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So it's more a selection bias than marriage changing women.

Which is the point I'm trying to make. Feminist scum remain irredeemable. You can't nice them into humanity, it doesn't work.

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Women that get married young to a man have no issues


Married trends older, that's why it looks better on the chart.

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South Korea has the most polarized gender politics in the world and it's near entirely homogeneous.

When women can't play divide and conquer, they just openly oppose your rights as a massive block.

SK, to this date, is one of few countries where a large number of women have openly endorsed male genocide, not tacitly endorsing it like in the West.

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Yawn. Your side will literally feed feminist propaganda if it means you can mention Jews.

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you could count on him to dig into the feeds and news articles about women of consequence in society

This. Although I will sometimes post social media garbage if it feeds into something consequential.

This doesn't. Teenage girl whining is only useful when the like count is huge and you can infer something larger.

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In some circumstances women would benefit from such a defense, but it's not the goal.

If they benefit, it shouldn't be done. It's really that simple.

Fuck the idea that we need to import foreigners to have a bunch of children (with WHAMEN) just because we aren't having enough children (also with WHAMEN.)

I agree. Naturally allowing the population to reduce will help us survive better in a world where AI takes a lot of jobs.

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It's not the first time. There's a weird building narrative that we should be allies with them and not enemies.

It's coming from three angles that I gave nicknames/labels to:

"Better Together" - The idea that we are lacking something without them. Tradcuckery fits under this banner, as well as garbage like the OP.

"The Trans Menace, Sponsored by Team DeSimp (est 2022)" - The idea that we should protect them from an issue that, ironically, is their doing.

"Your Country/Race Needs You" - The idea that those who don't want kids are betraying their country to "invaders".

Every call for unification between men and women fits under these labels.

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I usually get my end of year predictions right, I've noticed. (2021, the rise of TERFism to take over the right, is probably my most accurate.)

So...here's this year's. We will continue to be saddled with the women's sports agenda and it might cost us 2024, it will definitely cost us male votes like it did in the mid-terms. If orange man doesn't win, the feminist male extermination war playbook perfected in Ukraine will be used again.

Secondly, I think that there will start to be a narrative building around bachelor taxes and calling not having kids treachery to your country. I see a lot of figures who typically shape the global narrative pushing in this direction.

Finally, I think that women will suffer a defeat next year. They will push for something heinous and receive pushback for the first time. But that's more optimism and my view of public opinion of them than anything else. I'm less confident of this.

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I would rather side with anyone up to, but not including, the stormfaggots...than women.

Fuck your ceasefire. We will win the gender war and you bastards will work for Jeff Bezos packing boxes the rest of your lives, because that's your actual level without in-group bias helping you along.

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What am I supposed to learn?

Are you saying this post is accurate? He's going to great lengths to avoid admitting it's run by a woman because it doesn't fit his narrative.

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I'm blocked by this one.

She even blocked me on her Spanish account for asking if her platform was funded by Team DeSimp.

Are you learning that TERFs are scum after I told you since 2021?

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Because, stormfaggotry and related ideologies are derived from feminism.

Florence Farr, a first wave feminist and eugenics advocate, called for women to go to war with the Jews in 1910.

These people are nothing more than neo-feminist scum, and that's why they lie constantly when women are in the firing line.

Aside from historical references, it's also obvious that a divided male population or worse, a unification with women, is going to be to our detriment, and that's exactly what these bastards want.

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Because these are the same fucking retards that try to get me banned every five minutes.

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Definitely to get rid of the 49.75%. That was literally the goal of the movie.

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Maybe it's because people here piss me the fuck off with shit like this, and accusing me of being a shill when they're the people disappearing inconvenient truths.

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Of course it is. 90% of this race bait shit is women playing divide and conquer to make their in-group bias stronger.

When your strongest trait is your ability to form a consensus, you want to keep other people from doing so at all cost.

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That's a banner of people they work with, it's literally irrelevant, stormfaggot. It's also missing half the photo.

Does it ever get tiring, shilling for women? Do you ever feel a modicum of guilt for what you do?

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How come the stormfaggots are allowed to obfuscate that these organizations are run by women? It's surely a Rule 12.

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