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I still think you're obsessed with your femluminati conspiracies. Still, dissenting voices are good to have around.

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Didn't used to be. Used to be heroes were heroic, inspiring, and aspirational. Can't have people being inspired to become better. Tell them they're already perfect and all their problems are someone else's fault.

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It's the whole "Million Monkeys at Typewriters" problem. We don't have an infinite amount of time for the monkeys to get it right. Whatever they do type is also going to be illegible 99% of the time, even if they got close. Maybe if they had an editor/proofreader.... Oh, but that'd be intelligent design. That's clearly a stupid thought.

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You don't want to see what happens when people don't have anything left to lose. You just don't.

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I remember reading my parents' homeschooling magazines. It seemed like every issue had another case where the ACLU was trying to prevent or otherwise obstruct parents from homeschooling on ways that didn't align with the state.

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The only exceptions are robots that are obviously anthropomorphized or otherwise made to be masculine or feminine. Androids and Gynoids, essentially.

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Meanwhile, kids' cereal and candy ads aren't allowed to be fanciful and entertaining any more.

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As a Nintendo fan who has been grimly watching the slow decline (And cheering the occasional success) I can confirm this statement is factual. It blows my mind how these people can cheer games being stripped of gameplay and content and then act like you're the bad guy for daring to want Nintendo to make a product worth paying money for.

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Actually, it might not be. I remember the suits took issue with the show for some reason or other and have gone out of their way to bury it.

It's a shame too, because it was a lot of fun.

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Hey, if it gets you in the door. A young C. S. Lewis aggressively studied Christianity to disprove it before coming to the conclusion he couldn't.

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I'll be over here rewatching "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" if anyone needs me. At least Patrick Warburton replacing Tim in that was due to budget and not woke.

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It's ironic, because Team Lightyear in the original Buzz Lightyear of Star Command show was also really diverse. In that every member besides Buzz was an alien or a robot.

All I know is this movie isn't going to have XR, so I couldn't care less about it.

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"You do not fit in here" to "Why are you excluding us?" to "You do not fit in here."

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I love the irony of this translation making Jesus seem really wordy and obtuse.

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It's not like The Mushroom Kingdom is doing any better than us inflation-wise anyway. Have you seen the exchange rate between Mushroom and Beanbean coins?

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Monkeys are still used for behavioural studies relating to humanity. Heck. Even mice behavioral studies have led to very prophetic looks into human nature (Look up NIMH's mouse city experiments. The paralells with modern society are chilling, especially with regards to sexuality.) This should still raise some very concerned eyebrows.

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