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It's easy to hold fictional concepts to standards we cannot hold to ourselves, but there's no reason to whatsoever...

Allow me to present to you: the modern woman...

...who has never had a single aspirational, inspirational, or ambitious thought or impulse in her entire life that didn't revolve entirely around someone else (usually a man), at long last, after soo much unjust waiting on her part, finally recognizing her intrinsic worth ~aS a wOmAn~ and simply forking over anything and everything she was always entitled to all along, on demand and no questions asked...

Next, allow me to present to you the mirror argument:

I'ts difficult to aspire toward fictional concepts that embody standards we can't ever fully achieve, but there's no reason whatsoever not to at least try, apart from appealing to the very, very simplistic internal drives of "I hate women who are hotter than me" & "Why doesn't Dr. Chad Alphabuck$ want to marry me even though we had sex?" etc...

Going on ten years since The Zoe Post, and I see that a new generation of deluded bittercunts is ripe for the trolling.

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With Shlomopower on the block now, what's the standard JIDF downvote count to shoot for up to now? Three?

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Reminds me an awful lot of watching all those edits to Slick Willy & Sheisty Shillary's Slickypedia pages happening one Saturday morning (August 10, 2019)...

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You have a point there.

I think mostly this is a symptom of the 'bad Bajoran spirits' (Kosst Amojan) being kinda one-dimensional morally speaking, which is annoyingly conspicuous in juxtaposition with how they fleshed out 'The Prophets' better - mostly in line with how Cisco sometimes complains about their moral ambiguity.

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Talmudic mindset: The truth doesn't really matter. All that really matters is what you can slide under goyische noses with sophistry and rhetorical devices.

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Season 2 finale The Jem'Hadar is where the main arc gets going in earnest and the show is really starting to find its voice.

There's stuff you don't want to miss before that though. You'll want to know about the Maquis. You'll want to catch all the foreshadowing about "The Dominion." You'll want to watch every episode involving Nurse Ratched cuz you'll just love to hate her stupid face. And yes, Dukat is easily one of the most fleshed out and nuanced Trek villains of all time.

If you wanna cut some of the fat, just go through everything and once you figure out that one is gonna be meh-tier episodic filler, leave it on in the background and utilize that time for something else. Just watch out for character development and ignore obvious one-off aliens with terrible costumes or design. (i.e. those board game people, the matriarchy people with terrible psoriasis, etc...) Pay attention to stuff with Cardassians or Bajorans for the most part.

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What a flaccid attempt to render himself an unassailable authority with his unselectable text:


GoogTrans prolly does alright with it, but the gist of his humor appears to be "Can you read this? Or will you [be destroyed/go extinct] like a dog?"

Thing is, he's missing the potential tense on the verb 'read', so it's more like "Do you read this? Or..." Also, he missed a really natural spot for 負け犬 instead of just 'dog' given the point he was trying to make.

I give it a C- at best. Fake and gay. Carry on everyone. Even if you can't speak a word of Japanese, you are more welcome and needed in the fandom than this faggot.

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Repeat after me, kids:

Ill-gotten gains

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-Complains about white people 'stealing culture'

-Uses Norman Rockwell painting Freedom of Speech in the background.


Someone tell her to up the irony even further next time by using a picture of George Lincoln Rockwell instead.

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Hell fuckin' yeah I do.

Bought the t-shirt and everything!

(I wonder if JIDF-chan will click the link and figure out that he owes me a downvote here...🤔)

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Managing (((Controller of Narratives))) "Director of Narrative Properties" 🤡

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Happy End

You've got me morbidly curious here - is this 481420 we're talking about?

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Crude and disappointing as it often is, the simple fact of the matter is that money is very often an effective gauge of the reality of both human desires and the immutable laws of nature as manifested in human proclivities.

...and reality will always win in the end.

TL;DR: Get woke, go broke.

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I'm kind of with you here, especially after seeing the paucity of details available in English.

As morally uncomfortable as it is to come to this guys' defense even in a hypothetical 'devil's advocate' manner, a wiser mind than those of our bandwagon woke-scold enemies will recall that, often, "The devil is in the details."

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Came here to say this.

There's some kind of profound irony to the guy who wrote just about the tropiest harem bait around being the one to show up and make something so important like this happen.

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Let's also be sure to expressly point out here that everyone's favorite "Nazi book-burning" - images of which normies like to throw around with the unexamined implication that the idea was:

We Nazis hate books now, everyone go into your house and get your books so we can burn them because books are stupid.

...in fact consisted of books from Hirschfield's Institut fĂźr Sexualwissenschaft, which is not at all contested as a touchstone in the intellectual history of troonery from any side.

...Let's also point out here that both of these intellectual heroes of troonery we're Jewish.

Thanks in advance for the downvote(s) Mordechai from the JIDF.

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