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At this point, I have no sympathy or tolerance left. Get back in the closet. We've seen what happens when pride supplants shame.

But muh equality!

Life's not fair. Things are inherently inequal. Mutual masterbation does not and cannot have the same intrensic value as creating children and a family, despite society's best efforts to debase the latter to the same level. Deal with it.

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Allow yourself to be captured.

Dude's going to the cushiest cell in the bloc before "accidentally" escaping on a flight to the Bahamas for his Fed retirement package.

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I've barely played any Halo and even I know that the Covenant can't accept humanity without admitting their religion was mistaken.

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It's a shame. I know there are good teachers out there, but the system itself is too corrupt for them to avoid suspicion....

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Can confirm. My parents fostered, then adopted three siblings from an absolutely abhorrent mother who fought tooth and nail to keep them, despite neglecting and abusing them for years. They've all got horrid psychological scars from her treatment of them.

The state was on her side the whole time. Then, the moment she finally lost all rights, she dropped off the face of the earth, didn't want a thing to do with my siblings anymore. Her "motherly instincts" turned them to her property, rather than people she cared for. It's downright twisted....

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I'd rather hang out with the people who are going to bunker down and weather the inevitable storm, rebuilding after the fact, than the people who are going to go out and get themselves blown away raging at it.

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I think standing firm and maintaining composure while insanity screams in your face is a few notches above "pathetic and weak." We've seen, with Sandmann and Rittenhouse, that there's a time to be stoic, and there's a time to retaliate.

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Well, see, they're girls. So they deserve all the bad things that happen to them. /Imp1

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When I was a kid, I thought Spidey was calling Bonesaw a girl. The very concept of homosexuality was a vaguety to me until my mid teens. In my mind, guys kissing guys was to mess with and humiliate them, Looney Tunes style.

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Batman Beyond is my go-to example for this. Bruce may be too old to keep going out and being Batman anymore, but he's still Batman. Whether he's coaching Terry from the Batcave, or he actually has to go out and do some work in the field, he's still as awesome as ever, even if a bit more fragile.

And then, of course, Terry wasn't created solely to one-up Batman. A recurring theme for the series is how Terry has a lot to learn, but he's also got his own perspective and talents that bring something new and different to the table.

Of course, it helps that it was made by the same people who made Batman TAS, so they had the respect for their past works by default. That's the missing ingredient that causes everything Disney touches to crumble to dust.

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Luca was golden. I will 100% stand by Luca as a modern classic that had no right to be so perfectly done. Especially in The Current Year. Other than that, yeah. Pixar's hasn't had an unambiguously good movie since Toy Story 3.

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We really are living in two seperate worlds. They cannot understand why anyone could possibly take issue with their pure, noble and inherently good intentions.

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Programming? Writing? Tech Support?

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I wanna know too. Banjo? My guess is Banjo.

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