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I’m only vaguely familiar with British politics. I know labor is left wing and Tory is conservative. What is reform exactly? Are they for less or no immigration?

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I know Spanish so I can understand something not being able to fully convey a thought sometimes or losing something in translation but wasn’t the issue here activists injecting political stuff where none existed in the Japanese version?

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Thanks. I couldn’t remember who put that out. If I’m not mistaken they took it down due to backlash

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I hate stuff like this along with the word “heteronormative”. Despite their efforts the vast majority of people are straight. Nothing wrong with saying heterosexuality is the norm. Lgbt is a niche audience with entertainment. It will never have mass appeal.

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Well they also said being punctual is white supremacy. I have yet to hear someone use “micro aggression” in a serious conversation although sadly the DEI VP at work sent us an email with this crap

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I love Pluto, crackle, and Tubi. So much older content

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It wasn’t controversial. First mention I can remember are young millennials/old Gen z types whining. Why some young people should never watch anything made before they were born since they are brainwashed to find racism or sexism in everything

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I thought it was good and it made me start buying older daredevil comics. Growing up I mainly read Spider-Man when it came to marvel since my budget was limited so I would only see Daredevil when he crossed paths with Spidey. Now I want to get the Miller run

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And they are shocked that people are sick and tired of a group that is massively over represented

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I’ve definitely learned that over the past few years

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Off topic but I’ve been debating doing a binge of scrubs since I saw some Gen z types whining about it. Worth it?

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I just found it sad. Said a prayer for her so I hope she accepts who she actually is one day

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Makes sense. If you allow the gay flag then how can someone deny it if a group of Christians wanted the city to put up the Christian flag. Same with all the schools who have blm and lgbt nonsense all over the place. But of course it’s not political when they do it

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Or the “we just wanna get married crowd”

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Didn’t realize it was out. I know they had some Christians speaking in the documentary. The type of Christians who claim the Bible conveniently is ok with every leftist trend

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Very true. And one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that you have blacks today who sound like they were slaves in 1800s or talk about generational trauma and nobody is allowed to simply ask them to explain how they are feeling pain today from something abolished in 1860s

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