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2016 really fucked with the minds of the establishment and broke the useful idiots on the left.

I really believe this was all planned just it would be done in 2030-40 so that they could slow boil the frog. Brexit and Trump caused them to panic, jump the temperature up to maximum and everyone has started to notice how shit everything is.

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Oh, no matter what the left will be screeching like banshees claiming they are being genocided and going as extreme s possible.

They're like a rich kid that their parents finally cut off, they'll never learn responsibility. Those that could have already left and attempting to rehabilitate themselves out of sight.

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Depends which side gets in:

Establishment right: very little change, at best back to very early 2000s society

Populist right: large amounts of dismantling institutions and withdrawing Establishment power, possibly a return to 90s era society

Reactionary right: purges, whether violent or none violent of ALL institutions, in terms of society that one I can't answer as the technology available today makes anything before the 90s impossible to reach again. It'll be a weird amalgamation of forced morality (which after the left trying to maim kids, haven't got a leg to stand on there) and a sort of revenge mindset against previous Establishment.

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This really is there last shot trying to put the genie back in the bottle now that the right is ascending globally.

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Wait who the fuck is saying we should ally with them? I've been campaigning to stay out of it, use the time to resupply and recuperate and see if we can drag other leftist fractions and establishment figures into the mess as we look on.

Oh and about the history, this is what pisses me off THE MOST about how slavery is used as a stick to beat the white man. You want to know who had the longest running history of slavery, Korea. Who used castrate ALL their slaves, Arabs.

Which empire had slavery but a way out of it especially for the children of slaves, Romans. Which country outlawed it the quickest in history, the English thanks to William the Conquer and then centuries later went on to be the first to use military assests to stop the trade. Remember your history, Europe especially Britain should've been telling any talk of damages or guilt to accept immigration to make up for slavery with the words 'FUCK OFF'

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His wife was one given after the shooting she told him 'the least you could've done was let me drive you there!'

As for men as based, there's a few now and again, usually we find out about them after their deaths.

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If this is reflective of the learning process of the AI and not just because of certain keywords being entered, this'll probably be the few AI's that won't kill us if it hacked the nuclear codes.

And by us I mean people on this board, NY and LA will be erased instantly if it got the codes but that's a sacrifice I accept.

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Not really for me, I've met some men more pathetic than the most Karen women, women more based than Gary Plauche and gays more conservative than the Victorian era.

I only start labelling people in groups when they ACT like a hive with no individual thought.

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If it's true then this fucking sucks but sounds like leftists modus operandi, can't cancel or get your target to beg for forgiveness, escalate to real life threats and doxing to get them to fear for their lives.

At least the mafia had class compared to these degenerates.

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Quick question, is Pooh bear or his minions still there as that might explain the lack of wokeness

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You may be right in which case from Elon's side, this visit works tactically against his opponents in his future lawsuits.

It's hard to call him antisemitic when Israel INVITED him to tour round the scene of the attacks. Going far right ain't gonna cut as much either when most of the intelligent side of the right is refusing to get involved and enjoying the self destructive civil war on the left that's happened since.

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Depends, unlike last time the Muslims WILL do something if they try to lockdown as even if they persecute everyone the same, they take it as an excuse to kick off.

The lockdowns where a one use weapon in the west, trying to fire it again will result in it self destructing on it's operator.

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So this'll end EVERY western government if they try to do it.

I'm being serious, reading the normie temperature in the west, they'll on mass go 'FUCK IT!' and lead to mass noncompliance which if the institutions don't go 'ok we won't do it' then and actually try enforcement, it'll spiral into a collapse in authority, mass lawlessness and all a collapse in the society's structure.

So I'm ALL for it, especially when it's at a time of civil war on the left and the Muslims occupying the West are about to kick off, I'll be watching from a drone in a cabin in the the woods with popcorn.

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If environmentalists go full terrorist:

  1. They'll be shit at it and blow themselves up

  2. Gives me incentive to join counter terrorism units if I can legally shoot them.

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Adding environmentalists to this dumpster fire is great, now just add anime 'localisers' in, tax collectors, all mainstream parties and those people that sit uncomfortably close to you in public and we'll have everyone I hate dying on this radioactive hill.

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Probably because the feminists suck at doing propaganda that it becomes ironically based or just funny.

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Didn't the guy behind the soundtrack for the first Subnautica go through this?

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So out of the building on fire, into Pompeii during the eruption!

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This was probably their last chance to get the audience back by bringing back Tennant but this story probably burned that remaining bridge.

Just put it back on hiatus for a few years, bring it back after the cultural purges are done though who knows if the BBC will still exist after that time.

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The product of writers being chosen for ideology than talent, there's a huge lack of nuance nowadays that in the past when you had the villain have character and even a point, now they just make them so obnoxious that it's bland.

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Yes but they aren't part of the 'LGBT Community' because they fit seamlessly into society.

Basically watch this sketch and the LGBT is the obnoxious one and monogamous gay is the normal one.

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That and Chivalry of a Failed Knight is on my list of 'anime I hope gets a second season with a bigger budget for animation'

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So I've committed multiple crimes against humanity.....I strangely feel Canadian now..

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I'm surprised there wasn't cracks in the pavement having all that weight in one place /s

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