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Remember all of the articles saying the prequels sucked and the IP should be given to someone else? Remember how right before the first sequel we were told it was dedicated to the true Star Wars themes?

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The kids section at book stores and you stores have basically replaced TV shows and a few movies with specific Videogames. Five Nights at Freddy's, Roblox, and Bendy as far as the eye can see.

Something more is going on with these specific games and their popularity.

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And Nintendo is wondering if they get games like Microsoft did with Minecraft. Nothing to Sony, releases to Xbox, PC, and Nintendo with the XBox online network set up.

Disney then buys Sony, and we watch the fireworks from there.

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I've read he is being pushed out after the deal is finished. It could be hogwash though.

I remember the same thing happening with Mojang, so there is a precedent here.

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The rest will be released on other consoles as normal.

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Yes. It can become Rare.

The question is, can it get better?

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It reminds me of Public Opinion about star wars right before Disney bought Lucasarts.

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Richest person I've ever met was from Mexico City. She walked into restaurants and ordered whatever she felt like without looking at the menu. They gave it to her, and she left a very nice tip.

You could play Horizon 5 in real life.

What shocks me about Mexico is how much the Mexican culture drops when it enters the USA. The radio stations are full of different music styles even in Jalisco. Go to Yakima or Phoenix and it's the bad band music.

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All those rumours and accusations make a different story when we realize MSoft was looking to buy. The big M may have rung Activision through the sewers of the public eye to get a better deal.

Microsoft now owns formerly Playstation mascots.

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When I say I am headed to the beach, even if I swim out far, I end up back at the beach when finished. Mind you it could be a different beach at first. Just a longer route back to where my stuff is.

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But if I swim out into the ocean, and duck below every wave, I am still heading to the beach in this comparison. I am not going against the flow, I am using it to my advantage.

A wave is only powerful in a specific area, if I duck below it, and emerge from the other side wet but untouched. Much as the majority of the USA population is non voters who ignore DC for the most part.

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You may have stumbled onto a trick. They are using the generation gap to trick kids into it. They think they are belling and fighting the man, by doing exactly what Poochie tells them to do.

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So those who do resist and go against the flow to improve themselves have a higher chance of progress than those who try to stay within flow?

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Dimslee! Oh that's a good one.

Talking about being from Washington sounds more and more like I'm a refugee.

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I actually enjoyed the second season, but can agree the SJWness is weird. Why are random cultures there for no apparent reason? This character is black? Why?

This character is Asian?

Why on earth is this character Caribbean?! I swear some of it falls into magical black character.

However, someone must have tamed the SJW because Ciri has to earn anything, and even then she's nothing compared to others around her. She has power, but no control of it. The women are important, but not everything. Vesmir had the most emotion and character throughout.

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