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lot more to do with executing on strategies to improve your wife's standard of living and perceived social class.

He's not wrong. If you want your unenthusiastic sex, you have to give her something she can't already get from kicking you to the kerb.

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Ask him why stormfagging is free speech but "misogyny" isn't.

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I distrust half the population. I hate the ones that prove my lack of trust in them right.

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Not comparable, I'm an anonymous poster, that cuckold has been across the country shilling "muh Israel is behind everything" like a ConPro user's wet dream.

Then every time there's a new conservative platform, he goes there, gets banned for being a retard, and whines that it's controlled opposition.

He's either a feminist shill like ConPro to hide what's really going on, or he's a shill to make us all look like Nazis planted by the other side.

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Well, they wanted to dehumanize us.

I'm glad it backfired. All those boys they broke might actually tear down the system that broke them.

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What is womanhood really? They just want access to female privilege.

I guarantee all the TERF fucks know that it will stop if they relinquish their massive list of privileges over those born male.

They won't. This is all just the lashing out of a group that's had an incredibly privileged existence all their lives, for hundreds of years in fact, and have constantly built upon them, entrenching their level of privilege deeper and deeper until a play to inflict sadistic torture on young boys backfired and those boys are now demanding access to female privileges.

It's never been about "womanhood" or stupid shit like that. It never will be. It's about protecting their privileges and acting on their in-group biases.

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If this place didn't have R16, I'd be able to define woman easily.

Being injected with estrogen doesn't give you the in-group bias that controls their decision-making.

That's why they are repulsed. Their brain is telling them "that's not a woman, they're not part of the in-group" and they're forcing themselves to override that.

That's why women have such an angry reaction to transgenderism when it affects their lives - because they're wired to support solely other women and their brain is telling them that these people aren't women and therefore aren't part of the in-group.

In short, all they'd have to do to move past it, is treat everyone the same way they treat other women. But that will never happen.

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Stop worshipping this grifter.

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Who would have thought that the empire of evil built over many decades of subterfuge and honeypots would be cracking at the foundations because of their own backfiring weapon?

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But they now have misogyny laws.

I'd prefer the face diaper over an entrenched elite above criticism.

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Ahhh, women's value of men strikes again.

The virtue signal is worth more than her father, the virtue signal helps harm more men.

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Hopefully they get his bank records. I know that fucker is a shill for the enemy, I just want proof.

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Did you read the article?

It says that the rise in house prices, caused by women's refusal to marry someone who doesn't own a property, will collapse Chinese society.

So, basically - women's gold digging will take down the second largest world economy.

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I fucking hate Vice.

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I've always been "anti-woman"?

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So, my alternate title is the truth.

"Women's gold digging will collapse the second largest economy."

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Remember who told us that, and remember that feminists always project.

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The amount of men imported into these countries is more than enough to nullify the effect of early deaths. There's no reason for that majority to exist unless it's being influenced.

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They're the only cultures that value male existence?

Not that I'd want to live in either.

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