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I hate to be overly sensitive but once they pack entertainment with nonsense I’ve just happily been watching shows from 2014 or prior.

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I recently found a reprint of the original Eternals. I need to find some if the New Gods. I know that Hollywood won’t be telling Jack Kirby’s story.

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Speaking of video games I’m still playing modded Skyrim. Also there are so many old shows that I still need to watch like Babylon 5 and I still love Leave it to Beaver reruns.

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Well it’s just a message box where they ask your reason. But like most modern day providers of entertainment I doubt they care that not everyone is a leftist.

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P Diddy I’ll save you some time..... Address the high rate of out of wedlock births, work to stop the notion that a black person who is the least bit smart is acting white, stop glorifying ignorant behavior, speak against victim mentality, and finally understand that you can address legit bad cops while also stopping the false narratives about cops.

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Honestly at this point why not just put up or shut up. Move to another country if you feel America is so evil and racist.

Also the major problem America has regarding race is that there is a low supply and an extremely high demand. Teaching young minds to hate this country and peddling false narratives and convincing people that being colorblind is a bad thing. That is the real danger.

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Cool! I’ve been collecting comic books since I was 10 (now 40) and I remember reading that at some comic shops the back issues out sell current stuff. There are a few modern day comics I like but I’m turned off by a lot of them. One thing I’ve enjoyed is picking up original avengers, Thor, and fantastic four runs.

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I recently found the entire Conan collection by Howard. I need to check out the others you mentioned. Robert Heinlein is my all time favorite author and I know he loved Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Up until about 2014 I used to buy an anthology of the best sci-fi/fantasy stories from the previous year. But now the Hugo awards seem to care more about diversity than story.

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That’s true but Hulu is cheaper and they have a lot of older shows I want to watch. But yea their political stuff is all one sided.

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I mean they could just report on the games. Minus their social commentary that has nothing to do with the game

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As soon as there is a more Bush style republican candidate the media will go back to hating them.

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I’m black but I guess I’m in the “not really black category” because I don’t feel America is oppressing me. I also have this weird prediction that the idiots destroying their community will be whining about how nobody will open up businesses in their neighborhoods in a few years.

I hope he doesn’t cave but honestly as long as you ignore the high rate of out of wedlock births along with high crime rates nothing will happen. Also throw in the tendency to mock anyone who is the least bit intelligent

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I’m black and I agree with you. I’d honestly love for someone to have the guts to say “as long as you have sky high single parenthood rates, mock everyone who shows any intelligence, and don’t hold yourself accountable the results will be the same”. I mean the best thing would be less government and the whole graduate high school at least, don’t have kids before age 20, and be married before having kids. That works across all races.

But root causes of issues aren’t what people are interested in. This whole summer has disgusted me. To see the rioting and looting and all of it excused. One idiot in the media called it “anger from slavery”. Funny that my grandparents were closer to slave times but they never felt the need to destroy stuff.

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Larry Elder had on the lead detective of that case who is now retired but the detective was black. I knew it was a fishy series due to it being on Netflix and produced by Ava Duvernay.

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That’s what I was thinking. Didn’t they Prove this about Egyptians? And a check of history would show Cleopatra wasn’t black. Hopefully Gadot doesn’t cave.

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Well I was foolish enough at the beginning to think it was about hiring the best/most qualified person regardless of race or gender. You can quit laughing now. Lol. Society should’ve kept pushing the “judge by content of character” mentality like they did in the 80s or 90s

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Especially when diversity is really just an anti-white agenda

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