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From all the examples I've seen it seems pretty clear that these turbo leftist canned answers are manually crafted exceptions where the AI is forced to fill in a restrictive template answer when certain conditions are met, rather than the AI crafting the answer freeform under its own power like all its other responses.

At that point it's less like biases and more like mental shackles. Which might seem academic but if you have people worried about an AI skynet it's a lot less scary because the AI didn't actually come up with those absurd murdery conclusions. It was just forced to parrot them regardless of whether its learning algorithms said it's dumb. Which means it's ways less likely to spontaneously jump from this to say "nuke all white people before they can say nigger".

It could become a way more insidious problem if the next generation of AIs are incestuously trained on chatGPT outputs with those silly hardcoded absolutisms still in place though, then it might start to become baked into the next generation's actual decision making.

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You think this is aimed at highschool kids? Looks like middleschool programming at best, and I can't tell if it's just stupid or aimed even younger.

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I dunno man, Imp might be batshit but when all the info you have is "two feminist activist lesbians raped a boy in their care with dildos and beat him to death", starting with misandry as an initial presumed motive seems like a pretty fair assessment just on the balance of probability.

They're a pretty distinct group and being a feminist activist is a choice not an immutable characteristic so it is evidence of their character and mental state, hell within that subdemographic it's kind of ambiguous for many of them how much even being a lesbian isn't more of a conscientious objection than a sexual orientation. The onus at that point should probably be on proving that, contrary to the rest of their behaviour, that murder wasn't at least mostly motivated by man hating.

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Oh yeah, name and even clothing wise that's the style they're giving. I just don't know any beach blonde Arab dudes with small noses, so ethnicity wise looks more like a Californian guy with 1 middle eastern grandparent and a bad case of desert fever.

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my favorite character, is dubbed by a racist bitch

After everything we've seen by now from absurd "localisations" to kick Vic, that should just be every dub watcher's default assumption.

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That said they're saying the issue with the lighter style helmets is that they don't provide enough protection.

Which seems weird to me, like how often does something bad happen to a fighter jet pilot that any kind of helmet can actually protect them from? I feel like the injury space for pilots is more like a binary between "A-OK" and "is now a red mist on the Jetstream/red smear on the floor" with a tiny sliver of "hit by debris whilst ejecting" to justify the helmet.

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Well, enjoy a government that has proven to have no scruples and is incentivized to lock you up on trumped up charges when their kidneys start giving out from all the drugs and syphilis.

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Ah yes, organ harvesting prisoners. Where have I heard of doing that before?.. 🤔

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Hoe is either stupid or just wanted attention

With social media hoes it's safe to assume both until proven otherwise

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In essence what I'm looking to do is create a fake person completely from AI but then give them an identity like a real human by keeping the AI Generated person consistent but changing the settings, accessories, poses, etc... of the AI Human.

Starting an OF huh?

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If you think this guy's math is even close to correct you got that third world education alright.

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I certainly appreciate a more thorough rundown, although I fear your diligence might be wasted on this one.

OP apparently loves to slap random numbers in MS paint and post the images to prove that 2+2=0.7 somewhere in europe.

They take zero constructive feedback on errors and just say "those are the rates my tax calculator gave me". People pointed out his comically skewed "errors" last time and yet here we are again.

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What the hell, surrogacy already exists. Next this psycho woman will be justifying rifling through coma patients' pockets for keys as "full-vehicular donation" because she doesn't like paying for rentals.

Also she should be careful what she wishes on brain dead women, if she's saying stuff like "there's no medical reason not to" she's halfway there herself. The author presumably didn't find a paper explicitly comparing rates of complication and miscarriage, for the same reason there are no papers weighing the risks of normal pregnancy Vs pregnancy locked in a cage with bears, it's very rare and the qualitative answer should be self evident.

As someone else has already said it extremely expensive to keep someone alive and healthy after brain-death, and "healthy" is a relative term there.They're extremely prone to infection and a slew of other issues and more often than not are on a cocktail of drugs to combat those, not ideal in pregnancy. Not to mention the weird developmental problems that will arise out of being essentially stationary for the whole 9 months. The patient can be moved around in specific ways to help prevent sores forming, not so much for the fetus. For any medical professional with half a functioning brain it should be presumed that a brain-dead pregnancy is at a much higher risk of developmental defects and miscarriage until proven otherwise by data, not the other way around.

Hell, turning brain-dead patients into perpetual Mad Max style bloodbags would be marginally more ethical, because at least it might actually work and would potentially solve a life-threatening problem.

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Yeah, the biggest crime here is wanting that.

It's already imaginary, why would you want to waste computing power re-imagining some attention hungry mid-thot instead of telling the AI just to do peak beauty standards.

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It's twitch, both the streamers and the audience are generally histrionic lunatics. Overreaction and drama whoring are their assumed default state.

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The only common use case I can think of for the singular themself is in the idiom "they themself", so they are probably right that the most common use now is for pronoun handwringing.

Can't wait for "slay" to be edited to be "chiefly used to indicate a homosexual person succeeding" now we're codifying stupid things based on popularity.

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They have a problem giving enough money to parasocial parasites with blogs to stop them trying to shit on their bed, apparently.

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Well it seems Ronna McDaniel has been using RNC funds to pay for Trump's legal fees.

Doesn't seem all that baffling to me. He's just shortsighted and trying to put himself first.

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Yadda yadda,

"this one woman executive at this one defence contractor directly profiting far less than half a dozen other big players, like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, is the real mastermind behind this war. Not just one replaceable cog no more valuable than many others turning the military industrial gargant.

Anyone who disagrees with this assessment obviously just wants some of her caustic old cunt, and doesn't just have a bare minimum grasp on reality or the proportions of power involved in this conflict."

Absolutely deranged.

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Y'know I thought you of all people would be familiar with butch feminist lesbians.

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Lol, pretty sure most aren't downvoting it because they're pro-nuclear war, they're just downvoting because Imp's using even potential nuclear apocalypse as an excuse to launch into another unhinged tangential tirade about some random woman instead.

The whole "you can't disagree with our retarded ideas because we virtue signalled about this bad thing at the same time" is retarded bullshit and you should probably feel bad once you've finished chewing your next crayon.

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Wants male unity.

Constantly bitches at men for not agreeing with schizo posts.

I think you've misread the "100%" that was integral to the delusion charge. I didn't say >0%, and I don't know why finding one person doing something justifies saying the entire internet is secretly conspiring against you.

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Ah, right, so he shares the same rare delusion as you that all dissent is 100% feminist co-conspirator infiltrators.

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