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Why they are so obsessed over yet another make up story/concept

Because that's all they have and questioning any of it leads to the house of cards coming crashing down.

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realizes he has the power to just "deal with" all the people he thinks are out to get him

I mean, they are out to get him, that's part of the problem. The dad tries to shoot him in the back of the head, the mom tries to stab him with space metal.

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It has some wonky servers at times but movies2watch will probably have everything you ever want to watch. If the upcloud option doesn't work then it's probably not going to.

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The whole forested region is sealed off while body-armoured police watch the treeline nervously.

Ah so they're sending the bears tinned food now, because body armour isn't going to fucking stop one that tries even slightly!

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This is the thing that doesn't get brought up enough in this Bear vs Man idiocy.

Bears don't wait for you to be dead before they start eating you.

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Probably because they were getting too many questions asking just who the oppressors were meant to be and realised they fucked up spectacularly trying to insert BLM bullshit into Japan.

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That's a lot of words to say he's a faggot.

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one of the best storylines I've ever seen in an RPG(for Sith players, if nothing else.

LS SW is unironically one of the more interesting playthroughs in the game.

Though the Imperial Agent storyline is chefs kiss)

Damn, right!

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so hard when your students only know about intimate details of your personal life

No it fucking isn't! Fuck off with this shit, they don't need to know!

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HK-47 is who I worry for.

Inb4 trans robot who loves Revan.

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She's a brunette Brit, KK is already lining up her next self-insert and won't even need to change much about the appearance.

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The whining sure feels heavier.

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One of them was still alive and a defense prosecution witness at the trial!

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How soon until the first "leak" of customer data that will include various forms of dox, personal bank detail, private materials, and more?

Ofc that's probably the intention so MS can simply sell the data on to interested parties, or even just the sitting Government who can also then edit in the logs and plant files as needed, when wanted.

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Women who fetishise gay men, whether the men in question are actually gay or not. This includes men who are related like in Supernatural where the leading male characters are literal blood brothers, in addition to one of the brothers and an angel.

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