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Wrong. It's the other kind of male feminist, the one that identifies with women a little too much

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More common than believed if you're a beta tradcuck. Anyone who actually spends time with women has known better forever.

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"We" don't deserve it, but the normies who keep supporting this shit absolutley do. Most of which are women

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Duh. Any patriots were weeded out of the military by the vax mandates. Retards like that are all thats left

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lol no need to assume, Chrissie. There's zero doubt it was a faggot. Normal people dont do this shit, even to people they dont like.

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This is about Unicorn Overlord, which I'll say after having played and enjoyed the demo, the issue I have with it isnt the usual problem with localization inserting its own politics or whatever, its the overly flowery dialogue thats in every medieval SRPG since the FFT remaster on PSP. Its overly complicated and awkward sounding just to convey basic ideas. You're not Shakespeare, translators, stop trying so hard to sound like him. Or at least get someone who has an idea about how to construct a sentence in Ye Olde English to consult on the project instead of trusting the millennials that currently do it.

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The most telling aspect of this is the drab overalls. Destroying beauty to turn women into drones for the state.

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Is this legit? Any canuckians in here?

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Who cares. No one should be using Google. Let it die

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Tim Pool didnt call shit. God I hate that grifting faggot

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Nah he was defintely wrong. They (Islamists) hate us because we're Zionist puppets. Nothing else.

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I really wouldn't trust anything posted on reddit. 95% is just a creative writing excersise mixed with some rage bait for engagement

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That game is probably the main reason all this discussion of ST has come up recently

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Does know how to make an entertaining movie, tho

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I have Prodeus, it's fun but gets repetitive after awhile. Elden Ring DLC I haven't even finished the main game lol.

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