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Notice they aren't going after DeSimptis for anything?

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Good work, but you're still a TERF strap-on holster for not calling this ideology anti-male and sucking up to feminists.

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with creepy men around

She's implying two things here :

The MeToo cretin cult was right (It wasn't, and the founder was a pedophile)

The kids would turn out normal if they weren't around "creepy" men.

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Marriage is the second most likely ideology to cause suicide in men, after transgenderism.

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I love the worthless parasite playing defense for the sisterhood in the replies.

Fucking shameless.

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Society elevates being female to the point of causing this. While this is obviously a feminist abusing her kids (sexually?), cases in normal kids are because women are overly praised.

They need to be kicked down from their pedestal to stop this.

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though because Imps here, blackjack, no hookers.

You'll thank me when you don't get AIDS.

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Cathie Wood's sinking ARKK is mostly irrelevant now. I was considering dropping it to make the list shorter.

Disney is a tough one. I was boycotting it before the TERF simps, but is continuing it helping the TERF agenda to elect DeSimptis?

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Artificial wombs are the answer. Correct biology's mistakes and make it so society doesn't have to accept their demands.

I logged in 24 minutes ago and I already have a bot downvoting everything I say.

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Archive Link

Bloomberg article about the suit

Lock him up!

The true irony of this story is that Binance US's diversity hire female CEO is who is ratting him out.

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The most effective solution has been given to us already, complete denial of customers by boycott. You take away their money and they listen QUICK. it's why we've had less rainbow flags this month suddenly.

Helps when BNP Paribas, UBS, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase are shorting.

And that's from 13Fs filed 31/03/23. I wonder how many banks will have short TGT or BUD by 30/06/23.

I'll also give a "bold" prediction that one of these is the next "organic target".

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I wonder if she's the TERF type who will murder them or the feminist type who will trans them.

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I'm not lying in the slightest. You don't count movies he directed himself, bit parts or movies nobody's ever heard of.

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You don't think it's suspicious that he met this girl fairly recently and then re-activated his long dead career?

His only acting credit since the Expendables 3 was directed by her.

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Begin with a piece on women discriminating against boys in schools, then link it to ESG. After that, male suicide rates, finish off with a nice piece on female in group bias.

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I'm sure it will be completely researched and not sound like a combination of c/GreatAwakening and c/ConsumeProduct written by someone clinging to relevance.

Any bets on him being assigned a young feminist handler recently?

Edit : Rosalind Ross, 28.

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