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boycotts work if you support non-woke alternatives -

ghosts of tsushima was pretty non-woke

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Venezuela used to have the 5th highest GDP per capita before they embraced identity politics and socialism over merit and capitalism

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Academics are so corrupt- Harvard’s TH chan public health department said it was ok to go looting for BLM during a pandemic :


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I fell This somewhat explains why google is full of “trans women”

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Julian Assange and wikileaks was the first to be banned by mastercard/paypal.

He embarrassed the DNC.

Nothing he ever published has been proven to be false though.

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The Legacy financial system is trying to control free speech.

Hopefully the Fed quickly inflates the dollar to zero so nobody uses it

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This is how every scientific model and economic model works - you have so many variables you can show whatever your boss wants to see.

Fun fact - in most scientific papers the source code behind the model is never even published.

Peers approve the paper as long as it agrees with the narrative that gets your industry the most funding.

This is why climate change models have to be hysterical. But are never checked.

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That's not surprising - Labour almost explicitly endorses her message of "rape victims should shut their mouths for the sake of diversity"

edit - I thought you were talking about Naz Shah - who ALSO got promoted to a cabinet position.

Despite Labour losing worse than any other bi-election cycle, the leadership appears to be jumping on the racist hiring bandwagon.

BUT, luckily the UK population seems tired of their anti-white agenda (if not their anti male).

If labour continue at this rate of decline - they will not exist in the UK in a decade....

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Plot twist -

when your Mayor mind reads fantastical intention.

It is only possible because “racial cleansing” is inside the Mayor’s mind

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Labour changed the law in the UK to allow anti-white (openly racist) practices in their shortlists.

Here they kicked out the popular and long time serving woman because she was white....


And replaced her with a 23 year old muslim woman who can barely speak...

Because she was hired specifically by stealing her position by race - she is one of the UK’s most racist and anti-white politicians...


She ignored covid lockdowns to support violence :


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Another shortlist candidate forced onto her constituents is dawn butler.

Here she released a doctored video of a police stop to make it look like she was driving (she was the passenger)


She called the police racist for stopping her. (The driver was a white guy)

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Probably lower for blacks - it’s mainly white people who are getting struck by lightning. Inner cities are probably safe

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Women have massive in group preference.

It almost always pays to blow smoke up their asses like telling a kid that santa claus is real.

Everytime you see female firefighters and cops - someone was under pressure to Clearly lie about their abilities and reality.

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