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That's nice way to do it, welcome and help the natives that realise that what they are doing is not worth the paycheck and essentially grind all traitorous projects of your government to a halt from the grass roots.

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If you want something to laugh at just as a funny aside for the weekend.

With Red Lobster going bankrupt, type lobster-fest.com into your address to see who took over their domain lol.

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Because Japan is a sore spot and an embarrassment for the globalist message by having a very racially homogeneous population existing with high trust and low crime rates that you're more likely to have your umbrella stolen because it's raining than your wallet.

Japan also has increasingly large media presence as people are escaping to their entertainment than the western brainwashing. They are desperate to subvert Japan to provide no escape from their messaging but all their attempts are making the Japanese population MORE xenophobic.

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Just as an aside, I wonder how long it will be before revealing that you are of the opinion that the guy probably wasn't a samurai gets you banned from any large sub on reddit?

You mean it doesn't already?

Since they want to die on every hill, we need a tactic on meme/psy op warfare that's equivalent to the WW1 tactic of digging under hills, planting explosives and removing said hill with them on it.

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When you have this much of an immediate establishment push to try and 'prove' he was, it's obviously a falsehood.

I get less resistance from saying we should replace all politicians with dogs than them trying to claim the ONLY black guy in Japan at the time somehow became effectively nobility than just an oddity they kept around.

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Though it shouldn't have even been an issue, from this and Helldivers 2 to an extent, we know it's better to use the stick to get companies to not be idiots and the only carrot is if we buy their game.

Now we just need to either get Sony to be less retarded or get less companies to be exclusive partners with them

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You definitely see the difference of someone who goes to Japan just to be a nuisance for views and someone there to enjoy the culture respectively given one of them is banned and the other happily lives there with his family.

He didn't even start with him as Johnny essentially copied and was a worse version of Logan Paul, which shows how 'creative' he is..

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I'd say it's more the 'exoticism' of Asians......by that I mean they're not as negatively stereotyped in the head, especially on the American side. Let me show what I mean:

I say annoying feminist and most of you will picture some white woman

I say violent female criminal and most of you will picture some black woman looting while twerking at police.

I say female illegal alien and it'll be a Latina woman for Americans, African and Middle East for Europeans

I say female terrorist sympathisers and your thinking of a middle east chick in a burka.

Asians just aren't as negatively maligned in the public consciousness compared to others, wouldn't be surprised if that's thanks to Chinese psy ops but when you think of women posting their Ls online, it's mostly White and Black women.

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I did call that this game will confuse the left on how to HOW to approach it to 'own the chuds'

Especially if there's no white people at all to call the big bad unless they mention the Portuguese or Dutch.

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Jees, Mr Freeze can't catch a break, didn't they also make Mrs Freeze a slut in that Harley Quinn cartoon recently?

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And that's the best thing, we'll get nowhere just saying 'censorship is bad' but we will get somewhere if you go 'see that big pile of money? You can't reach it if you censor, you know who makes you censor if you work with them? Sony'

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I think Square Enix's recent move and the public slap of what happened with Helldivers 2 showed that.

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Been hearing something wrong with him in the background for a while now, was there something that set it off as this seems close to a mental break that led to the drugs, booze and swinging than anything.

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You have to go further back than that, commie infiltration was happening pre WW2 if I remember right.

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I have a simpler explanation:

The left NEVER want to admit they are wrong, it's why we 'never have had TRUE communism'

The right are at least more inclined to self reflection even if it means instead of carpet bombing they try to win hearts and minds with strategic bombing but it's still an improvement. Apply this to historically and they'll claim every evil was right and every good guy was left which ignores all nuance of it being a different time period that every socialist back then would execute the modern left for degeneracy.

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It's the 'in' thing nowadays, I'm more on the 'there's too many assholes and not enough of them getting kicked' position to go on the racial side primarily, my only universal is hating commies and pedos.

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Because of two factors:

  1. They USED to be more 'right wing' in that when they were started they were focused on capital gain and status above all until the old instructors retired and were replaced by the more commie leaning ideological replacements.

  2. They're projecting again because they don't like to pin failure on their ideology.

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I don't expect it to, but it's one of those SHOULD happen things, like capital punishment for pedos.

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Yeah this is a shitshow since from what I heard, a ĺot of the dox on Grummz originated off the escapist/second wind discord which is ONLY available by becoming a patron. If that's correct, Nick is in DEEP legal hot waters as it means he's taking money to aide in providing a forum to conduct illegal activity.

I was listening to that sidescrollers podcast, when Grummz was talking, apparently Nick tried to get on too but Craig refused knowing it would be a shitshow and offered for him to come on later so this legal challenge sounds like a desperate appeal to public opinion than anything.

I'm more inclined to believe Grummz because he's ALREADY a proven target of this kind of shit already so doesn't take much to believe others doing the same if they don't see much consequences from doing it previously.

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Great, there are flying bombs all around the globe so the people inside are dead and then there's the wreckage falling from the sky too making 9/11 look like a joke...

Boeing HAS to go out of business for this along with criminal prosecutions for EVERYONE involved including government officials that gave them contracts KNOWING there was an issue with faults, there is no way to fix a company this infested with corruption.

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Was listening to sidescrollers who were talking about it, this seems a case where in Japan they have MULTIPLE types for personal qwerks from cross dressing, trap, femboy etc

Then the Americans just come in and label it all 'trans' than examine any further meaning and nuance.

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So I've just been hearing this second hand as never played it, but the character Vivian is a ghost right?

They made a ghost trans...

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I am now offended, see perfect scaling.

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We don't need any more women taken off the board as it is

It's usually 3 things:

  1. What you describe

  2. Political/ideological lesbianism (yes as dumb as it sounds) but possibility one goes back to seeing men.

  3. The extremely rare situation, they're both bi and it's a two for one special lol.

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