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"Gullible idiot gets played by Putin, responds by doubling down"


Russia never had any intention of making peace on any terms remotely acceptable to Ukraine.

The idiot doesn't say how "the west" blocked anything, because it never happened, and "the west" is powerless to do anything if Russia and Ukraine want to settle anything.

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All I want is to force the libtards to all live in 1 place and put cameras everywhere so we can watch them eat each other.

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Comedy: Tim Dillon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4woSp8ITBoYDmjkukhEhxg Internet Historian https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1D15p_vdP3HkrH8wgjQRw Casually Explained https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr3cBLTYmIK9kY0F_OdFWFQ Paymoneywubby https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4P1wf7gNZ1A19xNw863KwQ Kyle Dunnigan https://www.youtube.com/c/KyleDunniganComedy

Media critics: RedLetterMedia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTNhL_yO3tPTdQ5XgmmWjA Critical Drinker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJPFQdZwrOutnmSFYtbstA Mauler https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXX1iQGufHujuIvQ38MPKMA Voxis https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVm16YNvy3AaEG7T8bcPGtQ

Game reviews (some are more like comedy): FG3000 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpSnnINsuhXB7SZ3BaKWZFA Worthabuy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCywBfpGBYhsczNuyyh6Cf6w SsethTzeentach https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD6VugMZKRhSyzWEWA9W2fg ambiguousamphibian https://www.youtube.com/c/ambiguousamphibian Nerdslayer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwFcYaaqDSkzaA0CipV2BA Mandaloregaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOGLGPOqlAiLmOvXW5lKbw The Spiffing Brit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHXUZ0BxbkU2MYZgsuFgkQ Dunkey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsvn_Po0SmunchJYOWpOxMg

Politics: ADV Podcasts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcukTqc1cJJ4K3c4uzxTzjA Ben Shapiro https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnQC_G5Xsjhp9fEJKuIcrSw JohnStossel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjo1uN-aM3rmBV46xj7l2KA Shoeonhead https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ

War/history related: Kings and Generals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMmaBzfCCwZ2KqaBJjkj0fw World War Two https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ

Walking around Japan. Rambalac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAcsAE1tpLuP3y7UhxUoWpQ Japan Backpacker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyRqKZN7LKXItwXKp3K4ug Abroad in Japan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHL9bfHTxCMi-7vfxQ-AYtg

Educational: PBS Spacetime https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_gcs09iThXybpVgjHZ_7g Half as Interesting https://www.youtube.com/c/halfasinteresting

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It will be fine for big businesses. That's a minuscule fraction of their advertising budget.

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I always thought the IFR was low since we had the example of the Diamond Princess cruise ship with 3700 people, where several super old passengers died, but none of the crew.

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No because these are global numbers and the US ages are considerably older than the global average. Old people die at far, far higher rates, while younger people it's like 1 out of 10,000.

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We've known from the beginning that the IFR was far lower in younger populations than the media claimed.

Scientists exaggerated the IFR because they grossly lowballed their estimates of total infections, and IFR is a direct percentage of deaths versus infections, but credible estimates were between 0.2%-0.5%, with scientists making media appearances often pushing the higher end.

OP's title does not mention that this study excluded old people. So the IFR in this study is not the total IFR, it's only for young people. The total IFR is much higher because IFR skyrockets for people over 70 and keeps going up.

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I'll guarantee you that when America falls, as it will because no empire lasts forever, the causes will be internal and not external.

If America has a civil war or peacefully splits, the Right wing state that results from the split would soon be far more based and powerful than America is now. It won't be the "fall" of America, but a rebirth of America like the phoenix from the ashes.

There must be some process to eliminate the cancer of left wing ideology in the coming decades. If the democratic system fails to do so, then civil war, consolidation, re-conquest, and the purging of leftism will accomplish the same ends through non-democratic means.

The alternative would be a national suicide into some sort of failed state, much like we already have in deep blue cities now. I think there are enough rational people to rise up against that outcome if the lunatics run the asylum through elections.

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"neocons were mostly Jews who were trying to wage wars for Israel".

It's true, though. If you look up the prominent "neocons", it's these guys: "Prominent neoconservatives in the George W. Bush administration included Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Paul Bremer."

  • Paul Wolfowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York, into a Polish Jewish immigrant family

  • Elliott Abrams was born into a Jewish family[8] in New York in 1948.

  • Perle was born in New York City, New York, the son of Jewish parents,[7][8] Martha Gloria and Jack Harold Perle.

And I disagree with Bremer. He wasn't a neocon intellectual. If you look at Bremer's wiki page, it doesn't even mention neoconservatism. He was just following admin policy, which was being driven by the above neocons.

I don't shy away from recognizing and naming the jew when it's true. When there is an ideological group that is overwhelmingly jews, I'm not going to be afraid to call that out because I'm worried about being labelled antisemetic. Public discourse ought to be based on truth, and when jewish intellectuals dominate a certain group, it's 100% okay to point that out and question whether that group is aligned with the interests of the United States primarily, or with Israel.

I like Ben Shapiro, but he absolutely has divided loyalties. He shills for Israel constantly, and he engages in identity politics aggressively when it is to benefit his fellow jews. Like he spent probably half an hour recently just ranting about Ilhan Omar, who isn't really more antisemetic than pretty much any other Muslim. She's being kicked off of committees purely to bow down to the jewish lobby. From a political perspective, if Republicans think they can court the jewish vote, then sure, go for it, but nobody is trying to court my vote. Nobody else has such a powerful interest group despite being only 2% of the population. I don't blame Shapiro for advocating for his tribe, but that's a tribe I don't share, and so that divides us. I was raised as an American being taught that tribalism is bad and that America is a "melting pot" where we all join together as Americans, blind to race and religion.

Because he actually accomplished something for the right, unlike those people.

The people on the fringe ends of the bell curve of politics have basically no impact because nobody listens to them (unless they become actual terrorists or something) and they tend to hate the highly effective and less fringe mainstream types who are actually moving the ball for the Right. Actually the Democrats have done a phenomenal job of using the Right's fringe as a weapon against the Right, so these fringe types actually help the Left more than anything.

Very based. When I told a few Muricans that I am non-practicing Orthodox, they for some reason thought that meant Jewish.

Most Americans have no clue what Eastern Orthodox Christianity is. They hear "orthodox" and think "orthodox" jew, since they're more visible and known.

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Stop, you're going to trigger Milley's "white rage"

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Then there is Antonio, sitting in the offices of the NKVD prior to WW2, drawing up the same thing, but with Germany & Japan.

Turns out that the United States has actual, real enemies.

Libtards think the true enemy of America is the Right.

The Right knows that the true enemy of America is China. While the libtards are making our country worse, they are part of our country, not a foreign aggressor.

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Black people look at jews and are like: "You white"

Jews look at black people and are like: "WE MADE YOUUUU, HOOWWW DAAARE YOU TURN AGAINST USSSS!!?!?!?!?!"

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Rey is a shit character and was obviously a Mary Sue, just like all other females in any major hollywood production the past decade. They were ruined by feminist ideology. All these dumb, shit female characters were forced into being a female power fantasy, and nothing else.

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I go by story arc. Arc 1 = Aincrad. Arc 2 = Fairy shit. Arc 3 = Gun gay. Arc 4 = Alicization.

I assumed the "season" numbers followed the arcs but I guess not. I was shitting on the Fairy Arc and Gun gay online because I thought those arcs were pretty dumb. And yes the whole "sister tryina fuck" fetish shit is cringe, and the main villain was over the top.

Haven't watched Alicitzation but from everyone I trust in their recommendations, it's good so might catch it later.

It has dumb shit in it but from a technical perspective it's the best season, though it's 47 episodes and basically half the total. It feels like the author put in more effort.

I stand by that SAO Abridged is doing season 1 better

I can't stand the main character's voice. It's a grown ass man who sounds like someone just kicked a baby in the balls.

I really liked Hellsing Abridged, though. Goblin Slayer abridged is also good based on the MC's voice actor alone.

It's hitting it's peak now thanks to stuff like Mushoku Tensei

My GF hates Mushoku Tensei because the MC acts like a sex offender. He doesn't do anything IRL but his thoughts have really creepy hentai shit sometimes so she got disgusted with him and was like "fuck this guy". It didn't help that the show played up the "haha it's a middle aged man in a little boy's body who can totally fuck lolis 'his own age' and get away with it!" angle.

Most isekai are filler trash but they're the best filler trash. Most anime trash is unwatchable for me, but isekai trash is at least watchable because they come up with magic systems, combat mechanics, etc. Most of it is bad but sometimes there are interesting ideas.

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LOL you think I sound like a stormfag? I fight with them all the time on here. I do sometimes point out "da joos" in certain contexts because I reject the jewish-imposed bullshit about calling every mention of the jew "anti-semitism". I also totally oppose the atheistic jews that are over-represented in the left wing elite. However, I also favorably link to Ben Shapiro, who triggers the hell out of the stormfag types on here. I don't believe the jews have some sort of evil global conspiracy, just that left wing atheistic jews tend to be very overrepresented in certain areas like the entertainment industry and media. And most of the lefty jews hate Israel while most right wing Americans support Israel.

Obviously I'm not a jew, I'm Christian, specially eastern orthodox.

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yeah that sub and hapas are examples of dudes seething 24/7, though I've seen plenty of guys IRL do this. mostly asian guys, sometimes hispanic. never black "aww shiet nigga u can hav em, now where da fat white women at??"

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what are you talking about? SAO season 1 is the landmark season that launched the whole isekai genre into mainstream popularity. it was a phenomenon.

If people talk shit about SAO season 1, it's only because edgy kids online think it's cool to shit on whatever is the most popular to prove how elite and snobbish they are. "Oh... you like MARVEL? Hahahahah it's so popular! You must be an idiot! Big brained geniuses like me only like experimental kidobukakke films from the 1970s. Oh? You've never heard of them. Figures. SMIRK I have the only copy." Yeah, ok buddy.

SAO's later seasons never came close to the impact season 1 had.

Season 2 with the flying elf shit was dumb. Major downgrade. The villain was stupid too and a laughably unrealistic cartoon who kept licking Asuna's face. They might as well have given him a mustache so he could twirl it.

I also think all the gun gale shit was dumb and the protagonist little pink girl was a waste of time.

Alicitzation or whatever was finally a return to "old school" SAO in terms of having a big, epic video game isekai plot. It was plenty weak in a lot of areas, but it was a lot better than all the stuff in the middle.

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You know how some non-white men are like "you can't date OUR women! they belong to US!!!!" because they're loser incels who can't get pussy and they see white men taking "their" ethnic group's women and seethe?

this is the dumbass woman version of that same energy. "you can't take these acting jobs, they are OURS!!! that character is in some way derived by a source that is non-white somehow, so whiteys aren't allowed to have it!!!"

It's just anti-white racism, and the self-hating whites just let them do it.

Left wing ideology destroyed the white race.

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4chan should just appropriate the Pride Flag to make it "pride for the Holocaust"

with each color representing a different group that got gassed

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Basically anything is a crime so long as corrupt officials are willing to abuse their power.

Welcome to why the United States has a Constitutional right to jury trial. It's exactly for this reason. Unfortunately that right has been greatly eroded over time.

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"hahaha" the research i cited to was published Sep 22 2022, so recently.

So as of a time when the notion that COVID has an aggregate death rate of a few percent was the mainstream perception??

Yes, and? The "public perception" driven by the lying media is not relevant to scientific research. These scientific studies of the death rates among the elderly are based on real data.

And well-informed people like me knew that the case fatality rate estimates were more like 0.2% even back in May 2020, because I read a lot of research on the subject instead of getting my info from the libtard media. Credible ranges for the CFR in the early days ranged from 0.2% to 0.5%, and as time went on the overall rate became clearer to be on the lower end of that range.

All of the links I cited to you are credible, and you've offered nothing to the contrary. Don't talk to me about "good faith". You're not it.

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Two young women who denied being trafficked by Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan did not understand that they were enslaved as they had been brainwashed, a Romanian court has ruled.

The two women both claimed that they worked voluntarily for Andrew and Tristan Tate but a report prepared by a clinical psychologist said they were both left with trauma and did not recognise that they were being exploited.

If it was not clear already that this case is a rigged hit on Tate ordered by higher ups in the Romanian government, it should be crystal clear now.

The Romanian court ruled: 'Although the named [woman one] and [woman two], both in the statements given before the criminal investigation bodies, as witnesses, and through the authenticated statements given before the notary and submitted by the defense to the case file, denied any form of exploitation on the part of the four defendants, the collegial panel of rights and freedoms appreciates that these statements do not reflect reality.

'It is known that, in the case of the 'lover boy' or 'by falling in love' recruitment method, the victims of human trafficking do not always recognize the fact that they were enslaved and exploited and do not cooperate with the judicial bodies, attesting to the idea that these activities were carried out voluntarily.'

It does not matter if consent was obtained through "the lover boy recruitment method", whatever that means. Consent is consent. And being a "lover boy" is not a crime.

Prosecutors claim the brothers lured women into the studio where they were sexually exploited through 'acts of physical violence and mental coercion (through intimidation, constant supervision, control and invocation of alleged debts)', and made to produce and share pornographic material.

It's legal to be a pimp as long as it's for a cam whore, not a regular whore. Where is the evidence of this violence and coercion? There is none. The girls are openly saying "no, we weren't victims, we consented" and the Court is saying "no, he just fooled you into liking him, trust me, he's a bad guy!"

uh huh.

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living in mud huts, deplorable unsanitary conditions, among garbage and filth, in all year round hot climate which is just ideal for diseases to spread.

Sounds like a perfect environment to train natural immunity. The Africans must have immune systems like the Incredible Hulk, right? right???

No... they actually just die and get and stay sick in far higher numbers.

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