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Because this idiot's actions have given them all the justification they need to censor us entirely.

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An "anti-feminist" went crazy and shot someone. This is literal gold for them and they know it. A justification for censorship, for everything they need to extinguish our hopes at being treated like humans.

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We see this in modern politics all the time. Politicians who take away healthcare are just doing their jobs, while those protesting against them for making medication unaffordable are framed as uncivil and dangerous. It’s disingenuous to claim that both sides are equally at fault; one group is championing civil rights or access to healthcare while the other is looking out for their own interests.

laughs in Title IX challenge.

So fucking hypocritical. The right to a fair trial is a human right recognized by all NGOs, yet women are directly fighting against men being given that right. Fuck the ACLU, SPLC and all the other pathetic organizations who challenge human rights.

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Or the sightings of police officers kneeling alongside protesters, a scene reminiscent of redemption arcs of anti-heroes, except in this case it’s often alleged to be a publicity stunt before the police brutality begins again. Defense of the police and their violence appeals to our familiarity with the paradigms of gray in many stories about moral ambiguity, as well. It’s akin to a shield of incorruptibility: Good people can do bad things sometimes, without being immoral themselves.

BLM is still a women's movement.

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I don't understand why men vote Labour. I don't think I ever will. Boris Johnson might be a useless, two faced, backstabbing traitor, but Labour are still worse somehow.

The UK will only get worse from here. It's down to the US to make the right decisions and hopefully influence the world in that direction.

RIP. You fought hard but their system always finds a way to win.

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Because "the hit list" is as fictional as feminist empathy for men.

Just like Maya McKinney's "transition". The last woman to go postal just happened to be "male."

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I'm honestly lost for words. We were fucking winning and someone does this?

Does God just want women to rule over us all, torturing us for every minute of our lives? It's starting to seem like it. Every moment we take a step towards defeating them, some useless fuck either turns traitor (Looking at you BoJo.) or gets violent.

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This useless dipfuck just set us back heavily.

You don't give professional victims martyrdom, you fucking moron. If you think violence is the answer, you have to research more on how these freaks operate.

You don't give them justification for the false victim act. You have to draw them out of their motte and bailey arguments and force them to state their true goals. You win by getting them to admit their hatred and using their own ideas of "hate speech" against them. You win by disproving the ridiculous idea that feminists are good people.

2020 is definitely a fight for our human rights. Trump must win or we're all fucked.

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This is complete crap.

The reason is the same as Hitler had the Hitler Youth.

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Black people had very few issues in their society before their women decided that men are worthless and sold out their kids' fathers for 800 bucks a month.

As for now, the current fucked race relations are feminism's attempts at starting a cold war over race.

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It's written by a woman, so that's kind of expected.

Also, yet again, a white woman trying to tank race relations.

Divide and conquer.

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I want this app to fucking die, not be propped up by MS.

At least it won't be owned by the CCP anymore.

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Funny story, I lost my last female friend over BLM. 14 years we'd been close. Our friendship even survived her finding my Reddit account.

She said I'm a racist for not supporting it and I cut her off.

Weirdly, I don't feel anything about it. I guess I became desensitized to cutting people off.

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What a surprise, the BBC shilling for another thinly veiled female supremacy movement.

I wish I could use photoshop, I could make a great image to share.

BLM is a movement created by three lesbian women, to shill a race war doctrine created by feminists in the 80s, in the hope of dividing men against each other enough that they are the biggest voting block/have enough influence over the vote that their support is required to win the Presidency.

Funny, this shit happened before in the 70s. The Weather Underground was a cult made up of commies, radfems and black supremacists. They had similar goals to modern day BLM, with slight changes to make it fit current times and what they're supposed to actually care about.

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I wonder if Google will influence search results to prop up these diversity ploys?

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White privilege

I forgot to mention, a woman came up with this with no black people's input.

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4x more likely to die of Covid

And men are the same, but nobody gives a flying fuck.

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Google added a badge to show women-led companies

Makes my life easier. Way easier to boycott them when they don't hide it.

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This is really nice of you to share with the community. I play console though, so don't give me anything.

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placed by a feminist campaigner

Just throw her in jail for hate speech, for fuck sake. Why do they always get kid gloves?

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