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Fuck me, that header image is giving 1000% "10 Images that tell the chilling backstory behind infamous serial killer" vibes.

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I presume the winner will be a "social scientist" taking a literal shit on a porcelain doll. It really would be the most concise expression of their life's work

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TBH I'd rather the first side of the coin started taking their shit back after being so blatantly backstabbed.

Not that I'm gonna shed a tear for betrayers getting a troon infestation.

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Only for one side of the coin. The more generous, self-sacrificing one fell for the lies and gave up theirs without demanding the same in return.

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I actually edited my comment almost immediately from echoing to previous comment's "animal abusers" to "animal torturers".

There's still worrying elements to lashing out at or seriously neglecting an animal in your care, but I don't think those are nearly as irredeemable as actively torturing an animal for pure sadistic pleasure.

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Some people have told me that most animal abusers don't go on to commit crimes, but I am skeptical of that.

I'll tell you one thing adult animal torturers never go on to do. Become good people.

Whether being too scared of the consequences is the cause of some not doing more, or something else, I still wouldn't trust a single one.

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Of course it's disingenuous, lying is their lifeblood, if they had any other merits they wouldn't be such scum.

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"Do you have a friend who likes to bake? Ask them if they like manually mixing batter or using an electric mixer."

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Haha, I really did mindbreak you into being unable to read. None of any of these replies even seem like you read all the way to the end, they're more like the copy-paste keyword responses you get from customer service chatbots

Go back to remedial class, you're not ready for the AP stuff yet.

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Yeah-no, that is an actual atheist position.

The Christian position is calling the urge to be good "God's Grace".

Calling it "common decency" and making no effort to explain it is the weird, superstitious cult position, where you offer no tangible evidence, only feelings.

The atheist, skeptical position is attempting to explain that observed reality with an actual rational explanation from some fundamental principle.

And I wasn't talking about the title there, I was talking about the clickbait reply. Where you don't explain yourself upfront and instead say "Do this and I'll tell you what I mean"

why do you want an answer from me?

Just holding you to your word. I'm very comfortable with my own rationale for how morality can exist in the absence of a god, but I am curious as to why you're trying so hard not to engage with that reason or explain your own alternative.

why need religion again?

I mean personally I don't. But given that you tried to reject it and still keep falling for the every superstition peddling snake oil salesman you watch on YouTube it seems pretty apparent that some people are just mentally incapable of living independently.

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Oh no, it's regressing again. I can't answer you for the Christians, I'm not one of them. I'd have thought that I'm arguing from the position of atheism should have been obvious by now.

So now that weird rhetorical hostage situation has been defused, you can go ahead and explain why you think atheists choose not to rape. The clickbait promise has me waiting with bated breath.

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I mean if anyone knows about having violent mental breakdowns....

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It's a dumb girl who wanted to wear a shirt-vest and short hair combo but didn't want to be something as passé as plain lesbian, so called herself non-binary.

She was attacked in the girls' bathroom and the rule in that school district is you go to the bathroom of your sex assigned at birth. Nex is her gender ambiguous make-believe name, it's been scrubbed from the easily searched internet because we live in a dystopian hellhole, but some places accidentally reported her original name initially and I believe it was just a normal girl's name.

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Did you reply to the wrong comment or did I mindbreak you into plagiarizing unrelated rebuttals?

You even left empty gaps to quote things that could actually make your comment make sense as a reply to someone else.

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I think history has shown that once a country passes the first three figures the sky's the limit. Or however much ammunition they have.

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Normally I would assume the complete lack of anyone leaking the details of the three who beat her up would be Coulter's law. 3 on 1 school beatings with a focus on inflicting head trauma is certainly a cultural staple for certain demographics.

But given how based the actual authorities have been so far with wanting to change the Nex girl as the primary aggressor, and denying any link between her death and the fight. They may just be upholding the legal requirements to protect minor's identity out of a duty to the law instead of hiding an inconvenient truth. It'd also be promising if normal kids are finally learning to become part of the cautionary tale of "fuck around and find out".

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Gotta love the clinically insane obsession that makes you think not wanting to join a war with a bunch of assholes you don't know automatically means you care about nothing.

There are a million things I care about more than a bunch of middle easterners middle easting each other for the thousandth time.

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The enemy's footsoldiers are certainly retarded. The ones ultimately holding the purse strings behind the cult front may be at least semi-competent.

They just have no moral compunction against luring idiots into a self-destructive cult just to use as cost effective cannon fodder.

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Most people have the decency to control their ego not to do anything to steal the limelight from the couple.

But gender denying fools have proven time and again they are far less decent than most people.

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"We need a name, something that says Ramona Flowers but newer and more progressive"


"You're a genius!"

Writing rooms are crèches for adult retards now.

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Honestly I'm not sure how viable high speed rail is that close to a fault line anyway. The tolerances on the track quality aren't that big so it could be that the whole line is constantly out of commission for inspection/repair after every minor quake.

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Insanity about getting dumped by a girl for not sending good morning texts escalating into a bunch of additional bullshit demands which even when met still makes the man "unattractive" to her.

Eventually culminates in saying that the man wasn't actually dumped, he chose this.

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But the earth isn't a closed system, it's an open system in approximate equilibrium. Averaged over the course of a day it gains about 120,000 TW from the sun and radiates about that much back out to the rest of the universe every second. And in an equilibrium system adjusting environmental factors can easily shift that equilibrium point of constant energy up or down. Indeed in our current period of geological warming the earth is gaining about 460 TJ a second from the slight imbalance between incoming and outgoing. And all of that is moot anyway because available energy doesn't translate 1:1 to human material wealth. We waste plenty of energy on making hyper consumerist slop that is designed to fail after 3-5 years and throw everything away, instead of designing to last for 50+ years with occasional replacement of minor wear parts for a similar cost. And competent, motivated engineers could cut the energy required to manufacture the same in half compared to slothful token hires. Even if it were a closed system our efficiency of converting energy into work is still waaaaay away from a perfect 1:1, so there's plenty of net gains to be made still. And so far in history harmonious, cooperative societies with a strong shared sense of purpose have proven to be the most efficient converters of effort into results.

And yeah it's more or less true that people you could identify as white would still be most likely to share your same biological traits, even extending to a theoretical inherent sense of fairness and community duty. But only most likely to, not guaranteed. Whiteness is only a rough proxy for the values that actually matter for a successful society, especially now, after 60 years of melting pot theory dominating America even among the people who still appear white they are varying degrees of admixture, even just one great grandparent of a different ethnicity that proxy measure becomes much less reliable. And which whites are you keeping, only the Northern European ones? Italian and Spanish immigrants have their own histories of being disproportionately violent and criminal too after all. And conversely Scandies have a history of being unbearably smug fucks. If you're planning to exclude those people too just to be sure, then you're probably going to look at removing more tham 50% of the population now which is a near untenable goal. The inverse of that proxy is true too, if a black guy keeps a strong, respectable moral character in spite of the cultural rot that is african american culture trying to drag him down specifically, he probably has a stronger inherent sense of those values than a white guy with that same character, but with the help of positive cultural influences.

The lines have been muddied and blurred too much now, to have a harmonious cooperative society with a shared inherent purpose you would need some sort of crucible that tests those civic and personal values directly to sort the good from the bad. Or tease out the actual measurable biological factors and go by those directly instead of a faulty proxy.

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I think you're going a bit too hard on the truisms now.

There are forms of prosperity that are not part of a zero sum, and instead increase the total sum instead. Primarily technical innovations, but even social structures can be more efficient than others and reduce lost or wasted resources. Until we build a Dyson sphere or something there are myriad ways in which energy is being used ineffectively, and not everything that learns to grow faster has to be a cancer.

And sure life isn't fair, the universe is seemingly indifferent to our existence, but I'm talking about people. They can be fairminded, or they can be decidedly not. And as for the subjectivity, if the instinctive feel of what is and isn't fair is a biological predisposition, then there will almost certainly be others who share the same or close enough to be compatible feelings. Those are your people. As a people with a shared vision of fairness it is in your interest to advance your collective position over any other subjective position to the point that your desires, like changes to felony gun laws, are implicitly understood and desired by those running the state, rather than having to try and force the hand of leaders who don't share your values. The benefits of a shared, implicit moral framework are huge, and if your sense of fairness includes being able to trust even felons with a gun post-punishment, absolutely vital to living in a society you feel is fair.

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