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Yep, welcome to an image of completed self degradation and loss of self. We really need to either destroy social media like tiktok of just make China enforce the same restrictions they have at home

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I have less of a coordinated attack of all departments of "lets take Trump down for good" more the administration and alphabet agencies are actively trying.

The DOJ is split between blue die hards (mostly relegated to cities and DC) and everyone else hedging their bets on either upholding the constitution itself as they actually believe in it or just know it's best to be apolitical so you avoid getting hit by either side.

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There are three types of people after they commit a mistake relating to their beliefs:

Those that learn from it and switch their views

Those that learn from it but pretend to be the same for different reasons

Those that double down

This is the latter, as the second at least create reasons not to do it again (sorry can't get it on that day, dentist, maybe next week)

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True but it's they also love plausible deniability. It's easier to get away with it by blaming cookies and an app requiring GPS to function than the company itself stating "we are going to record everything you say in a game meant for kids" and as we are seeing a lot more, that's a political deathbed to defend anything infringing on kids.

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Actually it might run afoul in the states that have 2 party consent laws as a child cannot consent and good luck in the court trying to argue that the parent consented by providing a phone number. Just looks like they are really opening themselves up for litigation to 'hurt the trolls' when you could easily just remind everyone there's a mute and report button.

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One word: Lawsuit

You just potentially admitted that you're going to record kids since the last game was rated 12 and can't imagine this is suddenly an 18 so you've just admitted to an illegal action in several countries.

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Just have a gimmick and work from there, start with a model, just look up Nux as it can just be a PNG image if you have the charisma and work out if you are better scripted or non scripted as neither is bad but don't try and focus being an off the cuff crazy in the moment person if you feel better doing scripted content and vice versa.

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JP getting misty eyed thinking about the fact a lot of these 'incels' are men that didn't have that one good male role model in life (by design if you look at the state of entertainment, education and social media).

I can understand, when all that would be needed to stop a man going down a dark path is having as boy a man that can play catch, listen to your problems and give out useful advice, it does make you want to cry in how pathetic it all is, that's all that is required.

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And that in any competent form of government, with that one statement, should result in the quickest revoking of a medical licence ever.

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Hey! We have rules and procedures to ensure equality under the law!

Once they are 99 feet away from a kid, then you open up like the ATF when you put a new plastic part on your grip...

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"Welcome to the Florida lottery! Where we send random creates to the SOBs that said we can die and not get aid because we didn't kiss Biden's wrinkly ass.

So let's see our first contestant! It's Jennifer who used to be Adam from Brooklyn, let's see what the mental patient won....it's a 24ft anaconda that was caught by Billy! Good luck and we'll see if your building is alive to play next time on the Florida lottery!"

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Seperate crates as natural enemies

And in 9/10 cases the meth head is usually the winner

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I would like a list of all those defending this, for a list of people that should be tagged and arrested if they step 100 feet near any school, playground, theme park etc

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The only reason Labour are so high is because there's a three party bias (Labour/Conservative of who actually hold power and Liberal Democrats as a protest vote) and people disaffected with those parties tend to do 2 things:

Switch between the 3 as they want to be on 'the winning team' despite them probably doing the opposite of your values

Just nope out of the elections entirely in protest

The polls are showing the latter, there were less people voting in general for the recent council elections that led to more Labour and lib dems taking over. If these voters actually instead of having a tantrum just voted for smaller niche parties instead, there'd be MASSIVE change in the power structures of the UK.

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It's Florida, they'll easily survive the hurricane

I should just worry if you're a blue state and get anything shipped through Florida, you might get an alligator, an anaconda or a meth head sent in your crate too.

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From what I've been reading, they latched on to the genuine criticism that Abe shouldn't have a state funeral as that's reserved for the Emperor (sort of like how the Queen in the UK gets a state funeral but no pm would)

So they inserted the wedge using that issue and hoping to push harder to cause cracks and fractures in a place that has been extremely hard to influence due to tradition and cultural attitudes. The best way we can help stop this is target them in the west either by elections, buying or entertainment choice and deprive them of funds and power at home so they don't have the resources to try and corrupt another culture.

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It depends as it's very varied between independents and industry

As a whole, the vtuber models allow performers to not worry about physical appearance and give enough separation filters come lose so you can have the lewdest content to a 4chan poster

Industry tends to be less drama focused due to corporate structure, most drama is from the outside (fans, indies, China etc) but they can still do a lot some also steam IRL just can't say I'm also this vtuber.

Independents are varied, you get what you search for so you can go for the lewd ones even ones that stream on adult sites, ones that like to push what you can say online to ones that just want to stream games without worrying about appearance. There's a few woke ones but they tend to not be that successful.

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As someone with dark humour, that's WAY TOO MUCH effort for dark humour. The only way I'd go to that kind of effort to do that is if I was paid to or had a really late night show. That's malice right there.

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I mean if I could, I would have an emotional support brown bear to have near me at all times

I got jealous of all the stories of Wojtek and that was born way too late to meet him.

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They already kinda try that by saying all her achievements are actually Mary Seacole's achievements and that she took credit for them.

Both worked in the Crimean war and both had better treatment methods than their contemporaries at the time so both should be recognised but the left will put their fetish for black people above anything else, especially white people.

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Okay I laughed out loud to the irony of that ending, it's the irony of 'rehabilitation'

You can rehabilitate over 'material crimes' (robbery , theft, fraud, con man etc) because if you provide practical education and ways to acquire gainful employment to attain things at nearly the same rate and none of the risk, most will take it if their crime was just for material gain.

Behaviour is a completely different thing, if they have linked pleasure with their crimes (rape, assault, murder, torture etc) they are an extreme danger to society and need to be isolated from it. Unless you want to actually allow behavioural conditioning and essentially breaking down their mental structure to reshape it (something illegal for obvious reasons) long prison sentences, being on a list and tagged or depending on severity of crime even death penalty may be only way to ensure not to create new victims.

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He saved a pussy to slay a pussy later....

I'm sorry, I'll see myself out......

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DON'T get you a wife that celebrates the fact you Darwin'd yourself

If that's your only option your better off with hookers and a contract with a surrogate

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