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You really think they’ll jail an Israeli spy

Is this a trick question? We can't jail agents of our greatest ally.

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Easy fix, post the emails and timestamps.

Easy fix...fucking do the debate.

Jeez, it's easy money. Everyone wants to see it. Funny thing is, we have plenty of people - I wouldn't be surprised if it was the majority here - who support neither Candace or Ben...but would still love to watch the debate for the lols.

FUCKING DO IT. Let's go.

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Hey, good for you, you don't generally post threads. I admire you stepping up.

I know you're just a troll (but I love you anyway), but what the fuck is this retard talking about? Babies in ovens?

They were obviously in incubators!

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I suppose to lefties, localization is like locking the doors after starting the house on fire.

The sad part is, no matter how dismissive you are of commies...you're probably still giving them too much credit. That's still much to generous to their mindset. They like localization because, well, Nazis don't like localization. Opponents bad. Localization good. People who criticize good thing, bad.

If consumers have choices, they might choose non-pozzed media. Gotta burn those lifeboats.

Don't fucking remind me. I'm off to watch anime, while I still can.

Speaking of, how funny would it be if it was eventually illegal? I can see the line, actually. FISA reauthorization + TikTok "foreign" media ban leads to jailtime for watching anime. I'm obviously being hyperbolic, but it's sadly not quite as silly as it should be.

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So is that +5/-4 an upvoted thread or a downvoted one?

That's pretty heavily downvoted, lol

And, speaking of downvotes, I see you downvoting any response to you that's critical. You'll note I don't downvote your posts even when you call me out directly.

Here’s the post asking me to consolidate it instead of posting 2 so I did

I don't care. It still had discussion going on. I don't delete my own posts, even if someone asks me to, even if there are some downvotes. That's fucking weird.

Let’s think about the fact that it was maybe 10-20 mins apart and about the same subject. The latter topic has 60 upvotes , but you believe the first is so radically different it will get negative votes instead?

Uh...I have the fucking link...lol. +6/+4, and then you bitched out. And then fucking tried to lie about it. Fragile as fuck.

Dude the problem is you

If you say so. If. You. Say. So.

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It was upvoted.

It was like +5/+4, lol.

You reset and tried again. And you downvote people who criticize you. Reddit-tier behavior.

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I'm referencing a meme.

I forget the specifics, and can't find it right now, sadly. But basically Elon said something about people controlling the media (I think), and someone responding accusingly with

What are you saying, Elon?

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Mod logs should ideally be linked in the side panel, but they're not. They're also largely useless. No mod activity in a week, pretty much.

And what we do have is nearly unnavigable or otherwise broken.

Here's the .win log, and the scored log

He basically just pops in every week or so to tell us that, no, our resident government assigned retards aren't breaking any rules, but our longterm members are, here's a ban.

All mods are indeed faggots. I've had my disagreements with the person who was most recently banned, u/RaceCreatesCulture, but I never would have advocated for his ban, and there's plenty of people I would say should be banned before him. Same goes for Imp, who's eating a 180 day ban or what have you.

I know I'm getting off topic, but I don't get how you can can do such a fucking half-assed job and then, pop in and ban established users while defending absolute retards who admit they're here just to disrupt and troll, that they hate us, and want us destroyed. That's not principled, that's retarded. I guess we should just be glad no trolls came in to spam legitimately pro-pedophile content, or interracial AI porn, in the week since our mod's last activity.

Anyway, back on topic, it does appear OP was being faoggtly, as no mod action was taken against him and he just got butthurt over downboats.

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ALL their masks and secrecy is coming to light and they can't help it all being revealed.

I wish it was that simple, but I don't expect it to be. That said, I'm not blackpilled, and do think things are least headed toward a partial normie awakening.

...revealed so publicly the normies have actually caught on...

Yup, it's happening. Normies are still retarded, but I do hold out hope that they're getting slowly and surely less retarded.

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Welp, since the last post on the subject got deleted I'll say it again.

Was OP a faggot? I saw a bit of that this morning. Did he get too many downboats, or what?

The West was great long before women's suffrage...the greatness managed to limp along for the last century before crumbling is agnostic or in spite of women voting.

It really is amazing. I'm far from the most based or redpilled on the issue admittedly, but it's insane how they ignore all the time women didn't have power, and then try to act like the brief fucking instance where they did have power but things hadn't gone to complete and utter shit yet, proves that we need women in positions of power.

No, fuck off. If anything, history clearly shows we don't need women in positions of power.

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Also, perhaps the number one thing I resent these retards for, is making me even slightly defend Muslims. Any overlap is incidental, and probably because...Islam is right about women.

Memes aside...yes.

I'd say women need to sort them selves out but, that's sort of the problem, isn't it? Men need to sort women out. Sooner rather than later.

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I've run into that myself, when I try to abbreviate things. It really is a sad one. It's gotta be CP2077 or just 2077 at that point. "CP" just ain't usable.

All that aside, Edgerunners is some good shit, and CP is alright. Shit. Uh, Cyberpunk the game is fun.

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Just making the case for racism being a moral good if that's what they're suggesting honestly.

I mean, their argument is too retarded to give any level of logic to.

They're wrong and stupid, so whether or not racism is a moral good is completely separate from their stupidity.

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I don't care about his morality, and neither should any of you.

I do care about morality, and so should you.

But I agree it shouldn't be the prime concern, especially when our enemies our weaponizing it against us. But there's nothing inherently wrong with moralism, and I do think to say otherwise is dangerous. Let's not be edgy just for the sake of edginess. Let's be edgy because it's fucking hilarious and our opposition are a bunch of faggots.

But, still, we should keep some level of morality in mind. Values are important.

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Huh, interesting. I just use kotakuinaction2.win, which just grabbed the last bit.

Here's the full scored link for anyone interested, as well as the original tweet.

I wonder why one site grabbed the original tweet, while the other just grabbed the response. It's really quite weird.

Also, these people piss me the fuck off. Everything the people that the original tweet was criticizing said was correct. The Twitter faggot just chose to view things along racial lines. They're the ones racializing things. Point is, yes, that design looks out of place for a JRPG.

Call me a fucking racist all you want, it's true that the black afro girl looks out of place in a JRPG. Sorry, not sorry, as they say.

Also, why would/should that be against ToS? Free...fucking...speech. Fuck you, communists tranny faggots. Keep deflecting, keep arguing in bad faith. The issue isn't just that she's black...the art doesn't fucking match. The people are correct. Fuck you.

ARRRRRG. /rage

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They're very popular in lots of places, interestingly enough.

And, no, that's not even advocation for them, just a reminder to keep things in perspective. The absolute villainization of Nazis is pretty much a Western-sphere thing, as well as those who were on the receiving end of Nazi aggression of course. There are plenty of people elsewhere who idolize them. Ukraine being a prime example that was recently popularized. I've also always found it funny that you literally have some instances of Russian Nazis fighting Ukrainians Nazis. It's so stupid it hurts, but is also funny.

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Gotta say, I hope these fuckers continue to go full mask off. I sort of love that "localization" has become such a cultist obsession for them. Yes, keep defending your "translations" and "localizations," accuse everyone who complains of the most heinous stuff...and racism. It just looks hilarious, and I think it's stupid enough where it will even start to wake up some normies again.

This is where we win. The stupid nonsense that looks inane, but where they overplay their hands. "We're making a shit product that feels bad for everyone including normies, but we'll accuse you of being literal Nazis if you don't like it, and our retarded minion NPCs will call you entitled for not buying our shit product." Yeah, no, that's not a winning move...so keep it up.

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Where did he say that?

I really should find my Twitter account at some point. It was like one computer and three OS's ago. I could just reset my password, but I think it would want a phone number at that point, whereas I think I can still sign in normally if I grab my old password. Eh, laziness strikes again. I know I'm way off topic by this point, but it pisses me off that everything is gated now. Very user-unfriendly. If you're a Twitter user, you want people to be able to find your stuff without logging in. This hurts absolutely everyone except the Twitter bottom line, where they can save on some server costs or whatever. It just feels cheap; this is what alt-tech does, and it annoys me when they do it, even if I understand why. Just let me see the content, dangit.

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I know it's far from the primary point but, I'm sorry, that will never not crack me up.

There's comedy bits about how you should never put "the" and "Jews" together. "Jewess" just takes it up a notch. Makes me sort of chortle every time I see it. Anyone who unironically calls someone a Jewess is either extremely based or an absolute retard. There's pretty much no middle ground.

On a more serious note, that is interesting stuff. It really is interesting how overrepresented they are in all that stuff and how, more interesting yet, back in the day, everyone knew it. You were still allowed to talk about it at the time.

And, to be clear, I'm not even blaming all Jews (#NotAllJews) or anything. There is some guilt to be spread around, and there are some troubling things in the ideology that does seem near universal, but you could see, especially back then before they subsumed a lot of the Jewish identity, that it really was a matter of Zionism. It was specifically the Zionist Jews who were doing the subverting, and they were even the ones using their fellow Jews.

It's kind of ironic that it was the Zionists who really conflated Zionism with Judaism, and then try to say you're antisemitic if you're against their evil Zionist agenda. No, you're the ones saying you represent Jews.

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I am both racist and against censorship.

Muh man.

These things are not in conflict. What a strange accusation.

To be fair, they didn't say or imply it was in conflict, just that you being against censorship is because you're racist. It's a dirty smear tactic, but they weren't implying hypocrisy, just duplicity. Which I still resent because, like you, I am legitimately anti-censorship. Anything else is beside the point. I don't like censorship, which is why I'm against censorship. There's no secret agenda, and them calling me racist is just ad hominem nonsense.

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At this point, I'll take what I can get. I'll ally with Taco SS if it means more freedom for us. Plus, the sheer meme value is off the charts.

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Considering our opponents keep going mask off and saying free speech and the 1st Amendment are stifling the government, they can say what they want. They're retarded, they're wrong and, hopefully, we win and they lose.

For real, I'm not going to be lectured by people who are explicitly pro-censorship on how my largely libertarian anti-censorship stances are actually secret racism. For on thing, fuck you. For another, my racism isn't secret, and is completely unrelated to my anti-censorship stance.

I legitimately am concerned by censorship. And these fuckers literally support censorship. Simple as, as they say.

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Can you elaborate? Sorry, it's probably a me issue, but I don't quite understand what you mean. What's the false dichotomy? And in what ways do you mean the media is trying to convince people to hide? Cheers.

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