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How Blackrock will respond: having banned investments in such devious, diabolical industries as coal and shale

Coal isn't profitable because nobody uses it. Was this really based on politics?

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Impossible I get. He's a fucking freak show.

Listen to it.

"muh joos are brainwashing muh perfect white wymyn"

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the "Jewish brainwashing" started working when they no longer depended on us financially.

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Next up are the psychopaths spreading anti-vax agenda and endangering the nation's health.

Like the elected governments of Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark...

How can we trust the experts when they had a massive call and got it incredibly wrong?

"No link between blood clots and AZN" - The day the "experts" lost credibility.

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Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about... Are you saying they're trying to hack here?

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The Democrats rely on indoctrination of youth and the importation of a new electorate from the South to keep solidifying their power.

2020 proved they don't even need an electorate.

Tucker is a worthless cuck who still to this day pretends Biden actually won and is actually President, that the whole thing wasn't just to backdoor a woman into the White House after failing in 2016.

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Yes feminists to some extent are driving the racial divide.

White privilege, BLM, StopAsianHate, most race baiting journalism...

The latest shooting will prove it. It'll be "cops are racist" not "women are incompetent" that dominates the narrative. You won't even hear that it was a woman who shot and how ridiculously incompetent she was.

The sooner people realize feminists are driving the metaphorical car off a cliff out of sheer spite, the better.

Once white women will realize they are on the losing side of the racial divide they will change their tone, we can already see that.

No shit. They change sides more than the Italian military. I don't understand why them changing sides after their ally turns on them proves anything.

100 years ago, they were avid white supremacists.

Today they say that everything from that time came from racism and should be abolished - except the 19th, which literally came from a pact with the Klan called the "snow under" strategy.

If you want to talk about groups that disproportionately benefited from racism, there's only one winner.

I keep hearing how demographics are not destiny buy I do not fucking believe that.

Trump carried FL with major vote gains in non-white districts.

Trump likely won more minority votes than ever, but the rigging hid his margins.

NYT editorial

You mean the open supporters of Valerie Solanas? That NYT?

Thanks for proving my point.

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your beloved white women, who (at birthing age) are the most leftist group in existence.

We can't marry people old enough to be our mothers, and even if we could, you wouldn't be having many non-retarded children in your society.

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Yes, you are being injected with a microchip, but it was created by the Pentagon, not by Bill Gates or Microsoft.

Rating : Three Pinocchios.

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Well, Bill Gates wasn't involved, so they got that part wrong.

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Exactly. The plan for this will be to suppress any information on who did it.

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It never was. It isn't even that. It's daring to be discontented with something a woman did. That's basically blasphemy in their eyes. If they could, they'd have you killed for it.

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Here we go, the "great replacement" BS. Anything to defend your beloved white women, who (at birthing age) are the most leftist group in existence.

Let's also ignore that women are the people driving the racism narrative to deliberately cause division that feminist causes can take advantage of.

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Shame. I'd love to see that place fall.

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less regret than someone who spilled red wine for literally shooting someone.

I mean, if she spilled wine, that'd ruin her carpet. All she did was harm a man, that's like swatting a fly to them.

I wonder if it would be possible to change this story from a police shooting to an anti-male hate crime.

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Yet they expect Google to help enforce their ridiculous misogyny laws.

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Willing to take that bet?

There's no way in hell women will sacrifice one of their own.

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It's part of the feminist strategy to play this game, giving weak opposition to something you actually support as your words can't actually damage it.

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Ehh, I'm not sure about the latter. They might be still pulling in some audiences with shit-tier remakes of remakes of sequels, but the feminist propaganda mill produces bomb after bomb after bomb.

The only way Hollywood survives is to call their bluff, because the more feminist agitprop comes out, the more financial losses the studios have to take and offset with Yet Another Sequel 2 : The Sequeling.

Eventually, that will cease to cover for it and there will be an extremely messy collapse that will be feminists being chased up for cash by stakeholders, while they try to distract everyone with barely plausible accusations against everything that moves.

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What guilt? All of this BS is fake, to try and get more female power in Hollywood.

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Trey Parker should reply with this.

Speaking of knowing dirty secrets, how long were you aware of Argento's tendency to rape minors? Maybe that truth whistle should be blown before you start threatening people.

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