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I second this. there are few things that beat the immersion of a first person cockpit, especially in a dog fighting game.

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be """university"""

offer retarded curriculum that anyone can pass for $1000

get infinite money from immigration NGOs

take my infinite money and retire in Iceland has America burns

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I would not be surprised, but was there a mandate or law that went into place that governs this? or do they just keep it on the DL.

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there are plenty of great single player games out there, multiplayer games are not the only way to game.

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yes, but pretty much every multiplayer game with auntie cheat is spyware at this point. this goes for vac, punk buster, easy answer cheat, and every Chinese gaccha on the market. they all have root level access to your computer, and pinky promise that they won't abuse this access.

don't put your private information on your gaming machine.

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not saying that the Israeli prison system is just, but the Palestinians have been known to fake videos. best to just assume they're all fucking liars.

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Strictly speaking, an abortion procedure will save a human life if the mother is in danger from pregnancy complications. In such a case, the baby is already screwed, so I see no ethical dilemma in doing an abortion.

of course, there's a huge difference between a life-saving abortion procedure and a casual abortion because you are a hoe.

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I've been using presearch. it's a search engine aggregator instead of an actual search engine, but it's been getting me slightly more nuanced results.

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this is my experience too. the suits want ai, and they don't care what it does. it's like everyone has gone full retard.

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it almost sounded like he was venting, considering he too was passed over for promotion.

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that's not what I said.

the individuals I listed are all successful black people who don't tow the progressive party line. hence they are "white adjacent" according to progressives.

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yes, because the progressive establishment just loves Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and Kanye West /s

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Sank out ships and killed out soldiers. Goaded their allies into war and expected us to clean the mess. Lured our jewish citizens to be meatshields for the Zionist agenda. And best of all, produce (EDIT: produce, not produced) the Desert Eagle.

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man jaw

at this point I don't care if it's true or not. schkglee deserves the ridicule.

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it really isn't.

the moment someone is successful under a free society is the moment they start becoming oppressors, or "white adjacent", or what have you. they code it with race because it gets the normies to turn off their brains.

nobody wants to be a racist! everyone remembers how horrible the Nazis were, no one wants to be like them!

it's Orwellian language games at its finest.

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you miss the point. to them, Indonesians who are successful in a free society are no longer Indonesian, because they exhibit too much "whiteness". same with every other race.

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and you will also notice that whiteness is a label that is thrown at anyone who follows a successful American lifestyle. it doesn't matter if they are white, black, asian, hispanic, or anything else. if they are free, and are prospering under freedom, they are exhibiting "whiteness".

even though they code it along racial lines, the actual lines are between citizens and new immigrants.

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I found replacement theory to be mostly real, the mistake everyone is making is that they think it's on racial lines.

they're replacing citizens who have lived in a prosperous society with immigrants who are desperate and will take whatever they can get. citizens who know what prosperity looks like will do everything they can to hold on to it. immigrants coming from worst conditions will blindly follow the party's orders and keep the party in power so long as their new conditions are marginally better than their old conditions.

in the grand scheme of things, they don't care about replacing a race so much as replacing a people.

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journalist buttmad that the audience won't lap up journalist reviews

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my gut tells me NoA put them up to having Zelda star in a mainline Zelda game, that or ESG. however, judging from the trailer, it seems to be handled with taste.

it should have been called The Legend of Link though.

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if he did, fuck 'im. if he didn't, he played their games and is winning the stupid prizes.

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muh shedding light.

bitch, the light has been shed! it is been non-stop blinding in everyone's faces for at least 8 years now.

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"For those most faithful, one must never suffer a heretic to idle. Truly, schkglee who leads the lost to towards the path of righteousness is among the most holy. And ye who shall cast aside the righteous path, upon ye the torment of a thousand cultures.

blessed are those who follow the righteous path."


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