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That bottom one activates my inner cynic and makes me think this was all a ploy to get libs voting, along with every other political emergency of the last few years.

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Its a mix of womens egos, simps and conserva-cucks treating women with kid gloves, and evil globalists taking advatange of it all

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I just had my second account perma banned, too. Didnt tell me why, just a link to the entire set of rules and figure it out, I guess

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You mean exactly like the US is doing now?

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Im willing to bet a huge chunk of these reddit threads are fake, either trolls or shills

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and yet my workplace just put up a sign this week saying "Masks are back, mandatory in all buildings!" There is zero doubt in my mind its solely about compliance now.

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The person who did this doesnt believe in anything other than what hes told to

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Every single one of their complaints is projection. They're just laying the groundwork so they can do it and if anyone complains, go "but the other side did it first!"

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Its not, Moneys sick expierement proved that

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If not sexually, then definitely emotionally

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Yea, marching at events hours and miles away from actual protests, and purposely leaking videos of them saying "sieg heil" are 100% the actions of people accomplishing great things

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Bruh, PF literally only exists to be the living boogeyman of the establishment. They've had multiple phony as fuck "leaks" that show they're white supremacists, they always show up at controversial rallies cept miles away from the actual protest so they can't be unmasked, Nobody has ever heard of them before the establishment press started writing about them...

If you think this is a genuine movement, you're a colossal tool

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Men let it get this bad. If our anscetors (like grandparents) had put their foot down, none of our current mess would exist.

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All men have not been tradcucks throughout history. At best only high class men were like that, and only in recent history. Most of human history has been treating women as lesser, including all throughout civilization, across multiple cultures

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100%. Simps and tradfags have the same view of women as superior to mens lives, and the cucked morality of the west is the result of it.

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This dude was the trifecta of cuck for most of his life; Canadian, socialist and Christian. Thats a deep level of spinelessness that isnt ever going away

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My dad was with Teamsters his entire career. Recently retired and getting his pension has been a massive pain in the ass, mainly because the head of his local union was recently caught embezzling funds for years, and they're having trouble getting it all back.

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Basically, I just want less governing power for the Feds and have it concentrated in local towns instead. Taxes, zoning laws, etc. The fed only exists to run the military and the courts. That would solve like 90% of our problems right now.

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I dont care about LGBT people on their own. Push this shit, however, and you're my enemy.

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