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"I'll pay double my taxes to make up for those who don't pay taxes!"

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I'm not sure if I'd want you to subject yourself to such garbage just to tell us all about it.

I'm also not sure it'd be worth it just for internet points.

Still, if you want that, Amazon Prime Kindle or whatever they call it was full of them. At least you wouldn't have to buy them.

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I'm surprised no one has tried to catch every variant of Covid to get maximum immunity.

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I hate getting ads for these shitty phone games. It's so clear they're targeted to women and it makes me physically ill seeing the hypocrisy of it all.

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Why stop there? Next stop, China, to get the Sinovac.

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What does Microsoft gain from unmasking all of their users?

The idea that OP presented of W11 being a way to stop people hiding behind VPN is ridiculous.

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Coming soon -

Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory

The Big Feminist Giant

Jennifer and the Giant Peach

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I already have one. You could always use a throwaway.

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Well, it's for 2020 but, yeah. It makes very, very depressing reading.


Win their support with hate. The only way to win in politics now. Canada has definitely crossed the demographic line I talked about a few times, where the more conservative and traditional women can no longer hold up the voting percentages vs the much more openly hateful younger generations.

You can't even use race as an excuse, black people (the traditional skew of the data in the US due to deeply entrenched racial brainwashing) make up less than 5% of Canadians.

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100 years would mean all the people involved would be dead by the time the experiment was over. It would also introduce variables like new generations raised with different technology.

Maybe 10 years. Then the world is largely the same during the whole time and it's purely based on the lack of outside influence.

Dorsey isn't Jewish, so Twitter will still be a cesspit.

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If we could deport all Jews, expropriate their assets and ban their influence on western society

I really wish this could happen. Just for a month.

Maybe it would shatter your delusions that your problems come from outsiders.

There are Jewish enemy collaborators like Soros and Bloomberg (he is Jewish, right?), and there are non-Jewish enemies like Mckenzie Bezos and Evgeny Lebedev. There are people like Gen. Milley who betray from within, there are people like Hunter Biden who are fucked in the head and work with the enemy to hide it. There are people who fund the fake news organizations without even knowing through buying ETFs. There are enemies that haven't even been revealed yet, working in the shadows.

There are male enemies, like Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau. There are female enemies like Hillary and Kamala. There's a lot we don't know and some things are only a rumor.

I think people forget South Korea used to be led by a feminist cult from the shadows. I'm not as crazy as some think. It's happened before.

There's probably enemies of humanity right now getting our cheers because we think they're one of our own.

As for restoring the patriarchy, first you'd have to find people willing to provide for the former enemy, the wounds they caused still very much fresh. Good luck with that.

Maybe if you shave their heads publicly and parade them around as defeated traitors like the French did with the Nazi collaborators after liberation. It wouldn't make anyone forgive them, but maybe it would break them enough to beg for forgiveness themselves. I doubt it though.

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14 minutes


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I'm surprised people bother to bot such low counts.

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It's free. Expect your data to be sold. That's the price of running something that isn't godawful like MacOS.

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The actual piece is irrelevant though. Google just selected something innocent with that wording in it as a cover up.

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