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The Left/BLM has a mass shooting, attempted mass shooting, several cold blooded assassinations, scores of destroyed buildings, tons of recorded politically motivated and unprovoked assaults, tons of faggots marching with flags, and a monopoly on social manipulation. And now, an attempted presidential assassination.

The right has a bunch of faggots marching with tiki torches, a deadly hit-and-run, and a few instances of going too far beating back counter protesters.

And we're supposed to fear the right and embrace the left?

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Could have at least tried to make it look real. The text not lining up with the banner screams lazy.

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I liked it for the cheese back in the day, but it got kind of cringy at times. Still was a fun watch

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Shitty Artists College

I had a similar friend. During her time there, she went trans, then detransitioned, and bullied the absolute fuck out of her family the entire time (we're talking thrown chairs, broken windows, fake suicides, blatant theft of cash and denying it despite being caught on camera). The issue was the school. The students wore their problems like a badge, and those without problems were considered evil. The psychological abuse was rampant, and every conversation with her after going to that school was about woke politics.

She is now in rehab after not being able to hold a job for more than a few months. Her family has run out of patience with her, and unless she has a breakthrough with a criminal psychologist, she will likely end up homeless, then dead or in jail.

Get! Your! Friend! Out!


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Sauce on image? I need this in my toolbelt for the next time some jackass makes the muh rightwing terrorists argument

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Unfortunately they are still repeating the lie that muh white supremacists are more dangerous, but imo it's a step in the right direction.

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Thanks for the insight. Are there any sources on the windstorm and telephone poles being the source of some of the fires? Would be good to add to the pile.

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I totally agree. All that said though, these Arsons seem too many too close together for it to be random jackasses.

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Because the movie will instantly get incinerated, its directors sent to jail, and the actors (rightfully) hailed as sexual exploitation survivors. All because orange man likes it, not because its CP.

Of course, it would cost him the election.

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Maybe, though if it gets out that the ol' McD is trying to tear down pride poster, they'd suffer the wrath of the woke crowd. Either they endure a struggle session, or they lose their mascot. Could this be a 4D chess move by BK?

...I'm having way too much fun with this lol

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So because a bunch of faggots in the middle east and Europe blew some shit up, threw homosexuals off of roofs, and killed tons of people, it is okay for a completely unrelated population 1000s of miles away to be Holocausted?

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Add this one to the pile. Fireworks have been a large part of the Rioters' arsenal. While not definitive, this is strong evidence of an arson attack by rioters.


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Ethnic clensing is never okay, and China does not get a pass. Your trash opinion shouldn't be even close to a bannable offense though, IMO

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So Netflix is exposing Arizonians to content that could land them in prison. Class Action Lawsuit?

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Ideas aflight

Realization that might

Be Stonetoss was right

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Fair enough. The only reason I think it was the rioters is because the fires coincide with a droppoff in riot activity in the cities, as well as the fact that the fires are primarily endangering Oregon's right-leaning communities.

Right now, all the articles "squashing" the rumors are saying the causes are still under investigation. I'll be happy to admit I was wrong if the cause is determined and it wasn't the rioters.

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