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Great Reset is bullshit.

Boris Johnson gave away the true plan.

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Joke is on her, hardly any rich women earned it.

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It's the true leader of the UK, Carrie Symonds (now Johnson).

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"We must rebuild in a [...] more feminine way" - Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

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I had a post about her removed for R16 forever ago.

It should be reinstated, I was right.

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It's almost like there's an agenda at play.

Women at Sarah Everard protests ~ "One day you'll fear us, and you won't walk the streets in safety"

Say no to Coercive Control expansion, say no to women carrying weapons.

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It really is. When I'm on my usual device again I'll make a post about her, because TD fell for her act too, they need to know who she really is.

"Coercive Control" , which allowed violent response to non violent acts.

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She considers women killing their partners a human right.

She was the literal creator of the laws I despise so greatly and that woke me up to the true nature of our “better halves”.

The only way I’d stand with her is if I had a full frontal lobotomy.

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There’s two groups of people in this world who I always end up having lower and lower expectations of : women and journalists.

I think journalists just eclipsed them. Covering for a terrorist that doesn’t even share their views and attacked their supposed allies is a new low.

I did find your comment about boycotting interesting, but I haven’t replied yet. I dropped my phone (again) and now I’m using something so small I can barely type or read long posts, until it’s repaired.

If there’s one thing I’d like to say on that point while I’m making seven typos a sentence, it’s that our lack of memory or a cohesive and maintained archive is one of our biggest issues.

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The only surprise for me is that they didn’t find a tranny or some female bystander so they could say it was a crime against women.

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Funny, they never declared gun violence a health issue when Chicago had more deaths than an active war-zone. Or even when that evil feminist tried to shoot up a school and that brave kid died sacrificing himself to save his peers, he wasn’t white and the shooter was, so that’s no excuse for them.

Also, are you sure that’s right? I swear I heard the guy was Muslim, but his motive was to martyr himself to avoid judgement from Allah for being gay.

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I wish people would acknowledge that Team Women works independently of politics.

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