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UK is also a good shout. Or Spain/South Korea, which are both extremely unhinged.

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You really moved to the only place that's worse than where you were.

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so you have a shot infusing the EV push with child exploitation and labour.

I tried it on Twitter, some unhinged woman said "you follow Ferrari, you're just a car guy pretending to care" - You really went through my following list?

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That description of what it is made me want to drink it. Like we don't have enough "muh based TERFs" propaganda.

I wonder which of SMFG and MUFG is funding it.

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Traditional societies did value women more highly, they sent men to do everything dangerous.

It's like saying Ukraine values men because they didn't draft women. Completely asinine.

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You're probably right. But it at least feels like doing something. I couldn't save my birth country, I wasn't old enough, established enough to make a difference there. This is the second fight, and I stand on much more solid ground this time, and have a window into the opposition's strategies. I've built myself up a private space to share my thoughts and archive everything and I've started moving to normie social media to fight them there. (Already on 30k impressions, only been there two weeks)

I actually blame spending time on TD, where people believe a lot of insane shit. You'll find people there who believe demons actually exist.

very vile people in terms of morality who are so fundamentally broken or fucked that its hard to look at them as human and easier to look at them as something monstrous.

But that's the thing. These people are academics, they're businesswomen, they're athletes, they're politicians. You act like the radical feminist movement is the stereotype of 400lbs lesbians who haven't seen the sun in weeks.

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All that matters is observing their behavior now and pointing out how this is bad behavior.

And if you do that, tradcucks will push that things were better in the past, and that we need to go back to when "men were men", I.E to indentured servitude while women sit at home doing fuck all.

The reason to make it biology is because that states in the most plain terms you cannot fix it with your political BS, as sure as you can't teach your dog to talk or a pig to fly.

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it is beneficial for women to adopt selfish duplicitous behavior, so they do so. But this doesn't mean that they can't be better people. They simply choose not to be better people.

I wasn't disputing this. I simply said that it is their "default mode" to not be.

They have to try to be good people and they don't want to.

It's also unfeasible and unprovable, because to prove there is no such experiment we can carry out to prove how humans evolved.

Historical records show a huge amount of war between tribes in early humanity, and this would explain why women evolved to be disloyal. (Maybe why they're okay with killing kids - proving fealty to the new leadership by killing the old tribe's kids?)

You can also look at "war brides" of Nazi Germany or the fleeing women of Ukraine to see the same behaviors, so there was an "experiment" done in a way.

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Of all word in tongue and pen the saddest are these: the Imp is right again.


That used to be about /pol/, but they haven't been right since 2016.

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I think it could be done if we took control of the schools. I think they know that as well, that's why they push "groomer male teachers" so hard.

Their power is built on a base of brainwashed kids and could fall if we took that control from them.

Their strategy is identical to Nazism, they aim to get the kids before they have the capability to think independently.

Something has to give as future generations will just want to get on with some semblance of life and to withhold that from those who had no choice into when they came into this world is not fair on them.

Maybe. After everything I've seen, I don't know when the crack will turn into a chasm, but it's coming.

Distractions like trannies and race war can only work for so long.

It has to break down completely before it can be rebuilt.

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Truth be told my ideas may be more "misogynistic" than yours.

You can tell who's a threat to them by how they respond.

When you're just annoying them, they call you a misogynist or an incel.

When you're hitting a weak point, they go silent, they use dirtier tactics and they hope you just go away.

I can't give a real reply to this because of Rule 16.

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It's much darker than that. As the link I posted to the other user shows, radical feminism is directly responsible for pushing this on kids, it was one of their goals.

Shame isn't enough. Nuremberg is enough. Real, lasting consequences and complete destruction of feminism. That's all I'm willing to accept.

You don't have to look far to see all of these opinionated militant feminists shitting themselves because they ended up with sons, which they love, and realise that their futures are fucked because of what their mothers took part in.

I literally have never seen this. I've seen them talking about aborting a baby if it's a boy, but never this. I think you're talking about women in general, which maybe can be argued, but open feminists are unforgivable scum who should be thrown out of society.

Maybe after that we can attempt to rebuild gender relations, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Good Christian women™

It's almost like religion can't fix inherent female biology, brought by thousands of years of the most disloyal, duplicitous members of the class surviving to procreate.

And no, that's not a R16. Evolutionary biology acknowledges that the most likely women to reproduce and survive were those who could switch loyalties.

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Demonic figures don't exist, it's just tradcon cope.

female groomer

So...why are you disagreeing? Also, Marx lived like a woman and supported women, so he can be an honorary woman.

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You're seeing good in people that don't possess any.

They won't do anything, because their entire purpose is to pull their own out of the way of the weapon they created.

All feminists are evil.

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you're just a misogynist

Misogyny doesn't exist.

That's such an odd conspiracy theory, you must hate men to believe in "misogyny", next you'll be saying the patriarchy built 5G towers to control you.

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A TERF is shilling that the main victims of transgenderism are women, who not only are old enough to know better, but are also able to reverse their surgery in a way that males cannot.

Basically, Nazis doing Nazi things. You don't count as victims, because you aren't human to start with.

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