was NOT trauma.

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From Cracked: https://archive.is/uvyEk
I haven't been able to find which site the apparent source is from.

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What's nice about this is that both ends could argue against it.
Just tell regressives that this practice encourages cultural appropriation.

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Also discussed here: https://kotakuinaction2.win/p/17sP6WscJq/is-it-time-for-a-more-subtle-vie/c/
The archive hit a paywall in both, it seems.
EDIT: Full article here. Guy apparently thinks human history dictates our appreciation of the practice. Maybe he doesn't consider where that astounding logic will hurt him.

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an arcade shooter with the barest plot possible

That could have been fine with decent writers in another time, I think.

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What this is descended from? I don't know if I would call this a logical step from eating bugs, per se.

"Subtlety" might as well be cutting off an arm like in Saw.

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Because they're protected by goons with guns and not weighed down by morals.

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I guess one way to find out is to put those images (with prompts included) on "It's OK to be White" posters and see what happens when they're displayed in public.

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Semi-tactless to consider, but I wonder what it would generate for fellow Whites.

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I don't watch, but if he has as much tinfoil under his beanie as I do in my skull (but without my inhibition), he might rattle off every single possibility in existence and stumble upon the right one occasionally.

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My example was about addiction, but my argument in the reply was just that porn actresses can't easily be lumped in with other sex workers in trying to assess life expectancy.
More generally speaking, each sex work "profession" has its own unique qualities, so making a statistical assumption about one "profession" based on another isn't likely to be very accurate.

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The pentagon? Please. The administration doesn't have to be involved when the political party can probably do that independently.
Even then, I don't know that they would have to. I think she's liberal, but is just smart enough to not get deeply involved (yet) for her own profitability's sake.

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