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The hardware gimmicks are kind of the entire point of Nintendo’s consoles. The Switch is also the third highest selling console of all time at 140 million copies.

Nintendo consoles being the only way to legally and easily play Pokémon, Mario, etc will always make them money. The actual problem with the Switch is that the original Switch’s CPU and GPU was already outdated when it first launched in 2017.

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People are hypothesizing that the reason they’re doing this is because the upcoming Switch 2 is more akin to the jump from the GameCube to the Wii instead of the Wii to the Wii U or the Wii U to the Awitch, where Dolphin works with both the GameCube and the Wii, while the Wii and Wii U have different enough architectures to where there was a separate Wii U emulator.

What the lawsuit claims is that Yuzu enables piracy by existing, but they don’t have ground to stand on. In order to actually play games on Yuzu, you need to either dump your own Switch’s encryption keys, or find them somewhere, neither of which is legally Yuzu’s concern, and then do the same thing with the ROM and optional DLCs for the game you’d like to play as well.

Nintendo has lost multiple times in court over emulation, this is a scare tactic because Nintendo has money and the Yuzu devs don’t.

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Just looking at the article, people can transition without getting it ripped off (in fact, 90% of MTF people don’t chop it off), and Bunten specifically said they regretted the “sex change”, albeit because this is all the way back in the early 90s, I’m not sure if that refers to just that procedure, or transition as a whole.

Being in the FGC and regularly going to tournaments introduces you to people you’d never meet otherwise, for better or for worse. Anecdotally, I’ve never met an FTM person in real life before, which is honestly somewhat strange, but maybe that’s just me making assumptions.

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That’s literally why Shadman’s so hated: he started out by doing edgy shit, the started doing stuff like drawing Hillary as a loli during the 2016 election cycle, which eventually ended up in him drawing actual underage celebrities performing sexual acts

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One thing that also got mentioned is how many different novel series originally started out as fanfics. 365 Days originated as a 50 Shades fanfic apparently, 50 Shades of Grey was originally a Twilight fanfic, The Mortal Instruments was originally a Ginny x Draco, Harry Potter fic, and apparently Stephanie Meyer was originally a fanfic writer herself before writing Twilight.

It’s just hilarious to me to see that one of the biggest reasons why modern fiction is so fucked nowadays is because a lot of the people writing modern fiction belonged to the Tumblr crowd.

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What “there is little risk that players will stop playing for the Clippers” means is that it doesn’t matter who’s on contract, the simple fact that the Los Angeles Clippers are an active NBA team means that the value of said Clippers will continuously go up. In addition to this, the biggest thing for me is the fact that amortizing the cost of the time against the profits means that relatively newly bought/expanded teams are basically tax benefits.

I do think it’s relevant that the owners of the teams pay a smaller rate on more money than the players, like they said in the article, Lebron pays 39% on 35 million while Ballmer pays 12% on way more than that because of the ability to amortize the cost of the sale over that period of time.

Plus I don’t really think it’s a stretch to hate the rich, considering that the “you will own nothing and be happy” people, the Silicon Valley execs, all the people in charge of pushing the things that the people on this site hate, are the rich. There are very few rich people who openly identify with the GOP, at least publically anyway, plus it’s not like the rich aren’t the people bribing Congress through corporate lobbying to push legislation to favor them. But to be fair to you, that’s hating the actions of the rich for being evil pieces of shit, not what many leftists do and hate the rich for simply having that much money.

Forgot one thing, the depreciation/unpaid taxes that got amortized gets lumped in with the sale price of the team if the team ever gets sold, for the most part.

I didn’t click on the links within the article, but I probably should because that’s where a lot of explanations for statements tend to be, but I’ll do that once I’m clocked out.

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I think what the actual issue is that the average Russian annual income is like 4x less than the average US income, so the prices aren’t gonna be the same regardless

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Hey, someone will confuse you for Imp with that way of thinking!

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I’m a Yankees fan, so I’m just looking at Brian Cashman and shaking my head at him. I just think that relocation in modern America is bullshit

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Brazilian Butt Lift, a cosmetic surgery to make a girl’s ass perkier and/or bigger.

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How physically fit were those guys? Because it’s very likely that if you’re in shape and they aren’t, then yeah that’s likely. That’s literally the whole point of the “Rizz vs Sexual Harassment” meme

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Nepotism is both good and bad. Good in your instance, bad in the instance of James Dolan’s entire existence before 2020, John Fisher’s ownership of the Oakland Athletics, and I can go on, even about non-sports matters, but those at least drive the point across.

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The problem is that basically everyone younger than about 30 only knows The Rock as an actor who has it in his movie contracts that he can’t lose a fight. Him as a wrestler isn’t even in their minds, plus he’s literally doing this because he yanked his reputation in Hollywood with Black Adam and needed to find a way to salvage it.

Cody Rhodes like I said earlier is basically in peak Cena territory in terms of how popular he is. But I do blame some of this on Punk getting injured, as Punk staying healthy solves a lot of this issue.

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I’ve literally been on Reddit for the past few days reading posts like that, albeit mainly on r/SquaredCircle, but I have seen that post, and the top post does explain shit rather well.

The hilarious thing is there are people trying to say this is a work, but those people are the same idiots who thought the Yes Movement was a work, when we have verifiable fact that it isn’t.

Edit: A work, for those who don’t know wrestling terms would mean that what happened and the reaction to it was planned by WWE and the Rock. It wasn’t. The fact is that Dwayne thought that he would be “saving” WrestleMania, and this was part of his terms for joining TKO’s board. They weren’t expecting him to be this hated. Cody Rhodes right now is essentially in the same position that John Cena was back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, except kids and adults like him.

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No prob. I swear, Dwayne running back to WWE to try and save his reputation just feels fishy

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IMO they did that change because her simply being unrepentantly abusive to Lillie and Gladion made them think no one would wanna buy her figures, so they tried blaming it on Nilhego

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It also “helps” that Vince is also one of Trump’s closest friend, or at least that’s how they outwardly act.

Edit: The FBI’s priorities are ridiculous, but this was due like 20 years ago to be honest. The idea of federal police, I’m meh towards, but the FBI specifically is fucking horrendous.

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Follow-up post to the lawsuit from last week, but this isn’t just Grant, this is about ALL of his activities in the past that he’s paid people off for. I don’t have anything against him, this is just an update I think should be here considering I did post the lawsuit here.

What I will say is that I think that Vince will end up being a bludgeon to hit Trump over the head with, considering how close they at least have appeared to be over the years. The person that people think Trump is does exist, it’s just Vince, not Trump.

Edit for article text: Federal authorities have been investigating sexual assault and sex trafficking allegations against WWE co-founder Vince McMahon, according to people familiar with the investigation. 

Prosecutors in New York in recent months have been in contact with women who have accused McMahon of sexual misconduct, the people said. 

The billionaire resigned last week from the wrestling empire he long ran after former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing her and trafficking her to other men inside WWE.

McMahon has denied Grant’s allegations and said the federal probe won’t find wrongdoing. He referred to a statement from last week: “I intend to vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations, and look forward to clearing my name.”

WWE didn’t respond to requests about the probe or about the individual women’s allegations

Over the summer, federal agents executed a search warrant for McMahon’s phone and delivered a subpoena to him for documents related to any allegation of “rape, sex trafficking, sexual assault, commercial sex transaction, harassment or discrimination” against current or former WWE employees.

The grand jury subpoena, described to The Wall Street Journal, offers the first window into the investigation, which began in 2022. The Journal reported in 2022 that McMahon had made payouts to several women who accused him of sexual misconduct while he was CEO and that prosecutors were investigating the payouts. The subpoena also sought communications between McMahon and these women, including Grant.

The businessman and TV personality resigned as executive chairman of WWE parent TKO Group on Jan. 26, the day after Grant’s lawsuit was filed. Her complaint contained graphic depictions of sex acts and copies of explicit text messages.

Grant and at least four of the women named in the grand jury subpoena had entered into settlement agreements with McMahon over allegations of sexual misconduct. Prosecutors have interviewed some of the women, the people said.

Grant’s lawsuit said McMahon agreed in 2022 to pay her $3 million to keep silent about their relationship, which she said began after they met in 2019 at his luxury apartment building, where Grant also lived. Grant, who worked in the talent-relations and legal departments at WWE from 2019 to 2022, said in her lawsuit that McMahon stopped paying her after an initial $1 million wire transfer. 

The other women named in the grand jury subpoena include a WWE contractor whom McMahon allegedly sent unsolicited nude photos and sexually harassed; a former WWE wrestler who said McMahon coerced her into giving him oral sex; former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, who publicly accused McMahon of raping her; a spa manager who said McMahon assaulted her at a Southern California resort; and a former WWE employee who alleged the head of talent relations at the company at the time, John Laurinaitis, demoted her after she broke off an affair with him. 

McMahon has long denied the rape allegations by Chatterton, first made publicly in televised interviews in the 1990s. He agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement in late 2022 without admitting wrongdoing. His lawyer said he agreed to the settlement to avoid the cost of litigation. 

McMahon hasn’t addressed the allegations by the other women.

Laurinaitis also appeared in Grant’s lawsuit, which said McMahon directed her to visit Laurinaitis at his hotel rooms, where she had sex with Laurinaitis before the start of workdays. The suit also alleged that the two men took turns restraining and assaulting her inside WWE’s offices on one occasion in 2021.

Laurinaitis, a former wrestler known as Johnny Ace and a longtime WWE executive, left the company in 2022. Laurinaitis hasn’t publicly commented on his departure.

A lawyer for Laurinaitis, Edward Brennan, said, “We deny any and all allegations and will vigorously defend the charges against Mr. Laurinaitis in the appropriate setting.”

Brennan said Grant’s lawsuit doesn’t highlight any examples of Laurinaitis making sexual demands or exchanging items of value. “Count how many times in the complaint Vince exerts control over both the Plaintiff and Johnny,” he wrote in an email, referring to his client. “It’s a good complaint. It just doesn’t list all the victims, including Johnny.”

McMahon briefly left the WWE in 2022 during a board investigation and returned in early 2023. Soon after, he negotiated a sale of WWE to Endeavor Group , owner of the UFC mixed martial arts league. The deal created a new public company called TKO Group and until last week he served as its executive chairman.  

TKO Group had warned investors about the risks associated with WWE’s longtime leader, who remains a major shareholder. In securities filings last year, TKO Group said McMahon’s presence on its board could result in negative publicity and “any further allegations and investigations may have an adverse financial and operational impact on our business performance.”

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The “problem” is that a lot of mangaka (mangakas? Mangaki? Idk) simply write to their kinks. We can’t do shit about it, but that’s a thing that happens

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I never heard that about Krause, even on r/NBA, people there were blaming The Last Dance and MJ, even though Chicago’s been booing Krause for decades

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He’s an electronics repairman, not a surgeon, which half this shit’ll probably require

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I loved the crossovers, especially since they’ll be happening more since Vince is no longer running the company, but Grace and Cargill were great debuts, with Cargill single-handedly throwing Nia Jax over the ropes compared to last year. And I loved Cody winning the Men’s Rumble, I think it sets up for a lot of interesting storylines for both him and Punk leading into ‘Mania.

I think the reason this won’t blow over any time soon because this isn’t Vince’s first rodeo, and there’s too many people who’ve known nonsense about him. In fact, the hush money he was using WWE funds to pay off was the money for Grant, allegedly.

That, and the fact that Vince is too ingrained in wrestling lore, in the company, the storylines that brought WWE to the place it is now literally had Vince all over them, those being the Screwjob and the existence of Steve Austin. If you look at 5 seconds of Attitude Era content, you’ll see Vince in the video, so scrubbing Vince from the record like they did to Benoit is almost impossible.

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