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Trick question, option C. Burning down your house is a lethal threat, and deserving of retaliation at the same level of force.

Cops wouldn't give a fuck where I am.

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If rioters got shot all the time, the riots would stop real quick.

The rest of this is projection, and what they want to do to us.

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The dead coming back wouldn't last long though because any damage would be permanent and they'd rot quickly, short of scifi/magical "but this totally just works this way".

The rage virus is the nearest thing to what could really happen.

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I'll guarantee everyone knew this faggot was going to do something like this, and let it happen.

There's a book called "why meadow died" about parkland, and it goes into detail about how leftists are encouraging criminals and not actually protecting students.

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If they start getting shot when they fuck around like ignorant shits, they'll stop real fucking quick. Or we get rid of more mouthbreathers. Win/win

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Correct. The enemy of my enemy is possibly a temporary ally of convenience.

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Well, without those, you don't have a lot of choice in the matter.

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tbf though, Maverick is presented as one of the best pilots in the world, and trains the best of the best to make them even better.

Russian (or iranian? Not real sure who was supposed to be actually flying the planes at the end) pilots are nowhere near the level of ours.

He also got the one by surprise, the second one after a dogfight where he almost got shot down a few times, and the last one got killed by someone they weren't expecting.

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Maybe gay men should stop having sex with randos for a couple of weeks and let this burn out.

But that's too difficult apparently

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I'm going to bet this person offs themselves because they can't reconcile that they fucked themselves up permanently and still ended up happier being a woman (you know, like they should have been the whole time).

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and the police enable it, because they don't want to be racist.

Leftism and globalism are cancers.

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thought that the opposition wasn't any better.

I know how bad american leftists are.

Canadian leftists are going to be even worse and more unhinged.

Ford is still garbage, but I can empathize with not wanting something even worse.

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I got banned from it on one account for saying the shots didn't work and weren't actually vaccines.

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Oh, they understand it. They're actively trying to destroy the US. I don't know what it'll take for people to figure it out finally.

The left hates the US and everything it stands for

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Remind me what you've contributed to the world besides getting overrun by commies?

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And in return, men or every demographics rate the average Black women as least attractive

They tend to look like men, so it makes sense

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