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The city let them be for too long, now they thinks it's just normal to have shit-stained tent cities on every street corner, where the residents do nothing but drugs and steal shit.

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Also, this video is staged as fuck. Feds just happen to arrive at a specific spot on a miles long border where a family was totally waiting in the water for days behind an obviously visible barbed wire barrier, camera crew in tow?

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yep, banning guns does mean that there are less guns sold on the regular market, and therefore obtaining one is harder. however, this only works in a country that has tightly secured borders and is not infested with rogue mafia. Even then, while the gun death rate goes down because guns are not available, the murder rate is not really affected.

my guess is that OP happens because the black market was able to arm the criminal easily, and the moral fiber of the country was low enough that such a criminal could exist.

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many actors have the director to blame for poor performances, and the director usually gets away with it Scott free. Jake Lloyd comes to mind.

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So a bunch of jackasses were being to loud late at night, a karen goes apeshit on them, and somehow racism. it doesn't sound like anyone involved handled this correctly, but there's no reason for this to be national news. fuck journalists.

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the thing that gets me is that those pronouns are for when you are referring to an organization or maybe an unknown individual. It's a word that has meaning, and that meaning is being usurped because some dipshit wants to feel special. I have had a few miscommunications in a corporate setting because of this bullshit.

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the cure to injustice is even more injustice

buddy you're treating the symptom, not curing it.

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what was the reason for the bad blood? is it just a simple race war? a religious dispute? a superiority complex?

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QRD? I'm not too familiar with the Armenian genocide, and frankly I didn't know it was still happening.

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at least they're doing something. that is, I hope they're doing something and not just putting on a show

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was it hated? I fucking loved that movie as a kid. it still holds up for a nostalgic movie as an adult.

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scape goats, not mascots. all they can do is tear down existing things, and they blame the minorities they claim to champion when people push back.

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to add, how could they be misinformed about the war? The Union was very clear about their plans to expand West, and as far as I'm aware the Confederacy was very explicit about their desire to be left alone.

if I was a third party standing on the edge of a civil war, I would sure as hell back the side that did not have explicit ambitions to invade my home.

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this is unironically their mentality. to them, there are no bad tactics, only bad targets.

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I could have saved them the trouble:

Based gays are obsessed with their image and have high standards when it comes to the fitness and attractiveness of their sex partners.

Virgin lesbians couldn't get a man, and are attracted to other Lesbians who also couldn't get a man. They find """romance""" in complaining about the world with eachother.

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Theirs is the enlightened way after all. they cannot suffer the barbarious heresies of the unenlightened.

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his mistake was linking any sort of news article. The only chance you have is to go directly to the source, sometime demonstrating and doing the math if applicable.

For instance, in an EV conversation I had, I pulled numbers directly from the EPA's website on how much batteries weigh, how much energy they store, and the comparisons to a 10 gallon tank of gas. Long story short: EVS are nearly twice as heavy as gas cars with less than half the energy storage capacity. with this, I was able to convince some drones that hybrids are a much better direction than full electric vehicles. (fun fact: in terms of pure energy efficiency electric motors are more than twice as efficient than gas engines, the problem is that they're pulling twice the weight with less than half the energy storage capacity)

The moment you link and article from some kind of unapproved source (in their eyes), they instantly disregard your opinion and counter with articles from their """approved""" sources. They literally do not think themselves smart enough to analyze any kind of data, so they use appeal to authority. If you can show them the data, walk them through it, in simultaneously teach them that they can analyze data and think for themselves, you can break the conditioning.

this only works on a small percentage of people since the NPC programming is very strong, but it does work occasionally.

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