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Let's teach how Africans sold each other into slavery and for the most part never got to the stage of even a written language.

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Rhodesia was pretty based.

The book thing is dumb. People being over sensitive pansy asses as always. I hate everything.

Thanks for the info.

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Can you tl:Dr why either of these are bad to lefties? I don't keep up with gun community drama. I just want to see people shoot and talk about cool guns.

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I stopped watching them because Ian wasn't there.

Good to know I made the right choice. Fucking leftists man.

Also based Brownells.

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First lesson, of st Floyd of fentanyl...

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Just give every leftist a free helicopter ride, or deport them all to africa, and don't let them back in. It would save us a lot of problems.

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Lawsuit over damages to brand/income.

It's not impossible, just not likely to go anywhere

Also, absolute truth is a defense against defamation claims, so that's easy too

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Not only the black problem, but over use of drugs on kids (especially ssris) and turning men into ticking bombs (by blaming them for everything, but also requiring them to do everything)

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I dunno. It's definitely a bit stereotypical, but it had a lot of good bits in it too that I vaguely remember. Lots of character interaction

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White women in general hate white people and especially men more than anyone else.

They're useful idiots more than half the time.

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Yep. We should remove the invaders and return to gate keeping hard.

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I can think the game might be mechanically interesting, and I can enjoy that it pisses trannies off. And also not buy it because it's still woke in other ways.

People just want to consoooooom

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They shouldn't even be there. If you can't stand horror, why the fuck are you playing this game?

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The people who need the content warnings are a bunch of spineless faggots.

That it all.

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I think leftists should give up everything made by white people if we're so bad. The problem would solve itself.

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Because nobody on the right that's in power is willing to take actual action against the left that involves force.

I'd be perfectly fine with shooting rioters.

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More accurately, I'd say "yep, it's still wood. Just because you changed the look doesn't change what it still is".

Can't change genetics

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Don't worry. In 5 years we'll see "if you took the shots and had health problems, you still can't sue, but nobody should have taken them"

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Because it's funny.

I think he has valid points at times, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to make fun of him when he looks up onlyfans, or he and antonio go at it when one of them gets salty about something

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I can't tell if he wants to get dominated by women in bed, or he's gay.

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