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Oh yes, people who are delusional about the world owing them sex are beyond redemption, and anyone who tries to help them out of their delusion is evil or a fool.

I swear these people don't want people with mental issues to get better. They just want the ill to wallow in sorrow and loathing. If the illness is like theirs (trannies), they love them for it. If the illness is not like theirs (incel), then they pat themselves on the back as they carry out their crusade.

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True, but twitter's inherit design makes it a cesspool. The internet forums of yore were much better.

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Likely leaning on the "love thy neighbor" bit. Though the bible doesn't say much about cunts who intrude on your life and demand to be praised for self mutilation. If you go by leviticus, the rules on degeneracy are pretty clear.

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More like the National Socialist Worker's Union. Soviet union would see them straight up taking over businesses, not ordering businesses from on high while the owners still "own" their businesses.

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My identity

God I fucking hate these people. Whatever your orientation, YOUR SEX SHOULD NOT DEFINE YOU!!!!

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The two scientific papers I published were both horseshit and full of holes. One of them was paraded around by our professor because it supported his biases.

Academia ha been fucked for at least 10+ years.

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Top comment is mostly true. Though I wonder why all these climate conscious countries are importing everything from a non-climate conscious country? hmmmmmmm....

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The importation of under-the-table laborers who don't get the protection of minimum wage or worker safety laws, and are perpetually blackmailed with the threat of deportation, is a net gain to society.

Looks like the left is finally bringing back slave states.

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The only thing we saw about this show was a logo and a glorified selfie video of the director talking about how cool she is. It was going to be shit.

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Where's a good place to watch this? Or do I just need to sail the high seas?

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climate friendly.

You're telling me a currency in which hundreds of thousands of people across the world have high power PCs running 24/7 to mine this coin, and requires the electrical grid in order to even function, is more climate friendly than straight up coins or paper? Clown world indeed.

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The Animated film literally kicked off the disney Renaissance, complete with crisp animation, iconic moments, and butchered source material. It paved the way for disney's golden age all the way until Tangled, the last disney classic imo.

None of the remakes have come close to recapturing their predecessors, and the woke shit is just scratching the surface.

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