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They act like heterosexuality is something people just invented one day, like we were reproducing through mitosis throughout all of human history beforehand.

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The modern music industry is a complete joke. It's like there's only two genres: pop or rap. Pop has been trash since the 2010s and rap used to be a very hit-or-miss genre for me, now I can't fucking stand it. No wonder radio stations only play hits from decades past.

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Teenage girls aren't ready for families either, what's your point? A shotgun wedding is a fair and just punishment for a teen pregnancy.

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the huge number of haters who do not even understand what the song is saying is truly sickening and frightening. their thought processes lead to violence. such uncomprehending people promulgate hatred. their comments demonstrate they cannot even understand the simple words and they somehow fool themselves into believing that this song is "promoting" homosexuality. and no, i'm not gay. as for the song, i say "bravo!" it is actually a very funny song.

Guys, you can't just listen to 20 seconds of the song and say "so they are turning kids gay." They also sing "we'll convert your children; we'll make them tolerant and fair" meaning they'll turn them from intolerant of gay people to tolerant of gay people. This is clearer when you consider the line "just this once, you're correct." If it was about you being correct about them "turning kids gay," the line would've been "all this time, you've been correct," since that's what anti-LGBT people have said for ages.

This is legitimately hilarious, and the fact that people are taking this seriously down in the comments is even funnier. Like, way to fall for this bit hook line and sinker

The fuck happened to the comment section? It used to be based, now it's full of these smug leftists owning le chuds with a "funny song" about converting their children.

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If I recall correctly, aren't the Japanese in pretty good terms with the Indians? Pretty sure they've been allied for 70 years now.

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Bro! I used to think I’d rather get pegged while having hemorrhoids than talk about my feelings but I got to give it to this community and my understanding SO that I’ve changed that mindset. For anybody else out there: I know it’s scary but actually opening up to someone being yourself 100% makes every part of the relationship better!

There's no way someone typed this unironically

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I just wish I didn't have to hear self-hating white liberals screech on social media about it. The fake patriotism is so fucking cringe.

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I say zoomers because the only people who talk like this are zoomers. Not even blacks from the hood talk like this. Really ironic that some of them have pride flags in their profile pictures considering how the middle east feels about queers.

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It seems only the gheys use husband and wife in the game, heterosexual couples use partner.

Not just in Starfield, this is everywhere. I'm seeing this become increasingly more common on the internet even in a apolitical context and it's one of the most unromantic ways to refer to your spouse I've ever seen. Makes a marriage sound more like a business transaction.

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You think that clip was bad enough? Go into the comments. If a man goes as far as to look at a woman wrong, she will act like he's about to rape her.

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Better solution would be telling Christians to grow a pair and stop tolerating evil.

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Nah, there's pretty black women out there, just like how there's ugly white women. They deliberately pick ugly women regardless of race because attractive women are sexist and promote "harmful beauty standards".

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Was he always this autistic over analyzing the "practicality" of bikini armor?

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A man spiked his wife's drink with abortion pills in an attempt to force a miscarriage. He was arrested and sentenced to 180 days in jail. Not sure about the "4 years in prison over a miscarriage" story.

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For the record, porn addiction is undoubtedly real and a big factor in societal rots like the rise in transgenderism. But to act like some ass cheeks are the same thing as hardcore pornography is disingenuous. What really grinds my gears with the porn discourse is how right wing figureheads (tradcaths especially) will blame anime but never the porn industry, the rise of feminism, or parental negligence. At least it makes logical sense from an ideological perspective ("sexual immorality and all forms of adultery is bad"), they just shoot at the wrong targets.

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Maybe it's just me but I've never seen anything like this. I live in an area where everyone is a different shade of brown and nobody faces this imaginary double standard that "a lot" of African Americans supposedly go through. If that were the case then there wouldn't be DEI programs and ESG that exist soley to give minorities worthless jobs.

I almost have to assume these are all made-up scenarios from race grifters who wish they were a civil rights activist in 1950 where this may actually be somewhat realistic and not entirely unplausible given race relations back then. And even then I'd argue what we had in the 1950s was better than anything post-Floyd.

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You're probably right but it's still a sudden development compared to what I saw during the BLM riots.

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A bunch of shills trying to claim this clip is "realistic". You know they're paid shills when their replies have a ton of likes yet a low reply count. https://twitter.com/alouetta34/status/1754353087907553517 Just look at this thread:

You’re most likely applying a slight victim complex to the themes. The show doesn’t show he hates white peoples it shows a black American experience through a nuanced and complex lens that should provoke introspection and discussion about the realities of race in America

If you take someone else’s experience as hate or feel guilt then that is projection. This scene shared fits into a very relatable experience a lot of black Americans have experienced. If you feel like their experience is hate against you. Its victim mentality

Right, except he makes up fake realities. We’ve all had someone be a dick to us. We’ve all met racists who hated us for no reason. Blacks have old whites at walmart. Whites have black twitter. You can embrace the hate or spread the love. No in-between.

A fictional show made up fake realities!? That’s gotta be a crime!

It's a realistic portrayal of what blacks experience in America, but it's also just fiction and it doesn't matter if it makes up bullshit scenarios like this. This is what these people actually believe.

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To add context, the game they're talking about is Lunacid. The guy playing the game saw the neopronouns and sounded audibly uncomfortable.

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it's why I'd love EVERY bill only be 7 pages as it means more people will read the legislation.

This should be a law.

LMAO by yoisi
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Honestly? Compared to Nickelodeon's other controversial figures like Dan Schneider, Butch Hartman is a saint.

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There are several pro-life billboards with "facts" that she says were since disproven or never properly proven

I would like to know what kind of pro-life facts were disproven by "4 independent studies". Does she spray paint her sources onto the billboards?

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The comments are even more bizarre. Look at this: https://twitter.com/FrostyMacWHO/status/1752424266027724837

It’s both deeply scary and deeply sad. Many of the men who think like this would be significantly happier (and also cause significantly less harm) if they rejected that weird heroic martyr complex, but they’re never given the tools to do so in their upbringing

Obviously this doesn’t take away culpability in the slightest for the terrible actions men enact as a result. Plenty of men HAVE overcome this, so it’s clearly possible. Still, this is something nobody should have any need to overcome in the first place

I think even that lust is an unnatural aberration that comes from unhealthy upbringings and broken societies, and is itself both traumatic and a trauma response in many ways

He says this, while having a Kamen Rider icon. Okay then, why do you find the "heoric martyr complex" horrifying yet enjoy superhero shows that are all about self sacrifice? And what does lust have to do with it? Is wanting a loving wife lust? It's not just this guy either, there's people analyzing this silly meme to the point they interpret it as some sort of "trauma response".

As someone who rejected the violence but kept the martyrdom: I still hurt people all the same. The constant burning need to "help" and "save" blinds me and fuels my paranoia, and I force myself into situations I really shouldn't.

And, I'm getting better, to be clear. But speaking as the hypothetical guy you implied—please, no more. I deeply loathe myself for how many times I've gotten so caught up in my desire to help that I ended up not listening.

What is this person even rambling on about? He is conflicting people pleasing with being chivalrous. Those are two entirely different things. I'm having trouble writing a proper response to this because it's so bizarre how someone could come to this conclusion regarding matyrdom.

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