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Anybody know where he's hiding these days? This guy is such a pussy loser, who votes for these neutered pansies? Look at that sad lifeless thing.

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Can't turn this ship around fast enough for me. Monday will be fine.

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For the first time in 68 years, mi esposo has become a registered voter this year. I was gobsmacked.

I became a registered voter in 1972 when 18 year olds were granted the vote.

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The core of what she's saying, with complete aplomb, is that the Chinese developed a GMO virus and unleashed it on humanity intentionally and knowingly.

That's beyond shocking. And certainly beyond just US politics.

The fucking Chinese are literally willing to use the global population as guinea pigs in their race to win, no holds barred. Whatever it takes, do it.

We actually lived in China for a couple of months and I hated it, but are they really so evil as to poison any/all random susceptible global victims; just because?

Almost unthinkable really. That's what makes this story important.

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One of the Saudi royals owned a big chunk of twitter stock, but I think he sold it a few years ago. I don't know who the controlling shareholders are now.

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Full show with Dr. Li-Meng Yan from Sept. 15, 2020 on bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/video/tBnOuj5TTw73/

Full show from the next day Sept.16 where he reiterates the verity of the previous bombshell show - https://www.bitchute.com/video/GYRtMBCvh04o/. Either Fox or youtube removed the Sept. 16 show from their YT channel, I can't find it there.

And of course the removal of Dr. Li-Meng Yan's twitter account where she published her findings.

Her research can be found preserved both here - https://project-evidence.github.io/#%28part._the-end%29, and here - https://zenodo.org/record/4028830#.X19xByXZglR

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I think it's important that [we] whatever resistance exists, continues to maintain their position on the absolute human right to individual civil liberties.

Never never give that away. Not for the promise of anything. The great minds of the Enlightenment who constructed America's founding documents were not wrong.

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It's SCieNcE!

[Serious door studies have been done to determine the germ detonation rate in a vestibule under normal traffic conditions]

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Sorry, I don't know how to clip a video.

And I generally like this show anyway. It reminds me of Garrison Keillor's show I used to listen to on Sundays, Prairie Home Companion. (too bad he got metoo'd)

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If you had been in my US west coast city in March of this year when the covidium crisis was announced, you wouldn't have been able to find a packet of dried ramen noodles anywhere for months .,.

Enjoy the PB&J while the getting's good. Keep a spare on hand.

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I want to stop comparing things - to the 60's, to cattle cars from WWII, guillotines from the French revolution, to napalm from the Vietnam war - those are not coming back.

This is a deep and abiding change that does not have the same trademarks as previous upheavals, We need to stop looking for those hallmarks and recognize this change as being totally different from what has come before in terms of overt brutality/vs. overt brainwashing and control.

This shit is real, right here right now and without warning, I'm expecting things to get worse at a moments' notice. Your life could blow up before your very eyes while we still argue about which side is right and which side is wrong.

You could be toast either way, that's what I'm sayin'. These are unprecedented times which could lead to a lot of hard times for a lot of people who still don't understand what a serious global/political/financial/biological corner we have wedged ourselves into.

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You needed more proof?

When those fukwads started defining what was a meal and what was not if you wanted to go drink a beer somewhere, and shutting off electricity for private properties that had unapproved guest gatherings, those were already dead giveaways.

I was at the doctor a few weeks back whose office is in a hospital where I spend way too much time, talking to one of the nurses in an exam room. I took off my homemade flower mask waving the POS in the air and asked her if she thought that the dumb square of cotton was keeping me safe. Nurse said "of course not."

This covid bullshit is nothing but politics now.

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I have to say what a piece of shit this NYT article is. Tell us about the shooting just happened, not three pages of editorialized blather. God that is annoying newspaper, just give us the news for chrissake.

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You know they're going to open every one of those return envelopes hoping for a check. Right now I'm leaning toward scrawling "Go Fuck Yourself" in large letters across the donation form. I'm open to suggestion.

Other KIA's will surely be seeing these same beseeching letters from Nancy. We should bury her mailroom in postage paid insults.

Poll that CNN.

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I live in a part of Seattle that was cut off from the rest of Seattle in March when the main connecting bridge, the busiest portion of roadway in Seattle, was closed in an emergency move one Monday afternoon at 3:00.

That stranded 100,000 Seattle residents from the rest of the city, no good alternative to the West Seattle bridge exists. The actual city of Seattle owns that bridge and they have no money and no plan for fixing it. One of our Congresscritters (Jayapal?) was yammering about getting federal funds to fix the bridge problem.

Well, well, well ... I guess we'll see how that goes.

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Dear god, how is CNN staying in business? Do their viewers not notice the blatant contradiction here? I don't see how they pass this stuff off as any kind of reasonable journalism.

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I'm reserving a conclusion in lieu of clearer evidence, still observing.

Shooting a man in the back 7 or 8 times sounds abusive to me at this point. But I wouldn't go out and set the city on fire in response either.

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I'm not totally up on what happened there, and it seems confirmed that there was a knife involved, but how many times do you shoot a man in the back for that?

I have to say that it sounds excessive force. And I think he just died.

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Yeah, it was the photo of little kids in their "new normal" face masks that raised my ire.

Five bucks says these kids are going to be wearing face masks many times in their government lockdown American future lives.

Remember how the soviets distributed and trained their citizens and children to wear gas masks?

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While watching this I was just trying not to snort Jack Daniels up my nose. Internet historian is a diabolical creature, absent too often.

And btw, I think AmazonGo had the last of its windows smashed out in Seattle tonight. Again.

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