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What the fuck is this, why is this here? This aint your geocities page.

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I know I asked this before either on here or rkia2 but what's the best Wheel of Time book to start with? Just go by release or chronological? Or is there a really good one that'll get me hooked and then go back from the start? I been meaning to give it a go for decades now lol figure it's time.

Also, shame that in the 2000s there was a time where we had Sin City, 300 and Watchmen on the big screens and I thought "wow the future of comic film adaptions are gonna be awesome"

Boy how wrong I was. Not only did woke trash killed tv and movies, they also killed comics. But it's okay, like you said, I got old content.

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It went something like this

Phone on Xi's desk rings

Xi: Wassup Beijing.

Biden: Wassup Beijing, sir, the balloon has been discovered, may we shoot it down?

Xi: No, not yet. (Hangs up.)

3 days later

Xi: You may shoot it down now, but off the coast for plausible deniability.

Biden: Okay, thank you.

Xi: What?

Biden: Thank you, sir.

Xi: Good. (Hangs up)

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It's Portland so I don't feel bad. Fuck'em, if they charge 10 bucks or so for streaming feed of their city cams I would pay for it.

edit: Apparently the cleanest part of Portland is their sub-reddit. 6 results from the past year using keyword Junkie. Is there a real sub where people from Portland post the reality of living there?

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This makes me want to retroactively get my money back from EA. Is there some kind of legal, nondestructive, malicious compliance like method for me to waste EA's time and money so I can feel like I cost them the approximate amount I've given them for the past 25 years?

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This is pretty cool, I been hoping something like this would be accessible to people like me so I can copy paste transcripts of people on the right and use voices from the left and have someone I know with TDS listen and see his response. Like take excerpts from Tucker's show and have Trevor Noah's voice read it

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I just want to state on the record that I am trans, trans 24/7. Whoever digging up my internet history in an event of a draft, going to prison, or the ship is going down (we still have internet? sweet! Bye mom!) anyways, regardless of what's happening that lead me to declare my transsexual sexuality this is proof that I've always been a woman.

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Oh wow he regretted it?

I'm not gonna watch an hour of this guy can you gimmie the tldr what he's regretting? The surgery or white guilt of cultural appropriating Korean culture as a white man?

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The shtick was living M&M's not being too enthusiastic about humans eating them. Simple, humorous (as far as commercials goes) and iconic enough to have their own merch and video games. That's like California Raisins level of success.

Red and Yellow voiced by Billy West and J. K. Simmons been around since 1996, nearly 3 decades and it took less than a year for woke shit to kill it. Bravo, guess the hard candy coated shell was one skin-suit these fuckers couldn't fit into.

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Would love to know more. Everything I've read up to this point is that energy bills has gone up 3x to 4x. Which is insane.

And commercial ovens using electricity instead of gas? Government mandate?

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Fuck sakes, there's a lot to say about this, not worth my time so I'll just say this:

If I'm fucking wheelchair bound irl I SURE AS FUCK would not want to role play as one in a FUCKING FANTSY GAME!

If a DM wanna throw a NPC that uses a wheelchair and use it in a plot like the old innkeeper was a member of some expedition team and you need to take him along, or a prisoner you're breaking out with has the plans and lack the mobility so you have to work together. But to RP as handicapped? No one wants that except libtards, no wait. They don't want that, they want make this into an issue and force it as an option so they think they accomplished something. It saddens me that this works and has been working for quite some time now and normies still haven't push back against it.

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created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann

eh... no thanks. Anyone seen Chernobyl? Was that worth a watch?

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Just another unattractive girl substituting gender identity for personality. There's gotta be a name for people like this. An "Elle" or something. Ellidiot.

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from a different angle it looks like an ass being groped or held back by some guy trying to prevent the ass from sitting down.

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  1. There are no chicks with dicks, only guys with boobs.

  2. This guy with boobs doth protest too much, methinks.

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I'm a firm believer that hot chicks are hot regardless of race. That said I would bang all 5 from the bottom, and 2 from the top. (giggity) The problem with wokeass and intersectionality is that now even if those minorities win their pageants who knows if they won off their own merits or because the baizou judges is atoning for the sins of their colonial ancestors?

Who am I kidding, I'd bang all of them minus Netherlands, that one looks like a tranny.

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God this guy hits the American people up for money more than Bernie Sanders.

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I wonder how much of this is due to work-from-home exposing the business and revealed how little work HR/Office drones actually do along with how much of it could've been done remotely.

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Show me an action scene from any of the shows from the left and show me an action scene from any of the shows from the right. I rest my case.

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As a 90s baby we had X-men, Spiderman, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Gargoyles, those Disney Afternoon shows, Animaniacs, Freakazoid! to list a few.

I look at his post and it's a pretty narly self-own.

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