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Is Yellowstone actually any good?

Don't try to pet the elk, or pose with the elk.

But if you see some tourists trying to pose with elk, find cover and watch cuz shit is about to happen.

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It doesn't have to be balanced at all.

It was a mistake to give women authority in the 19th century. That should have been put down with the enthusiasm of fighting a fire.

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As it so happens, I've already managed to find them.

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The art style of A New Hope in that series was really good and I was disappointed they didn't stick with him for the other two.

Any chance you have the full set of scans?

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As in the original three. It was a Dark Horse title. Back around the time the original movies were re-released in theaters before Phantom Menace.

Each movie was done by a different artist though, so the styles diverge.

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In terms of raw collectability, I'd say the ToysPress english run of Mamoru Nagano's The Five Star Stories is probably the most difficult manga set to complete. And it itself is incomplete, cutting off several volumes short of the JP printing.

Some other items that come to mind:

The last volume (10) of the 2009 english printing of Kaoru Mori's Emma is also quite rare, selling for a couple hundred dollars.

Complete sets of the 2004 english printing of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind are getting hard to find.

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You can do many things badly or one thing really, really well.

Waffle House is really, really good at being able to make their actually pretty crummy food.

Imagine there's a cooking skill tree. Waffle House looked at it, decided they didn't like that skill tree, and drew another skill tree next to it labeled "Survival Spec" and dumped all their skillpoints into that.

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Waffle House has disaster menus for:

No Electricity

No electricity knocks out the dishwasher, and over a longer period of time, refrigeration. In a no power situation, they can switch to manual dishwashing for critical kitchenware and use disposable servingware. They have a no refrigeration case as well, but that shouldn't ever happen because after some period of time without power they call for a refrigeration truck. Obviously, no electricity usually knocks out non-cash payment, but I believe they have square over mobile as a backup option.

No Clean Water

Knocks out dishwashing entirely, and forces them to go to bottled water for cooking; anything involving batter tends to be knocked out by no water because they can't wash stuff. They can still operate the griddle.

No Gas

No gas knocks out the griddle, although this situation is extremely rare because every Waffle House has piping to pull from tanks if they have to. If a situation is this bad, the building itself is probably unusable and it's just a matter of time until they get a response team on site to set up temporary cooking.

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if the waffle house in an area is closed

Civilization has truly collapsed.

Because of their roots in the hurricane prone south, Waffle House corporate is willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure that if the map says they're there, they're there. If it is physically possible to sell food, they will do so. Even if that means bringing in reefer trucks, tankers of LP, and in the worst case scenario, RV's converted into kitchens. Their logistics system can be up and selling crummy breakfast food faster than the National Guard can show up with MREs.

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Depending on the neighborhood, yes. There are a handful of restaurant chains that have a reputation for interesting crowds.

In the south, it's Waffle House.

Eastern midwest, it's White Castle.

Out in the empty west, it's Denny's.

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Their propaganda is intrusive and incessant.

It is not, and if you haven't gotten the message by now that you should do, not watch others do, then I have to think you're an addict.

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It's almost as if...

The entire social structure of patriarchy was designed to force the creation of relationships, mitigating the problem that men have, on average, lower social intelligence than women.

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I think it would depend on how much and where.

Moving is a pain, but my experience has been your average happiness doesn't change very much.

I think if you tell us which state you'd be moving TO, people would be in a much better position to tell you what that state is LIKE, what you might enjoy and what to avoid.

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That's a myth that Disney perpetuated.

RCID's "debt" is owed to Disney for hard capital improvements Disney has used. The only reason the debt exists on RCID's books as a vehicle for Disney to write off money on its taxes.

Orange and Osceola would refuse to accept RCID's debt, because the RCID's sole creditor (Disney) is also the primary beneficiary of RCID's improvements.

That is, the counties will say:

"You (Disney) had RCID borrow money from Disney, to build roads for Disney. You were deducting the taxes you paid RCID (which serviced the debt) and then not paying tax profits from the debt (because it was a muni-bond). We're not assuming RCID's debt; you wanted roads, you paid for them, you got them. All the rest is clever accounting to convert as much capital improvement spending into muni-bonds TO YOURSELF to shield corporate profits from taxes."

As I understand it there were cases of Disney relinquishing land back to RCID for new roads so that they could do their muni-bond trick on as many improvements as possible. Left to run its course I imagine they would have eventually ceded parking lots to RCID.

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You have the wrong mindset.

There is a public pool. Being public, people are allowed to bring babies there. The babies pee in the pool.

You, doing your laps, complain about the babies peeing in the pool, but it's public. Your only recourse is to build a private pool.

Which we're good at building things.

The moral of the story is that any not explicitly right wing space will be destroyed by the left. Complaining about control over space you've already ceded to the public is a waste of air.

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That's a matter of appeals.

There's life and then there's courts.

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He has to be prepared to add some nuance or he is never going to deliver a message that resonates with everyone. It's the same problem Tim calls Alex Jones out on, that Alex has reached the top of the mountain and is shouting about all the stuff he sees as if it's plainly obvious to everyone else (when it's not).

Tim is good at being able to put himself into the mental frame of the centrist everyman.

Milo... is just a good monologist, like pre-coma Peterson was.

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because people will automatically assume

No, people like YOU will assume.

You're not normal.

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And your point is?

That's not addressing my point at all.

My point is that you referring to the "elite globalist cabal" as "jews" doesn't help you persuade normies.

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and instead of clarifying the issue

you perpetuate

No, my audience is you and you alone. I'm critiquing why your message fails to resonate with the people you're trying to enlighten.

If you were to instead say "elite globalist cabal" as your initial pitch, you'd find the YOUR intended audience much more receptive to hearing more.

But YOUR method is like trying to sell Scientology by OPENING with the whole sacrificing DC-10's to the Volcano God thing.

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