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I'm only on reddit because of

  • reach. There's no point in my talking to myself or a small audience. I want to influence the largest number of people possible.

  • fuck the trannies trying to kick me off. I won't let them win.

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Gay men are STD superspreaders because:

  • they are massive whores, machine gun cooming numerous sex partners

  • unprotected buttsex is higher risk

It would be fine if they paid the price for their own behavior, but unfortunately bi men cause the fruits of this bullshit debauchery and degeneracy to jump to straights.

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So if a state legalizes murder, people can just take others to that state, kill them, come back, nothing would happen to the killer.

  1. Stupid, contrived example since no state would ever legalize murder.

  2. You're a dumbass who doesn't know how jurisdiction works. The location of the murder is not the sole ground for jurisdiction. ANY state where ANY part of the murder was planned would be included, so you could be charged in your home state. You could also be charged federally. I've seen cases where people go to OTHER COUNTRIES to kill their partner, and then they come back and get charged with murder in the US.

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Since states can still allow abortions, this means that a lot liberals will fuck off right back to their blue states (God-willing).

Inshallah my brother.

It's not enough for states to ban abortions, though; they must criminalize it

That is literally how it gets banned.

because people are already talking about driving over state lines, getting an abortion, and then coming right back. Criminalizing it means that the person will be wanted in that state, and at the very least, cannot return.

100% unconstitutional. Only the federal government can regulate interstate shit. No state can tell you what you can or cannot do in other states.

Men and women will be more conscious about having unprotected sex. Hopefully, they'll look for serious relationships that will lead to marriage (won't hold my breath, though). Overall, it should lead to less degeneracy.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I can't believe you actually think this.

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  1. There is full Democrat control of government.

  2. This isn't new news because of the leak

  3. Black people don't really have a dog in this fight

All signs point to no. Lesbians and feminists aren't capable of launching a meaningful riot on their own.

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Thomas is 100% correct as a matter of law. The role of the Supreme Court is not to legislate from the bench.

Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell are all examples of legislating from the bench. The proper and correct solution on those issues should have been political action taken by legislatures, not the Court invoking the Constitution where it did not apply.

Add that absolutely travesty Bostock to the list, too.

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The issue is the media, which is a left wing hive mind that always pushes the left wing agenda. The media supports Romney Republicans (moderates) when it thinks it can leverage them against the Right. But as soon as those same Romney Republicans end up in conflict with the Left, the media stomps on them, just like it stomped on Romney himself in 2012.

So it's about the dominant "liberal" Left wing agenda, it just so happens that the primary vehicle of the Left in the US is the Democrats and the Right the Republicans. It's a binary system.

The lib media defended and supported the BLM riots because it thought it could use BLM rioters and Antifa to push its broader agenda. But as soon as Biden got elected and Antifa was now inconvenient, it got stepped on and put back in the closet until the neolibs want to use them as shock troopers again.

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Nothing in the article calls for the breakup of Russia in any way. That meaning to "decolonializing" is a leap being taken by this tool without evidence.

Nearly all of Russia is full of ethnic Russians except for a few notable areas like Chechnya.

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Legal analysis from me:

‘(37)(A) The term ‘dating relationship’ means a relationship between individuals who have or have recently had a continuing serious relationship of a romantic or intimate nature.

Current or "recent" is vague, but limiting. Women from your past are not included.

However, as drafted I think it's clearly unconstitutional under the "void for vagueness" doctrine, as it does not put anyone on notice of who qualified, and leaves it to be determined on an ad hoc and unequal/inconsistent basis.

Looking at the rest of the law, the only tie-in for this term is for domestic violence convictions, which already create problems with owning a gun under existing law.

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  1. The map presented at the lead of the article has nothing to do with the CSCE or the content of the article. It is deliberately misleading.

  2. The anonymous author, pen name Niccolo Soldo, has been in the tank for Russia hard ever since the war began, and pushes a very Russia-centric point of view that comes across as laughably delusional to an American like me. I mean, I just can't accept any of this bullshit as anything other than "we want to make up some bullshit to rationalize how our invasion and conquest of countries that don't want to be dominated by us is actually just us defending ourselves against some bullshit we aren't just totally making up as an excuse to do what we want". I can't take anyone like that seriously.

Something from one of his articles:

Ukrainian President Shecky Greenberg is fucked beyond belief.

That looks antisemitic

Anyway this is just par for the course with anti-Americans these days. They latch on to, fall in love with, and shill for anyone who seems like he can pose a threat to the "American world order", which of course is a joke, since Putin comes nowhere near that power level. China will in the future if they don't tank their economy in the next 5 years or so (or we don't tank it for them, which we should), but the CCP is so much worse than the US on every metric that anyone willing to side with the CCP over the US is just evil.

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ALL of reddit skews overwhelmingly left wing. Same with twitter.

  • all users skew left wing

  • upvoters/downvoters skew even more left wing

  • commenters skew the most left wing of all

The percentage of people on Reddit who actually write posts and comments are an insignificant fraction of the whole. So every sub ends up being a far left echo chamber unless the sub is designed to naturally counteract that. Any sub which counteracts it, gets targeted for destruction by the admins.

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Reddit relies on automated systems. They aren't going to do a forensic examination of your browser profile, and I don't think they save all that info anyway.

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Early on, they didn't bother tracking down my alts. After they did a couple mass ban waves, I learned all the rules to not get caught:

  1. your browser session is fingerprinted, so you can't swap accounts in the same browser session. you need to switch browsers or close out your session and start a new incognito/private one whenever you switch accounts.

  2. Your IP is also tracked to your account, so you need to use a VPN to switch your IP address whenever you swap accounts.

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Yeah, dekachin was my 2nd generation name, now mankosmash and its variations are generation 3.

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We have some failslafe mechanisms if they start beheading moderators one after another. Because they have been known to ban the moderators and then ban the sub for being 'unmoderated'. There are several moderators who are just there as insurance, in case something bad happens.

FYI I used this tactic in case the mods ban all "visible" mods on a sub to keep it alive:

Have accounts where you send out mod invites to those accounts, but don't accept. Then, if the visible mods get banned, log onto the backup accounts, accept the mod invite to become a mod, then send out new invites to new backup accounts in case you get banned. AFAIK the admins can't see "pending invites" but maybe they can, I assume they can't.

The irony of the tranny thing is that we have absolutely crazy rules regarding that most sacred of classes. And still they're mad. But at least they did not have an excuse to ban the sub.

Yeah it's hilarious that I can say tranny here, because it would be auto-nuke on your account if you tried to say it anywhere on reddit. Just a few years ago you used to be able to say tranny with no issues.

Back when I was on wallstreetbets in 2017, people were calling each other faggots CONSTANTLY. One of the major high risk options bets people used and still use are called "faggot's delights" The whole english language got locked down just in the last 5 years, thanks to this total leftist control of social media platforms.

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Your account has been permanently suspended for continual involvement in site wide content policy violations both as a user and mod.

You 100% got banned as punishment for some tranny in san francisco hating on KIA2. Shim/Xer outright told you that you were being given collective punishment for KIA2 itself. They did it as a way to try to kill the sub with death by 1,000 cuts. They are probably experimenting with seeing if they cut the top mod off the sub, if they'll get even more moderation problems and then they ban Dom next, and kill the sub.

If you have a VPN, just come back incognito and see how it is. AFAIK things have calmed down a lot.

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Pretty much all of my bans are from posting in the big liberal subs on Reddit, mods in those subs getting angry over me writing conservative-minded comments that got upvoted/awarded, and then trying to the admins to suspend me for "hate".

One of my suspensions was because I said that birthright citizenship was bad, so that was called "hate speech".

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Just this: https://www.reddit.com/appeals

If it doesn't state a message, I would just say "no reason was given for my ban. I diligently follow all rules. Please let me know what the problem is, as I never knowingly violated any part of the Content Policy"

The ban is supposed to at least say what rule you violated, like "hate" or "violence" or whatever.

I wouldn't be surprised if some admin with a UKR flag twitter banned you over one of your Ukraine posts and wrote up some bullshit on the internal note.

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The sub is private and I think ironically, the admin changes to the block function saved the sub.

I block all my haters, and guess what? I don't get reported anymore. Remember how I used to get banned once every couple weeks? and reported constantly? It hasn't happened at all since I started blocking haters.

IMO there were just a few subversive haters in the sub who were spamming admin reports on lots of stuff trying to goad the admins into harassing the sub. AFAIK the sub is getting a lot less admin attention.

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if I do it as openly as you do, they may retaliate against the sub.

Just be sneaky. Make your next name "NotAntonioOfVenice"

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No wonder GW2 is a shitty, boring game. This trash is who Anet brought in to turn the game around the past few years? Yuck. This young woman doesn't have the age or experience to be "lead" on anything. She also doesn't work on GW anymore, she was moved to an unannounced title a while ago.

She likes to stir up twitter drama, for example on the game Cuphead, she whined that the game was poorly designed because people with "anxiety" get "fucked up" by Cuphead's difficulty. She straw-manned anyone liking Cuphead's difficulty as a gatekeeper who argued "you're not a real gamer unless you can enjoy anxiety inducing levels of difficulty".

Women like her shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything resembling a competitive game. She's just going to ruin it, and then the corporate dipshits who hired her, and not that nerdy indian dude who grew up hard core gaming his whole life and knows what gaming is, shrug and wonder why "gamers are too stupid to buy their games."

Anyway, the fucking van was called RIOT kitchen... fucking RIOT. RIOTing is illegal. The Democrats keep telling us that 99% of these people are "peaceful protestors" not RIOTERS, and yet these people CHOSE TO IDENTIFY AS RIOTERS. Then they got caught FILLING UP GAS CANS ON THE WAY TO A RIOT. Then, when caught, this dumb bitch claims they were only carrying food. All the MSM articles I read 100% backed her claims. I only found a new york post article mentioning the gas cans. "Helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks and “suspected controlled substances” were found inside the two vehicles."

FYI tweeting: "We want to help the revolution." = a federal felony: 18 U.S. Code § 2383. Rebellion or insurrection "Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;"