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Look up islamic marriages. Its all a contract. Committed is contracted which is married in islam.

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marginally credible

It's much more than 'marginal'. You can look up the person, as well as the fact that the Intelligence IG confirmed his whistleblower complaint last year.

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I've traveled through much of Africa, and it's amazing how the people make do with the corrupt heads at the top. Those who come west of the Atlantic know exactly how bad it is when the talking heads are corrupt, and the rank and file try to justify it for the talking heads. Cultivating entitlement and ignorance, is how the talking heads can take more while giving less.

(Un)Fortunately Biden's government is removing the facade of propriety. This facade is something that African/Asia nations never had from day 1. What's worse? The snake that shows its fangs, or the one that hides it?

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Peace Fentanyl Be Upon Him

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Smart. Make them remove a 10/10 review or leave it in.

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Considering Link wore the dress to invade women's safe space would be too on the nose for the Troons.

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I'd rather be a living cheater, than honorable fertilizer.

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So they're going to die anyway, but Government just found a new revenue stream to milk with $20k gender diverse toilets.

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Why be surprised. Wasn't his 'head of twitter security' a grifter that kidnapped herself or something.

In any case he's the owner, the chair and the CTO. It sounds like he hired an expensive secretary because honestly what power is she going to have? That she's a she, probably helps him wrangle the diversity pledges in California.

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You can't unplug sewage if you're afraid of getting dirty.

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You have no choice but to play the game. They will ensure that there is no place for you, and eventually you will stand alone and be steamrolled for it.

And playing a game by the 'rules' when the other side doesn't, is mental illness.

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It is better to be feared, than loved. Conservatives are idiots that still think the latter works in the face of the former.

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