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Exactly this. He's making just enough of the right noises to steal whatever support the PPC were getting.

Fucking depressing, but at this point we have to get the turd flushed.

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Overstretched and overpaid (at the top). Healthcare is funded higher than the average of OECD countries for way below the OECD average service.

That's what you get when you socialize everything. Huge amounts of grift at all levels above the rank and file at the bottom, who are relatively underpaid, and then taxed on it to feed the same behemoth.

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This is great. Finally a chance to get the NSA out of the closet. And that's all these new hires know how to do, perpetually leave some closet or the other.

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Republicans are the pro-tradcuckery party. They just know how to use the brakes on a train wreck.

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People are paying the Pool boy to be ignored??

Fuck this really is the stupidest timeline.

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Case in point the Equalizer movies. Denzel was awesome.

Then they cast Kween Latifah and another franchise down the drain.

Did make me sail the high seas for the original series though, so I suppose that's a positive.

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No, no, don't be lazy. Let's discuss the needs of Minor Attracted People!

Same difference. No thanks.

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Soon coming to the N of N America. Turd bucket has passed his online speech control law.

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Its alright if you had seen it at that time when it wasn't feminist/woke nonsense all around you. Mind you, I couldn't stand it even then because it was way too hard for me to believe "am slayer so magic martial arts that can beat all vampires - teehee".

I can't even contemplate watching it today after all the Mary Sue Media. Not especially without the lens of nostalgia to soften it.

Try it out and maybe you will like it, but for an online influencer to peddle this today, is odd. Or oddly appropriate depending on your view of the world I guess.

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tough one for Pfizer

You must not grok history well. They've done things like this before when they were smaller. You think being the behemoth of today they care about some Asian side monarch?

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Artificial wombs is about as plausible as bottom surgery. Now slavery of the brain dead is a fact of life. Just look around you.

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This comment is abusing me. I was once a child. Ergo you are a pedophile.

Wow, its great to use such liberating logic as you.

Stop looking at my words you pervert. I'll misgender you.

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