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They want you sick enough so you can't think straight. But they also want you (barely) alive to milk you.

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"If you don't 100% agree with my authoritarian politics, you want everyone to die!" This is the kind of mentality we're fighting here.

No you dolt, me disagreeing with your methods doesn't make me an evil person, I just think other methods are better.

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It's still a Left VS. Right thing, this is just simplifying it.

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That's not the point. The point was that the Left doesn't leave people alone, where as the right does.

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Article: https://archive.is/hMnDU

While Florida’s vaccination rate is slightly higher than the national average, the Sunshine State has an outsize population of elderly people, who are especially vulnerable to the virus; a vibrant party scene; and a Republican governor who has taken a hard line against mask requirements, vaccine passports and business shutdowns.

They're not even hiding it.

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Look at the account it was made in February 2021.

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The chart doesn't even make sense

None of this even makes any sense.

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I'm certain 100% of them voted for Obama

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I love Mark Hamill as an actor, but goddamn is he an NPC. Also, Hamill would you like platforms to “fact check” your false claims?

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Let me guess, the channel is David Pakman?

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10+ years from now, how will you explain to children who were born and or raised after the lockdown about it?

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Goddamn look at the replies...

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I’m pretty sure the ratings include live-streaming services as well. Even if it didn’t, that doesn’t explain why the ratings had such a drastic drop compared to last year.

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Most popular player On the most popular team With more people staying home than ever before With 40m+ higher population

Yet ratings remain mediocre.

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Reddit is certainly not representative of the book community (or any community really); the vast majority of bookworms don't discuss it online. Reddit has become a complete cesspool of NPC's who are completely okay with political agendas crammed into movies/shows/games/books as long as it fits their worldview.

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