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Weak men fall and their cities die. Let this be a fallow season. -Madder Mortem

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Whilst not dystopian the Vogons from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fall into this.

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Can't have bad reader interactions if you never interact with them!

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Hunter is obviously doing a Kennedy family 100% speed run.

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We'Re oN tHe RiGhT sIdE oF hIsToRy

If you have to keep reminding people you're the good guys you're not the good guys.

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These people only learn when something literally penetrates their thick skulls. Of course they're either dead or brain damaged at that point so nothing is truly learned.

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Put another one up but rub some poison ivy/oak or really hot peppers on it }:-}

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Thankfully my parents, who are in their mid sixties, are based and red pilled. Both have dealt with their fair share of authoritarian assholes throughout their lives and they're not having any of this current brand of horseshit.

Hell, my mother stopped taking the seasonal flu vax decades ago because just kept giving her the full blown flu.

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Just clean out the communal non-binary transmission flesh light after you use it and it's all cool.

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Dude experimented with dead baby parts. Also his ex-wife claimed he abused her, take that for what it is worth in today's PoundMeToo climate.

So all around just a lovely fellow.

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The only thing a diversity officer in a military should be doing is acquiring a variety of arms and armor.

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If the US military makes Charlie dance the Foxtrot any harder he's gonna have a heart attack.

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you missed him wearing an "ADHD is awesome" shirt.

Holy fuck I completely missed that.

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