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That one shitty actress who got an abortion for an Oscar?

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Fucking hell spawned grifter exploiting lonely guys.

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I really do live rent-free in some people's heads.

what of my greatness

The quota for genocide fantasists was filled in 1933. Everything you're good at is bad for humanity.

You have no greatness.

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Property prices would rocket. And what would you do with people who own multiple? Do they get more votes?

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Yeah yeah, keep shilling for your oppressors.

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Ugh, fuck this radfem piece of shit.

Traitor to his own gender who should just do what his allies want him to, which (in their own words) is for him to kill himself and organize for other men to do the same en masse.

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Where are they going to lose next?

I suppose as long as lots of men are dying for nothing, Von Der Leyen will consider their EU membership.

Maybe there's a quota Zelensky has to hit to impress her.

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Surely murdering that many people would be the death penalty?

If it's legally murder, aren't these people murderers with hundreds of victims?

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It's not a threat. It's a promise. They are telling you they will baby trap innocent men and claim that a lack of abortion caused them to have to do it.

They're finally acting the way I told everyone they truly are.

Don't vote against gay marriage, it'll start a whole new issue around the "importance of marriage" that will serve solely women.

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Because I don't think I've ever heard old people rally behind "kill all young people".

Still time. I really hope I'm wrong on that. They've repeatedly agitated Russia in the hope of escalation, Lithuania's blockade of Kaliningrad the latest of many irresponsible actions that show a clear pattern of desire to escalate. Maybe they'll give up on that and hope they can push China to take Taiwan.

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Yes, they already went through that period of risk of being sent to war.

Women never have and likely never will unless people wake the fuck up.

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I really wanted to believe that.

But after the dust settled, the whole thing was clearly just to secure the "see, the left does believe in gender equality" line against their obvious support for female privilege.

It was a doomed measure because the tradcucks would never allow their precious women to be at any risk, despite the fact that most wars are caused by the shitty candidates they support.

It was a calculated risk by our enemy, that Trump hadn't managed to teach the tradcuck retards how to win. He hadn't.

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Actually, what I advocate is something I like to call "Societal MAD".

You know about the cold war, how the proliferation of nuclear weapons prevented anyone turning it into a hot war.

That was called the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD for short.

Adding women to the draft is societal MAD. They can keep voting for war-mongering feminists like they do now, but they will be aware that that will result in their deaths as well as ours.

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"We're superior, we deserve more rights than you"

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They got very violent last night.

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