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I don't think "misogyny" is the motive.

I was more making fun of how incels are apparently to be feared.

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She ran against him and dropped out because nobody liked her enough, even in that cult. Kind of like Harris.

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There's no party that isn't selling everyone out to whoever will give them votes.

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Can they really ignore a chance to demonize men further?

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The woman gets a worse death

Oh boy. Here we go, it'll be blamed on lack of sex/toxic masculinity.

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Could be worse, could be the BBC lionising a convicted murderer...again.

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I don't think anyone can release those tapes, there's apparently CP now.

I guess I was wrong about Hallie's credibility.

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Might have had more luck with R16. Maybe a misclick.

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There's already a flamer there.

canned laughter plays

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My answer : I don't care. Leftist women will leech off men's taxes regardless. I refuse to turn a blind eye to their plan of aborting boys until they get a girl.

Anyway, if it would kill her, she'd be allowed to terminate.

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Well, people's views towards the Polish rioter women are favorable so far.

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election protection

This is the misdirection. Everyone's prepping for these dumb fuck LARPers to try and take on Secret Service, but in reality, they're playing from the feminist playbook of secretly working against the system from within.

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November 4th, it begins

If you know, you know. (This was the last LARP like this everyone fell for.)

I won't expect anything but more looting and bullshit in blue shitholes and women crying out with their thinly veiled calls to kill all men while unironically talking about "sexism" towards women.

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It'll be a bunch of white women with future is female shirts with Antifa backing. Nothing will come of it, mark my words.

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Honestly, what could a women's strike even do?

Oh no, I won't be berated for being male at work.

Oh no, HR scum won't be around.

Oh no, boys won't get brainwashed by female teachers.

This might be a great hope for humanity, because we might realize the world actually works better without their hatred.

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