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The UK Government is about to go to war on pornography and appease both the feminists who believe it is exploitative and harmful to women while

While also pissing off "sex positive" feminists who make said porn. This is going to be glorious and I advise everyone to stock up on plenty of popcorn. Salt will not be required because there will be ample amounts everywhere.

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Create a target rich environment? That's a bold move, let's see how it plays out.

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Lior saw one juror start to cry with them, they recalled. Another juror reached into their bag, pulling out tissues as they nodded, Lior said.

And then all the wymxn clapped!

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Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has gone on record on Sky News to tell companies to keep men who "talk about women in that way" out of the public light or else.

He's probably basing that on his own experience after, rightfully, calling a woman a "bigoted" while near enough to a microphone. He was of course tarred and feathered for this despite being correct.

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As a Jew who was one of the people unknowingly applauding a Nazi soldier, I can hardly imagine a more embarrassing moment.

Says more about the complete lack of imagination of this moron.

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Ethan Ethiopian coming at you fast on a bike in the wrong lane!

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this game .. has made me angry towards women...

Is Imp secretly one of the devs playing the long con of recruiting converts?

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The razor is meant to be used for cutting off your hair, not your tits! If you failed this basic instruction /wrists.

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Step 1: "This isn't for you!"

Step 2: "Why didn't you financially support this?!"

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Fall upwards to another project.

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So you're saying the sister was evil and the White Witch clearly saved her universe from an existence of suffering by euthanising everything instead? 🤔🦞

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Every time they bitch about this remind them how they voted. If the complain remind them again. Keep reminding them until they get the message this is their own fault and you are not their agony aunt.

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"How do you solve anyone coming back later?"


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Poe's Law in full force.

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their own cells

Cells built by Obama and still open under Biden, but remember kids, "Orange man bad!".

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Well going by 4chan rules "OP is a faggot", so...

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It's 4chan, most posts on there are larps and/or trolling to caues arguments and reactions like this thread.

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Reddit is 100% supporting these allegations

Meanwhile, the allegations made against Biden...

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