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The scale of it is alarming, but if AT&T's statement is true, it doesn't sound like the data was terribly sensitive or valuable, thankfully.

The data does not contain the content of calls or texts, personal information such as Social Security numbers, dates of birth, or other personally identifiable information,” AT&T said in their statement released early Friday morning.
“These records identify the telephone numbers with which an AT&T or MVNO wireless number interacted during these periods, including telephone numbers of AT&T wireline customers and customers of other carriers, counts of those interactions, and aggregate call duration for a day or month.”

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"Oh, sure. Now you let us say 'gay.'"
~Regressive Florida teachers

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"investigation would have been done properly if Casey had been white and cisgender"

said they initially shielded the media from [its] gender identity because they feared it would undermine efforts to find [it].

If they were willing to lie about his sex, why not lie about the color, too, if they thought it would draw "proper resources" to the search?

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I mean, pandering to appeal to different demographics is kind of the strategy with VP choices anymore.

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With respect to enthusiasm, I think he's mixing up his campaign rallies and DC pride "parties."

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They've only started the investigation, but I think we've all learned at this point that black people are incapable of hatred.

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No plausible answer given by the author, but a comment or two implied that a potential replacement would shut out the more extreme regressives, or perhaps be a better ally to Israel.
Direct link here, I don't think my attempt to archive on dot org worked.

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They want nobody to do those things except for our masters controllers leaders.

Besides, who wants linear thinking when you could have exponential thinking?

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belief that there’s only one right way... sense of urgency

So, what is the protocol for when the next variant of covid or bird flu hits? How about if Billy calls himself Bella one time?

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For those who can't or prefer to not watch, it's a girl with part of her lower jaw (or at least the flesh) blown off apparently being assessed in a busy hospital. One tries to hold up her jaw, but the girl is sat down and then stood up again, so it dangles a bit. There appears to be a dead body on the floor in the background in the first part. In the last few seconds it goes to a different shot with the camera on the other side of the girl, and closer. It sounds as though she might be talking when the video ends.

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To make sure we're on the same page, what do you consider to be "dropping out of society?"

people aren't very friendly in public anymore. Asked around to some of the locals and they have told me no one goes out. Have to search to find people.

Trust in the fellow man is effectively gone in the modern world. The first generations raised by helicopter or monitor parents and a nanny state are coming into their prime.
They may be well aware that you can instantly become a mortal enemy to someone because of seemingly trivial differences in opinion, so approaching others in public is a gamble. It's (maybe) less risky to screen for potential friends or dates online first.

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You may as well ban anyone who even downloads minecraft. Most everything you can do involves bad-isms. Building walls, mining, killing native plant and animal life, potentially terraforming the generated world, placing tiki torches, killing destructive/invasive monsters/pillagers.

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Seems like they're floundering a bit. A few dems also tossed up the old "expand the court" idea.

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"So you're saying I'm indestructible."
"Oh, no. Even a slight breeze could--"

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Wow. So relatable. Much organic. Really capturing that elusive black demographic for team blue.

But, really: Why would Newsom participate in this? This seems so random.

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I'd probably want to arrest any person who just grunts or screams while fooling around with swords, bombs, and arrows everywhere. That's just a recipe for trouble.

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There was another thread tangentially related to this recently, with a urnalist saying 'I owe my career/lifestyle to the gaming industry.'
I think they're people who make nerdy friends but also go to school for "journalism" and learn they need to "make an impact."
Then they get entitled, either because they never experienced difficult things, or because they take for granted the special access or treatment given by game promoters or devs. Of course, there's also the issue of publishing reviews before everyone else gets their own say. Hard games hinder their capacity to make a complete review, and lower quality reviews could jeopardize their careers.

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Even with video evidence.

Video? GGGP [gamergate grandpa], there's nothing to play that on [brainchip era], and it's probably caugmented [corrupted and/or augmented] by [Facebook/Apple/Google] anyways.

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if he wins, there will be massive buyer's remorse almost immediately. He'll decline even further in office and do massive damage to the Democrats.

If Biden wins, nothing changes from the current situation except Trump will have 'lost' twice and may get barred from trying again. Biden or Harris alone won't necessarily bring down the party as a whole.

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liberal politicians.

*checks profile*
FFS, he's running for a state house seat in Minnesota (of course) and he's fishing for donations with this engagement baiting.

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USSS investigates every threat.

I sincerely doubt that. We would have heard some sob story from Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, or someone else since Trump came onto the scene.

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