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That’s pretty much what I do when I rewatch them. Which isn’t often but when I do it’s older episodes

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Sick people if they are against this bill. But I thought storming a capitol was the worst thing ever.

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I was disappointed they didn’t go after the Covid nonsense or mock “peaceful protests”

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I’m sure they will quote Booker T Washington about the dangers of race hustlers. But in all seriousness parents need to push back or take kids out of these schools if they can. Also vote out these school board members that push this

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I had to stop keeping up with star trek.com. I get they want to push their new stuff but I hate that it’s at the expense of crapping on the old stuff

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Yea I still follow Nerdrotic and the crew. I love when they get into good sci-fi or retro stuff. I’m into paranormal/UFOs/ancient civilizations and he started a show for that. Razorfist talks about pulps and stuff. But like you said I’d love something dedicated to good old fashioned sci-fi.

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Ive been looking for one myself. Tor.com became ridiculous.

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I agree. I never understood the logic that it happened in the past so it’s ok.

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I loved the first book and even though I know the spoilers I’m still interested in reading them. But I’ve got a lot of the old republic stuff to catch up on as well. I remember when I heard about Disney’s Kenobi show and was thinking that it was clear cut an agenda because it sounded like they just wanted to have women overshadow Kenobi. The legends book should’ve been the template for the show.

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PC Gamer is a garbage site. I don’t think I’ve ever read a review of theirs where they can’t shut up about some talking point and simply review the game. Rowling is being attacked for believing that men are not women which was a normal statement for eons til these weirdos gained influence.

If I ran one of these gaming magazines or sites I’d fire these journalists and tell them to apply for msnbc

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