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Why do people think you can just sit on top of nukes with a dead man's switch in lieu of having a conventional military?

People who think that nukes can replace conventional forces are dumb.

Nobody is going to choose being dead rather than being conquered & occupied. Almost all conquered countries end up making a comeback eventually. No dead people do.

If you're losing a war & you start popping off nukes, you just get glassed since the invader feels he has to glass you now to stop you from launching any more.

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Europe DOESN'T have the military industrial complex to fight Russia

Anyone can have it if they spend the money. It's called mobilization & Russia did it.

Europe has 10x the GDP of Russia. If they wanted to out-spend Russia & drown Ukraine in artillery ammo, they could. They just didn't want to spend the money.

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that's idiotic & a great reminder of why I left this cesspool

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I favored helping Ukraine early on when they were under existential threat, but as soon as the war became a stalemate, which was about a year ago, I shifted to oppose throwing endless money at them.


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problem is that the woke mob would have spammed any contact info I put. not sure what the solution is there.

the whole point I went on Twitter is that I wasn't supposed to be bannable there. other platforms would have banned me. hell, Youtube might have banned a youtube account for my "rape" tweet even though it was off-platform, once they got spammed with hundreds of reports.

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Twitter does not "ban" easily, but will lock your account over nothing & refuse to let you back into your account without a phone number. It's a little scam they play to force you to give up your anonymity at least in part.

Credit card is for twitter blue. I was technically making a profit. Got $17.66 last month, lol.

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cancel mob now posting gloating about getting me canceled: https://i.imgur.com/GiZtsgT.jpg

This was an organized campaign using well-established tactics that should not have worked anymore given Elon Musk's public statements favoring free speech, yet they still did. The wokes still control Twitter & operate under the rather where they think Elon & the larger public won't notice them.

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It's much harder to ban evade with Twitter.

Twitter not only has my IP address like Reddit, they have my phone number, credit card, etc.

Also trying to build back up 1,000 followers from 0 without an external platform driving them is just... no way I'm putting in that kind of effort now that I know some woke fuck can just take it all away from me.

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I would say that the large majority of Twitter employees running their moderation are still woke.

The wokes know that if they ban a huge account with famous friends, the friends will rally & get the woke overturned.

But they can stomp small accounts like mine all day long & I can't do shit about it.

I can't use Twitter to contact anyone who might care or relay this story to them, even though they might decide to rally since some big right wing accounts are eager to push back against woke Twitter moderation.

Basically I'm just as fucked as I would be on reddit, except with Reddit account permanence is meaningless so I could just make a new account & be back up right away. But with Twitter, I built up 1k followers over 6 months. Just broke 1k this morning, actually. All that's gone. Why would I ever even consider starting over when some woke bitch could just take it all away from me again?

Where I went wrong was actually believing that Elon changed things. He didn't. If the woke mob comes for you & you're not famous enough to draw attention from the big names on the Right, the wokes will just stealth kill you.

analytics on the tweet that truly got me banned: https://i.imgur.com/ph2sPWq.jpg the engagement was off the charts. would have been a huge boon to my account if I wasn't banned. negative engagement is just as good as positive.

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You're not talking about rape anymore.

You're talking about a prolonged violent assault & battery that has a small rape component.

Is rape such a weak thing that you have to add a ton of extra shit to it to try to make it seem bad?

Also anyone going to prison (falsely) for rape is going to be classified as a sex offender, so they will never be able to qualify for minimum security or any benefits. sex offenders & violent offenders are both excluded from all such programs as a rule.

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This is just proof that "rape" as a concept only really exists for society through the feminist frame.

Men getting raped? Nobody cares.

Women who are mostly to blame for their rape? Oh no, we can't "blame the victim".

Story time:

At least on 2-5 occasions in my dating life, crazy bitches tried to set me up to rape them.

On 2 occasions, the woman brought me to the point of penetrating her, then suddenly told me to stop. Literally with my dick out, hard, inches from her wet, ready, and waiting pussy. After we had just been making out & engaging in other sexual foreplay.

In both cases, it was purely because the woman was crazy & liked to play weird power games. She knew exactly what she was doing & she knew exactly the position she was putting me in. In all likelihood, all 3 of these women had been raped in the past & this was some sick attempt to re-live & replay that scene in an attempt to change the outcome. This is a known crazy chick thing.

In both cases, I obviously stopped. In 1 case I literally threw the bitch off of my bed, frog marched her to my front door, & shoved her outside with her tits still out, throwing her phone after her & slamming the door.

In both cases, these women were basically begging to get raped. I would not greatly fault any man who lacked the self control to stop. While I stopped, I was super bitter & angry about getting fucked with in that way.

In the other cases, the women came home with me after a date, made out, got in bed with me, removed some clothing, allowed sexual contact up to a point, then stopped me when it came time to actually fuck, but they didn't wait until I was inches away, they stopped me some time earlier such as my taking their panties off.

People think rape is something that happens primarily to innocent women when a dude jumps out of a tree. No. That's incredibly rare. The typical rape case is a crazy woman who puts herself in the situation by repeatedly confirming consent, then "he said, she said" withdrawing it at the last minute. The guy says she consented, the girl said she changed her mind. It's impossible to know who is telling the truth. That is most rape cases. And yes, 40%+ of these claims of rape are false & driven by regret.

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Would you rather your wife or child:

A. get roofied & sexually assaulted in their sleep, which is rape. or you can even allow them to be conscious but accept that the vast majority of rape is non-violent & done in the date rape context.


B. 10 years prison. Lifetime sex offender registration. Unemployable. Hated by society. Loss of reputation. No future. Pushed down into poverty & held there. Treated like dirt by everyone they meet either out of animus or just because the person knows she lacks the protection of society. & all this FOR LIFE

Yeah bro, B is a lot worse than A.

She could get over A. There is no getting over B.

But your take here seems to be so lacking in empathy

Nah, that's your projection. That's an irrational emotional response you're projecting onto me. It doesn't exist. It's all in your head.

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The 1st comment was a reply to a video of a cop cutting the asphalt around the hands of "green" activists who glued themselves to the street to block traffic. I could not pull this reply up. It isn't searchable.

2nd comment was a reply to a video of blacks shouting at the illegals coming in: https://i.imgur.com/pPTNg2Z.jpg

I stand by both remarks & obviously do not believe they even arguably violated the rules. These are the kind of comments that are made millions of times every day & nobody gets in trouble for them. The worst that can happen on a comment like this is that the visibility gets limited, or you're told you need to delete it. Actually getting a permaban over this is insane & shows that it was really just a pretext.

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subjective happiness levels

fuck off with that bullshit. you lose actual function for life.

by your same dumbass logic, I'm sure:

subjective happiness levels are no different for people who GOT RAPED after the initial shock.

difference is the rape victim still has full physical function & no lasting evidence of the rape outside of their memories.

Post about the war instead, that's where you have valuable input.

I couldn't give less of a fuck about your dumbass opinion as to which of my input is valuable. It's not like anyone respects you or thinks you're intelligent.

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Obviously it's different if some slut offers to fuck a cop to get out of trouble. That's not rape because the cop didn't try to make it happen, the girl did.

Honestly I started to type out an explanation of coercion to you, but I'd rather just call you stupid, because you are. And you say I lack understanding? LOL.

"have your life destroyed or get raped"

is rape.

"but but but it's not rape because you agreed to it!" is FUCKING STUPID.

if I put a gun to your fucking head & tell you to suck a dick or a blow your brains out, your dumbass logic would say "oh it's not rape, because I agreed to it".

holy shit you're dumb.

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I have now been COMMUNITY NOTED 🤡

This statement minimizes the profound psychological impact of rape. It can lead to enduring trauma: depression, PTSD, flashbacks, self-harm, and more. It's crucial to recognize and support survivors, acknowledging the gravity of their experience.


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Coercion is rape. "10 years in prison or you get raped" is still rape, because you would not have agreed to the sex without the 10 years over your head.

Also you're adding your own wrong assumptions into it.

The genie could spawn someone really ugly you'd never consent to to carry it out. Still rape.

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That's entirely in your control.

We have all had bad, traumatic things happen to us in life.

Society treats rape like it is uniquely soul-destroying because people are bored losers who like to fantasize about trauma.

Same with how people think "solitary confinement" is some soul destroying experience that drives people insane when it's no big deal at all.

Having your eye gouged out or your hand/foot crushed? That mutilates you for life. You can never get over that.

Getting your naughty bits violated for a bit? That's on you to get over it. Is it worse than a punch in the face? It depends on the punch.

I've met lots of girls with rape fantasies.

I've never met anyone who had a fantasy to get punched in the face.

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The rape I posited is by far the most common type.

The vast majority of rape is the "date rape" variety without violence, from someone the woman knows.

You ranting on & on about extreme outlier cases with extreme aggravation really isn't relevant at all to the point I was making, & is a dishonest attempt by you to change the subject.

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The only annoying thing, since I muted immediately & have read none of the hundreds of seething replies, is all the haters swarming my profile making hater comments on totally unrelated posts. I've had to use a combination of blocks & "only people you follow can reply" on them.

I just realized I can bait them all with a stickied taunt to honey trap them, so I'll do that now. lol.

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Nah, if you wanted to end the war, you'd only be able to do it by threatening direct intervention.

Russia is deathly afraid of a NATO attack, because it can barely handle Ukraine. If NATO stepped in, the forces of righteous democracy would scythe through the corrupt, demoralized slaves like a hot knife through butter & there is nothing the weaklings could do to stop us.

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