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So you're into scat and bestiality? Considering Amber Heard shits in beds and AOC looks like a donkey...

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Maybe that's the point. Ban the alternatives so you can't escape whatever is coming.

Only a loyal servant of feminism will be allowed an EV. Everyone else will have to walk.

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You can literally see the time when radfems realize it's a way to abuse men.

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The irony will be that the people behind Rotherham actually did face prison, while the hypothetical woman will be automatically freed because her actions are not a risk to life.

Everything's okay when women do it.

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Hmm, I think it's a good idea...

Mostly because it'll slow down the EV cult.

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I mean, if we're really going there...the girls were offered drugs and alcohol for going with those men, they weren't exactly pulled off the street.

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Elon associated with Amber Heard, another red flag.

SpaceX and Tesla still receive government cash as of Biden becoming President.

EVs are clearly part of the More Feminine Way, and he worked to normalize the horrid things.

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Nope. Nothing would make me trust Elon.

After all, radical feminist manifestos (for example, the SCUM Manifesto) state they will automate away the jobs women won't do - guess who is building humanoid machines?

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I am 99% sure that as their posts overlapped in time period, that they have met.

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Let me take women's claims of victimhood with the pinch of salt required.

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Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany.

Who was Defence Minister of Germany a while ago?

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Wasn't he the one that got the hooker off who killed a client?

It's just obvious he's grifting. There's nothing more to it than that.

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I'm talking about the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany.

As for Musk, I wouldn't trust him if he personally gave me a million dollars.

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Where are all the race swap rants now? I told people the goal was only female main characters. All the rest is bullshit distractions.

If you can hear scraping, it's Chadwick Griftman rotating in his grave at how his BLM shill movie has become yet another one of women's hate pieces against men.

The current plan is that T’Challa will die in battle at the beginning of the film & Shuri becomes the new Black Panther.

Not that Chadwick was a good person or anything, but this seems more than a little disrespectful.

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Look at the Von Der Leyen puppet.

I don't trust either of them.

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Well, to block women's propaganda you'd have to pull the whole TV out of the wall and throw it from the top floor.

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Romantic love is bullshit from movies. It doesn't exist. Your lizard brain is drugging you into feeling it so you make a baby.

Poly is women trying to exploit broken men to double their simp bucks.

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Fair point.

Israel has internalized all the feminist bullshit of the US.

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white racial consciousness,

Enjoy half of your side being backstabbing sociopaths.

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Incel is just a catch-all for "knows what we're doing."

They apply it to people who quote their own words, people who bring up male suicide, people who bring up what's going on in the schools and even tradcucks on the few times they get anything right.

It just means "he knows too much."

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What is it with women thinking everything that goes against them is fraud?

Of course, when the fraud is for them (Myanmar, US), they completely ignore it.

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Reminds me of Yahoo tweeting out that America needs a much "nigger" navy.

As for the story, it's not really proof that they're going to start honestly reporting on women's crimes. It's just that it's a big story and they can't hope it dies in the local news.

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